timberland 2011 foreign policy

uk timberland foreign policy

boundaries confirmed as Canada on North, Mississippi River on west, Florida on south.

1784 New York based merchants open the China trade, followed by Salem, Boston, Philadelphia merchants

1785 Adams appointed first minister to Court of St. James (Britain); Jefferson replaces Franklin as minister to France

1789 Jay Gardoqui Treaty gave Spain exclusive right to navigate Mississippi River for 30 years. Not ratified because of western opposition. neutral until 1812 and does business with both sides

1795 Jay Treaty with Britain. Averts war, opens 10 years of peaceful trade with Britain; opens British colonies in West Indies to smaller American trading ships; British eventually evacuate western forts; boundary lines and debts (in both directions) to be settled by arbitration. Barely approved by Senate (1795) after revision; intensely opposed, became major issue in formation of First Party System

1795 Treaty of Madrid established boundaries with the Spanish colonies of Florida and Louisiana and guaranteed navigation rights on the Mississippi River.

1796 Treaty of Tripoli; Peace treaty with Barbary State of Tripoli. says the American government is non religious in origin and practice. Violated in 1801 by the Basha of Tripoli which led to the First Barbary War.

1797 XYZ affair; humiliation by French diplomats; threat of war with France.

1798 1800 Quasi War. Undeclared naval war with France; Adams ends it with the Murray delegation, disrupting Federalist Party
timberland 2011 foreign policy