timberland black boot Hinkley makes early appearances as MLA

timberland boot company uk Hinkley makes early appearances as MLA

Wetaskiwin Camrose MLA elect Bruce Hinkley made two of his first Camrose visits in an official capacity May 13, attending the 2015 Camrose City and County Prayer Breakfast and Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Hinkley brought greetings from Premier designate Rachel Notley to guests at the prayer breakfast, saying, hope that we are entering a new era of hope, co operation and love, and may all your prayers and best wishes be with all the MLAs from all across Alberta. used the metaphor of a forest fire to put a positive perspective on the change Albertans decided they wanted in the provincial government.

think forest fires, we think, that bad. The fires are killing trees, they destroying homes, there could be lives in danger, he said. change can be scary, it might be dangerous, but in the end, like the forest fire, change is rejuvenation, so I hope your prayers are with us as we make those changes. talking with other candidates from various parties, Hinkley had heard unpleasant anecdotes about door knocking during the campaign, but was happy to say his experience in Maskwacis, Millet, Wetaskiwin or Camrose was not the same.

was so impressed and so pleased that I had not one, not one, incident of rudeness, not one impolite person. We have a big riding of multi cultures, different ages, different occupations, different political beliefs, different philosophies, and that made me feel so good, so proud, to be able to represent people who can treat, at that time, the outside candidate, not expected to win, with dignity and respect. the NDP motto has been co operation, hope and love, Hinkley said he was encouraged by the model of co operation the County and City of Camrose have set, exemplified by the joint prayer breakfast.

know everybody has different points of view on things, but it good to,
timberland black boot Hinkley makes early appearances as MLA
in my first experience between intergovernmental affairs, find out there is a relationship of co operation, and I hope that we can bring that to our style of government, he said.

At the chamber luncheon, Hinkley talked at greater length about the whirlwind week he and other members of his party had experienced since the election.

Notley has already made a couple of announcements that are going to hopefully show you we ready for consultation, co operation and a new era of hope and love, as Jack Layton would say, said Hinkley. love and co operation are far better than hate and all of the negative aspects of the world. So politics can be different, it doesn have to be old and traditional. said the first thing Notley has announced is the reversal of the closure of the Calgary Young Offender Facility, as well as an extension of the deadline for school boards to redo and submit their budgets.

of our election promises was to reverse those education cuts. Education was not just a priority, it has to be funded, said Hinkley. extending the education budget deadline, it meant an opportunity to appoint a new Minister of Education and to start reinvesting in education, rather than always cut.

one week, we have already started to make some major changes. And if you keeping a checklist of if politicians keep their promises, start your list now and we now got three things that we promised in our election that are now being done. It only three, but we do have four years. Some things will take four years, some will take two years, some will take time. But, we have already started, even though we not in place completely. announcements will be coming in the weeks ahead, none more heavily anticipated than the selection of cabinet ministers.

were asking, you going to let those 22 year olds be in the cabinet? he said. one end of the table we have a 69 year old, a 67 year old, at the other end we have the 20 and 22 year old, and, boy, are they dynamic. Imagine a 20 year old running a campaign, winning an election, and with all their energy and enthusiasm, they make mistakes. But I remember when I was 22 and the mistakes I made as well. They going to be great. commented on the demographic of the new government; the age span of the NDP MLAs elect is representative of Albertans, and nearly half are women.

a very nice reflection of the ages, he said. it going to be a difference in the government where you have half males, half females. It going to have a different attitude, a different complexion and we be very excited. Hinkley just has to wait until newly elected MLAs are officially sworn on May 26 at the earliest.

has been like there 25 hours a day and eight days a week. So it been fun, he said. very grateful to be the MLA, very happy at this new career even though I been retired for four years and thought I could spend time with my grand kids forever,
timberland black boot Hinkley makes early appearances as MLA
it not happening. files from Amielle Christopherson.