timberland sales Doors open for waiting customers as Thanksgiving

timberland lansley Doors open for waiting customers as Thanksgiving

“Mainly we go to get the deals, the doorbusters, and cosmetics. We already have it mapped out one’s going left, one’s going straight, one’s going to the right,” said shopper Jan Lau.

Many told us they view shopping on Thanksgiving like eating turkey it’s tradition.

Sabrina Sivongxay says she was waiting for “only for an hour and a half, but we’ve done this for like over 10 years. Not as many people were waiting outside, but those who were came with a game plan.

“I’m here for the PJ Mask. It’s a car track and they go around it,” said shopper Chelsea Kyme. and says the deals are worth it. opening.

The line for Target stretched and snaked through Ala Moana Thursday afternoon, with customers like Charlene Donaldson lining up around three hours early for the start of the holiday shopping season. “We got here around three, it’s pretty nice, pretty chill. The crowd seems pretty calm.”

Many people knew exactly what they wanted. Some even came with detailed plans. “My girlfriend and a bunch of her friends work at Target, so they can’t get any of their black Friday shopping done. So I have their full list so I have a ton of stuff. I have a full detailed plan of where I’m going, ” said Kenzie Davis.

Even though there were over 1,000 people in line waiting for Target’s doors to swing open, no rushing, pushing or shoving was seen. Zach Orell, team leader at the Target Ala Moana, said it was all planned, “We are very big on safety and crowd management we have some serious crowd management plans that are going to place.”

And back at Macy’s, the first customers in line got to the doors abouttwo hours early, but for Sabrina Sivongxay, starting the shopping season off like this is a tradition. “We’ve done this for like 10, more like 20 years. It’s a tradition.”

Royal Hawaiian Center is open 365 days a year.

The mall kicked off the holiday season Wednesday night with a special guest as Santa arrived by trolley to light the center’s 25 foot Christmas tree.

On Thursday and Friday, more than 40 of the center’s stores are offering special discounts.

“We have been so busy. We saw over 1,000 people already,” said Chelsea Gines, Furla store manager. “Everyone is so excited for the sales. We have some great deals going on.”

“We’re just out and about trying to enjoy our family life and each other,” said Pauoa resident Jamie Shioji, “while shopping, yeah. My family’s outside hanging out, waiting for me.”
timberland sales Doors open for waiting customers as Thanksgiving