timberland boots black Dow Chemical celebrates grand opening

timberland clothing Dow Chemical celebrates grand opening

To begin with 470 employees will move in, with room for more.

“It’s going to enhance our ability to attract the best workers the world has to offer and encourage more of our incredible home grown talent to come back home,” Liveris said.

Dow products were used throughout the building including more than 23,000 square feet of STYROFOAM Spray Polyurethane Foam, 26,000 gallons of FORMASHIELD and other additives in Sherwin Williams paints, just to name a couple.

Dow said 95% of construction companies used were from Michigan, most from the region.

Liveris said the building was filled with reminders from the company’s past.

Herbert H. Dow created what is now The Dow Chemical Company in 1897 in an old mill.

“This center is designed to celebrate that journey, as we continue our march,” Liveris said.

There was a special moment during the grand opening when it was announced the Employee Development Center will be renamed after renovations are complete.

It will be called the Stoesser Center in honor of Dr. Sylvia Stoesser, Dow’s first female research scientist. She earned 29 patents during her career. Dow Visitors and Heritage Center at the Midland location.

It will be connected via a walkway with the Global Dow Center.

In the afternoon, Dow leaders shifted the focus to the Williams Township location in Bay County.

It used to be Dow Corning’s corporate headquarters before the companies joined forces last year.

The site is now called the Heritage Dow Corning Corporate Campus.

Starting soon construction will begin at this location on a new Innovation Center.

“Combining sites is much more than physical assets, it’s about people interacting. People interacting is what this new center is going to do,” Liveris said.

Like the Global Dow Center, it will be designed with an open feel.

“The days of people sitting in an office or on a bench trying to invent something together, is gone, long time ago,” said Mauro Gregorio, Dow Corning’s chief executive officer and business president for Dow Consumer Solutions.

The goal is to increase innovation, collaboration and attract the best and brightest workers.

“Innovation is everything. It’s everything we do, it’s what give us the right to play, more importantly, right to grow,” Gregorio said.

Liveris said Dow’s research and development team will use the center as they work to solve world problems. “We’re a glass half full kind of company. We can help fix and lead and solve those problems with sound science.”
timberland boots black Dow Chemical celebrates grand opening