timberland boots nubuck Angry Sudbury father flips out on children

childrens timberland boots Angry Sudbury father flips out on children

He goes on tirade after one of his kids tosses a sausage out the window

After launching into a tirade against his four children over a sausage that was thrown out a window, a Sudbury father has pleaded guilty to one count of criminal harassment.

One of the four children surreptitiously recorded the accused and during a 17 minute audio file presented in court Tuesday, the 48 year old man is heard spewing expletives, threats and anger over the piece of meat. He is also heard slapping one of his children. The four kids cry repeatedly throughout the recording.

Neither the father nor his four children can be named.

Court heard the children’s mother was away during the incident, working as a nurse in another location. Ludgate said the accused put “his hands on his children,” kicked them, grabbed them, pushed one of them onto a couch and covered his mouth.

While the incident occurred in late summer 2016, the police only got involved a few months later, in October, when one of the accused’s daughters tried to escape the family home by shimmying out an upper floor window (it was several stories off the ground). She broke her foot in the fall and was taken to Health Sciences North. The Children’s Aid and the police then learned what had happened.

During the recording, the accused yells to his children, “I fking hate liars.” When he finds out one of them has urinated on the floor, he threatens, “I’m going to make you lick up the pee.”

He also calls his children garbage. At one point, the children, who sound young in the recording, scream and cry. The accused further threatens the tots.

“I’m going to make you wish you were never born,” he says. “I’m going to beat you up. I’m going to get rid of you.”

He also calls his children stupid, says they are “fking liars,” calls one of them a “retard” and says, “I’m going to find you . I’m going to fking hurt the person that’s responsible” for lobbing the sausage out the window.

On the recording, the children cry. In the courtroom Tuesday, the accused cried. He was quite emotional and distressed, moaning, with his head in his hands, as the recording played. At one point, he asked Justice Karen Lische for a break.

While he pleaded guilty, he does not take responsibility for his words or actions on the recording. In fact, the accused tells his children they are inconveniencing him because they are making him watch an hours long surveillance video, which he says will demonstrate who tossed the sausage out the window.

In a second recording, also made surreptitiously, the accused tells his children they should not make choking noises unless they are being choked, “or I will choke you.”

Despite his behaviour on the recordings, Ludgate said one of the accused’s children said he is a great dad when he is not mad, but he “turns into another person” when angry.
timberland boots nubuck Angry Sudbury father flips out on children