timberland boots splitrock Former Boyfriend Testifies at Anne Norris Trial

timberland shop belfast Former Boyfriend Testifies at Anne Norris Trial

A man who spent years in a relationship with Anne Norris says the accused murderer was a “people person” who loved to laugh before she fell into a depression.

Thirty one year old Brian Constantine met Anne Norris when they were teenagers. They entered into a relationship when he was 20, and lived together for some time.

Brian Constantine says he was in a relationship with Anne Norris for 8 years. He says he watched her go from a people person who loved to laugh, to someone who fell into a deep depression. Very emotional morning in court today.

He says he was babysitting his niece one night when Norris called begging him to return home. When he finally got there, she was inconsolable. He says all the cupboard doors in the house were opened or torn off.

He found her in the bedroom. She wouldn’t talk, but eventually wrote on a piece of paper that she had been molested. Constantine told the court, “I didn’t know what to f king say to her.”

He told the court she was convinced there were police officers following her. Constantine says “if it was in her head, it was 100 per cent true.”

The last time he saw Anne Norris, Constantine says he was asleep, Norris started banging on his door at 1am. “She was furious so angry,” he says. She said, “you know what you did.” Constantine says Anne accused him of breaking into a shelter and raping her. She agreed. He said his heart broke for her. Norris cried too.

Constantine says she once accused him of assaulting her overnight, to which he said, “I would never do that.” He says Norris broke down, agreeing,
timberland boots splitrock Former Boyfriend Testifies at Anne Norris Trial
asking him, “what’s wrong with me? This seems so real afternoon the defence will call a psychiatrist from the Waterford to the stand who treated Norris.

Brian Constantine says of Anne Norris “if it was in her head, it was 100% true.” He says he eventually called her parents to come get her. “Couldn’t be in his house.” He felt she was breaking down. He says he was breaking down, too.

She first went to police in April 2011, reporting she was assaulted multiple times. Gary Norris says in that case, he believes his daughter, but that investigation was eventually put on hold over concerns for Anne mental health.

In another case, she alleged an assault at her aunt home in 2015. Gary Norris testified he in his heart and soul that it didn happen. says Anne was an average daughter who grew up in an average home and had an average life. After 2011, Gary Norris says his daughter began to display strange behaviour and would sleep a lot. He felt she was in danger, and told the court that over a 2 3 month period in 2015, he found a baseball bat under her bed, a steak knife, and a BB gun, and found a box cutter in her purse.
timberland boots splitrock Former Boyfriend Testifies at Anne Norris Trial