timberland city adventure Former Packers CB Sam Shields wants to play again

timberland walking boots women Former Packers CB Sam Shields wants to play again

A fresh Instagram account belonging to Sam Shields posted a series of clips this week that showed the former Green Bay Packers cornerback running through drills at a recreational facility in Sarasota, Florida. He backpedaled, changed directions and accelerated in quick bursts while wearing a black hoodie, Under Armour cleats and Packers shorts.

The caption on the videos read as follows: missed a whole year. 22, 2017, when in the aftermath of the NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons he spoke briefly to ESPN about the continued headaches that many believed would signal the end of his career.

Shields had suffered his fifth documented concussion more than four months earlier while making a tackle in Week 1 against Jacksonville and never saw the field again. He spent part of the season recovering away from the team in Florida and eventually was placed on injured reserve. The Packers released him two weeks after their season ended.

Nearly 17 months later, the posts on Instagram marked the beginning of what Shields hopes will be a successful return to the National Football League. He believes someone will sign him later this spring, perhaps in March or April, and one personnel man from another team said Shields could generate interest if his health truly is in order.

Shields detailed his recovery and the decision to give football another chance in a telephone interview Thursday with the Journal Sentinel. From thinking his career was over, to spending several months in California for rehab, to using marijuana as a medicinal tool, Shields believes it all will be worth it if he gets another chance.

going to feel great, Shields said. going to see the (number) 37 you remembered. Everything you seen in Green Bay, you going to see that wherever I at. What did it feel like to get back out on the field?

A: Man, it just feels like have you ever rode a bike before when you was young, and then you just do it again? It basically just like that, just like riding a bike. And you know, of course the fatigue and all that, that comes with it. But man, shoot, I feel great. No headaches, none of those things going on. Everything has been going the way it supposed to be going.

Q: Was that the first time you had tried some of those drills?

A: Yes, yes it was. Before that, I did a little cardio as far as a treadmill. But that was my first day of really going out there and moving and backpedaling and coming out of my breaks.

Q: Why did you decide it was the right time to try those things?

A: Just how I felt, you know? I always go by how my body feels. I was never like pressured to do anything like, you need to go work out. I always went off how I feel and how my body feel. And I just felt that that time was right, so I went out there and did what I do.

Q: How would you describe what it felt like those first couple days after the hit in Jacksonville during Week 1 of the 2016 season?

A: Oh man, it was terrible. I done had three (concussions) before that, three or four before that, I forgot. But I never had headaches before like that,
timberland city adventure Former Packers CB Sam Shields wants to play again
and it was just constantly headaches, headaches, headaches. I couldn see the light (without) headaches. Any little sensitive thing I was getting headaches and I was like, I never went through this before. I definitely thought it was the ending point of my career. And then again, you know, people around me and my supporters, the doctors, they was trying to help me through it. But I was still like, I don know. My head is hurting. I never been through this. It was just kind of scary.

Q: In January 2017 after the NFC Championship game, you said there were some days when you felt pretty good, and some other days when you still had headaches. When did everything finally go away and you felt back to normal?

A: Well, I was in California for six months doing some rehab with UCLA. That whole six months, you know, it was here and there. But shoot, I did great during the rehab. That whole six months I wasn really having headaches. It was coming (along), but it was also a mind thing as far as what they taught me. If I do have a headache, would I think it a concussion or would I think it a headache? It was all like a mind thing. The physical part was there. I didn miss a beat off that. But it was basically just the mind thing of getting no headaches and things like that.

Q: In terms of the facility in California, what made you decide it was the right place to go?

A: Actually, I was just reading up on like a good spot for physical therapy and things like that. UCLA was like the first that came up.

Q: How would you describe a typical day out there? What kind of things did you do?

Q: As you were going through all of these workouts and six months go by, and then a year goes by, did you always think football was still possible? Did doubt creep in?

A: Oh yeah, it was here and there. One day I was like, I not doing it. The next day I was like, I ready! It was here and there, you know? I just had to get that rest, rest my mind. That whole year I really needed that, needed this whole year off just to get my mind right, just to make sure everything is right with my family and things like that. It definitely worked out.

Q: Given the number of hours players dedicate to football, was it almost nice in some way to be able to spend that extra time with your family,
timberland city adventure Former Packers CB Sam Shields wants to play again
with your daughters and with your friends down in Florida?