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SAN JOSE After all the training, all the ups and downs, it finally official. Adam Rippon is an Olympian. Olympic men figure skating team Sunday.

Rippon put on the performance of a lifetime in Thursday short program, but in the free skate on Saturday, he struggled. He fell from second to fourth place overall, putting his spot in jeopardy.

Nationals are the biggest factor, but they not the only factor, and the committee deemed Rippon Olympic worthy. at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. The other members of the team are Nathan Chen and Vincent Zhou.

This also marks history in a number of ways. figure skating Olympic rookie since 1936. man to qualify for the winter Olympics.

I think all these comments on this young man should be deleted from this discussion. If this was your son or grandson, would you want them to read these terrible comments that these people are making? It is enough that they and their have to deal with their differences without you people condemning them here,

I would bet many of you are smokers and do not like to be called out by those of use who do not smoke; in most placed having to go outside in the cold and rain to have a smoke while out eating.

This young man should be congratulated on achieving this reward for his hard work, practice and determination; not ridiculed for being gay.

The news stations should have thought about why they HAD to include this in their story also. They need to think about how it will affect the person and in this case, an employee of the station that shares similar views as this young man. WNEP it is time to start thinking about how this is going to affect the person the story is about as well as the very rude and obnoxious comments from many of the peanut gallery below.

I never asked you to answer to me, I asked you to answer a question and provide information that would prove the Bible wrong about homosexuality, or at least conflicting. Both you and I know that answer because it is neither. It is the infallible Word of God. You don’t need to be concerned about me doing any judging quite frankly you need to do some deep soul searching to make sure you’re ready for The One that will be doing the judging. I don’t know your heart, soul, or relationship with the Almighty, but based on what I’ve read from you today, you’re not ready.

It too bad that so many of the people within reach of WNEP broadcast remain backwoods hillbillies. They are scared of anything different from themselves and what they know. It a big reason why they remain left behind economically and otherwise. By acknowledging that he gay, Adam is doing something brave that others in his field have not done. In doing so, he providing hope and a role model for other kids growing up in your communities who are feeling alone and bullied. Some of those kids commit suicide or engage in other self harming behaviors. So Adam is attempting to show them that they, too, can succeed in life and be okay. All of you rednecks and fake Christians posting stupid nonsense here should be ashamed of yourselves. No one is shoving anything down your throat. Your pathetic lives go on unchecked by this. If you offended to read that a local kid who happens to be openly gay is now an Olympian, you really don have a relevant role in society today, and you need look no further than closely at your pathetic existence to understand that you have, in fact, been left behind.

He is the first openly gay Olympian. It a first!! If it were not a first, it most likely would not have been mentioned. I agree that people in this area are terrified of anything other than what they grew up with. Newsflash, homosexuality has been practiced by other species, and by humans are thousands of years. This is nothing new and nothing to be upset about. Gay men predate Christianity, LOL. Not only that, but religious leaders are often caught with members of their own sex. It is also so rude to tell someone they going to burn because that is what YOU believe. YOUR religion has no bearing on anyone that doesn believe the same, and your god sounds like a terrible god that I would never want to bow to if he is damning someone for following the feelings HE supposedly gave them!

Dear REALLY and CONCERNED citizen: You mention activities that were the law as handed down from God in the Old Testament. The law was God’s way to have his people show obedience. Jesus’s death on the cross (New Testament) takes the place of OT law as long as people repent from their sins and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Murder predates Christianity too, so does that make it OK? Yes, so called religious leaders have fallen as well, which begs the question to be asked were they saved to begin with? God gave us love, mankind with his sin nature has perverted it and tries to legitimize their behavior, knowing full well it is wrong. The Bible doesn’t address homosexuality in other species, only mankind.

Here the real rub on that observation: a man can endure the hormonal changes and operation to reinvent themselves as a female. THEN, they can compete in women sports events. Happened in women kickboxing where some trans god knows what beat the ever living crap out of his genetically natural female competitor.

NOBODY CARES IF IT FIRST! Nobody cares. Nobody cares. Let the man be an athlete and leave it at that. Let all of the Biblical warnings stfu and let this guy do what he going to do. There are far more important things to attend to than some ridiculous FIRST or perceived damnation this story presents. Gawd, you all make for sickening examples of adults.

So, HYPOCRITES SUCK, I will agree that some day we will all be judged. Please tell us all, in the Bible, where it says that homosexuality isn’t a sin and it’s OK to live that way. Then when you’re done with that,
old style timberland boots Clarks Summit Native Adam Rippon Named Olympian
tell us where it says it’s OK let others continue living in sin without helping them get back on the right track? I’m not judging anyone I’m simply pointing out that living the gay lifestyle without repentance is a sure fire one way ticket to hell. And THAT is in the Bible. Your defense of this mans sin tells me you are not on the right path either. There is nothing political about sin.