timberland bethel boot Doug MacLean’s daughter leaves Florida

timberland teddy fleece Doug MacLean’s daughter leaves Florida

native, MacLean is following the progression of hurricane Irma as it barrels towards Florida.

Not only does MacLean own a home in Delray Beach, Fla., his daughter does, too. now, but his daughter just got out.

“I’m up here right now, but we’re watching it extremely close but, more important, my daughter lives in Delray . . . and she left (Wednesday) night and went up to friends in Ohio,” MacLean said Thursday. “She got out of there.

“She was supposed to fly (out) on Friday, but she drove last night and so she’s out of Florida which was a big issue for us (as parents).”

The fate of Florida, as of Thursday, depends on when and how hurricane Irma makes a right turn. If it’s an early, sharp turn, Irma is more likely to keep closer to the peninsula’s eastern shore or even over water as it churns north. But, if it turns later and more widely, the centre of Irma and its maximum destructive capacity would move inland.

MacLean said he doesn’t usually head down to his Florida home until late September and has never had to pick up and leave due to an impending storm. He certainly hopes his home is OK once Irma passes.

“I am nervous, no doubt about that, I am nervous. This one jumps out. They all scare you, but this one is making you just a little more nervous. Petersburg,
timberland bethel boot Doug MacLean's daughter leaves Florida
Fla., was once stocked full with bread and water. native Darlene Kempton snapped this shot as she was out and about preparing for hurricane Irma. native who lives in Florida plans to ride out the storm.

Darlene Kempton, who lives and sells real estate in St. Petersburg, said people are scared.

“The mood is apprehensive, (and) the stores are busy,” Kempton said. “All the drug stores are busy, all the Costcos and the Walmarts are quite full . . . Home Depot is sold out of lumber. There have been issues of people stealing things out of people’s cars. People are nervous.”

She said traffic on I 75, the main highway that cuts through Florida is bumper to bumper, and gas stations are running empty.

So, she plans to stay put.

“I have glass skylights in my house that I’ve boarded up because they are directly under two massive oak trees. I have water, we have coolers, lots of canned goods, the barbecue is good to go, extra blankets, things like that; extra pieces of wood from my garage that I’ve cut just in case I need to reinforce doors. I made sure everything that needs to be charged is charged (and) I have extra cases of water . . . and always the obligatory trip to the liquor store,” she laughed.

Kempton also has a dog and a cat that she wouldn’t dream of leaving behind.

“I’m definitely riding it out.”

Charlottetown restaurant owner Liam Dolan is also keeping an eye on things. He has a condo in Orlando.

“I hope the roof doesn’t blow off, that’s the only thing,” Dolan said. “It’s in Orlando, so at least it’s up the middle (of the state). It just depends on where this hits. It’s going to affect all of Florida but how badly is the question.”.
timberland bethel boot Doug MacLean's daughter leaves Florida

timberland bethel boot Boots Library is being refurbished

baby timberlands boots Boots Library is being refurbished

We’re embarking on an ambitious project to upgrade Boots Library in the City site, helping us to provide a flexible and modern learning environment for all our students.

Over this summer, and into the autumn, the ground and lower ground floors will be closed for refurbishment as this project gets underway. The aim is to make the Library an even better place for students, with more study spaces, more computers, better group study provision and improved decoration and furniture.

The first and second floors will be refurbished during summer 2014 and work is scheduled to be completed by mid October. We will be working very hard to get the new improved library open as soon as possible, and we’ll keep you updated on our blog.

What you need to knowThe ground and lower ground floors will be closed from 10 June, along with the main entrance. All other floors will be open. The side entrance on Goldsmith street will serve as the main entrance during the works.

To find out what else NTU is doing to improve your learning environment visit our Campus Transformation web pages.

If you have any enquiries visit one of our three libraries to speak to a member of staff in person, or visit our contacts pages to find out how to contact the library by email or telephone.
timberland bethel boot Boots Library is being refurbished