timberland euro sprint black An open letter to the Harry Houdini of ghostwriters and

timberland jackets uk An open letter to the Harry Houdini of ghostwriters and

Speaking of books, your business reminds me of a character in a Nelson Algren book, who started a service where he finds people lost dogs. More on that in a minute.

On your site, I read about how you are one of “the nation leading Book Directors.” Actually, I say you are the nation leading Book Director, because that a title you just made up. Your goal. The thing that you want to do. The knowledge, the expertise that you have. We capture that, and we put it into book form in less than 24 hours of your time.”

With gathering interest, I reviewed your ghostwriting process, which begins “with several initial interviews to help set goals, clear up foggy ideas, and start forming your introduction. This is our starting point because we want to understand the real value of what you going to say so that we can structure it in a powerful way.”

What do you do if you find there is not enough value to the customer musings to recoup the $25,000 you charging for writing plus “Platform Building and Book Funnel services”? Never mind let not get hung up on the details.

Let proceed to the second step in your process, which begins with a daring dangling participle: “By simply sharing your story through a few recorded phone interviews, we gather enough valuable material to shape your interviews into a full length book. There’s no need to say everything perfectly. I confidently speak for all of our members when I tell you that not a single one of them would promise a client they could create a decent full length book from “a few recorded interviews.”

And so far, you haven proven that you can, either.

“I had all this cool stuff in my head and I didn know what to do with it,” says one of your clients about his book, which I see is still “forthcoming.”

“If I knew writing a book was going to be this easy, I would have done it a long time ago,
timberland euro sprint black An open letter to the Harry Houdini of ghostwriters and
” says another client. Her book is also forthcoming.

In fact, all your clients books seem to be forthcoming.

What the big hold up? In search for answers to this and other questions, I went into your FAQ.

Q. How do I afford the financial investment?

A. Our Clients can afford not to make this investment. Books are not for bucket lists, they for humanity.

Oh, Caleb. How much coffee had you had when you wrote that line?

Q. That’s not how we operate. We draw out your book via interviews so that every idea, every story, every detail given is rooted in your story and knowledge. But they charge more because they do it carefully. They frequently interview more people than just the client. They do all kinds of other research. And they write drafts, and rewrite them. And they demand much more of the client time. And they spent months of their own time. I know, right? What a pain! your website, you do address the difficulty of capturing a human being in words. “We here at Speak It To Book believe that humans are made in the image of God and that words will never be able to reflect that beautiful fact. So take note: You are too special to be captured by words.”

Back to the Algren book and the guy who started a service for finding lost dogs. That business model sounds pretty inefficient, right? Until you realize that he had a pretty good idea of where the dogs were, because he stole them in the first place.

Are you offering a virtuous service, Caleb, or have you started the literary equivalent of a dog finding racket? Maybe you don know yet.

And maybe I been unfair.

Do me a favor, will you? When the first of those forthcoming books comes forth, aim that funnel my way. I promise to give the first published Speak It To Book an honest look.

I bet I can read it in two minutes.

I reached out to Speak It To Book offering them a chance to respond, and received this email from , under the subject line, “You have been called to help people and that matters.”
timberland euro sprint black An open letter to the Harry Houdini of ghostwriters and