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To mark its foray into the segment, the company has launched a campaign called ‘Back is the new front’, that positions a so called utility product as something you can easily make a style statement with. The campaign is based on the premise that in today’s India, baggage not the emotional kind is becoming a reflection of its owners’ personality.

Created by L Saatchi Saatchi, the campaign features a baffled John Abraham, who can’t seem to figure out why everyone around him is walking backwards. The more he looks around, the more he sees this trend everyone is walking, riding, and even posing for photographs, backwards. Besides moving in reverse gear, they all have another thing in common they’re all wearing a brightly coloured backpack each.

The film ends when Abraham walks into a store, buys himself a Skybags backpack and starts walking backwards too. The creative idea stems from the insight that everybody likes to show off their stylish side first.

Says Sudip Ghose, vice president, marketing, VIP Industries, “There is a definite gap in the market for stylish backpacks. Most professional bags are either black or boring. Backpacks, today, work like watches or shoes besides being utility products, they reveal a lot about the personality of the user.”

The range is primarily targeted at the urban youth in the 16 to 25 years bracket. While continuing with its ‘tough luggage’ imagery, the brand is trying to offer something cool and stylish for the youth, this time around. Ghose makes it very easy for us to picture a member of his core TG. The protagonist of the Bollywood film Wake Up Sid (that features Ranbir Kapoor as a cool, young brat) embodies the TG perfectly, he says.

Rahul Nangia, chief creative officer, West South, L Saatchi Saatchi, says, “The intent is to make backpacks a style accessory. Which is why, we placed Skybags in a world where everyone puts their backs in front.” The film has been directed by Anupam Mishra.

Besides TV, the campaign comprises print ads and point of sale (POS) material. A Twitter contest (BlankIsTheNewBlank) incentivised by the stylish new range of backpacks itself, is part of the brand’s digital efforts. Another contest, encouraging users to share their ‘reverse selfies’ was also launched.

Gearing up?

Backpacks are gradually becoming ‘wardrobe staple’ for Indian youth, say experts. Backpacks, today, are readily associated with campus culture, college life and start up companies contexts in which, typically, youngsters take center stage.

VIP, known for its hardtops and big size luggage, shifted focus to small, cabin size luggage with its Skybags label somewhere along the way. Now, the company has entered the backpack segment by launching close to 50 ranges under the same Skybags brand.

In India, the backpack and duffel bags segments are growing faster than the hardtops segment, as Indian consumers are increasingly planning shorter, ‘budget trips’ within the country. The backpack category in India is pegged between Rs. 600 to Rs. 2,000 crore and VIP is aiming to gain 10 per cent market share in the first year itself.

International brands like Samsonite and American Tourister are also showing interest in the backpack segment of late. There are several domestic players such as Fastrack, Wildcraft and Duckback that have already found their respective places in this market. In 2012, Titan’s Fastrack launched a range of patterned bags, in a move to differentiate itself from plain bags.

Ghose argues that Skybags’ range of backpacks is built keeping the Indian consumer in mind. Its product propositions include rain cover, built to last straps and the ability to carry up to 12 kgs of weight.

The range is priced between Rs 1,090 to Rs 2,600.

Ramanujam Sridhar, founder and CEO, brand comm, a brand consultancy, believes categories like watches, vehicles, clothes and women’s bags have all undergone change and have become products that are used to make a statement. “The backpack category is no different,” he states, adding, “These coloured bags fit well with the taste of the young generation.”

The Indian youth, he says, is an “overt” bunch that likes to show off. He reasons, that companies like VIP are experimenting with design and it’ an experiment the market is in a position to accept.

Sridhar leaves us with a word of caution, though: Brands like these ought to have foresight, as with time, consumers who are on the periphery, will be part of the core TG.

“In this category, the youth is the low hanging fruit, but I am sure young adults will also start using these stylish bags, gradually. However, to expand the market and the product’s reach, brands that are targeting only the youth today, will need to expand their product portfolio such that it suits the tastes of adults as well,” he suggests.
best price timberland boots Attack on Black

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timberland t shirts uk Aviation Engine Pioneer

In the fall of 1925 my father entered the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA. He was on the baseball team and was required to take a “War Training” class. He was also on the football team for a period of time, but had to stop in order to earn some money by working as a laboratory employee. Football was very time consuming and there was little time for sports in spite of a lot of pressure from his fellow students and the coaches. As a result he received an F in football.

He did stay on the baseball team however and played the Saxophone in the ‘Cal Tech’ Band and marched in the Rose Bowl Parade on January 1, 1926. All in the band were required to wear white shoes. my father couldn’t afford a new pair of shoes so he wore the only white ones he owned, his tennis shoes. By the end of the five mile march they were almost worn out as well as his feet. He graduated in June of 1928 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) and received Registered Professional Engineer License, State of California, No. 3NE5663.

After graduation he went to work at BOYLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY but after six weeks got fed up and quit. He didn’t like the management nor the type of work. His job was to weld barrels and oversee a group of Mexicans and Blacks unloading freight cars.


My father’s next job suited him much better at Burt Kinner’s company being Kinner’s first graduate engineer.

Kinner Aeroplane and Motor Corp

After working at KINNER one year, my father married Norma Lucile Forman in Santa Ana, CA. June 25, 1929. He took his bride to live in a rented two bedroom house at 2048 Watson Street, Glendale, CA. After a couple years renting the little house he bought it. 12, 1934.

In 1947 Walt had bought the house next door ( a matching twin to ours) and converted the two into one lovely four bedroom home where the family “stayed put” for the next thirteen years.

In 1960, after a total of forty one years living on Watson St. my father and mother moved to the Righter Ranch at 12751 South Tustin Ave. Orange, CA. (Tel: KEllog 8 1711) In September 1966 my father sold the ranch and moved a few blocks away to 12912 Malena Drive, Santa Ana, CA where he and Norma lived out their lives.

In May 1933 my father was laid off due to the Great Depression but never one to let his family down took on a number of ‘odd’ jobs ‘to keep bread on the table’.

The Helms Bakery had trucks (more like vans) filled with breads and pastries. They drove through neighborhoods street by street. Once a week they would be on Watson St. The driver tooted a little whistle all day long everyday gripped between his lips as he drove along in hopes the ladies of the house would hear him and come out with their pocketbooks in hand. My father invented a gadget using a tube connected to the motor’s manifold. He set it up so a hand valve could be opened and the vacuum would make sounds like the drivers made using their hand whistles. McNEIL Company Contractors, Inc. Established in 1886 were located at 5860 Avalon Blvd. Los angles, CA (Tel: AXridge 9035) My father worked on an engine design. When the project was finished they wrote a job recommendation for him.

“We take pleasure in recommending Mr. Walter H. Righter as a very competent and skillful engine designer. Mr. Righter has been employed by the undersigned for the past year, and during that time has turned out work that has been highly satisfactory. In addition to being trustworthy and honest, he is also very diligent and very much on the job, and I cannot recommend him too highly.”


My father designed a new under chord on a plane for American Airways. The company, located in Glendale CA. later became VULTEE AIRCRAFT COMPANY


My father returned to KINNER in 1934 and was responsible for the design of valve gear, cams, supercharger mechanisms and related components. The plant once again shut down in Sept. 1939


Short term, contract engineering jobs


While working for Jerry Vultee, my father was the chief engineer on the V1 A “VULTEE “.

The V1 A Vultee


President and Chief Engineer, my father went into business for himself in 1936. First in his own back yard ‘shop’ which was attached to the garage at 2048 Watson St. Glendale, CA. (Tel: 1113 W). Here he produced the first “Dennymites” with me his daughter Frances as his first and most enthusiastic ‘assemblyman’ and at age 4, his youngest.
timberland boots outlet Aviation Engine Pioneer

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timberland beanie Auguste Deperdussin c

Belgian born , a former cabaret singer (who with borrowed money had made a fortune selling imported silk to big department stores), entered the aviation business in 1910 in the aftermath of Bl Channel flight and the great airshow at Rheims.

Though innocent of any technical training, Deperdussin knew talent when he saw it and was shrewd enough to hire Louis B In 1913 the young engineer designed for him the most advanced racing airplane of the pre war years.

Deperdussin’s firm won handsome contracts from the French government and had even begun to penetrate the Russian market when its fast living and free spending owner was charged with forgery, fraud, and breach of trust.

Paris, 30 March, 1917. The French aircraft maker is jailed for five yrs. and fined FF 1,000 for embezzling FF 32,000,000 from his company. Deperdussin’s career and that of others suggests the volatility of an industry that depended for its survival on the largesse (and fears) of the French state. cr en 1910 la Soci de Production des Appareils Deperdussin (SPAD). Il engagea Louis B pour diriger la soci et un jeune ing Andr Herbemont. Ils mirent au point une s d’appareils monoplans, monocoques, aile m et tr l dot de deux flotteurs principaux plus un troisi la place de la b de queue. Le premier succ d’un avion Deperdussin fut remport par le 9 septembre 1912, pilot par Jules V Chicago dans le cadre de la quatri coupe Gordon Bennett.

1913 fut une ann riche en pour Deperdussin. Pr gagna la premi de la coupe Schneider, Monaco, le 16 avril 1913, la vitesse moyenne de 72 km/h.

Puis il remporta la coupe Gordon Bennett Reims le 29 septembre de la m ann et un peu plus tard il un nouveau record du monde de vitesse : 203,850 km/h. La m ann le 27 octobre, Eug Gilbert remportait la coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe.

Malgr tous ces succ la soci cessa ses activit la fin de l’ann avec l’arrestation de son fondateur. Elle f rachet par Louis Bl et devint la Soci pour l’Aviation et ses D Un exemplaire en version terrestre est pr au Mus de l’Air et de l’Espace du Bourget. The acronym Spad was derived from the company’s formal name, Soci pour les Appareils Deperdussin. Spad was taken over in 1914 by the famous aviation pioneer, Louis Bl when the firm was experiencing serious financial difficulties. Bl renamed the company Soci pour l’Aviation et ses D thus retaining the same acronym.

Wealthy French silk merchant founded his aircraft building company Soci pour les Appareils Deperdussin (SPAD) at Betheny near Reims, in 1910.

He was fortunate in employing Louis B to be responsible for the running of the company and later engaged a young engineering graduate named Andr Herbemont. These two brought undying fame to the original short lived SPAD organization,
uk timberland boots cheap Auguste Deperdussin c
which went into liquidation in 1913 after Deperdussin had been arrested for embezzlement.

B designed a series of monoplanes of increasing capability, perfecting a monocoque form of fuselage construction that combined a desirable circular cross section with light weight and strength. Typically, the Deperdussins were braced high wing monoplanes, two king posts on the forward fuselage carrying a skein of wires to brace the slender wings. Lateral control was by wing warping.

Landing gear was normally of fixed tailskid type, but floatplane versions had, for their day, a very neat float installation. Power was provided for most of the range by Gn rotary engines of various power outputs.

Even greater were the achievements of 1913, Maurice Prevost winning the first Schneider Trophy race at Monaco on 16 April, the Gordon Bennett Cup at Reims, France, on 29 September, and setting a world absolute speed record of 203 85 km/h (126.67 mph) on the same date. To complete the year’s achievements, a Deperdussin piloted by Eug Gilbert won the Henry Deutsch de la Meurthe air race around Paris on 27 October.

Thus, in a few months B and Herbemont had created for Deperdussin the world’s fastest prewar aeroplane [and] from [this] pinnacle of achievement came collapse of the Deperdussin company. It was the ‘speed phenomenon’ of the years before the First World War. The plane was developed early in 1912 by Louis B the designer for the Soci pour les Appareils Deperdussin. B worked from an idea by Swedish engineer Ruchonnet, and developed a streamlined monocoque plywood fuselage with a large spinner.

To achieve maximum power two Gn rotaries were mounted on a common crankshaft. The first noteworthy achievement of this plane was the 1912 Gordon Bennett Cup, which it won with a speed of 108.1 mph (174.01 kph). The plane won the cup again the following year, on September 29,1913 in Reims, Maurice Prevost achieving an average of 124.6 mph (200.5 kph). During this race the plane beat the world speed record three times, and its maximum speed was 126.7 mph (203.85 kph).

A few months earlier, in April 1913, Prevost had won another exceptional victory at the controls of the floatplane version of the Deperdussin monoplane: first place in the first race for the Schneider Trophy in Monaco,
uk timberland boots cheap Auguste Deperdussin c
with an average speed of 45.75 mph (73.63 kph). The low speed was due to the fact that the judges made Prevost repeat his take off and about six miles (l0km) of the course because of a supposed violation of the rules.

timberland boots for girls Atheneum Hosts Premeire Tag Sale Of Vintage And Designer Items

timberland sandels Atheneum Hosts Premeire Tag Sale Of Vintage And Designer Items

It’s time for Wadsworth Atheneum’s POSH sale, a bargain extravaganza featuring designer dresses, shoes and accessories donated from the closets of those with deep pockets and sold at bargain prices to those ready to scour racks and bins of top shelf merchandise.

Rest assured, this is not your mama’s secondhand sale.

at this year sale from Friday to Sunday, Nov. 2 to 4, at Hartford Design Center, 1429 Park St., Hartford, include a coveted retro print party dress by the late, famed designer Molly Parnis for $120; a rare Emilio Pucci signed patchwork cotton velvet vest for $95; and an Oleg Cassini sequined top for $15. Upscale St. John silk knits that usually retail in stores including Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom for $1,000 and up are priced at a fraction of that retail price. A houndstooth jacket by French designer Lolita Lempicka is a steal at $65. High end Eileen Fisher separates start at $20. And a Bloomingdales full length, black mink coat promises attitude and warmth for a mere $950.

Sponsored by the museum’s Costume Textile Society, it is considered the premiere tag sale for those who have caviar and champagne taste but live within a bar bite and martini budget.

Thanks to vogue donors and benefactors who have cleaned out their tony closets, this year’s sale features racks and racks of exclusive designer, couture and luxury specialty wear, a collection that runs the gamut from Chanel black kitten heel shoes and Kate Spade leather accessories to elegant G. Fox fifth floor brocade cocktail dresses, artsy antique paste rhinestone jewelry, designer millinery and imported Italian knit boutique sweaters.

The first POSH sale in 1994 happened by accident when a wealthy Litchfield resident bequeathed her closet full of couture to the museum. Not sure what to do with pieces that had no museum quality value, the society decided to hold a tag sale. So the fundraising tradition began.

“The Atheneum keeps some of the things that have museum collection value each time there is a sale,” explained society’s president, Marianne Donahue, recently named to Hartford Magazine’s 2012 Best Dressed List for her vintage and classic style. “And the rest we sell to raise money for our projects.”

The committee collects donations for two or three years and when enough has been accumulated, they go into high gear and schedule a sale. The proceeds support educational programs, exhibitions, acquisitions and conservation efforts.

“This year the room is bigger and there seems to be more items for sale,” said Donahue, who,
timberland boots for girls Atheneum Hosts Premeire Tag Sale Of Vintage And Designer Items
with her committee including POSH chair Helen Hodgman, and committee members Sylvie Glickstein, Carol Hall and Joanne Pierce, has spent hundreds of hours organizing the tag sale. There also will be designer children and men’s wear, as well as mainstream retail wear from Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Talbot’s, Sak’s and Allen Collins.”It is priced to sell, we have sizes ranging up to plus size and there is something for everyone who wants quality on a budget.”

Admission to the preview party Friday is $60 person.

This year’s event is expected to attract a larger than usual crowd not only because of its swank pedigree, but also because of an economy that has most everyone looking for “the deal.”

“The craftsmanship, the quality, and the luxe of the fabrics are not duplicated,” said Donahue, who already has her eye on a vintage black velvet gown that is among the sale items. “These are beautifully made clothes.”

“Pieces from boutique collections by Saint Laurent and Dior, you are never going to find things of that level at Marshall’s,” said Pierce.

As anyone who has ever held a tag sale knows, there are always those “interesting” buyers who come by, and that includes at a POSH sale.

“Remember that gorgeous pink Chanel suit with the rhinestone buttons a couple of sales ago,” recalled Hodgman, an artist sporting a butter soft, coral, hand knit cardigan she purchased at a previous sale. “I think a gentleman bought it and it really looked lovely on him.”

And then there are those tag sale stalkers, the ones who would never miss those coveted budget friendly opportunities, but don’t want anyone else to know.

“Don’t use my name because people don’t realize that so much of my cocktail wear comes from the POSH sale,” said one West Hartford woman who is a regular attendee at non profit galas around Hartford.

“When you need a different gown for six or seven events, it can add up, so I never miss a POSH sale,” said the woman, who was dolled up in a vintage red and black lace full length sheath style gown at Hartford Hospital’s recent Black and Red Ball. “I purchased four gowns at the last sale for what one high end gown would cost me. No one ever guesses I’m wearing second hand.”.
timberland boots for girls Atheneum Hosts Premeire Tag Sale Of Vintage And Designer Items

timberland mens bromilly boots brown smooth Austria’s Sebastian Kurz set to become Europe’s youngest leader in elections overshadowed by march of the far right

timberlands cheap Austria’s Sebastian Kurz set to become Europe’s youngest leader in elections overshadowed by march of the far right

No use without permission.)

Austria’s 31 year old Sebastian Kurz was on course to becoming Europe’s youngest elected leader last night in elections over shadowed by a strong showing for the far right.

Exit poll s put Mr Kurz’s right wing People’s Party (OVP) on course for victory, with the anti immigration Freedom Party tying with the socialists for second place.

One survey had the People’s Party projected to win 30.2% of the vote, with the Freedom Party (FP on 26.8% and the Social Democrats 26.3%.

Another placed the the OVP on 31.5%, with the Social Democrats in second place on 27.1% and (FP on 25.9%.

With no party gaining an overall majority, Mr Kurz is expected to turn to the Freedom Party as a coalition partner.

The former Foreign Minister will be the youngest elected leader in the world, followed by Ireland’s Leo Varadkar, 38, Frances Emmanuel Macron, 39.

The Freedom Party has accused him of stealing its policies by adopting a hard line on refugees in the face of Europe’s migrant crisis.

Mr Kurz has pledged to shut the main migrant routes into Europe, cap benefits for refugees and bar foreigners from receiving benefits until they have lived in the country for five years.

In an echo of Donald Trump, he campaigned on an “Austria First” policy and rebranded the People’s Party as his personal “movement.”

Britain will be watching the result closely as Austria takes over the EU presidency in the second half of 2018 when the Brexit talks will be at a crunch stage.

(Image: AFP)

The snap elections were called after Mr Kurz collapsed his party’s coalition with the ruling social democrats led by Chancellor Christian Christian Kern.

The bad blood between the two leaders points to Mr Kurz joining forces with the Freedom Party.

This would see its leader Heinz Christian Strache become the first European politician with a neo Nazi background to sit in government since the Second World War.
timberland mens bromilly boots brown smooth Austria's Sebastian Kurz set to become Europe's youngest leader in elections overshadowed by march of the far right

timberland walking shoes Attempted rape victim returns from Japan to confront Niagara Falls attacker

timberland womens sandals Attempted rape victim returns from Japan to confront Niagara Falls attacker

Koyuki Nakahara left her Niagara Falls hotel room late at night last Christmas to walk over the Rainbow Bridge and view the cataracts from the Canadian side.

When she got lost on the way to the bridge, Nakahara asked a stranger for directions. He led her away from the span, threw her to the ground and tried to rape her, before fleeing with her money, passport and ankle high leather boots.

Using surveillance camera tapes, State Park Police later tracked down Robert E. Macleod and charged him with robbery and assault. Prosecutors offered him a plea deal.

But when Macleod found out that the victim was in Japan, he turned down the deal.

She will never return, he thought, according to police. And with no victim testimony, no charge would stick.

Nakahara returned last week, determined that the attacker would pay for his crime.

“I realized a lot of parents have daughters and want their city to be safe,” Nakahara said. “I had a social responsibility.”

And with that testimony, Macleod is expected to be indicted and face more severe charges that could translate into a lengthy prison sentence.

State, county and local police, along with members of the Niagara County District Attorney’s Office, will gather Thursday afternoon for a news conference at the Niagara Falls Police Department to send a message to those who prey on tourists.

“The perception of some in the criminal element in this area is that tourists are fair game. That’s because the victims are from out of town and the perception is that they will not come back and testify,” State Parks Police Lt. Patrick Moriarty said.

The attack against Nakahara happened in Niagara Falls State Park, and Moriarty said Deputy District Attorney Doreen M. Hoffmann was determined to find Nakahara’s attacker and get justice, despite the geographical challenges.

Moriarty said the DA’s Office paid for her round trip airfare in coach and put her up in a motel for three nights. But it took a lot of courage for Nakahara to return for the grand jury.

Last Friday, a day after testifying before a group of strangers, telling them the details of what is likely to be the most horrifying incident Nakahara will ever experience, she sat down for a two hour interview with The Buffalo News to share her experience and tell how it made her a stronger woman. At 5 feet tall and 101 pounds, she spoke unflinchingly, explaining how she agreed to comply with the attacker’s wishes only when she thought he might kill her if she refused.

And if Macleod is indicted, she said she is willing to return again and testify against him in court.

Nakahara arrived in Niagara Falls on the afternoon of Dec. Christmas night, she said she decided to make the most of her limited time here and left her hotel room to walk across the Rainbow Bridge to view the falls from the Canadian side.

Though the tour guide said the bridge plaza was nearby, she soon became lost. Spotting a man walking nearby, she asked him if he could point her in the right direction. What she did not know at the time was that he had driven past her a couple times, before parking and following her on foot. That is what surveillance video later revealed.

Nakahara, who is fluent in English, said she was initially grateful when he volunteered to show her the pedestrian approach to the bridge. He said he had just crossed back over the bridge from Canada.

“He said, ‘I’ll show you.’ We walked for about 10 minutes. He said, ‘Your shoes look good. Are they walking shoes?’ I noticed he was leading me to a dark place, and I saw a sign for the aquarium,” she said and thought that the bridge plaza would surely be bright with lighting.

He continued talking about her shoes.

“I felt a little strange. Then he said, ‘Your shoes sound big.’ He asked, ‘Can I clean them for you?’ I said, ‘No.’ He bent down to touch my shoes and I bent down to stop him. He suddenly pushed my face into the concrete. I screamed and he began to grab my purse from me.”

“He stood up and I stood up. I said, ‘You can have the money, but give me my passport back.’ I thought if he gives me my passport back, I won’t bother with the police. I told him that. I was trying to bargain.”

The man moved in closer and Nakahara screamed again.

“He told me to shut up. He said, ‘You give me what I want and I’ll let you go.’ He dragged me into a wooded place. I didn’t have a choice. I decided to do what he wanted me to do. currency and several foreign currencies.
timberland walking shoes Attempted rape victim returns from Japan to confront Niagara Falls attacker

timberland cargo shorts Avocado Butter for Beautiful and Healthy Skin

timberland moccasin shoes Avocado Butter for Beautiful and Healthy Skin

There are many benefits to use avocado butter, not the least of them that it makes your skin look alive, vibrant and full of health. Add to that the fact that it is completely natural, and it becomes a very attractive choice as an addition to your range of preferred skin care products.

There are several synthetic alternatives you could choose, each of which claims the same benefits as avocado butter, but have you really considered their benefits and the truth of what they claim? Do you understand the meaning of that large ingredients list? Let’s digress for just a short while and discuss the vitamin and supplement industry.

Supplements are available in almost any shape and form: vitamins, minerals and even complex mixtures known as athletic supplements are marketed as being effective in improving fitness, stamina and just about any other health benefit you can imagine. Yet the experts are still out on the difference between the actual benefits claimed for these and those realized in practice. They are not necessarily the same, and there are some real biochemical reasons for that.

The reason is synergy. That word relates to different substances working better together than either could apart. Take the example of a secretary and the guy that delivers her letters by courier. To outsiders, the secretary is great at getting these letters and invoices delivered on time. However, that is meaningless if the courier is not on duty it gets delivered a day late.

In the same way, many vitamins and minerals are well known for their beneficial effects, but there is no point in taking a calcium supplement if the couriers magnesium and vitamins C and D are missing! They are the substances that actually take the calcium into your bone structure. That is why natural sources are better: they have the courier and the secretary provided in the one package, just as they should be. That is also why avocado butter is a far superior skin care substance than any synthetic product.

It contains the antioxidant vitamins A, E and D that kill of the free radicals that age your skin. A very scientific and comforting explanation of how it works, unlike that of the synthetic emulsified oils, containing surfactants that can damage your skin, rather than help it, and other even more toxic substances. It contains a natural sunscreen that protects your skin and hair from the damaging effects of the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

Avocado butter also contains lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to your skin, and it melts at only 30C 35C making it very easy to apply tom your skin.

It can be used to moisturize dry skin ad it can also help to reduce the appearance of age spots, sometimes referred to as liver spots, caused by the oxidation of fatty deposits just under your skin.

So, don’t use these potentially toxic artificial labeled products, but try pure avocado oil next time you are looking for a skin care product. You won’t regret it, and will likely be hooked on it for life: your skin certainly will!

For more information on the benefits of avocado butter visit Laura’s website Castle Baths Avocado Butter, and also her site Castle Baths Spa Products if you are interested in other natural skin care products to help you remain looking young and beautiful.
timberland cargo shorts Avocado Butter for Beautiful and Healthy Skin

cheap womens timberland boots uk Aurora delivers a knockout with ‘The Royale’

cheap timberland boat shoes Aurora delivers a knockout with ‘The Royale’

But you not always at a boxing match, one whose physical and verbal jabs cut with equal flair and precision, one whose pugilists spar with white knuckle tension both inside and outside the ring.

Inspired by the life of Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight world champion, Marco Ramirez Royale is only nominally about who gets knocked out first. (And fighters never physically engage in the play; instead, the ensemble conveys the pulse, the impacts, the recoils of a fight with stomps, claps and snaps, with sharply defined footwork and slices of an elbow. It more percussive dance than fisticuffs, with gaps that audience imagination can fill in.)

To rise above that mentality and combat it, as Jay Sport Jackson (Calvin M. Thompson) does in the play, takes a special kind of courage, but also egomania and swagger. Directed by Darryl V. Jones, Thompson delivers Jay braggadocio, to pitiable opponents, to clueless reporters, with the musicianship of a preacher, like he generously taking time out of his day to prepare them, with virtuoso showmanship, for the hell they about to receive.

Consider the layers of condescension in this trash talk, in a match en route to the title battle: a shame, what you about to do, Jay. He doesn even bother directly addressing his foe, Fish (Satchel Andr When Fish, proving himself worthy of becoming Jay on the road sparring partner, lands a blow that ever so briefly knocks the wind out of Jay, Thompson wide eyed expression isn just one of physical injury; it dismay, shock at a world so out of joint that another boxer could even momentarily measure up.

To take on a white defending champion in the first decade of the 1900s, in the height of Jim Crow, also requires true courage, not just bravado, and the drama is at its finest when it shows the twin selfishness and selflessness that drive Jay (though it could do a better job hinting at his many dimensions in the script blustery early scenes).

Courage and talent alone won win Jay the title and elevate his race. It can be won only through blood the blood of Jay trainer, Wynton (Donald E. Lacy Jr.), who, one generation older, never would have had the chance to fight a white man, no matter his talent; the blood of his family, personified by his sister Nina (Atim Udoffia), who must bear the cost of his rise without the bulging muscles and an entourage to protect themselves; and still other, more senseless blood, the blood of simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To any who think we can overcome discrimination simply with pluck and talent, work and heart, Royale offers a stunning rebuke. The hate of prejudice is a well oiled, far reaching machine, brooking no great man rise without knocking down a slew of others who didn make the history books.
cheap womens timberland boots uk Aurora delivers a knockout with 'The Royale'

timberland polo Athlete of the Week

timberland cheshire oaks Athlete of the Week

Thompson ran wild for a career high 192 rushing yards and two touchdowns to help guide the Panthers to a 35 7 Class 7A Regional Final blowout win over Viera.

“At Plant, you just have to work and work and work to get your starting position,” Thompson said. “And if you’re up next, you’re the next guy up and you just have to be a hard worker and you’ll do good.”

Thompson grew up just blocks away from Plant High School and witnessed the historic rise of the Panthers’ program.

Now he’s become a key player in the latest chapter of Plant folklore.

“As a little kid, maybe he saw or heard other people who had some epic performances,” Plant head coach Robert Weiner said. “And for him to have those kinds of performances in the playoffs and against great teams during the season, I think it’s probably special for him.”

Thompson, who has rushed for at least 100 yards in four games this season,
timberland polo Athlete of the Week
has had a flair for the dramatic all year.

He scored three big play touchdowns on three consecutive touches over the course of two games in September, including a 48 yard touchdown trot in a huge win over Armwood.

“You look at some football players and they’re at their best when things mean the most, and when you get in the playoffs and some big games during the season,” Weiner said. “And Ty has been at his best at those particular times, and he’s really had some huge splash moments.”

Those moments have helped the Panthers claw within two wins of claming their fifth state title over a ten year period.

“Coach always tells us we’re standing in the shoes of giants,” Thompson said. “And you want to fill those dreams of people that won the state championship. And we want to win the state championship again to bring it back to Plant. It would be awesome to do that.”

“The one thing about him during the season is when he’d been hot, he’d been hot for a couple of games,” Weiner said. “So that’d really be a huge advantage when you have weapons like we have.”
timberland polo Athlete of the Week

timberland chocorua trail Author Colin MacFarlane recalls his childhood in notorious Glasgow slum

timberland front country Author Colin MacFarlane recalls his childhood in notorious Glasgow slum

He and his friends roamed Glasgow’s Gorbals getting into scrapes, enjoying “garden parties” with drunks and upsetting cops . but all with a sense of humour.Colin and his pals formed a gang, the Incredible Gorbals Diehards.In the third volume of his memoirs, he reveals how the name came about, introduces us to the local undesirables and lifts the lid on the humour and sadness of the Gorbals”Get oot ma lobby, ya dosser. Get oot or ah’ll hit ye over the heid wi this. Ah’ll beat ye tae a pulp if ah see ye here again.”I had walked down the tenement stairs to find Mrs McDougall, a large, stout woman, waving a frying pan at our favourite lobby dosser. She was shouting at Jimmy and he looked hungover and frightened.”Awright, missus,” Jimmy shouted back. “I wisnae daein’ any harm. Ah wis jist havin’ a kip, that’s aw.”The scene struck me as more comical than sad. I met Jimmy at the close mouth, and the sun was still shining. “Lovely day,” Jimmy said.”Aye,” I replied, “but no a good day tae have yir heid bashed in wi a fryin’ pan.”He made off around the corner into Rutherglen Road. He looked like a man on a mission. Mind you, all alcoholics look like that when they’re on the hunt for a drink.I met up with the boys. Alex, Chris, Albert, Rab and we walked along Gorbals Street towards the Cross. Standing outside the bookie’s was a man we called Peter the Punt.Unlike most racehorse fanatics, he made half decent amounts of money through betting, and sometimes gave us a bung from his winnings. Peter, an ex con, loved the horses and hated the police in equal measure.”How’s it goin’, Peter?” we called out. His eyes lit up when he saw us, but he just shrugged his shoulders and said: “Ye know how it is. Ah’m still waitin’ fur the big win that’ll change ma life. But ah cannae seem tae pick a good horse fur love or money jist noo. Ma luck will turn wan o’ these days.”He looked us up and down and laughed. “You guys are no the size o’ tuppence and a wee bird tells me ye had somethin’ tae do wi the big copper gettin’ a pellet through the mooth.”I wasn’t surprised he knew. The Gorbals had a grapevine the police would never tap into, and Peter always knew what was going on.Alex laughed. “Peter, ah’m sayin’ nothin’ until ah see ma lawyer.”There was more laughter and banter, and then Peter declared: “Ah’ve got a new name fur you young scallywags. The Gorbals Diehards.”After shootin’ that polis it wis a phenomenal thing tae do yir name should be the Incredible Gorbals Diehards.”Me and the boys liked our new nickname. In fact, we were elated.We were now fated to be known locally as the Incredible Gorbals Diehards. We felt like comic book superheroes. There was Superman, Spider Man, the Hulk, and now the Incredible Gorbals Diehards.No doubt about it, our new moniker sounded great. But what the hell did diehard mean? “There’s only wan thing fur it,” I told the boys. “We’ll have tae go tae the library and find oot.”
timberland chocorua trail Author Colin MacFarlane recalls his childhood in notorious Glasgow slum

timberlands for kids Attempted robbery led to Dayton Mall shooting

infant timberlands Attempted robbery led to Dayton Mall shooting

the subjects involved in this were there for an athletic shoe release, Miami Twp. Police Sgt. Jay Phares said Monday. juvenile wasn able to get in line in time to get these shoes that were being sold and decided to try to take them from somebody who did get some shoes, with force with a firearm. Jabbar of Middletown, was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The Miami Twp. police report indicates at least four adult males ages 66, 48, 42 and 26 witnessed the shooting. The 26 year old was also listed as a victim. No other details about that victim were immediately available Monday.

he was threatened with the firearm, he drew his firearm and discharged it into the juvenile, Phares said. tragic is that somebody lost their life over tennis shoes.

Both juveniles, ages 16 and 17, were being held in the Montgomery County Juvenile Intervention Center on Monday, pending the filing of formal charges, according to Phares. It is unclear what charges, if any, will be filed against the teens.

The shooter and the man with the shooter stayed at the scene, according to Phares.

did not know each other, Phares said of the adults and the teens.

Police seized both the shooter gun and the gun that was with the juveniles.

Officers were trying to determine if the teens were watching the shooter prior to approaching him outside the mall.

Derrick Moore, father of one of the arrested teens, said he was confused by his son arrest because his son had the money to buy the new athletic shoes that were being released Saturday.

mom and me gave him some money to go get them, Moore said outside of the police department on Monday. He said his son told him that he wanted to go to Dayton to buy the new Air Jordan shoes being released Saturday. going to be the first one there. That just what he told me.

It is unclear when Jabbar, whose nickname is came in contact with Moore son and the other teen that was arrested.

Moore received a call from a Miami Twp. detective Saturday night. That detective told him that his son had been arrested on a murder charge.

Moore described his son as being a good student and a Middletown football player who has a job and plans to go to college.

son got around the wrong guy, Moore said. wasn brought up like this; he wasn raised in the streets.

is my understanding that the Miami Twp. Police happened to be on scene in that parking lot area at the time, Duebber said. section of the entrance way was cordoned off and closed off until the scene was cleared.

The mall standards of conduct state that the mall and its parking lot are private property. The conduct also states that the mall the right to prohibit any conduct or activity which it deems, in its sole discretion, violates this policy. One of the examples stated in the conduct is or possessing any weapons of any kind, including weapons carried pursuant to a valid license. It stated in our standards of conduct, which are located at each of the entrance ways to the building, Duebber said. is my understanding that any of the CCW permit holders are advised to look for these type of standards to make sure that they are not violating any of the standards.

what I been hearing through police, all of this took place outside the building, Duebber said.

He added that security at the mall increases during the holiday shopping season.

have off duty police here because of the holiday season We just want to let everybody know that the mall is a safe place to be, a safe place to shop. Just be aware of your surroundings, Duebber said.

He added that shoppers should contact store associates or mall security if they see anything suspicious or makes them uncomfortable.
timberlands for kids Attempted robbery led to Dayton Mall shooting

timberland earth boots Avoiding Horror Words and Phrases in your Resume

timberland earthkeepers review Avoiding Horror Words and Phrases in your Resume

This is at the top of my list. I have never seen so many liaisons since that movie with you know who. It seems that almost every person in the world spends a good deal of their time at work liaising. No problem there, but the word covers up a multitude of so many sins. Everyone seems to be involved in things. Again, the problem is that it does not inform the reader about your responsibilities and could lead them to conclude that you played a bit part when you might have been in a leading role. Using this word could suggest to the reader that you could not be bothered to explain your role or that you don understand your role. Neither is a conclusion you want your reader to draw. Explain what your involvement was. Let them know what part you played, how you contributed and what impact your efforts had on the outcome. What was your involvement? What was the level of your involvement? In what way were you involved?Another vague term. What was your contribution? What were you responsible for? What was the level of your contribution. I have read resumes where people contribute to the development of a strategy. Does this mean they copied and collated the document or did they take minutes of meetings or did they develop the ideas behind the strategy or did they do the research or did they present and sell it or what?Same issue as most of the above. What assistance did you provide? What level was this assistance? How did you assist? What were you responsible for?Like assist, contribute, involve and liaise, it does not inform the reader about what you actually did. What was your participation? In what way did you participated? What were you accountable for?Same argument as for What was the nature of your support? What did you do? What were you responsible for ensuring or achieving in supporting.Key RoleWhat was your role? What part did you play? What was your input or contribution. Spell it out. Using a few more words is far better than leaving the reader in the dark. After all, the aim is to enlighten the reader. Some people play an integral role. Again, what were you responsible for ensuring or achieving?Similar to liaise. What were your dealings? How did you deal with them? What did you deal with them about? Why did you deal with them?Far too many people think that what they do is strategic. Everything these days seems to have a strategic impact. Doesn anyone just get on and do the job anymore? is now used as an adjective in front of just about everything. Be careful. Use it sparingly. Don suggest that you had a strategic role, when you didn Even if you did have a strategic role, explain what you did rather than trying to cover everything with strategic. Use the word strategically!
timberland earth boots Avoiding Horror Words and Phrases in your Resume
Like strategic, everyone has issues today and people are always managing issues. The issue is that it hides what you did. What was the issue and what did you do to manage it or resolve it or make it go away or whatever you did? Some people say they manage change issues. Fine, but what specific issues associated with the change? Some people resolve customer issues. OK, but what were the issues the customers had that needed to be resolved and what did you do to resolve them?This literally means make easy While it might be the correct word to use, too much can be hidden behind it. People often facilitate the implementation of things. But, what was your role and what were you responsible for ensuring or achieving?As in, processing orders or requests. What were you responsible for ensuring or achieving in processing whatever you processed? And, what was involved in the act of processing?A lot of people say things like: implemented organised/coordinated etc etc No need to use it. You would not include in your resume something in which you did not succeed. That would be like including a referee who is going to say negative things about you. That the problem with it. It begs the question: you did all these things successfully, then what did you do that failed. Just leave it out. It not necessary. Again, it over used and abused. Some people even effectively liaise. This is nice for them, but adds little value to the reader understanding of your accomplishments and experience.
timberland earth boots Avoiding Horror Words and Phrases in your Resume

timberland ladies shoes Australia Always Come Back Strong In Scrums

light blue timberland boots Australia Always Come Back Strong In Scrums

That’s the same in the majority of cases. I don’t think you’re ever going to feel 100% but if you’re 95% that is generally good enough,” explained Mike Ross, as he spoke ahead of the GUINNESS Series showdown with the Wallabies.

“As the season goes on, you’re get bangs, you get little knocks. You’d never go into a game with a torn cruciate, for example. Some guys might have a sprained finger or little niggles something that will annoy you but is not going to stop you from playing to the best of your abilities.”

While the experienced tighthead stated it was not ideal for him to go straight into the team for South Africa having been sidelined for the previous month with a groin problem, he was surprised with how good he felt on the field of play.

A month off contact work and off field conditioning helped free up some niggles he did have but match fitness was something he had to battle with against the Springboks.

“No (I’d never say I’m not match fit). Match fitness is different. If you’re not match fit you just suffer more. You just know you’ll be blowing out of your arse you just have to deal with that!

“Ideally, you’d like to be cruising about the place but you know you have to put yourself through the wringer first to get there.”

Ross said it is a myth that the Australian pack is weaker than some of the top international eights, mentioning the concession of a number of penalties during last year’s 32 15 loss to the Wallabies as a sign they will be no pushovers this time around either.

“It is a stick people have beaten Australia with for a long time but every time you beat them with it, they come back stronger. I remember one time before they played England (last year), the talk was that England were going to mince their scrum and the shoe ended up on the other foot.

“First of all Australia have good players, so that helps. Secondly, they are very clever. They have more than one string to their bow. It’s never just ‘route one’ with them.

“They might have one bad scrum and then come out with a good one. It’s not like every scrum is going to be bad they’ll have good ones. They have a lot of strength in their scrum, as they showed in the Rugby Championship.”

Jonathan Sexton praised Australia boss Michael Cheika as the coach who changed the mentality at Leinster and Ross agreed that Joe Schmidt has done likewise for Ireland. The attention to detail and the level of intensity he has brought has players likening training toughness and intensity to that of match day.

But there are marked differences between Schmidt and his opposite number this weekend, according to the 34 year old front rower.

“Joe has brought a focus like never before on players knowing their roles and exactly what they have to do at every phase and executing that perfectly, as that is how our game plan works. If one guy is out of sync, that affects the whole thing.

“‘Cheiks’ is probably a bit more fire and brimstone than Joe would be. Different coaching styles but both are pretty effective.

“Some of these southern Hemisphere guys probably don’t know your name. That’s the impression you get but that certainly won’t be the case with Cheiks.

“I had him for years and I have an idea (of his style). Every team he puts out always fronts up and looks to win the collision. I’m sure Australia will be no different this weekend,” he added.
timberland ladies shoes Australia Always Come Back Strong In Scrums

timberland shop london athlete relationship in constructi

timberland pro uk athlete relationship in constructi

Masculinity as an element of men’s identity is socially constructed and hegemonically legitimized. The literature postulates that sport is an institution, which helps reinforce and privilege a white heterosexual hegemonic form of masculinity. The primary purpose of this research was to examine the role of the male basketball coach in the construction of his athlete’s masculine identity. A theoretical framework based on social construction and hegemony was used to examine the influences of power, sexuality, and race in the formation of men’s masculine identity within basketball. This qualitative study which offers a unique Canadian perspective on men’s university basketball highlights the relationships between various men as they sculpt their ideals of masculinity, influenced by the culture of basketball. The athletes’ experiences reinforce that various hegemonic practices are played out to create a hierarchical system which distributes power and privilege to those who conform to the institutionalized ideals of masculinity. These institutionalized ideals, historically constructed by heterosexual middle class white males who govern basketball, are symbolized through “white shoes and white socks, please.” ( shortened by UMI.) Paper copy at Leddy Library: Theses Major Papers Basement, West Bldg. Source: Masters s International, Volume: 43 01, page: 0037. Adviser: Margery Holman.
timberland shop london athlete relationship in constructi

timberland kids boots sale Authorities say Vegas gunman shot guard before firing on crowd

timberland bromilly Authorities say Vegas gunman shot guard before firing on crowd

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo had previously said the guard was shot after gunman Stephen Paddock fired at the country music festival and that the guard arrival in the hallway of the Mandalay Bay hotel may have caused Paddock to stop firing.On Monday, Lombardo said security guard Jesus Campos was in a hallway of the Mandalay Bay hotel responding to a report of an open door when he heard drilling from Stephen Craig Paddock room.Paddock, who had installed three cameras to monitor the approach to his suite, opened fire through the door, spraying 200 shots down the hall and wounding the guard, who alerted other security officials, Lombardo said. history, Lombardo said.Paddock had power tools and was attempting to drill a hole in an adjacent wall, perhaps to mount another camera or to point a rifle through, but he never completed the work, Lombardo said. He also drilled holes and bolted a metal bar to try to prevent the opening of an emergency exit stairwell door near the door of his room.Lombardo again expressed frustration with the pace of the investigation, but not with the investigators who have yet to pinpoint the motive behind the shooter decision to fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel casino on a Las Vegas Strip concert crowd of 22,000 on Oct. 1.”It because this individual purposely hid his actions leading up to this event, and it is difficult for us to find the answers to those actions,” Lombardo said. “We believe he decided to take the lives he did and he had a very purposeful plan that he carried out.”There is still no evidence Paddock was motivated by ideology, or that there was another shooter, he said. Investigators have found 200 incidents of Paddock moving through the city, and at no time was he with anyone else, Lombardo said.Lombardo said police and FBI agents, including behavioural profilers,
timberland kids boots sale Authorities say Vegas gunman shot guard before firing on crowd
still haven found a particular event in Paddock life that might have triggered the shooting. The sheriff added that a complete evaluation of Paddock mental condition was not yet done.The sheriff also confirmed investigators are talking with Paddock brother Eric Paddock, who travelled to Las Vegas, and continue to speak with the shooter girlfriend, Marilou Danley, to get insight.Lombardo declined to reveal what they said, but he stated, “Every piece of information we get is one more piece of the puzzle.”Eric Paddock said he came to Las Vegas to retrieve his brother body in hopes of sending the cremated ashes to their 89 year old mother in Orlando.Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said Monday he could not discuss the results of an autopsy done on Stephen Paddock, who police said shot himself dead before officers arrived at the Las Vegas Strip hotel suite from which he rained gunfire on a concert crowd below.Eric Paddock told the Las Vegas Review Journal that he plans to put his brother assets in a trust that would benefit the shooting victims.Law enforcement interviews with Paddock brother Saturday and Sunday were part of an exhaustive search through the 64 year old life.Meanwhile, friends and relatives of the victims and other concert goers who survived returned Monday to reclaim baby strollers, shoes, phones, backpacks and purses left behind in the panic as they fled.The personal effects being recovered were strewn across the massive grassy concert venue where 22,000 country music fans attended the Route 91 Harvest festival have become sentimental memories of loved ones for some and haunting reminders of the night of terror for others.People left behind thousands of items, Clark County Emergency Manager John Steinbeck said.At the assistance centre set up at a convention centre in Las Vegas, a steady stream of individuals walked in on Monday looking for purses, wallets, cellphones and even a wedding bracelet. Volunteers filled out intake forms with detailed descriptions of their lost items, and later, FBI victims assistance agents asked for additional questions.People received their belongings in re sealable plastic bags and were asked to check them. After identifying their items, some smiled and others hugged the FBI agents or Red Cross volunteers who had helped them.
timberland kids boots sale Authorities say Vegas gunman shot guard before firing on crowd

timberland bicester Attendance Area Committee meeting canceled amid attacks on members

timberland earthkeepers sale Attendance Area Committee meeting canceled amid attacks on members

Howard County public schools Interim Superintendent Michael Martirano and members of the Attendance Area Committee agreed during Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting to cancel the committe’s scheduled public meeting to review the fast tracking of the county’s newest high school, after committee members said they faced “personal attacks” from the public regarding the redistricting process.

The meeting originally scheduled for Sept. 20 and then postponed to Sept. 26 because of the Rosh Hashanah holiday was planned for members to discuss Martirano’s latest proposal to open High School 13 in 2022, two years earlier than originally planned.

At the board’s Sept. 19 meeting, committee members described “personal attacks” against them, their families and information about their residences that were posted online in the past two days. Martirano said the committee will no longer hold the Sept. 26 public meeting, but instead, will provide feedback on his proposal “electronically,” which he will include in his final redistricting recommendations to the board on Oct. 3.

Howard County parents and community members continued to rally against the Howard County Public School System’s proposed countywide redistricting plan Tuesday evening during a regional attendance area open house at Wilde Lake High School in Columbia.

“Their work had already ended,” Martirano said Wednesday. “I’m the one who asked them because of the transparent approach in which I operate I wanted them to have their eyes on, ‘If we used another school site aside from Mission Road, how would it be at the Rockburn site?’ I’ve not necessarily been very pleased with how some of the community members have been discussing this on social media.”

Martirano said committee members have been “harassed and attacked” on social media throughout this process, and people in the community have shared information on where committee members live as well as the schools their children attend.

“Quite frankly, my AAC members are feeling very unsettled by it all,” he said. “They’re volunteers and I want to protect them and not have them experience any further harassment online or in their communities. We set an example for our children in how we treat each other and cannot expect our children to believe bullying and name calling are bad when the adults in our community behave that way.”
timberland bicester Attendance Area Committee meeting canceled amid attacks on members

timberland uk discount code avoiding press harassment and Freddie Mercury biopic

girls timberland avoiding press harassment and Freddie Mercury biopic

“Ithink I could actually make quite a good spy,” says Ben Whishaw. “I wouldn’t want to be one, but I think I possibly could.” The 35 year old actor is certainly dressed for the part when we meet head to toe in black and has been getting in a lot of practice over the past year, reprising the role of Q in the latest James Bond film, Spectre, and then in the rather more darkly realistic BBC drama, London Spy, which goes out on BBC1 in November. It would be wrong of me to give too much away, suffice to say that the story would seem to be inspired in part by the real life case of Gareth Williams, the M16 agent whose corpse was found locked in a holdall in 2010.

For Whishaw, who has played so many vacillating characters over the years from Shakespeare’s ultimate ditherer, Hamlet, to the bisexual John in Mike Bartlett’s Royal Court play Cock Danny’s unambiguous sexuality makes a welcome change. “That’s one thing he’s very clear about and very strongly embodies and no problem,” says Whishaw, who himself came out as a gay man in 2013, after the Daily Mail started digging around in his private life.

“It was an odd thing because I wasn’t trying to hide anything but I am naturally quite private, I suppose”, says Whishaw, who, it was also revealed at the time, has been in a civil partnership with Australian composer Mark Bradshaw since 2012. “How do you make that statement to the world?” he asks. “It’s hard. Anyway, it all happened as it happened and now everybody knows and it’s not an issue really.”

It may not be an issue, but it has made Whishaw easier to interview. In the past he has seemed reticent to the point of being tongue tied, and while even now he is not the most free flowing interviewee each answer weighed up with almost painful deliberation he seems surer in his own skin. “I feel very comfortable now in myself,” he agrees. “I think people ask questions when they sense something is being concealed from them, and I don’t have anything to hide.”

While Whishaw delved into the history of M16 for his role in Spectre, he says he deliberately avoided research for London Spy. “Because Danny is not from the world that he finds himself thrust into, it was very important to that he doesn’t know he’s in a spy drama,” he says of a character that reminds him of many people he knows. “He has never found a path really, I suppose lots of potential that’s never been realised or properly tapped into. Yeah, he’s lost in a way that’s so easy to happen in London.”

Nothing however could be more remote from Whishaw’s own experience. In 2004, six months out of Rada and a complete unknown, he found himself an acclaimed Hamlet in Trevor Nunn’s modern dress production at the Old Vic, the same theatre where John Gielgud, Laurence Olivier, Richard Burton, Alec Guinness, Michael Redgrave, Peter O’Toole and Derek Jacobi had delivered their princes of Denmark.

“It happened very unexpectedly,” says Whishaw. “I was only 23 and mainly I just needed to survive it. I remember thinking, ‘if I start thinking about the magnitude of this, I’m going to crumble,’ so I just kept my head down.

“I don’t know what I’d think of it if I watched it now. It was interesting for people to see the character played by someone who looked like he was 18 or 19 rather than, you know and I suppose that was effective about it.”

He is being unnecessarily modest about what was an incredibly auspicious beginning to a career that has continued both on stage and in TV and film, with the lead role in the 2006 film Perfume, as Sebastian Flyte in Julian Jarrold’s 2008 movie of Brideshead Revisited, the poet John Keats in Jane Campion’s Bright Star, and, course, stepping into Desmond Llewelyn and John Cleese’s shoes as Q in Skyfall. Did director Sam Mendes discuss why he had cast a much younger actor in the role?

“Weirdly there wasn’t a great deal of discussion,” he says. “Q is there to perform a certain function in the film that has been very well established the in the last 50 years. In a way that was more important, getting that right,
timberland uk discount code avoiding press harassment and Freddie Mercury biopic
understanding what people expect from Q.”

And it’s hardly Hamlet, I suggest. “It’s not, but not everything can be Hamlet and you wouldn’t want everything to be Hamlet,” he replies, adding that the glamour of being associated with the Bond franchise makes up for any artistic limitations of the role. “It’s hard not to enjoy the excitement that it generates in people. Nothing else I’ve done has generated that much anticipation. And it’s really been lovely because it’s unusual to return to work with the same group of people on a different film.”

One group of people that Whishaw expected to be hanging out with more often, but alas did not, were the cast and crew of the Abi Morgan’s BBC2 period drama The Hour, about a fictional 1950s TV current affairs programme. After two series in which Whishaw co starred with Romola Garai, Dominic West, Julian Rhind Tutt, Anton Lesser and Anna Chancellor the sort of cast, in other words, that most TV commissioners would sell their own children for as well as Emmy, Bafta and Golden Globe nominations, the BBC unexpectedly killed off the show after only two series, with the somewhat odd comment that “we loved the show but have to make hard choices”.

“I really loved that show too,” says Whishaw, who played ambitious and hot headed reporter Freddie Lyon. “I loved that group of characters, and in hindsight it was a real shame. “Not boorish,” he chides. “Her slightly frightened husband, maybe, uncomprehending about what she’s doing.”

Suffragette is one of a welter of projects, current and future, on Whishaw’s slate.

“Eddie makes a very striking a very tall woman,” he says, reminding that Redmayne has played Viola in Twelfth Night, which has also been one of Whishaw’s ambitions, ever since seeing Harriett Walter as Julius Caesar at the Donmar Warehouse. “I’m not knocking on people’s doors begging to play her, but I was excited that gender was no longer an obstacle for playing these roles,” he says.

Whishaw is also excited about another of his current releases, The Lobster, the English language debut of Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos a comedy drama set in a dystopian near future and co starring Rachel Weisz and Colin Farrell. “It’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever been in,” says Whishaw, who plays a character called Limping Man. “I think it’s a real work of art.”

I wouldn’t know where to start in summarising the plot of The Lobster, so I’m grateful when Whishaw has a shot at it: “It’s set in a hotel where people are sent if they are partner less, and you must find your partner within a certain amount of time otherwise you’re turned into an animal. Yup, that’s the premise of the film.”

And that is the last that we will see of Whishaw for a while, unless you manage to get tickets for what is likely to be the hottest show on Broadway, a revival of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, directed by Ivo van Hove, the avant garde Belgian dramaturg who won an Olivier Award in 2015 for his barefoot production of A View from the Bridge at the Young Vic. Whishaw will be co starring with Sophie Okonedo.

Does he prefer film or stage acting, I wonder. “I just take what ever’s offered at that moment. I go with whatever I like. I like the variety. After that I’d like to another television series.”

Does he hanker for A list Hollywood stardom? “Not really. I’ve always enjoyed being there [in Hollywood] when I’ve gone, but it’s always been for something specific and I can’t imagine just going there to I don’t know wait for something. I like it here and I like the work that’s happening here.”

And in any case he has a date to keep. Sam Mendes having repeatedly been refused permission to film his Bond movies inside M16’s HQ on the south bank of the Thames in the post modernist building dubbed “Legoland” Whishaw himself has been invited in by the spooks. “I’ve been asked to go and present a screening of Spectre at M16 so that will the first time I have entered the building for real.”

As for the Freddie Mercury biopic, in which Whishaw was supposed to have played the late Queen frontman after the originally mooted Sacha Baron Cohen left the project citing “artistic differences”, that seems to have gone into development hell. “I don’t know. I truly don’t know. I’ve got no news about it,” says Whishaw. “There’s no script as we stand and no director and therefore no film, so we’ll see.”

Whishaw did a screen test for the part two years ago, in which he sang “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I’m impressed, I tell him. “I don’t have a great voice but I do have quite a big range apparently” before adding with what I have come to recognise as characteristic self deprecation, “Or so the singing teacher told me; I don’t know whether he was just trying to make me feel better.”

Spectreopens on 26 October; The Lobsteris on general release,
timberland uk discount code avoiding press harassment and Freddie Mercury biopic
and London Spybegins on BBC1 in November

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timberland moccasin shoes Australia vs England Day 1 Recap

Cristiano Ronaldo issued 177m warning if he wants to buy. Arsenal squad set for huge shake up as plans for a busy. Manchester United could make January signings, says. Flashpoints in tunnels always happen, it’s called. Bayern Munich insist they do not want Swansea flop Renato. Ashes 2017, 3rd Test LATEST: Australia vs England Day 3 . Spain could be kicked out of 2018 World Cup after FIFA. Sky and BT have partnered up for a TV agreement. but. Billy Joe Saunders taunts ‘weight drained py boy’. Slaven Bilic insists: ‘I’m not a broken man. I’m ready to. Jose Mourinho insists Manchester United never make a. Oliver Kahn regrets not joining Manchester United in. West Ham prepared to make profit by selling Domingos. Ivan Rakitic stuns Barcelona team mates by nailing. Chelsea boss Antonio Conte insists David Luiz has a knee. Chelsea legend Didier Drogba sports new hairstyle after. Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino won’t hesitate to. BT and Sky’s multi year deal to broadcast each other’s. MOST READ SPORT Previous.
toddlers timberland boots Australia vs England Day 1 Recap

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timberland boots wheat ATI Radeon 8500 64Mb TV out problems

>> Re: ATI Radeon 8500 (64Mb) TV out problems

I have installed the Catalyst 2.3 Driver Suite and the ATI Control Panel. When I go into the ATI displays I get 4 display options. These are 2 monitors (For dual display, I guess), YPbPr (The aforementioned suspected HDTV option) and FPD (Flat Panel Display)?

Now the problem is, because I don’t know and I have no documentation, I don’t know if the option for YPbPr is supposed to be the choice for TV, in which case my TV out isn’t working because it doesn’t become active when the s video cable is connected.

I have tried contacting the ATI help soooooo many times but they keep sending me exactly the same standard TV out problems email, despite my best efforts to explain that none of the solutions in that email is of any help.

Please help, I just want to put stuff to my TV so I can sit on my sofa and have a beer!

>> Re: ATI Radeon 8500 (64Mb) TV out problems

I am having similar problem with my recently installed 8500dv.

Cannot get tv output to work I hook up tv to tv out (composite) and see nothing.

I see enable/disable buttons in control panel>display settings but both primary monitor and tv monitor are greyed out and do not respond (though main display is working).

I have dual boot set up with Win98/SE and WinXP/home and both are behaving same.

I’ve tried updating the drivers (this seems to require more effort than it should).

Reason I got involved in messing with TV output was I get a pop up on boot that graphics will perform better if TV out is disabled and I am finding 3d game performance to be really poor (running Lego Racer 2 on a 2.4Gig/P4 w/512M etc gaming is far better on my 1Gig/P3 laptop with Geoforce 2).

>> Re: ATI Radeon 8500 (64Mb) TV out problems

My problems with with TV output function (was greyed out/unresponsive/didn’t work) ended up being a simple case of incorrection connection (“plug it in, stupid”).

In the course of my adventure, I did lots of updating/installing/uninstalling of drivers, which proved unneccesary, but during which I learned it was important to view the installation instructions (and there was a useful tech note regarding “clean install”) there was some important info near end of instalation instructions.

I came to conclusion that the card is OK and software is OK it is simply the instructions provided which suck but provide the needed info if read carefully and patiently.

Barring a botched install (which I think would only occur when someone is being careless or screwing with stuff they don’t understand) I suspect many problems will be either connection (input/output) errors or device conflict does TV monitor appear in device manager/ is it a “problem device”?

How much tech support can one expect when these guys are probably making something like $25 profit on the product particularly when we cause most of our own problems. “The Lord helps those who help themselves.”

>> Re: ATI Radeon 8500 (64Mb) TV out problems

I have similar problems with my Radeon 9000,
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but for different reasons. I use dual boot ME/XP and I was able to get the TV out working using a VCR as RF modulator, then with the RF cable (about 20 m) I saw it in the TV.

The next step was to get a Wireless Video Sender. I got it from Thomson (VS540). This device works perfectly fine with other video sources like VCR and DVD and should do the same with my PC since the input/outputs are the same. But (There is always a but), when I connect the equipment as described (PC off TV OFF, connect cables, TV and Transmitter ON, PC ON), I was able to see the output of the boot sequence in my TV perfectly fine. The problem happened when Windows starts, because then the TV screen goes blank and in the Displays Tab of ATI Control Panel it states it only has the monitor.

I don’t know if there is some incompatibility with this model from Thompson, I also tried the successor VS650, but this got messed up because it was always skipping between the 2 possible video sources. There is also another model from PC740 that is supposed to transmit PC to TV, but I see no differences between this model and VS540, except for being more expensive, but I haven’t tried it out.
timberland apparel ATI Radeon 8500 64Mb TV out problems

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