the timberland company An interview with ‘Loving Vincent’ director Dorota Kobiela

jd sports timberland boots An interview with ‘Loving Vincent’ director Dorota Kobiela

In several small studios in Europe, 125 classical painters spent countless hours painstakingly creating more than 60,000 paintings. Why? To create the first ever hand painted feature film, “Loving Vincent.” The film, co directed and co written by Dorota Kobiela, tells the story of Vincent van Gogh, not through his life, but instead through his work.

The film follows Armand Roulin (Douglas Booth), the son of Van Gogh’s postman and subject of several paintings, as he tries to deliver the last letter Van Gogh sent before his uncertain suicide. His journey turns into a search for truth, as he becomes a detective investigating Van Gogh’s untimely death.

“The basis for my idea was to tell my story through his paintings,” explained Kobiela, “It was always fascinating for me to think about the characters from his paintings telling his story.” Though Vincent is the subject of the film, he appears very sparingly, with his art, rather than his person, as the main focus of the movie. Paintings of characters like his doctor, Gachet (Jerome Flynn) and his Gachet’s daughter (Saoirse Ronan) fill the screen, telling Vincent’s story for him.

Having read all of Van Gogh’s letters, Kobiela explained that even the method of the film came from Vincent: “This is literally taken from one of his letters, he said ‘We can only speak by our paintings’ and I felt that yes, that’s it!”

Originally, the movie began as a seven minute film Kobiela would paint by herself. Yet when she met Hugh Welchman, her co director, producer, and later husband, everything changed. “Hugh really didn’t know much so much about painting and Vincent van Gogh except the general knowledge. But then he got really interested and went to London and he saw people cuing for three hours to see Vincent letters,” she said. “And he goes, ‘These are not even paintings they are just letters!’ So he started pursuing maybe making a feature film.”

After doing the math and determining it would take her about “80 years” to paint the entire film, Kobiela and Welchman decided she would instead direct and set out looking for painters skilled and dedicated enough to paint scenes frame by frame.

The movie was first filmed with the actors and then divided into individual frames and assigned to specific artists who were trained to paint like Van Gogh.

“It was very important for us to find the same shade of colors and the same texture and same technique,” Kobiela said. “We completely forgot about our own artistic personality, we were trying to pay homage to Vincent.”

Kobiela, with the help of two painting supervisors, oversaw the entire process, approving each of the 62,450 frames individually, sometimes asking painters to redo entire pieces when it wasn’t right. “I don’t have a mean streak,” she laughed. “It was just crucial that the film was built like this, with the same style and brush strokes. We just really wanted to make this movie and we wanted people to believe that it’s possible.”

At first, Kobiela hoped to paint many frames, but directing consumed most of her time. She did manage to paint one frame though, within the “black and white shot where the boys are throwing stones, keep your eye out for it,” she laughed.

In the end, Van Gogh’s paintings are transformed into moving, flowing images on the screen. Some are recognizable, such as his “Sunflowers” series and “Caf Terrace at Night”, while others are beautifully brought to the audience’s attention for possibly the first time. Perhaps his most famous, the iconic “The Starry Night” makes repeated appearances throughout the film, often functioning as a striking transition from scene to scene.

The opening shot a mere 10 seconds of footage was done in this way and took seven months to create. “That one was divided between three painters because I think one painter would end up in a psychiatric place,” laughed Kobiela. “I think we invented the slowest way of movie making.”

Despite its painstakingly detailed creation process, “Loving Vincent” is worth every brushstroke. Not only is the film a dazzling tribute to a man whose entire notoriety came after his death, but it is a spectacular piece of art in its own right.

Kobiela noted that the film has come a long way since it was just an idea in her head. “I remember sitting in that attic in the middle of Poland and I was thinking about this short story that was meant to be seven minutes long, not the very first painted feature film that has distribution in 130 countries around the world,” she explained. “It’s very different from what I had originally thought, and that’s due to the scale I guess, but what was in my heart and the origins of the idea are still there and that’s the most important part.”.
the timberland company An interview with 'Loving Vincent' director Dorota Kobiela

the timberland company Drones coming special delivery in 2018

light blue timberland boots Drones coming special delivery in 2018

TORONTOIt a bird, it a plane it a drone delivering your pizza.

The postal service is so passe, according to Drone Delivery Canada, a new Toronto based company that is perfecting technology for its fleet of drones to deliver local packages. While its CEO Tony Di Benedetto said drones will deliver consumer goods initially, sending medicine or defibrillators to people who need them in emergencies could be a future option. They aiming for a January 2018 launch.

Say you ordering a pizza. The company deploys a fleet of these drones to the pizza place. The person ordering the pizza online clicks on a by drone option and the drone is then dispatched with the food, which is monitored by Drone Delivery Canada control HQ. The hungry customer can track the robot on his or her smartphone. When the food arrives, the drone doesn touch down but instead hovers. A picture is taken to confirm delivery.


Green technology, a flight path means no ground traffic jams for drones to get from point A to B, drones travel at just over 100 km/h and have battery power for round trips 30 40 minutes long.


this thing drops from out of the sky, the unit is engineered with fail safes in mind, so everything is redundant, Di Benedetto said. the event that some sort of error has happened, it will land immediately to a safe location. It part of the engineering process of the technology we been working on. MANY DRONES ARE WE TALKING ABOUT HERE?

From 1,500 to 2,000. The service will likely start off in the rural areas and then work its way to more urbanized areas. The maximum weight these drones can carry are 6.8 kilograms (15 pounds) per package.


People who use the service to deliver: $5 to $10. Drones cost in the multiple of thousands of dollars each.
the timberland company Drones coming special delivery in 2018

the timberland company August Bank Holiday 2017 opening times for M Next and Boots and more

timberland shoes sale August Bank Holiday 2017 opening times for M Next and Boots and more

What shops are open on August Bank Holiday Monday? 2017 opening times for M Next, Boots, Debenhams and moreThe Bank Holiday weekend is the perfect time for a spot of splashing out but what times will House of Fraser, John Lewis and more high street shops open and close?18:05, 28 AUG 2017Updated18:06, 28 AUG 2017Time to hit the shops but check opening times first (Image: SPLASH) The August Bank Holiday is nearly upon us, and it’s time to enjoy some well deserved retail therapy and make the most of the end of summer sales happening across the high street.Major retailers like Boots , House of Fraser and Debenhams are hosting some tempting deals on electrical items, furniture and fashion.But while most of Britain’s big high street stores will be open on Bank Holiday Monday, the majority will be operating reduced hours. So if you’re hitting the shops make sure you check opening times before setting off.For those of you planning to spruce up the house this Bank Holiday Monday, and DIY stores’ hours here. Or if you’re going to do a spot of grocery shopping check opening times for all the major supermarkets here .Read MoreAugust Bank Holiday 2017(Image: Western Mail)House of Fraser opening times will vary on location and shopping centre but many are open 9am 7pm,
the timberland company August Bank Holiday 2017 opening times for M Next and Boots and more
with the flagship store open until 10pm on Bank Holiday Monday.You can find out more on their website . We’ve also got a smart guide on how to save pounds on your House of Fraser shop here .For more ways to shop savvy, here’s our breakdown of the House of Fraser Bank Holiday sale .Bank Holiday Monday: House of Fraser stores will open 09:00 to 19:00 on Monday 28 August 2017. Marks and SpencerallMost ReadMost RecentAsdaLittle boy’s charming letter prompts Asda to rename baguettesShopping will be all the more fun for fans of a popular movie seriesVodafone Group plcVodafone text that means 55,000 customers can now exit their plans early who’s affectedIt comes after the mobile phones giant introduced new international roaming charges in April which Ofcom said were unfairChristmas shoppingLast dates to post Christmas cards and parcels 2017 cut offs for Royal Mail, Collect+, DHL, Hermes, TNT and YodelThe Royal Mail Christmas cut off dates you need to know about ahead of the big festive rushPetrol pricesHow to get 15 off fuel from any major supermarket or petrol station and beat the petrol price hikeEarlier this week it was announced petrol prices are going to increase here’s how you can save extra on fuel costs this weekShopping adviceSavvy shopper reveals best times of day to visit Primark, Zara, Mango and Topshop to beat crowds and get new itemsIf you time it well, you could have an advantage over other shoppersChristmas giftsEasy homemade Christmas gifts and craft ideas How to make simple DIY Christmas gifts for freeChristmas may increasingly look like a festival of consumerism, but you can make much more thoughtful and personal gifts for free.
the timberland company August Bank Holiday 2017 opening times for M Next and Boots and more