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timberlands cheap Boots Bourbon Helps Beef Producers

Boots, bourbon and beef; seems like the perfect mix to help kick start a statewide effort to help farmers and ranchers devastated by this month record snow storm. And it all thanks to Jim Beam.

“We be setting up boots statewide in restaurants, bars, liquor stores and grocery stores to help as a destination point for retail locations,” Ben Young of Jim Beam said.

Many ranchers are still counting their losses. Some estimates say when all said and done, the number of livestock killed by the blizzard could reach over 30,000.

Like most of us, Jim Beam distributors hearts go out to the ranching communities that were affected and immediately wanted to help.

“The first I saw it was on my travels out to the Rapid City market and I saw the cattle laying along the Interstate. Immediately you knew this was more widespread than what was on the Interstate,” Rod Rehfeldt of Republic National Distributing said.

Jim Beam and its distributors have a special connection to ranchers and that why the company is kicking in $2,500.

“The ranchers are a big part of our business. We supported them through rodeos and other organizations and this was just a natural for us,” Rehfeldt said.

All the money raised through the boot displays will go directly to the Rancher Relief Fund.

“For the boots, we looking to raise up to $1,000 a boot we have out there for a total of $50,000, that the ultimate goal, so hopefully we get the support of 21 year olds and older patrons here in South Dakota,” Young said.
cheap timberland boots for men uk Boots Bourbon Helps Beef Producers