timberland eurohiker Annual vehicle inspections could soon change

timberland loafers Annual vehicle inspections could soon change

There are several states in the country that require annual vehicle inspections. Pennsylvania is one of those states. Mechanics like Chad Fadely say that’s a good thing.

“It’s very important for the vehicles that we’re driving on the road today, be inspected and be in safe operating condition. These things are four thousand pounds of metal and if you can’t stop them or steer them, somebody’s going to get hurt,” said Chad Fadely Service Manager at Fadely’s Auto Masters inYork County.

Fadely says his shop conducts at least 10 to 15 inspections a week. It’s during these inspections that Fadley says one of the biggest issues they find are that the brakes are worn out.

“We took these off a vehicle last week and you can see here the friction material is completely worn off this brake pad and if you look on the order, a lot of these rotors today are starting to come apart and if the brake friction material is not touching metal correctly it’s like a tire that’s not touching the road correctly. It’s not enough friction to stop the car,” added Fadely.

But Senator John Wozniak wants to reintroduce legislation to eliminate inspections for the first two years of a new car purchase. “I do not consider my bill a danger to the motoring public,” he added in a statement to FOX43.

But Fadely disagrees. “New cars can have problems also. There’s recalls all the time. There’s a recall out right now for air bags that are blowing up in the vehicles. You know, that’s a safety concern as well.”

Wozniak’s bill will be introduced in 2015.

LOL, such ignorance on the value of safety inspections. You think the naysayers are experts who study the data and have meetings to discuss how to reduce mechanical failures that result in wrecks and breakdowns. But naw, they just looking for conspiracies to take ya money because we all know that is the clear motive of requiring safety inspections.

Bald tires on that truck or bus mean nothing. That shimmy in the steering will go away;
timberland eurohiker Annual vehicle inspections could soon change
the car is just cold. The rusted frame on my vehicle means that I will get killed in a minor wreck and I okay with that (except when my kids are in the car). If there is a leak in the gas tank and oil pan, that okay because we don need alligators in the storm drains. Alligators are what really killing the fish. We also love the sweet smell of fumes while waiting at drive thrus and traffic lights, so emissions inspections HAVE to be a crock.

what part of only on NEW car purchases and only for the first two years Didn you understand? I agree inspections are a good thing and needed. But not in the first two years. The better question is why do we need a emission sticker? That a cash grab by the state. Why not do away with the sticker? Cash grab that why. At $5 a sticker, that a lot of money that doesn need to be spent.

It is not the inspections that get me, it is the emissions testing. It is only required in some counties and not in others. It is expensive and is worthless not needed. If you have a check engine lite on then your car should be made to have the reason for that code to be repaired if it is an emissions code. Yes they can be canceled out by a code reader but then by the same token,a car in a county without testing can get inspected with a light on. It is not fair for some to have to pay that extra money and not all. It costs too much and is only a money making scam for the state.

Ask to see what they won to replace and why. I show every customer there parts and there car and show them why. No problems then. When it comes to emissions if your engine light is on it fails and has to be fixed. Ask to see your old parts and take them. Not all technicians are thieves. Same as the dentist. Why did I just have to pay 3200 dollars for a crown that cost 85$ to make. That a racket. Talk about being ripped off. And I don drive that around thousands of people. And kids. Cars have to be safe.

All of you people are crazy, if you knew what you are looking at you would understand the dangers of not having at least a safety inspection. I AM a technician, I have seen cars with 20,000 miles with brakes nearly as bad as the ones shown, tires down to the cords (which actually hold a tire together and make it drivable) and shocks that are leaking the oil that makes them work. If people only understood the concept of how many things can kill them on their own cars they would have everything serviced and wouldn mind an inspection. All Ford Dealers have a FREE multi point inspection that you can have done with a typical oil change to make sure your car will pass inspection. You car will need to have the parts sooner or later and easily 75% of people have no idea what they are looking at when it comes to their own vehicles.

I been working on cars for 23 yrs. Just because the car is to years old doesn mean it doesn have 60,
timberland eurohiker Annual vehicle inspections could soon change
000 miles or more on it. I see that everyday. New cars with 50 plus thousands miles on them. People travel use them for work and drive a lot. I had cars with 80 thousands miles on them and only 2 yrs old. That a lot of brakes and tires in 2 yrs. If you don work on cars day in and day out you have no idea how many piece of craps are on the roads right beside you and your family. Cars that are unsafe in ways but can fail state inspection yet because of the gray areas in the laws. More then half the cars on the road are unsafe to a point and need fixing but people won because it passes inspection now. But 2 months down the road It could kill your kids. Don be stupid and take that away. You don have any clue because you don see it everyday.