timberland 6 inch How to Keep Your Gym Bag From Smelling

timberland boots uk How to Keep Your Gym Bag From Smelling

Have you smelled your gym bag recently? If you are like most people, chances are the bag that you carry your gym clothes and shoes in probably smells worse than mouldy cheese. If you leave the bag in your hot car while you are at work, the smell can be even more potent.

Gym clothes are by nature going to get sweaty and smelly, so how can you keep your gym bag smelling fresh? Here are some helpful tips:

Bring a few plastic bags with you to the fitness centre. When you change out of your gym clothes, seal them in the plastic bag before you throw them in your gym bag. This will stop the sweat and moisture from getting into the fabric of the bag.

As soon as you get home, empty your bag and wash your gym clothes. Be sure to always exercise with clean gym clothes. You can wash your gym clothes with a scented fabric softener to make them smell nice.

If you are a swimmer don leave your wet towel and swimsuit in your bag overnight. It will leave the bag smelling of chlorine and if left for a long time the moisture will cause it to start harbouring bacteria. Spread out your towel and swimsuit so that they can air dry properly.

Once you have emptied your bag, you can leave it open to let it air out overnight. If it is a fabric bag, you can even wash it every so often in your washing machine.

If your bag is not machine washable, you can wipe it down with hot water and mild soap. Also, you could use scented antibacterial wipes. Make sure the bag is completely dry before zipping it up again, because any trapped moisture will breed bacteria and mould and make the problem even worse.

By placing fabric softener sheets at the bottom of your bag, you can ensure that your gym clothes will always smell like fresh laundry.

You can use a fabric freshening spray, such as Febreze, which works by killing the germs that cause the smell. Spray it on the inside of your bag every so often.

If it is your shoes that are causing most of the smell, invest in odour eating insoles or special shoe powder. Also, make sure that you wash your socks after a workout and don leave dirty socks in the bottom of your bag.

Gym clothes, shoes and bags don have to be gross and smelly! Take a little bit of time to take care of your workout gear and you will always been fresh, clean, and ready for a great workout.

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timberland 6 inch How to Keep Your Gym Bag From Smelling