timberland earthkeeper chelsea boot How to Glitterize a Pair of Shoes

junior timberland boots How to Glitterize a Pair of Shoes

Introduction: How to Glitterize a Pair of Shoes

Have an old pair of shoes that you really like but are starting to look worn out? The color is fading? The color doesn’t match with anything? Want to try an affordable way to spruce up your wardrobe?

I found the essentials to these instructions on a fashion blog called Annie Spandex. The method of application was really great, but after doing the project myself, I realized that some more detailed instructions and ideas for how to cope with certain problems would have made the process a lot easier. Thus, I have created this instructable to fill in the gaps and create a comprehensive guide for creating fabulous glitter shoes from start to finish.

Warning: this is a project that will need to be completed in several sittings. This is not a project that you do from start to finish all at once.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

What you need:

a pair of shoes

mod podge glossy

scotch tape

wash cloth (optional)I used a pair of wedges that I bought on sale at Payless. I really liked the style of the shoe but they were purple, a color that wouldn’t match with anything I currently have in my closet. Thus, these shoes were a great candidate for this project. You can use any type of shoe, new or old, laces or no laces. One thing to note: the glitter is more inclined to grab onto a textured surface like a canvas or cloth shoe rather than a smooth, glossy shoe. You can still use the latter type of shoe, but this may require you to do more coats of glitter to get the level of coverage you want.

You can use one color of glitter or many colors. The more colors you use, the less each color will appear on the shoe, so keep this in mind. Personally, I am very concerned about the way my shoes match with my outfits, so I used gold and silver so it would go with both types of jewelry and accessories. If you are a matchy person like me, you’ll want to consider what colors will match with your clothes when picking out your glitter, rather than what colors will look good on the shoe itself.

All of these supplies can be found at most supermarkets like Wal Mart or Target and at all craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

Step 2: Prepare Your Shoes

The first thing you need to do after assembling your materials is ready your shoes for glitter magic. Go over the exterior of each shoe with your fingers, paying special attention to areas that are uneven or sticky. If there are places where a shoe is sticky or visibly dirty, wipe it down with a wet washcloth. Do not use a napkin, tissue, or paper towel. These could tear and leave particles on your shoes, doing more damage than good.

Even if you don’t need to go over your shoes with a wet cloth, it’s a good idea to wipe them down with a dry cloth and shake them out to dislodge any loose dirt. This will help the mod podge to better adhere to the shoe.

Step 3: Tape Your Shoes

I highly recommend that you use duct tape to tape off any part of your shoe you don’t want to accidentally paint. If you are using a shoe with laces, remove the laces and tape over the lace holes to prevent any glue from getting stuck inside them. If your shoe has some type of embellishment like a flower or ruffle and you don’t want glitter on it, tape over it.

I put tape around the interior rim of the shoes with about half an inch of tape sticking out from the top of the shoes. This prevents you from accidentally painting the inside of the shoe when painting around the top rim.

Step 4: Create Glitter Glue Mixture

If you haven’t already laid out newspaper, go ahead and do so now.

Pour some mod podge in a disposable cup. Don’t worry if you think you poured too much you’ll probably end up doing multiple coats. After you finish the first coat you can set whatever is left over aside and use it later.

Pour glitter in with the glue and stir with a paintbrush. The amount of glitter you add should depend on the desired glitter coverage. If you want the entire shoe coated in glitter (like I did) add more, if you only want to add some sparkle to the shoe, add less.

Regardless, your mixture should maintain a runny consistency. If your mixture has more of a peanut butter like texture you’ve added too much glitter. This will make it more difficult for the glitter to stick to the shoe and is very difficult to work with. To make the consistency of the mixture more runny, simply add more mod podge and stir.
timberland earthkeeper chelsea boot How to Glitterize a Pair of Shoes