timberland earthkeeper chukka Annoying beeps in Internet Explorer

timberland snow boots women Annoying beeps in Internet Explorer

I am experiencing the EXACT same problem. I have been hearing that damned beep each time a new IE window is opened. And since about the same time that you began hearing it. Have you gotten any additional advice or had success in selectively removing this? I have reinstalled IE after removing it from the registry as suggested on m$ web site. I have surfed my registry obsessively. I also used ad aware and run the whole Norton shebang. Here are the symptoms: usually the beep is not heard when you launch IE the very first time. Afterwards, you will hear the system beep whenever you open a new IE window (by pressing Ctrl N) or start IE fresh. This only happens in IE and not in other browsers. The beep was gone! Then I went back to the startup manager and turn back groups of startup programs ( I had 26 of them). To make the story short, the beep was isolated to a program called AcctMgr actually the Password Manager in Norton System Works 2004. If you have it running, you can turn it off by right clicking its icon in the system tray and select exit (or something like that. Mine is a Chinese version so I don’t know the exact word used in the English version). Now start IE again; the beep will be gone. Now it’s nice to be so quiet. If you don’t want to use Startup Faster 2004, you can use msconfig built into Windows itself. The Norton program may not be the only program that will cause the beep but trouble shooting it should be similar. Good luck.

E. Ho

May 3, 2004

This gosh darn beep has been bothering me for about 2 months now. You may notice,
timberland earthkeeper chukka Annoying beeps in Internet Explorer
however, that the computer still beeps in certain instances. In order to shut this off you will need to take an additional step. Open Computer Management (right click the My Computer icon, and choose Manage), then click Device Manager. From the View menu, choose Show Hidden Devices. In the right hand pane, under Non Plug and Play Drivers, double click “Beep.” In the Beep Properties window that appears, choose choose “Do not use this device (disable)” from the drop down box under Device Usage.
timberland earthkeeper chukka Annoying beeps in Internet Explorer

timberland hat Aphria sells stake in Copperstate Farms to Liberty Health Sciences for

new timberland boots Aphria sells stake in Copperstate Farms to Liberty Health Sciences for

TORONTO Aphria Inc. firm as the Canadian licensed marijuana producer looks to reduce its direct involvement in medical pot south of the border. medical cannabis market. Aphria, based in Leamington, Ont., holds a minority stake in Liberty. cannabis business, Aphria chief executive Vic Neufeld said in a statement.

The sale is subject to customary closing conditions and expected to close in the second quarter. federal law, which classifies marijuana as an illegal schedule 1 drug, takes precedence over state law. The TMX Group,
timberland hat Aphria sells stake in Copperstate Farms to Liberty Health Sciences for
which operates the Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX Venture, said companies that operate in states where pot is legal are not in compliance with TSX listing requirements and could face a delisting review. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama era guidance known as the Cole Memorandum that suggested that the federal government would not intervene in states where the marijuana is legal, allowing legalization to flourish in states including California and Florida. Sessions said in the January memo that he would leave it to federal prosecutors in states where cannabis is legal to decide how aggressively to enforce federal law.

Aphria is also planning to sell 25 per cent of its 38 per cent stake in Liberty, and has put it up for sale, according to a report. A spokesperson for the licensed producer said it had no further comment other than that Aphria is and considering strategic alternatives with respect to its US cannabis related interests, including the possible divestiture of its investments to strategic, long term and committed investors in the cannabis industry. in this story: (TSX:APH,
timberland hat Aphria sells stake in Copperstate Farms to Liberty Health Sciences for

timberland wiki and Blue Ivy’s Brooklyn outing

timberland shoes outlet and Blue Ivy’s Brooklyn outing

World Politics Entertainment Gossip Movies TV Music Theater Arts Crosswords Entertainment Pics Horoscopes Daily Weekly Monthly Lifestyle Health Food Viva Games Opinion Autos Buyer’s Guide Ratings Reviews News Views Photos Galleries Covers Classifieds Trending: Stormy Daniels Ruthie Ann Miles RUSSIA GUN CONTROL JARED KUSHNER

Monday, March 25, 2013, 2:20 PM

facebook email Beyonc was spotted on a lunch date with daughter Blue Ivy in Brooklyn Sunday.

Beyonc and her baby girl, Blue Ivy, were spotted on an outing to Buttermilk Channel restaurant on Court Street for lunch on Sunday.

The 31 year old singer held her 14 month old daughter closely while fans photographed the two leaving the restaurant.

Dressed in a black hoodie and sunglasses, Jay Z’s wife looked cozy on her Sunday afternoon lunch date. Blue Ivy, who wore Timberland boots, jeans and a hooded green jacket, gently rested her sleepy head on her mommy’s chest.

Their mother daughter bond is undisputable. Beyonc told Oprah in February that Blue Ivy, “introduced me to myself.”

“She’s still a baby, but the connection I had with her when I was giving birth was something I have never felt before,” she continued. “We had a connection, and I envisioned her. And I envisioned the birth.”
timberland wiki and Blue Ivy's Brooklyn outing

timberland youth boots Andalusia Couple Charged with Multiple Robbery Offenses

baby timberland boots Andalusia Couple Charged with Multiple Robbery Offenses

A joint investigation between the Andalusia Police Department and the Covington County Sheriff’s Office resulted in two arrests after a rash of thefts, burglaries, vehicle burglaries and vehicle thefts in and outside of Andalusia.

After being interviewed by investigators from Andalusia PD and Covington County Sheriff’s, Charles C. Harris, 28, and Jessica D. Seaney, 32, both of Andalusia, were taken into custody.

Harris was charged with two counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle, one count of 1st degree theft of property, one count of 3rd degree burglary, two counts of theft of property 3rd degree and two counts of theft of property 4th degree. Harris’ bond through APD is $380 thousand. Charges from the Covington County Sheriff’s Dept. are three counts of theft of property 1st degree, three counts of theft of property 3rd degree, one count of 3rd degree burglary, one count of criminal mischief 4th degree, one count of breaking and entering a motor vehicle and one count of theft of property 2nd degree. Harris’ bond through the CCSO is $615 thousand. His total bond amount is $995 thousand. He is currently being held in the Covington County Jail.

Seaney had charges only through the Covington County Sheriff’s Dept. She was charged with one count each of receiving stolen property 1st degree and receiving stolen property 2nd degree. Seaney is being held at the Covington County Jail under $20 thousand dollars. She is also facing probation violation charges through the Alabama Board of Pardons and Parole.

Andalusia Police Chief Paul Hudson commends both departments for their hard work on the investigation. Sheriff Dennis Meeks stated investigator from both agencies did a good job of working together to solve this rash of burglaries and thefts and they should all be commended.
timberland youth boots Andalusia Couple Charged with Multiple Robbery Offenses

timberland eurohiker Annual vehicle inspections could soon change

timberland loafers Annual vehicle inspections could soon change

There are several states in the country that require annual vehicle inspections. Pennsylvania is one of those states. Mechanics like Chad Fadely say that’s a good thing.

“It’s very important for the vehicles that we’re driving on the road today, be inspected and be in safe operating condition. These things are four thousand pounds of metal and if you can’t stop them or steer them, somebody’s going to get hurt,” said Chad Fadely Service Manager at Fadely’s Auto Masters inYork County.

Fadely says his shop conducts at least 10 to 15 inspections a week. It’s during these inspections that Fadley says one of the biggest issues they find are that the brakes are worn out.

“We took these off a vehicle last week and you can see here the friction material is completely worn off this brake pad and if you look on the order, a lot of these rotors today are starting to come apart and if the brake friction material is not touching metal correctly it’s like a tire that’s not touching the road correctly. It’s not enough friction to stop the car,” added Fadely.

But Senator John Wozniak wants to reintroduce legislation to eliminate inspections for the first two years of a new car purchase. “I do not consider my bill a danger to the motoring public,” he added in a statement to FOX43.

But Fadely disagrees. “New cars can have problems also. There’s recalls all the time. There’s a recall out right now for air bags that are blowing up in the vehicles. You know, that’s a safety concern as well.”

Wozniak’s bill will be introduced in 2015.

LOL, such ignorance on the value of safety inspections. You think the naysayers are experts who study the data and have meetings to discuss how to reduce mechanical failures that result in wrecks and breakdowns. But naw, they just looking for conspiracies to take ya money because we all know that is the clear motive of requiring safety inspections.

Bald tires on that truck or bus mean nothing. That shimmy in the steering will go away;
timberland eurohiker Annual vehicle inspections could soon change
the car is just cold. The rusted frame on my vehicle means that I will get killed in a minor wreck and I okay with that (except when my kids are in the car). If there is a leak in the gas tank and oil pan, that okay because we don need alligators in the storm drains. Alligators are what really killing the fish. We also love the sweet smell of fumes while waiting at drive thrus and traffic lights, so emissions inspections HAVE to be a crock.

what part of only on NEW car purchases and only for the first two years Didn you understand? I agree inspections are a good thing and needed. But not in the first two years. The better question is why do we need a emission sticker? That a cash grab by the state. Why not do away with the sticker? Cash grab that why. At $5 a sticker, that a lot of money that doesn need to be spent.

It is not the inspections that get me, it is the emissions testing. It is only required in some counties and not in others. It is expensive and is worthless not needed. If you have a check engine lite on then your car should be made to have the reason for that code to be repaired if it is an emissions code. Yes they can be canceled out by a code reader but then by the same token,a car in a county without testing can get inspected with a light on. It is not fair for some to have to pay that extra money and not all. It costs too much and is only a money making scam for the state.

Ask to see what they won to replace and why. I show every customer there parts and there car and show them why. No problems then. When it comes to emissions if your engine light is on it fails and has to be fixed. Ask to see your old parts and take them. Not all technicians are thieves. Same as the dentist. Why did I just have to pay 3200 dollars for a crown that cost 85$ to make. That a racket. Talk about being ripped off. And I don drive that around thousands of people. And kids. Cars have to be safe.

All of you people are crazy, if you knew what you are looking at you would understand the dangers of not having at least a safety inspection. I AM a technician, I have seen cars with 20,000 miles with brakes nearly as bad as the ones shown, tires down to the cords (which actually hold a tire together and make it drivable) and shocks that are leaking the oil that makes them work. If people only understood the concept of how many things can kill them on their own cars they would have everything serviced and wouldn mind an inspection. All Ford Dealers have a FREE multi point inspection that you can have done with a typical oil change to make sure your car will pass inspection. You car will need to have the parts sooner or later and easily 75% of people have no idea what they are looking at when it comes to their own vehicles.

I been working on cars for 23 yrs. Just because the car is to years old doesn mean it doesn have 60,
timberland eurohiker Annual vehicle inspections could soon change
000 miles or more on it. I see that everyday. New cars with 50 plus thousands miles on them. People travel use them for work and drive a lot. I had cars with 80 thousands miles on them and only 2 yrs old. That a lot of brakes and tires in 2 yrs. If you don work on cars day in and day out you have no idea how many piece of craps are on the roads right beside you and your family. Cars that are unsafe in ways but can fail state inspection yet because of the gray areas in the laws. More then half the cars on the road are unsafe to a point and need fixing but people won because it passes inspection now. But 2 months down the road It could kill your kids. Don be stupid and take that away. You don have any clue because you don see it everyday.

ladies timberland sandals An inside look at the Tupac hologram

mens timberland shoes An inside look at the Tupac hologram

World Politics Entertainment Gossip Movies TV Music Theater Arts Crosswords Entertainment Pics Horoscopes Daily Weekly Monthly Lifestyle Health Food Viva Games Opinion Autos Buyer’s Guide Ratings Reviews News Views Photos Galleries Covers Classifieds Trending: Stormy Daniels Ruthie Ann Miles RUSSIA GUN CONTROL JARED KUSHNER

The late rapper, slain in a hail of bullets in 1996, seemingly returned to life Sunday night to perform alongside fellow hip hop icons Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

While the shirtless Tupac, dressed in jeans and Timberland boots, might have looked real to the 100,000 stunned music fans, it was actually a hologram.

Dre, who also produced the performance, tapped a company called AV Concepts to pull off the concert stunt, which is estimated to have cost nearly $400,000.

But first he sought and got permission from Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, who watched the performance live on the Internet,


The performance had fans abuzz.

“The screens had Tupac performing, which made you think it was an old performance. But then you actually saw the hologram on stage with Snoop, who was performing with him.”


On Twitter, one fan wrote: “Was completely freaked out by the Tupac hologram and I’m fairly certain I was one of five people out of 100,000 not on drugs.”

The faux Tupac, whose murder at age 25 remains unsolved, performed two of his hits, “Hail Mary” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted.”

Having previously created concert holograms for Janet Jackson, Celine Dion and the Black Eyed Peas,
ladies timberland sandals An inside look at the Tupac hologram
AV Concepts took Dr. Dre’s visualization of Tupac and made it a reality.

“Dre’s company produced the content with their partners and we consulted with them on how to create it for this technology,” says Nick Smith, president and original founder of AV Concepts.

“It’s basically an old theatrical trick that utilizes a glass like surface made out of a Mylar material. Think of it as a large giant plastic sheet that has to be stretched out the length of the stage.”

Unbeknownst to audience members, the 30 foot by 13 foot screen descended to the stage mere seconds before Snoop’s set. A high definition 3 D holographic projection system then simultaneously blasted three stacked 54,000 lumen images of Tupac on the see through screen. (For reference, a 75 watt incandescent light bulb emits 1,100 lumens.)

The image of Tupac was so clear that many audience members, like 24 year old Eddy Dallas, thought the rapper was still alive.

“Wow, it was a hologram?” said Dallas, who didn’t realize Tupac had been dead for 16 years. “It was ridiculously realistic. Unbelievable.”

According to Smith, “People don’t know what to think or how it is happening. Surprise is the biggest element of it.”

Tupac’s guest appearance certainly surprised Allie Stockton, a Los Angeles publicist at the concert.

“The hologram was so real that I kept looking over at Snoop to catch his reaction at having his buddy back on stage with him after all of this time,” she says. “He seemed happy.”

The hologram, which took nearly four months to create, even looked real on camera.

“It translated into a perfect image on the large screens that projected across the field,” recalls Stockton. “Once Tupac’s performance was over, he vanished into thin air and the entire crowd was heard sighing.”

Some critics found the back from the dead performance “creepy” and “uncomfortable,” but fan reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

A steady stream of callers to hip hop station WQHT (Hot 97) Monday morning raved about the hologram.

A 17 year old caller who was a year old when Tupac was killed called it “the most amazing thing I’ve seen in my life.”

Ebro Darden, longtime program director of Hot 97, said, “It was genius. This was an amazing and entertaining way to incorporate one of hip hop’s icons into a concert. Props to Coachella for bringing Pac back to life for this performance.”
ladies timberland sandals An inside look at the Tupac hologram

timberland uk discount code Appalachian Trail world record holder to speak in Boulder

timberland baby Appalachian Trail world record holder to speak in Boulder

In 2011, Jennifer Pharr Davis set the world record for the fastest thru hike of the 2,181 mile Appalachian Trail, which she hiked in 46 days, 11 hours and 20 minutes. During a thru hike, hikers stay on or very near the trail for the duration of the trip, only hiking off the trail to restock supplies and food.

In doing so, she became the first ever female record holder for the trail. She was named a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2012, and is a former Ironman triathlete and collegiate tennis player. Pharr Davis, who hiked the trail from north to south, hiked at a pace of 46 miles per day.

We caught Pharr Davis in Kansas, where she and her husband Brew and daughter Charley are on a journey to hike in all 50 states.

You first hiked the entire Appalachian Trail at age 21, and then you hiked it again in 2008, setting the women’s world record, and most recently in 2011, when you set the overall world record. How were those hikes different from each other?The hike I took when I was 21 probably changed me more than any other trek. It was my first long distance hike. Being 21, I was very impressionable and I think the trail taught me a lot of lessons as far as the allure of simplicity and silence and solitude and quality relationships and really changed my priorities. As much as I changed, I also felt like the trail really had been such an amazing feature and there were still lessons to be learned so that’s why I went back. I went back and back before I even thought about the record.

When did trying to set the new record first cross your mind?

My goal is to have a lifelong relationship with the trail and those major life changes off the trail that affect my own on trail experience. When I got married, I didn’t want to be away from my home or my husband as long. I’ve always had an interest in endurance sports and athletics. I felt like it’d be a really new and different way to experience the trail and to try and pass my limits in the form of a record. The time frame was a lot more family friendly (laughing).

Your husband Brew was your race support when you set the record. How did you two meet? How did you talk him into being your support?

He was friends with my older brother. Brew loves the outdoors and he likes to hike, but when we got married, he was like “I’m not sure that’s really me (to hike the entire Appalachian Trail) so I want you to follow your heart and your dreams and I’ll just help you and I can hike here and there.” He came up with the idea of the supported hike because he didn’t want to do the whole trail with me. That sounded great to me to have help along the way.

I’ve heard you like to call the record more of a “love story” because of Brew being your support. What makes you say that?

When I think about the record in the summer of 2011, I get a lot of recognition and the athletic accomplishment gets a lot of attention, but I know I would’ve quit without Brew. I tried to quit and he wouldn’t let me. When I think about the story, it has as much or more to do with his selflessness and his support than my athleticism. There’s other people who have the physical capabilities to set a trail record, but I think the support was really unique.

Also it was special because before this, the record had always been set by men. Not only was I a woman, but having my husband helping me along the way he knew me really well and gender roles were really reversed in a way that is good for people to see. It’s good for people to see husbands supporting their wives. I think there’s a lot more to the story than athleticism.

It’s been really sweet. One of the motivating factors behind the record was the knowledge that I wanted to be a mother. I knew that having a child would be very different and I would probably be going slow for a long time. I thought it was a great window, or a great season to just leave it all on the trail and go fast, go far. I knew for a long time it would be going slow and savoring every step. I still go outside as much as I did before, but it’s very different. It’s day hikes or single overnights. Now we’re stopping to change diapers or nurse on the trail, so it’s very different. Pretty soon she’ll want to be toddling or walking down the trail or playing more outside her carrier.

Brew and I would both like to section hike the entire Appalachian Trail, in pieces, and there’s a lot of other long distance trails that eventually I’d like to hike. We did the Colorado Trail in 2009. I’ve also done the Pacific Crest Trail. I haven’t done the entire Continental Divide Trail. That’d be nice to become a triple crowner (someone who has thru hiked the Appalchian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail). Something for the next 40 or 50 years. I feel like I have time. Brew just started working with me this summer, which has allowed us to do this national book tour. Our goal is to hike and speak in all 50 states. Colorado will be the 26th.

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timberland uk discount code Appalachian Trail world record holder to speak in Boulder

timberland shop belfast aNdRea saMaNiegO

womens timberland nellie boots aNdRea saMaNiegO

You have been putting the needs of other people ahead of your own for far too long.As selfish as it might sound, you need to put yourself first, today. You have been putting the needs of other people ahead of your own priorities for far too long, and it’s high time for you to get yourself back at the top of your list. You have accumulated far more karma points than you could ever use, so why keep racking them up? Take a break today. Do something nice for yourself, because you are your favorite person. You don’t have to earn this.yes it was my 22nd yesterday. just wanna thank the people who made my birthday extra special.// BJ Floresca segurista ka talaga, 11:30 pa lang tinawagan mo na ko just to make sure na ikaw ang kausap ko pagdating ng 12am. salamat kasi you listened with my birthday sentiments. tuloy mo yung pangako mong 22 burgers pag uwi mo ha. salamat sa dalawang callcard na naubos mo. may kasalanan ka pa din sakin. pero salamat talaga. hugs.// Roxen mare, ikaw una naggreet sakin sa text. i love you for that. anyway mukhang natupad yung birthday wish mo for me. hahah. this calls for another.
timberland shop belfast aNdRea saMaNiegO

timberland 6 boot Another cold night with light snow

timberland mens snow boots Another cold night with light snow

(KFVS) According to Chief Meteorologist Grant Dade, a few light snow showers are possible across our northern counties this evening with even a few flurries possible across most of the area. Lows by morning will be down in the 20s.Tuesday will be partly cloudy and chillyA FIRST ALERT ACTION DAY HAS BEEN ISSUED FOR TUESDAY NIGHT INTO WEDNESDAY.Rain, freezing rain, and snow will overtake the area overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning.Accumulating snowfall is possible in our northern counties, with accumulating freezing rain possible too.We will continue to fine tune this forecast as it gets closer, so definitely check back with us for the very latest updates.Milder weather is expected by the end of the week.Armless guitar player shares message in Cape GirardeauArmless guitar player shares message in Cape GirardeauUpdated: Thursday, March 8 2018 11:01 PM EST2018 03 09 04:01:58 GMTFor Tony Melendez, playing at churches is a musical ministry.For Tony Melendez, playing at churches is a musical ministry.Murray St. Regents hold meeting on future of Richmond HallMurray St. Regents hold meeting on future of Richmond HallUpdated: Thursday, March 8 2018 10:43 PM EST2018 03 09 03:43:50 GMTThe Murray State University Board of Regents held a meeting Thursday about options on Richmond Hall, according to WKMS. (Source: KFVS)The Murray State University Board of Regents held a meeting Thursday about options on Richmond Hall, according to WKMS.The Murray State University Board of Regents held a meeting Thursday about options on Richmond Hall, according to WKMS.Momentum builds in Malden, MO as tornado cleanup continuesMomentum builds in Malden, MO as tornado cleanup continuesUpdated: Thursday, March 8 2018 10:12 PM EST2018 03 09 03:12:59 GMTTwo weeks after an EF2 hit Malden and damaged 66 homes, some affected residents have decided to level their houses and find something new while others are being choosing to rebuild.Two weeks after an EF2 hit Malden and damaged 66 homes, some affected residents have decided to level their houses and find something new while others are being choosing to rebuild.The sun was out in Malden, MO on Thursday, March 8, and so were dozens of motivated people who busy cleaning yards and repairing houses two weeks after an EF2 tornado damaged 66 homes and hurt four people.The sun was out in Malden, MO on Thursday, March 8, and so were dozens of motivated people who busy cleaning yards and repairing houses two weeks after an EF2 tornado damaged 66 homes and hurt four people.
timberland 6 boot Another cold night with light snow

the timberland company An interview with ‘Loving Vincent’ director Dorota Kobiela

jd sports timberland boots An interview with ‘Loving Vincent’ director Dorota Kobiela

In several small studios in Europe, 125 classical painters spent countless hours painstakingly creating more than 60,000 paintings. Why? To create the first ever hand painted feature film, “Loving Vincent.” The film, co directed and co written by Dorota Kobiela, tells the story of Vincent van Gogh, not through his life, but instead through his work.

The film follows Armand Roulin (Douglas Booth), the son of Van Gogh’s postman and subject of several paintings, as he tries to deliver the last letter Van Gogh sent before his uncertain suicide. His journey turns into a search for truth, as he becomes a detective investigating Van Gogh’s untimely death.

“The basis for my idea was to tell my story through his paintings,” explained Kobiela, “It was always fascinating for me to think about the characters from his paintings telling his story.” Though Vincent is the subject of the film, he appears very sparingly, with his art, rather than his person, as the main focus of the movie. Paintings of characters like his doctor, Gachet (Jerome Flynn) and his Gachet’s daughter (Saoirse Ronan) fill the screen, telling Vincent’s story for him.

Having read all of Van Gogh’s letters, Kobiela explained that even the method of the film came from Vincent: “This is literally taken from one of his letters, he said ‘We can only speak by our paintings’ and I felt that yes, that’s it!”

Originally, the movie began as a seven minute film Kobiela would paint by herself. Yet when she met Hugh Welchman, her co director, producer, and later husband, everything changed. “Hugh really didn’t know much so much about painting and Vincent van Gogh except the general knowledge. But then he got really interested and went to London and he saw people cuing for three hours to see Vincent letters,” she said. “And he goes, ‘These are not even paintings they are just letters!’ So he started pursuing maybe making a feature film.”

After doing the math and determining it would take her about “80 years” to paint the entire film, Kobiela and Welchman decided she would instead direct and set out looking for painters skilled and dedicated enough to paint scenes frame by frame.

The movie was first filmed with the actors and then divided into individual frames and assigned to specific artists who were trained to paint like Van Gogh.

“It was very important for us to find the same shade of colors and the same texture and same technique,” Kobiela said. “We completely forgot about our own artistic personality, we were trying to pay homage to Vincent.”

Kobiela, with the help of two painting supervisors, oversaw the entire process, approving each of the 62,450 frames individually, sometimes asking painters to redo entire pieces when it wasn’t right. “I don’t have a mean streak,” she laughed. “It was just crucial that the film was built like this, with the same style and brush strokes. We just really wanted to make this movie and we wanted people to believe that it’s possible.”

At first, Kobiela hoped to paint many frames, but directing consumed most of her time. She did manage to paint one frame though, within the “black and white shot where the boys are throwing stones, keep your eye out for it,” she laughed.

In the end, Van Gogh’s paintings are transformed into moving, flowing images on the screen. Some are recognizable, such as his “Sunflowers” series and “Caf Terrace at Night”, while others are beautifully brought to the audience’s attention for possibly the first time. Perhaps his most famous, the iconic “The Starry Night” makes repeated appearances throughout the film, often functioning as a striking transition from scene to scene.

The opening shot a mere 10 seconds of footage was done in this way and took seven months to create. “That one was divided between three painters because I think one painter would end up in a psychiatric place,” laughed Kobiela. “I think we invented the slowest way of movie making.”

Despite its painstakingly detailed creation process, “Loving Vincent” is worth every brushstroke. Not only is the film a dazzling tribute to a man whose entire notoriety came after his death, but it is a spectacular piece of art in its own right.

Kobiela noted that the film has come a long way since it was just an idea in her head. “I remember sitting in that attic in the middle of Poland and I was thinking about this short story that was meant to be seven minutes long, not the very first painted feature film that has distribution in 130 countries around the world,” she explained. “It’s very different from what I had originally thought, and that’s due to the scale I guess, but what was in my heart and the origins of the idea are still there and that’s the most important part.”.
the timberland company An interview with 'Loving Vincent' director Dorota Kobiela

long timberland boots Apparel titan VF Corp tackles deforestation

timberland rime ridge Apparel titan VF Corp tackles deforestation

NEW YORK, Feb 27 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Apparel giant VF Corp, the company behind such popular brands as Wrangler jeans and Timberland boots, is adopting sourcing policies to eliminate products that contribute to deforestation and human rights violations, it said on Monday.

The new policies, which affect its sources of wood pulp, come amid strong demand for performance wear that uses wood based rayon and viscose fabrics, said Letitia Webster, VF vice president of global corporate sustainability.

VF is the latest in a growing number of apparel companies to commit to investigate its supply chain for products from destructive regions and stop using those sources by the end of 2017.

“What we’re trying to do is one, the right thing, but two, as one of the largest apparel and footwear companies in the world, we’re also trying to help lead and really help create demand for more sustainably, responsibly sourced materials,” Webster told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“When we actually move our sourcing in that direction, it is a big market signal that we want that type of product,” she said. “If the consumer finds out that VF is doing this, then that’s great. That’s icing on the cake.”

VF said it aims to eliminate sources of products that contribute to the loss of ancient and endangered forests or rights taken from indigenous people and local communities. The initiative affects sourcing of fabrics and of paper, particularly that is used in packaging.

Along with Timberland and Wrangler, other VF brands include The North Face, which makes well known outerwear, Lee jeans maker, Vans shoes and Nautica fashions. VF reported 2016 revenues of $12 billion.

The North Face in particular makes a lot of performance products, such as athletic wear,
long timberland boots Apparel titan VF Corp tackles deforestation
Webster said.

“When a player as big as VF steps forward on these kinds of issues, suppliers take notice and so do governments,” said Nicole Rycroft, executive director of Canopy, an environmental non profit that worked with VF on its sourcing guidelines.

“They’re sending the signal that customers and companies expect sustainable fiber that’s clear of conflict and ecological risk,” Rycroft told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Production of wood pulp can involve clearing forests to build eucalyptus or acacia plantations and taking land traditionally used by indigenous communities, campaigners say.

“Traditional communities or indigenous communities not being adequately consulted or having free, prior informed consent over their lands being developed for paper products, for pulp that feeds into the fashion industry, is fairly widespread,” said Rycroft.

The issue of deforestation is particularly acute in Indonesia, a major producer of wood pulp, and in colder climates where old growth forests are logged for pulp milled for fabric and paper.

“There’s 120 million trees that disappear into clothing every year, into rayon and viscose. A significant amount of that comes from endangered forest landscape,” Rycroft said.

Demand for rayon and viscose has increased, she said, from five years ago when an estimated 70 million trees went into the supply chain.

Rayon, sometimes called the poor man’s silk, is inexpensive and flexible, adding to its popularity, she said.

Companies that recently have adopted similar policies toward sourcing of wood based products include L Brands, parent of Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, H Zara,
long timberland boots Apparel titan VF Corp tackles deforestation
Levi Strauss Co and British fashion designer Stella McCartney.

timberland calderbrook and i’ve grown

timberland men s shoes and i’ve grown

Since high school, I been fascinated by Gwar, affectionately known to me in less sober days as “the band with the monsters”. For some reason, I can never remember their name Gwar always escapes me. This may have something to do with the fact that I never actually heard their music or seen their show, but music is not important when you look like a dark overlord. When I first met the Beagle, we talked a lot about music, and I admitted my draw to Gwar except that I kept calling them “Thor”. Now Beagle is extremely musically inclined and when he admitted that he had never heard of “Thor” I was shocked. When I finally described them as “the band with the monsters” he set me straight. To this day I have to think really hard to remember not to say Thor when the opportunity arises.

This story reminds me of another scary band. I was about four or five when Kiss was super big. I seriously thought they were from outer space. The idea that these grown men were sporting major makeup didn make any sense to me. They were monsters! And people loved them! One of them even looked like a beat up feline. My fascination/fear grew, and I begged my Dad to find a picture of them. He picked up some heavy metal mag, and I remember pouring over it, thinking, “aren monsters bad did they come from another planet who taught them how to play instruments why are they angry why do they wear spikes I became so entralled that I freaked myself out, giving myself monster band nightmares for years to come.

Sunshine delays: Last night in class we started reading the Bible, beginning with Genesis. No, this isn some holy roller reading group I part of, it actually an academic setting, and we looking at the Bible as a “text” and “literature”. We got through exactly 3 chapters of Genesis, and debated the question, “If God created light, and seperated it from darkness on the first day, what was the source of light, if the sun wasn created until the fourth day Another good one was, “If God is all powerful, why did he have to rest on the seventh day Why would a god have to take a nap Ten years of Catholic school couldn answer these questions.

Flashdance fashion police: Call me crazy but I think that legwarmers are making a comeback. I saw a girl sporting a fetching pair last week and they looked really cute, with the right shoes. (Not those.)

In other news, the kitch is in. Mission accomplished on the homefront tip and my fears of exploding tempers went unfounded. Not to get too dorky but new kitchen cabinets are uber super. And I joined the manual labor force by laying the stick on stone tiles! I so happy I think I take another two Alleve. Meep!

Kitsch, weekend: In the never ending effort to upgrade our pathetic kitchen, we bringing in some help. My Dad, whom I will call Bark (as in than bite and a play on his actual name) is flying in this evening to help us install the new cabinets and countertop. Bark is my 6 hulk of a dad. “Big guy” and “trained killer” are common nicknames. He used to tell my boyfriends that he could rip telephone books in half “and I not talking down the seam either.” There is some trepidation about his visit, as his temper and my kitchen hellmouth might be a bad mix. However, I think he mellowed out in the past couple of years. For example, Bark and I strapped a UHaul trailer onto his truck last year, loaded it with furniture and drove it from Philly. When we arrived in Chicago, the trailer had unhinged itself from the truck. So when the Beagle and Rich stepped into the UHaul, it tipped over, scraping and puncturing the flip down door of his beloved F150. Twice. And he didn flip out. Two martinis later we laughed about it, happy that it hadn come undone on Lake Shore Drive. If you want to say something witty or anecdotal, jump on in.

Jettison: “I think you and I will take to our graves the incomplete feeling that comes with a lack of clairvoyance.” Somehow I knew he was going to say that. Very true, old friend.

Hoot rhymes with: ahh, January in Chicago. This weekend provided a brief weather oasis as temperatures soared to 60 degrees. Perfect scooter riding weather. On Saturday, I picked up my friend Boots and we cruised around the neighborhood. Then on Sunday, H. and I ventured up to Devon Avenue, home to many sari stores. I bought cool fabric for patterned pillow making and we saw “In the Bedroom” later in the afternoon. When the movie ended, it was time to go home as temperatures had fallen and my mittens seemed less wind resistant (see above.)

Enter dorkus: the story of my first kitchen remodel. Admittedly, I completely geek out about home repair, but I can help it. It so much fun. The Beagle and I are re doing our el yucko kitchen, which is utterly gross and nasty. We already knocked down a wall (very messy, not recommended) and I painted the ceiling. Soon we tear out the cabinets and replace the countertop. This morning our new counter arrived, and it looks super. Makes me want to shout from my windowless cubbyhole how nifty Home Depot can be.

Hold it right there: Last night I ate at Subway before class. After I ordered my 6 inch Italian from the Subworker, my mind began to wander. So when asked if I wanted mayonnaise,
timberland calderbrook and i've grown
it took a second for me to respond. That hesitation provided a glimpse into the dark world of sandwich making. The Subworker took my “umm” for affirmation and began to squirt mayo on my dinner. Finally I squeaked out that I didn want mayo, with enough disgust in my voice to show him that any mayo at all would be unacceptable.

What happened next shocked and appalled me. With his knife, he removed the condiment from my pepperoni and scraped it into the container of tuna fish! This globule of white goop teetered on the edge of the tuna container before listlessly falling into the fishy abyss. The confidence that open air food preparation hopes to instill vanished with it.

Rock and roll, in a bun: Brownie lover Ange is going to see Le Tigre at this coolie venue in Le Brooklyn. Which is home to another witness of the Brownie Last Stand, Amy. Hi Amy! Anyway, I fell in love with the logo on top of the Polish National Home site (rock and roll! dancing! kielbasa!) and Ange promised to get me a shirt if they have one. Thanks, GC!

Oh, have you placed yourself on my guestmap yet If not, check it below. And if you do, try not to overlap with someone else who lives in your part of the world, because only one will be readable.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Baak. Baak:PBS rocks and I tell you why. Last night I caught “The Natural History of the Chicken”, a semi documentary about chix and the even stranger birds that care so much about them.

Also, I just installed a guestmap, so maybe you can fill it out Meep.

In this new Richard Gere movie somebody or some thing always knows what you are doing. Oooh, scary. in a phone booth when the phone rings. The voice identifies what he has in his hand chapstick! Aaaah! Talk about frightening product placement. So my sister of course finds this extremely humorous and now calls saying such things as “Vaseline Intensive Care” and “Bonnie Bell LipSmacker” in her best gravely voice.

In honor of that here is a shorter film, a scarier incantation and much better imagery than lip balm.

What the hell are gold lavaliers, anyway That was the question I asked back in middle school, when I was addicted to those Sweet Valley High books. Remember them The good sister/bad sister wreak havoc on their sleepy California town. These terrible teen soap operas made me wish I was an evil twin. Well, it looks like they made the books into an annoying show a while back, and now they in college! Wow! It only been like, umm, 15 years. Then again, I guess the series “Sweet Valley 30 year old slackers” didn make the cut.

Nightmare after Christmas, part one: Travels home went as expected. Instead of getting angry at each other, we instead yelled obscenities over Stacy idea of “wedding”. That aside, I got my first ever bridal magazine. It important to read up on the etiquette of fish bowl centerpieces and divorced parent invitation wordings. Is the cynicism dripping I sorry. It the vogue way to deal with stress.

However, I did learn about the phenomenon of the “Bridezilla”. Apparently, Modern Bride writes, it the monster created while planning your uber ivory shindig. Well, I met Bridezilla match: it . . . Motherzilla of the Bride!! Unfortunately for me, it me own mum! I will recount some of the ho ho ho funny events that led to my monster mom unmasking.

One. Classic passive aggressive. “I only going to say this once,” Momzilla began. [This could mean a)I actually going to repeat this many times, many different ways or b)I say it once but inject it with so much guilt that you hear it repeatedly in your head.] Ok. “I really wish you get married in a church.”

Two. Veils. I don want to wear one. Momzilla reaction: “What do you mean you think veils are Limo. I am so not a limousine girl. But somehow transportation popped up. Me: “Limos are a waste of money.” Momzilla: “Rrrrwwwaaaahhhhh!!!! You will be getting a limo.” She sounded like she was talking through a voice modulator.

Granted, these are little things. And,
timberland calderbrook and i've grown
from my bridal research, I learned that picking your battles is necessary. So, if the mum really wants to pay for that stretch transportation nightmare, maybe I let her. Or maybe I keep up the constant questioning of these silly traditions just to hear that voice again.

timberland uk online shop Andrew Nathan on Chinese President’s Visit

timberland womens boots Andrew Nathan on Chinese President’s Visit

It won’t be the usual state visit when Xi Jinping, president of the People’s Republic of China, arrives for a visit with President Donald Trump on April 6. but at Mar a Lago, the historic hotel and golf club in Palm Beach, Fla., which is owned by Trump and has become the de facto southern White House. The Chinese are normally sticklers for protocol, notes political scientist Andrew Nathan, and would have wanted the traditional treatment given a head of state an arrival ceremony on the South Lawn, an Oval Office meeting, a state dinner.

“They would have insisted on that as a matter of face, but I think they’re trying to find a way to work with Trump, who is different from all other American presidents than they are used to because he is so unpredictable,” said Nathan, the Class of 1919 Professor of Political Science, an expert on Chinese politics and foreign policy. ” I think they’re playing this game the Trump way andgetting what they understand is the top level of treatment in the Trump universe. In that way they get access, and it shows flexibility on the part of the Chinese leadership.”

Nathan is a longtime chronicler and keen observer of Chinese politics and geopolitics, despite having been banned from the country after the publication ofThe Tiananmen Papers,
timberland uk online shop Andrew Nathan on Chinese President's Visit
a cache of secret official documents about the 1989 demonstrations that he co edited. He discussed the Chinese state visit with Columbia News.

Q. Trump, like most American presidents before him, wants the Chinese to help deal with the North Korean threat, although unlike his predecessors he says so in tough sounding 140 character tweets. The Chinese answer is that they don’t have as much influence as Trump thinks they do. With his suggestion of a military option, Trump has only reaffirmed the existential threat to Pyongyang that drives their nuclear program. The Chinese would say that the way to begin is to start building trust with the North Koreans by making some kind of initial concession. I think that agenda item will lead to disappointment for Trump.

Q. The Chinese are in an advantageous position here, because Trump is virtually a blank slate on these issues, and they’re in to see him before he has a full senior staff with Asian expertise. Trump is liable to look at these discussions in a narrow bilateral context and think, “we can get along with these guys,” and not see how it affects our allies.

Q. There is the $400 million that Anbang Insurance was considering investing in a Fifth Avenue building owned by Kushner, an investment that has been derailed but it could come up again in another form. There are many ways to cooperate publicly and privately, and the Chinese are very skillful at that. The Chinese are also unhappy about restrictions on investment in the United States, which have prevented them from buying more high tech firms and acquiring technology. companies or operations, and which has the power to veto foreign investment. So a big ask for Xi is to reduce restrictions on investments here. Trump can give this to Xi and call it job creation. The risk is that doing so would risk further leaking of our advanced technology to a major manufacturing rival.

Q. Xi will want to convince Trump that such moves would be dangerous. And then there is the South China Sea, where a number of Southeast Asian countries claim maritime rights, but China has built man made islands and started aggressively patrolling the seas. posture in the region, and if the Americans would just stop patrolling so actively and colluding with other countries that have competing claims, there would be no crisis. military or with our Asian allies if Trump accepts that argument.
timberland uk online shop Andrew Nathan on Chinese President's Visit

timberland boots navy Another fix for Jeep’s troubled 9

timberland hiker boots Another fix for Jeep’s troubled 9

DETROIT Fiat Chrysler executives say they are straightening out software problems with the automaker’s nine speed automatic transmission, but nagging issues persist.

FCA US will notify owners of 2014 15 Cherokees and some 2015 Chrysler 200s in mid to late February that they may return to dealerships to have updated transmission software installed.

An FCA US spokeswoman said the transmission software reflash is “intended to keep the vehicle performing as intended, and to prevent durability issues from occurring in the future.”

The reflash available at dealerships now by consumer request applies to all Cherokees and to 200s with 2.4 liter inline four engines.

FCA US introduced the nine speed transmission for front wheel drive vehicles in late 2013 on the 2014 Cherokee. The Cherokee’s launch was delayed three months by the transmission software’s troublesome coordination of the engine and the disconnecting all wheel drive system.

The automaker has added the transmission to the redesigned 200 and the new Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X.

Speaking to reporters last month, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said the transmission lacked “mature” software when it launched in 2013 on the Cherokee.

Of the more than 230 complaints about the 2014 Cherokee listed on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s database, more than half 120 involved the SUV’s powertrain.

The complaints date from shortly after the SUV launched in October 2013 until last month. NHTSA has not launched a formal investigation. The powertrain complaints listed did not result in crashes, injuries or deaths.

The transmission problems appear to be improving. FCA plans to use the nine speed in almost all of its fwd based vehicles, including the 2015 Renegade and 500X. Others are more mundane, such as malfunctioning indicator lights.

Marchionne told reporters last month at the Detroit auto show that the “teething problems” the company experienced when it launched the 2014 Cherokee are narrowing in scope.

The pace at which Fiat Chrysler dealers are replacing nine speed transmissions in consumer vehicles has remained fairly constant, averaging between 12 and 15 a week, according to dealer part orders.

“We have had to do an inordinate amount of intervention on that transmission, surely beyond what any of us had forecast,
timberland boots navy Another fix for Jeep's troubled 9
” Marchionne said. “There are things that we have done that we continue to do. Our proactive customer care intervention has actually increased in intensity on these vehicles in 2014, especially in the second half.”

Marchionne acknowledged that problems with the nine speed which was developed by and licensed from ZF Friedrichshafen have not been mechanical or about its innovative design. Instead, software continues to be the issue, Marchionne said.

In January 2014, the executive in charge of ensuring that the nine speed’s software operated correctly left what was then Chrysler Group. Mircea Gradu had been head of transmission, powertrain and driveline engineering for the automaker. He now works for Hyundai Motor America as director of engineering and quality.

“It’s the refinement of those issues, as opposed to anything else,” Marchionne said. “There’s nothing substantial. It’s just a nuisance, and I don’t like it.”

ATTENTION COMMENTERS: Over the last few months, Automotive News has monitored a significant increase in the number of personal attacks and abusive comments on our site. We encourage our readers to voice their opinions and argue their points. We expect disagreement. We do not expect our readers to turn on each other. If we see repeated behavior, we will ban the commenter. Please help us maintain a civil level of discourse.
timberland boots navy Another fix for Jeep's troubled 9

timberland euro sprint black An open letter to the Harry Houdini of ghostwriters and

timberland jackets uk An open letter to the Harry Houdini of ghostwriters and

Speaking of books, your business reminds me of a character in a Nelson Algren book, who started a service where he finds people lost dogs. More on that in a minute.

On your site, I read about how you are one of “the nation leading Book Directors.” Actually, I say you are the nation leading Book Director, because that a title you just made up. Your goal. The thing that you want to do. The knowledge, the expertise that you have. We capture that, and we put it into book form in less than 24 hours of your time.”

With gathering interest, I reviewed your ghostwriting process, which begins “with several initial interviews to help set goals, clear up foggy ideas, and start forming your introduction. This is our starting point because we want to understand the real value of what you going to say so that we can structure it in a powerful way.”

What do you do if you find there is not enough value to the customer musings to recoup the $25,000 you charging for writing plus “Platform Building and Book Funnel services”? Never mind let not get hung up on the details.

Let proceed to the second step in your process, which begins with a daring dangling participle: “By simply sharing your story through a few recorded phone interviews, we gather enough valuable material to shape your interviews into a full length book. There’s no need to say everything perfectly. I confidently speak for all of our members when I tell you that not a single one of them would promise a client they could create a decent full length book from “a few recorded interviews.”

And so far, you haven proven that you can, either.

“I had all this cool stuff in my head and I didn know what to do with it,” says one of your clients about his book, which I see is still “forthcoming.”

“If I knew writing a book was going to be this easy, I would have done it a long time ago,
timberland euro sprint black An open letter to the Harry Houdini of ghostwriters and
” says another client. Her book is also forthcoming.

In fact, all your clients books seem to be forthcoming.

What the big hold up? In search for answers to this and other questions, I went into your FAQ.

Q. How do I afford the financial investment?

A. Our Clients can afford not to make this investment. Books are not for bucket lists, they for humanity.

Oh, Caleb. How much coffee had you had when you wrote that line?

Q. That’s not how we operate. We draw out your book via interviews so that every idea, every story, every detail given is rooted in your story and knowledge. But they charge more because they do it carefully. They frequently interview more people than just the client. They do all kinds of other research. And they write drafts, and rewrite them. And they demand much more of the client time. And they spent months of their own time. I know, right? What a pain! your website, you do address the difficulty of capturing a human being in words. “We here at Speak It To Book believe that humans are made in the image of God and that words will never be able to reflect that beautiful fact. So take note: You are too special to be captured by words.”

Back to the Algren book and the guy who started a service for finding lost dogs. That business model sounds pretty inefficient, right? Until you realize that he had a pretty good idea of where the dogs were, because he stole them in the first place.

Are you offering a virtuous service, Caleb, or have you started the literary equivalent of a dog finding racket? Maybe you don know yet.

And maybe I been unfair.

Do me a favor, will you? When the first of those forthcoming books comes forth, aim that funnel my way. I promise to give the first published Speak It To Book an honest look.

I bet I can read it in two minutes.

I reached out to Speak It To Book offering them a chance to respond, and received this email from , under the subject line, “You have been called to help people and that matters.”
timberland euro sprint black An open letter to the Harry Houdini of ghostwriters and

timberland trapper hat and is already hit

timberland promotional codes and is already hit

Thousands of travellers are arriving in the small Cumbrian town of Appleby this morning as they prepare to take part in the annual horse fair.

The week long event attracts members of the gypsy community from around the world, and has previously been featured in popular Channel 4 show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

However this year’s Appleby Horse Fair has already been hit by a row over an ‘invasion’, as a large number of traveller families have pitched cars, caravans and horse buggies on the town’s privately owned golf course.

Scroll down for video

King James II granted a Royal Charter in 1685 allowing a horse fair to be held ‘near the River Eden’, and every year thousands of travellers come from around Britain and the rest of the world to take part.

The horse fair, which runs from today until next Wednesday, is the largest and one of the oldest fairs of its kind anywhere in Europe. Travellers and horse dealers gather at Appleby, in Westmorland, in the Eden Valley, Cumbria, to meet old friends, conduct business, but primarily to trade horses.

HISTORY OF THE APPLEBY FAIRThe Appleby Horse Fair has been held every year in early June since 1685 when King James II granted a Royal charter in 1685 allowing a horse fair ‘near to the River Eden’.

However many gypsy historians say it has been taking place for at least 500 years with some believing it goes all the way back to Roman times.

Originally an event for trading livestock of all types it became known as a specialist horse fair owing to its popularity among gypsy traders.

It traditionally begins on the first Thursday after the first Tuesday in June and ends on the following Wednesday.

In 1965 Westmorland Borough Council attempted to shut down the event but were forced to back down after a huge outcry.

With its rolling hillsides and lush green pastures the countryside around Appleby is some of the most beautiful in Britain.

But last year’s event was blighted after some of the travellers left piles of rubbish, including used nappies and broken bottles strewn around hedges and fields prompting a flurry of complaints from locals.

Many were left furious with the mess left behind with some accusing Eden District Council of not doing enough to clean up.

One irate local described the scene as being like ‘an open sewer’ claiming the portable toilets were overflowing.

The man, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘They got serviced once a day.

‘They are filthy and overflowing. You wouldn’t let your dog use them.’

Mr Hooper said that, in response to these concerns, Eden District Council has allocated additional street cleaning facilities both during the fair and to assist the clean up operation afterwards.
timberland trapper hat and is already hit

toddler timberlands Angie Hendershot

timberland coupon Angie Hendershot

Angie grew up in Davison and did her undergraduate studies at Central Michigan University. She double majored in political science and broadcasting. She also holds a Masters Degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Prior to joining the ABC12 news team as a general assignment reporter in 1996, Angie worked the weekend anchor desk at WLNS TV in Lansing, Mich.

In 2010, Angie was recognized with a national Edward R. Murrow Award in the hard news category for her report on Baby Court a program in Genesee County designed to put broken families back together. The series also won two Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, two Emmy awards, the American Judicature Society’s Toni House Journalism Award and the Wade H. McCree,
toddler timberlands Angie Hendershot
Jr. Award for the advancement of justice.

In 2011, her investigation into the death of 4 year old Dominick Calhoun was honored with an Emmy, a regional Edward R. Murrow Award and an Associated Press Award for best news documentary.

She was also honored with the Associated Press award for best investigative reporting for her story about a delay in Flint Police response times.

Angie has won seven Emmys and numerous Associated Press and MAB awards during her time at ABC12, including an award for breaking news for her coverage of the Clara Barton nursing home explosion in 1999 and a 2003 follow up investigative report on the Clara Barton nursing home explosion.

She is currently a member of the Weiss Advocacy Center Board of Directors an organization that works to prevent child abuse and help survivors become children again. Angie is also co founder and co director of The Flint Diaper Bank a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing diapers, free of charge, to needy families in the greater Genesee County area.
toddler timberlands Angie Hendershot

timberland skhigh rock Another travel item to consider

knee high timberland boots for women Another travel item to consider

Hotel SearchIn the current global political climate, traveling can be stressful for even those of us who worry less than we should when visiting exotic locales.

And high net worth travelers often have a lot more to be concerned about than terrorism.

On one recent trip, I met a well known single traveler who said she traveled almost exclusively with Abercrombie Kent, as much for the security afforded by its guides and experts on the ground as for its range of product offerings.

And while many wealthy people have their own security staff, a new global concierge security service called Zone Intelligence offers a variety of real time, technology based threat mapping and tracking services that can be combined with on the ground security.

Developed in partnership between Helios and Matheson Analytics, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze big data, and Red Zone, creator of an app that maps crime data, Zone Intelligence offers packages ranging in price from $29.99 to $150,000, according to Helios CEO Ted Farnsworth, who said he came up with the idea on a trip to Israel.

The basic package offers an analytical report on your destination and access to a 24 hour hotline.

“Say you are going to Israel, or Turkey, or some other place in the Middle East,” Farnsworth said. “We’ll do a whole dossier for you about what kind of security issues there are. You get a full blown report by email. It’s usually about 30 pages long and it tells you everything about what’s going on economically to whether there have been uprisings, rioting, what hotels are threatened.”

Starting in the $5,000 range, he said, are services that include on the ground, armed “human assets” and people who can come in and “extract” you from a dangerous situation.

He expects the most popular package to be the one for $499, which includes geotracking that alerts a team if, for instance, you go out of your designated zones. That can also provide geofencing, which enables Zone to put a virtual fence around, say, a traveling child, so the parents can be alerted about the child’s whereabouts or potential trouble.

While there are other ways via Google and smartphones for families and travelers to track each other’s whereabouts in real time, Farnsworth says Zone Intelligence is the only service he is aware of that brings together the intelligence and real time technology with more traditional on location physical assistance.

For that, Zone works with the global security firm Viollis Group International

“The key factor in effective global safety is proper security proportionate to the risk, which is heightened when protecting corporations and high net worth individuals,” Viollis CEO Paul Viollis said last week in a press release about the launch of Zone. “A company is only as good as its intel, and the reliability of that intel is paramount.”

Farnsworth said he has not yet worked out any formal arrangements for paying commissions to travel agents but added he has begun conversations with some agencies.
timberland skhigh rock Another travel item to consider

timberland hat An ounce of prevention

timberland boots for babies An ounce of prevention

makes a trip to the emergency room for injuries frequently head injuries and broken bones sustained in a fall. Every 20 minutes an older adult dies from those injuries.

In addition to being the major cause of nonfatal and fatal injuries among seniors, falling frequently contributes to the loss of older adults independence. Our own experiences put a human face on these statistics when those who fall are friends, neighbors or ourselves.

Heart disease or heart failure can cause muscle weakness and fatigue, dizziness, and balance problems. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can also cause weakness, dizziness or fainting. In addition to muscle weakness, strokes can sensory imbalance on one side of the body.

Low blood pressure, caused by dehydration, aging circulation, and blood pressure medications, can cause dizziness and fainting, especially when changing position from lying or sitting to standing. In addition those with bladder or bowel problems that make them rush to the bathroom urgently are at greater danger of falling, especially if they have low blood pressure on rising.

Pain and joint inflexibility of arthritis can cause an unsafe gait and poor balance. Vitamin D deficiency can cause weakening of bones. Vision problems make it harder to judge distance and avoid obstacles, especially at night.

Parkinson Disease causes muscle tremors and stiff movements, stooped posture, shuffling gait and balance problems. Any dementia or mental confusion can make it harder to respond appropriately and quickly to risky situations.

Several drugs, especially those used to treat blood pressure, mood disorders, sleeping problems and epilepsy, have side effects and interactions that can cause dizziness, drowsiness, or unsteadiness. In addition blood thinners add additional risk for those who fall because they cause excessive bleeding in the brain or from wounds.

If you have had one fall, you are twice as likely to have another. It is important to let your physician know about the circumstances of any fall that you have had so that he/she may suggest treatments and exercise programs that may help. In addition you should go over your medications list with your doctor or pharmacist to see if any medications should be changed to lower falling risk.

A Jan. 3 article in the Sacramento Bee, program teaches seniors how to avoid injury from falling described a safety course in the Netherlands that included both a practice obstacle course that resembled uneven and unsafe walking conditions and also instruction and practice in how to fall with less chance of injury.

While there are of similar course taught by registered physio and occupational therapists in the Netherlands, my search to find something similar in Butte County came up empty. Geographically, the closest we get are two comprehensive fall prevention programs offered at UC Davis, Matter of Balance and On, both small group programs that includes exercises to increase strength and balance, techniques for moving safely, and education about safety hazards in the home and community.

Considering the cost of medical care related to falls $31 billion annually it would make sense for all hospitals to focus on the of prevention rather than the of cure, when it comes to falls. But lacking comprehensive fall prevention classes, it is still possible for elders in this area to take proactive steps to mitigate their risk of falling.

The first step is learning the changes to make in your home environment to reduce fall hazards.

Steps to Fall Proofing Your Home by Scott A Trudeau has many specific room by room suggestions that either the elder or their children or caregivers should consider.

Steps and stairs should have good lighting, be clutter free, have rails on both sides, and for those with vision problems, contrasting colored tape on the edges to clearly define them.

Standing on chairs or step stools with nothing to hold onto is a major cause of falls. Items that are used the most should be located on easy to reach shelves. At risk seniors should ask for help with changing light bulbs or getting objects down from high places.

Get rid of clutter and loose wires on floors. Clean spills immediately. Replace scatter rugs with rubber backed mats. In bedrooms make sure lights and telephones are easy to reach from the bed. Keep the path to the bathroom clear and have plenty of lights to show the way.

Bathroom slips are a main hazard. Place non slip mats both inside and outside the tub or shower. Bath chairs and hand held shower heads should be used by those who feel unsteady. Install grab bars in showers and tubs and near toilets. Make sure they are installed at the proper height and firmly anchored.

Whether inside or outside, it is essential to wear shoes with good treads and adequate support. Slippers should not be slippery but should have rubber treads. Walking in your stocking feet is asking for trouble unless the socks have nonslip soles. Wear your glasses so you can see where you are going, and if bifocals make it hard to see clearly when you look down, consider getting a set of distance glasses just for walking outdoors.

Finally, remember that you should always have three points of contact either two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand in contact with something sturdy when you are moving in any potentially risky way such as getting out of the shower or moving upstairs.

second step to preventing falls is to exercise to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Unfortunately fear of falling often makes frail seniors cut back on activity, but with the proper guidance all seniors can improve strength, posture, gait, so they are more able to recover from a stumble without falling, or if they fall, fall with less injury.

For those seniors with fairly good mobility, regular attendance at or classes at local gyms can increase body strength, balance and flexibility. Tai Chi and gentle yoga classes use slow, controlled movements and also teach body awareness. Water exercises can build strength in a supportive environment.

In Motion Fitness offers several classes to get a senior body in shape, including Gentle Yoga, Sit N Be Fit, and Senior Wellness. Contact Adeliz Alvarado King for information at 343 5678.

The Chico Sports Club offers Strength Training for Older Adults and Fit 4 Life as well as Gentle Yoga, Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Classic Cardio and Classic Sculpt.

For those who are recovering from falls or other conditions that might increase fall risk, the Outpatient Clinic at the Enloe Rehabilitation Center offer individualized physical therapy to fit the needs of clients referred by their physicians. Jeff Zelenski, outpatient therapy manager, explained that therapists will use specialized tools such as BalanceMaster and RealEyes infrared goggles to identify problems with balance, gait, neck motion, and visual stability so they can create a personal plan of care.

Also for those whose physical condition is impaired by strokes or other medical conditions, the BEWEL program through the Chico State University Kinesiology Department offers one on one exercise programs that are custom tailored to the goals of the individual. The program is open to all ages for $90 per semester.

In addition to safety checking your home environment and strengthening your body, the third step to preventing falls is to become aware of your body in its environment. Slow down and pay close attention to where you are going. People often report that they were rushing or distracted when they fell.

Especially when walking outdoors, constantly scan the area for about six feet in front of you, looking for raised areas in the sidewalk, slippery patches, upcoming curbs or obstacles. If you live in a cold climate, check for black ice especially on stairs or getting out of car.
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