ladies timberland boots sale Brandy Melville on Telegraph Avenue is the weirdest development ever

original timberland boots Brandy Melville on Telegraph Avenue is the weirdest development ever

Some of us were incredibly torn up about the tragic loss of American Apparel. While it’s true that everything was made of the same fabric and was solid colored, it was one of fewer than five stores thatwere close enough to campus to regularly shop at. So, regardless of how you felt about the fashion statements of the store, saying goodbye to it was still an L.

Collectively, as a community, we were curious as to what company would rent out this prime real estate next. There were rumors, but no one could have ever expected the surprise that was awaiting all of us Golden Bears upon our return from winter break Brandy Melville?????

Brandy Melville was never even thought of as a rumor, let alone a realistic possibility. But here it is, in all of its Telegraph Avenue glory. It’s a little strange that the company only rented out half of what was formerly American Apparel, because it’s the half that isn’t on the corner and therefore not visible from Bancroft. But it’s all good. Chipotle will bring the more basic percentage of Berkeley’s population onto Telegraph Avenue anyway.

Since we doing a lot of judging, the Clog felt it necessary to do a small investigation of the store in order to justify our savagery but also to see what the hype was about. Upon walking in, there were no other customers in the store. Perhaps what Brandy Melville really needed to start making moves was our publicity.

Even more peculiar, Telegraph Avenue is not particularly known for shopping. It is known for cheap jewelry,
ladies timberland boots sale Brandy Melville on Telegraph Avenue is the weirdest development ever
cheap food and vibrantly wonderful street fairs. We guess you can find some cheap jewelry inside Brandy. But as for the rest of it, it just some bougie one size fits all apparel that none of us have seen since middle school. When we think of that perfect shopping getaway, walking down to Telegraph isn’t always the first option we envision.

After sifting through the store, Clog investigators also took note of how expensive everything seemed to be. While it our dream to be able to afford a$50 sweater without having a panic attack, this is simply not the reality for most college students.

While pricy, however, the apparel is soft, versatile and fashionable. A lot of the pieces seem custom made for Berkeley or the Bay Area at large and are softer than a baby’s bottom. Perhaps Brandy Melville will be the perfect place to throw away all of your money right after you’ve thrown your grade away, of course. (Thisgenerally happens after your first midterm, so don’t worry; this time will come sooner than you think). At the very least, Berkeley has gained another business that will hopefully flourish and satisfy the shopping addictions of many ofUC Berkeley finest. But the only real way to figure out the store’s vibes is to check it out for yourself! As long as you avoid middle school flashbacks while you’re in there,
ladies timberland boots sale Brandy Melville on Telegraph Avenue is the weirdest development ever
the shopping excursion should be successful.

black timberland boots Brain tumor research happening locally

roll top timberlands Brain tumor research happening locally

Beau Adams, a graduate student in Northern Michigan University’s biology department, uses a pipette that can measure and draw extremely small volumes of liquid at UMBTC’s research lab. (Jounral photo by Cecilia Brown)

MARQUETTE Many may be surprised to know cutting edge research on aggressive brain tumors and how to treat them is happening right here in Marquette.

The Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center, which was founded in 2005 as a collaboration between Northern Michigan University and UP Health System Marquette, is a group of clinicians, researchers and students who work to advance treatment, research, education and advocacy for people affected by brain tumors.

Parallel to these goals, the UMBTC is also able to talent with undergraduate and graduate students, generating new researchers that can potentially help us understand and treat glioblastoma multiforme, said Dr. Robert Belton, research director of the UMBTC and assistant professor of biology at NMU.

There is a desperate need for treatment and research in this area, due to the poor prognosis for patients with GBM, the most common and most aggressive form of cancerous tumor that begins in the brain.

Dr. Sonia Geschwindt, neurosurgeon at UPHS Marquette Brain and Spine Institute and UMBTC member, spoke about the clinical challenges of GBM treatment at a UMBTC presentation to the Northern Coalition for Lifelong Learning earlier this month.

Emily Burghardt,left, a senior at NMU and Veronica Line, a Freshman Fellow at NMU, prepare to centrifuge samples for cell culture at UMBTC’s NMU research lab. (Jounral photo by Cicilia Brown)

When a GBM distinctive shape is detected by MRI, surgery is performed to remove as much GBM tissue as possible, relieve pressure on the individual brain and confirm the diagnosis through tumor sample analysis, Geschwindt said.

However, removing GBMs can be extremely difficult. GBMs tend to have unusual shapes, with finger like projections extending in many directions throughout the brain. Geschwindt noted neurosurgeons, like herself, must carefully remove as much of the tumor as possible, without disturbing portions of the brain that are required for a patient survival and quality of life.

The major goal of GBM removal surgeries is safe removal without affecting function, Geschwindt said.

Moreover, GBMs are typically comprised of many different cell types. Treatments that are effective for one cell type in the tumor may not be effective for another cell type in the same tumor, UMBTC members noted, emphasizing the difficulty of treating a tumor that can act like a target.

However, analyzing samples from a patient GBM can inform healthcare professionals about the best course of action for a given patient, UMBTC members said.

To help health care professionals, UMBTC researchers are working to bring a new technology, the LAMP assay,
black timberland boots Brain tumor research happening locally
right to the operating suite. The LAMP assay can analyze samples from a patient tumor within a span of minutes, which can allow the surgical team to make a highly informed decision about the best course of treatment almost immediately. Getting this information quickly is a major benefit to both health care professionals and patients, as it can help predict how well a patient will do with a given course of treatment.

are) working with our physician counterparts to create treatments and plans said Rudy Mosca, graduate student and UMBTC researcher. Mosca emphasized his hopes for taking UMBTC research from to bedside to improve the prognosis and quality of life for those with GBM tumors.

UMBTC members noted that the center is able to do work rivaling research done at larger institutions, due to the strength of the collaboration.

A major benefit of the collaboration is the center ability to obtain and study human GBM tumor samples, which are the best samples for scientists to study.

are unique in our ability to get tumor samples, Belton said. we have the ability to get tumors through the Brain and Spine Institute, we have established Institutional Review Board approval to get human samples this is unheard of for a small university, even for large research one institutions, it very difficult to do. helping to advance GBM research and treatment, UMBTC is also developing the next generation of researchers. degrees, five graduate students and seven active undergraduate students, said Belton and LaCrosse.

In addition to these researchers, there are also 35 students also attend regular club meetings, in which UMBTC clinicians, researchers and students critically discuss the latest in GBM research. This is a highly beneficial activity for students who wish to learn how to read, understand and analyze research for careers in science and medicine, Belton said.

The research opportunities at NMU are a major benefit for students. Mosca noted that the opportunity to do this research has given him not only great respect for research and medicine, but also for the individuals the research seeks to help.

Nick Shortreed, now a junior at NMU, shared his experience at UMBTC NCLL presentation earlier this month. Shortreed said he applied to large universities known for their high research activity, but chose NMU because of the Freshman Fellow program, which allowed him to start research on day one of his college career.

Shortreed and others noted the benefits of the unique opportunities for getting hands on research experience at the UMBTC and NMU.

they will get hands on techniques that they wouldn learn otherwise, said Amber LaCrosse, laboratory director at UMBTC. best thing that we do and we offer for the undergrads is when you do go to grad school, if you do research with us, you get to do things that students at bigger schools will never have the opportunity to do.

Beyond research know how, UMBTC is also teaching students how to share what they learned with their communities, like Mosca and Shortreed did at the NCLL presentation.

can be advocates for family, friends, communities, Belton said. are) teaching people not only how to think about the science, but also how to talk about it and explain it to others.

While UMBTC is the result of collaboration between students, faculty and clinicians, the community also plays an integral role, said Belton and LaCrosse. They thank community members and benefactors that have given significant amounts of money to the UMBTC for much of their equipment. Belton and LaCrosse also noted the benefits of working in a community that truly cares deeply,
black timberland boots Brain tumor research happening locally
crediting the community for their continued support of UMBTC.

timberland fur boots Brain resetting treatment shows promise with veterans experiencing PTSD

timberland cargo pants Brain resetting treatment shows promise with veterans experiencing PTSD

Wake Forest School of Medicine researchers say a pilot study is significantly reducing PTSD symptoms.The studies involve technology that uses the brain’s own frequencies set to musical tones to balance brain activity. The technology is called high resolution, relational, resonance based, electroencephalic mirroring, known by the HIRREM acronym.The treatment “provides a chance for the brain to listen to itself through an acoustic mirror,” said Dr. Charles Tegeler, the study’s principal investigator and a professor of neurology at the medical school.The study taking place at the medical center involves a noninvasive brainwave mirroring technology. An online version of the study results is in the Dec. 22 edition of the journal Military Medical Research. Department of Veterans Affairs, 31 percent of Vietnam veterans, 10 percent of Gulf War/Desert Storm veterans and 11 percent of Afghanistan veterans have experienced PTSD.Symptoms can include insomnia, poor concentration, sadness, re experiencing traumatic events, irritability or hyper alertness, as well as diminished cardiovascular condition.”Ongoing symptoms of post traumatic stress, whether clinically diagnosed or not, are a pervasive problem in the military,” Tegeler said.Tegeler said that while medications can help control specific PTSD symptoms, they can tend to produce side effects, such as a lack of toleration and disturbing sleep patterns.”Additional noninvasive, non drug therapies are needed,” Tegeler said.Brain State Technologies, based in Scottsdale,
timberland fur boots Brain resetting treatment shows promise with veterans experiencing PTSD
Ariz., developed the technology, which Wake Forest Baptist has licensed and used in collaborative research since 2011.The treatment involves computer software algorithms translating specific brain frequencies into audible tones in real time.The net effect is supporting the brain as it resets from stress response patterns that have been rewired by repetitive traumatic events, whether physical or nonphysical.The study involves 18 service members or recent veterans who have experienced symptoms over one to 25 years. They received an average of 19 HIRREM sessions over 12 days.Symptom data were collected before and after the study sessions, and follow up online interviews were conducted at one , three and six month intervals.In addition, heart rate and blood pressure readings were recorded after the first and second visits to analyze downstream autonomic balance with heart rate variability and blood pressure sensitivity.”We observed reductions in post traumatic symptoms, including insomnia, depressive mood and anxiety that were durable through six months after the use of HIRREM,” Tegeler said.Tegeler cautioned that more research is needed since there was no control group involved, and both researchers and participants knew what treatment was being administered.In the study of student athletes, 15 male and female students were observed.They had experienced a concussion while participating in baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cycling, football, gymnastics, lacrosse, snowboarding and soccer.Each had concussion symptoms that did not resolve after three to four weeks a normal recovery period.Symptoms had persisted on average for 4.6 months after their most recent concussion.Those study participants received, on average, 18 HIRREM sessions.The study results showed statistically significant reduction of all symptoms. All participants were able to return to exercise, academic work and recreational activities,
timberland fur boots Brain resetting treatment shows promise with veterans experiencing PTSD
and the majority of them were able to return to play in their respective sports.

timberland rime ridge Bradley’s rare 20p could leave him quids in

timberland uk online shop Bradley’s rare 20p could leave him quids in

The 23 year old had only just been reading about the Royal Mint blunder, which has seen up to 200,000 20p pieces sent out without a year of issue mark.

Collectors have been scrambling to buy one of the coins after the error emerged last week.

And although the price has dropped, with thousands of people flooding the market, Mr Springate is hoping he will be able to turn the lucky find from his small change into at least a few hundred pounds.

Mr Springate does not know how the coin came into his possession and he was about to buy something in the One Stop shop he manages in Horse Fair, Banbury, on Wednesday.

Mr Springate realised it might be one of the undated coins and double checked with diagrams printed in a national newspaper and on The Mint’s website.

He said he was “really chuffed” to find out it was the real deal, adding: “I felt like Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory winning a golden ticket.”

Mr Springate has put the coin on eBay with a reserve for 400 but said he was not looking to sell it quickly.

He said: “The longer I leave it the more it is going to be worth.

I’m going to wait and see roughly what I can get for it and as long as it’s a nice tidy sum I’ll be happy.

“In my view anything more than 50 is a bonus.”

Yesterday there were scores of the 20ps on eBay, with bids in the hundreds rather than thousands of pounds.

When the sale goes through he said he would either use the money to pay off some of his debts or take his girlfriend Victoria Meadow away on holiday.

The Royal Mint blunder is thought to have happened because of the introduction of new coins bearing part of the royal coat of arms on the ‘tails’ side and a new profile of the Queen on the other.

To accomodate the new design, the date was moved to the heads side, but it is believed that during the production process for this batch, an ‘old’ dateless ‘heads’ side and new ‘tails’ side were used.
timberland rime ridge Bradley's rare 20p could leave him quids in

ebay timberland boots Bradley Cooper attends high school reunion

timberland reading Bradley Cooper attends high school reunion

After “retiring” from the adult film industry five years ago, Jenna Jameson is doing porn again. The 39 year old starlet says she’s doing strip shows and performing sex acts through a webcam site, plus auctioning off used toys to make money for her family. “My motivation is taking care of my family and having fun and meeting all my fans,” she says. Jameson recently sold her $1.8 million mansion to pay off bank debts and is currently in a custody battle over her sons, which may have prompted her to change her mind about “never ever ever spread[ing] my legs in this industry” again, as she famously said at the 2008 AVN Awards.

Celebrities are just like everyone else: Bradley Cooper went to his 20 year high school reunion on Friday. The 38 year old actor visited Germantown Academy in Fort Washington, Pa., where he met up with a few dozen friends from the class of 1993, including “Bones” actor Brian Klugman. Cooper attended the party at a local pub without any security or entourage, appearing “happy to be there.” He dressed casually in an Eagles hat (“Silver Linings Playbook,” anyone?) with a tan jacket, jeans and Timberland boots, posing for photos with friends and fans.

No, Ryan Reynolds did not take his shirt off on a plane last month. A tabloid report claimed a drunk female passenger threw up on the 37 year old actor’s cashmere sweater, forcing him to go briefly topless. “I heard about that,” Reynolds said at a charity event over the weekend. “That is utterly made up. I don’t know where that stuff comes from. It’s fantastic, it sounds like a great story.” Reynolds added that no one’s vomited on him since fifth grade: “Sherry Piper, while we were square dancing. Trafalgar Elementary School. Yeah, that was the last time.”

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Kate Upton is in talks for the “Entourage” movie shooting next year as the female lead, according to sources close to the Warner Bros. project. Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven finally signed on to the Doug Ellin directed film adaptation of the HBO series, but other details are being kept quiet for now. Upton, who appeared in “Tower Heist” and “The Three Stooges” last year, may play the love interest of fictional movie star Vincent Chase (Grenier), who always had a thing for blondes.
ebay timberland boots Bradley Cooper attends high school reunion

timberland 6 boot Bradford Telegraph and Argus

timberland boots cheap Bradford Telegraph and Argus

In all, officers found 2,091 fake items of clothing and footwear, including those labelled as Lacoste, Peter Werth, Ralph Lauren, Versace and Armani. If sold to the public as real, the counterfeits would have fetched 240,000, the court heard.

Andrew Haslam, prosecuting for West Yorkshire Trading Standards Depart ment, said the investigation began three years ago when fake Timberland boots were found at Akram’s Neal Street shop.

They were seized and Akram was advised to buy only from legitimate sources.

In March 2006, Stone Island discovered that counterfeit clothing was being sold under its label by All Brands 4 U.

On April 5 that year, the premises in Bradford were raided and the fake goods seized.

Brand protection managers from the designer companies found the fakes were sub standard, with loose buttons and labels.

Akram told police he bought 500,000 of clothing a month and was not directly involved in most of the transactions.

His barrister, Ayaz Qazi, said Akram was at the lower level of counterfeit goods supply. Her said Akram had “placed himself on the Trading Standards radar” by asking officers for advice after the fake Timberland boots were seized.
timberland 6 boot Bradford Telegraph and Argus

timberland euro Bradenton and Palmetto are already working on 2018 River Regatta

white and gold timberland boots Bradenton and Palmetto are already working on 2018 River Regatta

BRADENTON are now underway for the fourth annual Bradenton Area River Regatta.

On Wednesday, the Bradenton City Council unanimously approved an agreement with Michael Fetchko of ISM USA, producer of the annual event featuring powerboat and jet ski races on the Manatee River and entertainment on the Bradenton and Palmetto waterfronts.

The regatta attracted an estimated 80,000 spectators during its 2015 debut, significantly lost attendance during its second year because of rain and cold weather, but was back up to about 80,000 this past February.

The next regatta Feb. 3, 2018 expected to draw about 85,000 and have an economic impact of $8 million to $10 million. As it has in the past, the festival will also feature concerts, a 5K run, evening fireworks and more.

are looking forward to it, Mayor Wayne Poston said. Army Corps of Engineers to block access to portions of the river for the races.

Although Palmetto will offer a beer garden, Bradenton will again ban alcohol sales on city property during the regatta.

don want to take away from our local businesses, Poston said.

Several restaurants near Bradenton popular Riverwalk will sell alcohol during the event.

The Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau will promote the day long festival in Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Pittsburgh and Europe.

Bradenton long affiliation with the Pittsburgh Pirates, which plays baseball spring training in the city, the creation of the regatta showcase newly completed Riverwalk park with its amphitheater and other amenities. ISM USA coordinates the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta.

The visitors bureau will reimburse Bradenton expenses for promoting and staging the regatta with up to $200,000 in resort taxes paid by tourists.

Bradenton Public Works Director Jim McLellan said the city spent about and change on the last regatta, about $98,300 of which went toward labor as police and fire protection and sanitation workers.
timberland euro Bradenton and Palmetto are already working on 2018 River Regatta

timberland hat Boys basketball area tournament preview

timberland vest Boys basketball area tournament preview

Josh Bryant acknowledges his team’s 14 12 record isn’t stellar. And while momentum might not mean a whole lot, confidence does, and the Central boys basketball team has more reason for confidence this weekend than it has at any point all season.

The Wildcats closed the regular season in style, beating Class 3A Area 16 top seed Lauderdale County on Thursday and then beating previously unbeaten and Class 5A Area 16 top seed Brooks on Friday.

Central is the top seed in Class 4A Area 16 by virtue of a 5 1 area record and a fortuitous coin flip and will host “the blue school” (arch rival Wilson) at 7:30 Tuesday in a must win area tournament semifinal.

Most area tournaments throughout the Shoals get underway Monday or Tuesday, and it’s finally time to see which teams will make the strongest runs toward a state championship. Hubbard won last year and at least once girls team in the TimesDaily’s coverage area has won a state title every year since 2010.

Senior forward Ralph Barnett, who is 6 foot 2 and 230 pounds, scored 25 points in the Wildcats’ win over Brooks. He is a matchup problem for some teams with his ability to hit an outside jumper and score near the rim.

“Sometimes I think he settles a little bit, but we want the basketball in his hands,” Bryant said. “We probably don’t get it to him enough sometimes, but when he’s making plays we’re such a better team. If he keeps attacking he’s a hard kid to guard.”

Central and Deshler the latter ranked 4th in the state 4A poll are the favorites to make the area final and advance to a sub regional game. They split two meetings this year, both within five points.

But their area crosses over with Area 10, so the runner up out of Area 16 will likely have to visit No. 1 ranked Cordova.

“Yeah it is an added incentive,” Bryant said. “But you know they all come down to one game scenarios other than the area championship, so we just want to get better and try to win the thing but get better as a team in the next two days.”

Said Barnett: “Not really thinking about it, not focused on anybody else. Robinson just about always gives the Tigers a strong peformance, while Kevon Summerhill, Alontae Nalls and Avery Sears are capable of big games, too. Sawyer Wright has showed improvement in the post.

Rogers’ top players include Cade Meyer and Harris Anerton. Wilson, featuring Hunter Rhodes, Jay Liles and Koby Flippo,
timberland hat Boys basketball area tournament preview
is an underdog but shot well in an upset of Mars Hill in the county tournament.

“Playing here will be different for us,” Bryant said. “Maybe we’re the top dog right now instead of going in as the underdog, and it’s a big rival game with Wilson right off the bat, so that’s why you line up and play the game.”

Third ranked Muscle Shoals will host Class 6A Area 16. The Trojans, led by guard Mark Sears, forward Mikey McIntosh and a deep roster of solid players, are possibly the hottest team in the Shoals right now. They’re better than Athens, but Athens is no pushover. A solid Florence team will have a big challenge preserving its season against seventh ranked Hazel Green.

Despite its loss Friday, at 27 1 Brooks is undoubtedly the team to beat in Class 5A Area 16. But the host Lions, ranked fifth in 5A, might get a push Tuesday from a Russellville team that’s probably better than its sub .500 record suggests.

Haleyville and Hamilton meet in a semifinal game Tuesday night at Fayette County in Area 11, with the winner clinching to a sub regional game against West Limestone, Priceville or Danville.

In Class 3A, sixth ranked Lauderdale County hosts the Area 16 tournament and looks to return to the Northwest Regional. The Tigers and Colbert Heights are favorites to beat Colbert County and Lexington, respectively, and advance to a sub regional game.

In 2A, ninth ranked Mars Hill hosts the Area 16 tourney and opens against rebuilding Sheffield, while Hatton draws tenth ranked Tanner. Mars Hill nearly pulled a season saving upset over Tanner last year, but this year they can’t meet until the finals and a Panthers win would be no upset.

Phil Campbell opens the Area 14 tourney Tuesday night against host Sulligent, while the preceding game features Red Bay against Lamar County.

Eighth ranked Belgreen is a big favorite to win the 1A Area 13 tournament it’s hosting. Mason Bragwell,
timberland hat Boys basketball area tournament preview
Brant Bragwell and Eli Hiser are among the leaders for a Bulldog team looking to get back to the Northwest Regional.

timberlands for men Boys and Puberty

timberland motorhomes Boys and Puberty

for Kidsfor TeensTeens siteSitio para adolescentesWhy Are Girls Taller Than Me?You might have noticed that some of the girls you know are taller than the boys. But you’ve probably noticed that out of the adults you know, most of the men are taller than the women. What’s going on?Well, girls get a head start on puberty and growing taller because they usually start these changes between the ages of 8 and 13. Most boys, on the other hand, don’t begin until between the ages of 9 and 14. So that’s why girls are often taller than boys during that time.Most boys may catch up and even grow taller than girls. But it’s also important to remember that your genetics play a role in height. So if your mom and dad are tall, you’re more likely to be tall. And if your mom and dad are kind of short, you may be short, too. But nothing is definite.You have to wait and see how it turns out, but you can also talk to a doctor if you’re concerned. Remember not every adult male is tall. Many men who are considered “short” have gone on to have careers in the movies, the military, and even professional basketball!There aren’t any exercises or magic pills to make you grow tall. But by being active and eating nutritious foods, you’re helping your body grow up healthy, just the way it should.When Will I Get Muscles?During puberty, some boys might become worried about their bodies after seeing what some of their friends look like. For instance, lots of boys are concerned about their muscles. You may have already noticed some boys starting to get chest muscles (called the pectoralis muscles or pecs for short). Others may have broad shoulders (the deltoids, or delts for short). Other boys might still be slimmer and smaller.Remember that puberty happens on its own schedule, so there’s no rushing it if you’re a little slower to develop muscles. Maybe you’ve considered lifting weights to help yourself get bigger. It’s important to know that if you haven’t quite reached puberty,
timberlands for men Boys and Puberty
this will tone your muscles, but it won’t build up any muscles yet.Eating nutritious food and being active (like riding your bike, swimming, and playing sports) will help you be a kid who’s strong and fit. In time, you’ll reach puberty and you can start building your muscles, too.If you decide to try lifting weights, first let your doctor know you are interested. He or she may tell you to hold off on weightlifting for a bit or give you some advice on how to start. If your doctor discourages weightlifting, try some other ways to work out. Resistance bands, which are like big rubber bands, are a great way to help build your strength without putting too much strain on your muscles.If your doctor recommends weightlifting, here are some tips:Have a qualified coach or trainer supervise you. It’s smart to have somebody show you the proper way to lift weights. This will help you gain strength and prevent injury.Use lighter weights. Your coach or trainer can recommend the right amount. Lifting heavy weights can cause injuries and then you’ll have to wait until you recover before you can work out again.Do repetitions. It’s better to lift a smaller amount of weight a bunch of times than to try to lift a heavy weight once or twice.Rest. Let your body have a break at least every other day.Do I Think About Girls Too Much or Not Enough?There is this girl who lives in your neighborhood and you see her playing with her friends every afternoon when school is done. You get really hot and your palms sweat when she says “hi” to you. That night you go to bed and before you sleep, you have one last thought about her. Every day for the next few weeks you keep thinking about her. You might be wondering, “Why do I feel this way?” You just may have a crush.Or perhaps your friend keeps talking about this one girl he thinks is so pretty. He goes on and on about how she tells funny jokes. He also tells you that he likes her. You think, “Why don’t I feel or talk this way about a girl am I supposed to?”Every boy has his own likes and dislikes. And during puberty, some boys are very friendly with girls and others might be nervous about talking to girls. Thinking about someone you like is a normal process of puberty. And if you feel like you don’t like any girls, that’s fine, too. Eventually, you may find someone who makes you feel giddy inside. Only time will tell.So why do you feel this way? The hormones in your body are becoming more active. As a result,
timberlands for men Boys and Puberty
you’re starting to have more feelings. These feelings can confuse you and may leave you scared. This is natural because you are going through a new phase in your life.

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timberland voucher code Boyish english uncensored

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euro sprint timberland Boyfriend wants to leave it in Vegas

new timberland boots Boyfriend wants to leave it in Vegas

The desire to have an encounter without consequence is fairly common I think that most people would admit to wanting this (or something like it) at some point in their lives. This is the plot that has launched a thousand bromantic comedies, and broken up as many relationships.

If this is a fantasy that you can imagine acting upon (and enjoying), then perhaps you two could give one another permission to do this.

However, you both must understand that this IS consequential behaviour. In fact, when it comes to relationships, almost all behaviour has consequences.

You should tell your boyfriend that he has free will and that it is not your job to stop him from doing what he wants to do. But if he decides to do this, there will be consequences to his choice (including consequences to the person he one night stands with). You could remind him that just as he might choose to take a one night break from your relationship, you can also choose to take a break.

If he wants to hedge his bets, he might choose to have his one night stand with you. He can pretend to be the weary travelling shoe salesman, and you the bored heiress with a secret.

Dear Amy: I a 31 year old woman, and my brother is 37.

We are both residing in the same apartment. I have no significant other or children. He is separated from his.

We work together so we basically see each other every day.

My problem is that he does NO chores where we live not even his own laundry! I do everything.

He didn want to get along with his ex, so I have to pick up and drop off my nephews when they come to visit.

I don know why his issues with his ex are now my problem.

I also do the at his (former) home where his ex wife lives I take out the trash, blow leaves, shovel, etc.

I know that losing his house has made him even more angry and bitter, so he takes it out on me.

He also always stresses about money and wants me to get a second job.

The amount of resentment I feel toward him is immense, and I see an end to our relationship on the horizon.

I want to be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

I know that when I confront him about him being a lazy user, I should have a place ready to move to because I do not want to be around him after that inevitably heated argument.

What do you think I should do? Furious

Dear Furious: The way you present this narrative, your brother is a dominating bully. I can imagine why you are so eager to get out from under this shared roof.

You need to understand that your constant presence and willingness to take on every domestic burden is not only a reflection of your own suppression, but you have become part of the problem by enabling your brother to shirk his own responsibilities.

Without you to handle everything regarding his ex wife and children, for instance, he might have to find a way to communicate with them. Without you laundering his clothes and cooking for him, he would have to figure out how to take care of himself.

I agree that you should find another place to live before confronting him. As you plan your move, you could quietly stop doing some of these domestic chores for him. And by all means, do not further commit yourself to a financial entanglement with him. If he runs out of clean clothes, tell him, you want to wash your clothes, I show you how. Otherwise, you on your own. I not doing it Amy: described her boyfriend friend moving in lock, stock and barrel to the home she co owned with her boyfriend.
euro sprint timberland Boyfriend wants to leave it in Vegas

timberland repairs uk boyfriend charged with murdering mother of his child in Wrightsville

timberland outdoor performance boyfriend charged with murdering mother of his child in Wrightsville

Police charged her ex boyfriend, Marcus Bordelon, with her murder. Samantha’s sister went to his house in the 100 block of Chestnut Street on Sunday looking for her, but she found Bordelon instead, who was covered in blood.

When police arrived, Bordelon told them he had an argument with Samantha and that he used a knife to keep her from leaving. Police noticed a large pool of blood on the floor next to two bottles of bleach. They searched the property and found Samantha’s body.

Samantha shared a child with Bordelon,
timberland repairs uk boyfriend charged with murdering mother of his child in Wrightsville
15 month old Arteya, who is being cared for by the Young family.

“The hardest thing is going to be explaining to my granddaughter where her mother is. I know I’ve got all my family around me and the support that we’re going to need for her, but that’s going to be the hardest thing,” said Young.

Bordelon is currently being held in the York County Prison.

Now the focus turns to healing and caring for Samantha’s daughter. “It’s hard when you look at Arteya and know that’s the only thing I have left that’s a part of Samantha,” said Young. “All of us will raise her. Everyone will make sure she’s safe, happy and loved,
timberland repairs uk boyfriend charged with murdering mother of his child in Wrightsville
” said Cassandra Young who is Samantha’s cousin.

timberland ankle boots Boy Scouts decision to accept girls

timberland timberland Boy Scouts decision to accept girls

Wednesday, the Boy Scouts said it would now allow girls to its programs. Under the plan, Cub Scouts dens would be single gender all girls or all boys while other packs could have single gender or welcome both.

Full statement from Girl Scouts of WNY

Yesterday afternoon, through a press release on their website, Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced they would be accepting girls into their membership starting in their 2018 program year. While we support girls and their families having a variety of options and activities, we vehemently oppose this decision and stand firm knowing that Girl Scouts is the best leadership experience for girls in the world and will remain a separate organization from BSA.

This is not the first time Boy Scouts has pursued the girl market in an attempt to bolster its membership. BSA declining membership has been well documented, as well as other significant challenges it faces.

For more than 100 years, Girl Scouts of the USA and Boy Scouts of America have worked in a respectful and complementary manner, and we have been mutually supportive of each other mission to serve our country youth. However, Boy Scouts has been historically slow to adapt to changing cultural mores, which has hurt its standing within various communities across the United States. From coast to coast and inner city to rural plain, there are millions of boys in need of motivation, guidance, and leadership skills. Rather than fundamentally transform BSA into a coed program, Boy Scouts should work to ensure that it expands the scope of its programming to all boys, including those whom BSA has historically underserved and underrepresented, such as African American and Latino boys.

Girl Scouts remains committed to and believes strongly in the importance of the all girl, girl led, and girl friendly environment that Girl Scouts provides, which creates a necessary safe space for girls to learn and thrive. We hear from girls and their families every day about the value of the incredible experiences we offer them, including in STEM, outdoor, entrepreneurship, and life skills programming. And thousands of exceptional Girl Scouts earn their Gold Award each year, Girl Scout highest award, becoming Gold Award Girl Scouts by transforming an idea and vision for change into an actionable plan with measurable, sustainable,
timberland ankle boots Boy Scouts decision to accept girls
and far reaching impact at the local, national, and global levels. Gold Award Girl Scouts are looked at more favorably during the college admission process, earn advanced standing in the military, and 90% attribute their success in life to Girl Scouts.

Here in Western New York, our Girl Scouts travel around the world to places like Costa Rica and India; they build robots and compete in robotics tournaments; and I am very proud that our council has one of the highest number of Gold Award Girl Scouts in the country. Girls earn the prestigious Girl Scout Gold Award for incredible Take Action projects that make a profound and lasting impact locally and internationally. What also makes Girl Scouts unique is the iconic cookie program where girls learn financial and entrepreneurial skills. Everything we do at Girl Scouts holding troop meetings to selling cookies to camping to exploring STEM safe, girl led, and girl focused. No other program in the world can do what we do for girls.

The benefit of this type of girl centered environment has been well documented by educators, scholars, and other girl and youth serving organizations, as well as Girl Scouts themselves. We are dedicated to ensuring that girls are able to take advantage of a program tailored specifically to their unique developmental needs. Only Girl Scouts has more than 100 years of experience helping girls tap into their leadership potential by reinforcing and extending the skills they learn in school in a supportive, encouraging environment in which they feel safe to just be themselves. At Girl Scouts, we are girl experts, and we work every day to help girls develop the courage, confidence, and character necessary to make the world a better place. girls by providing a safe space for them to learn and lead. And, around the world, the vast majority of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides are in single gender organizations. (Go getter, Innovator, Risk taker, Leader) in our Movement.

Our programs are research and evidence based and from this research, we know that Girl Scouts excel in important aspects of life. In fact, a report that the Girl Scout Research Institute published this past summer, The Girl Scout Impact Study, shows that participating in Girl Scouts helps girls develop key leadership skills they need to be successful in life. Compared to their peers,
timberland ankle boots Boy Scouts decision to accept girls
Girl Scouts are more likely than non Scouts to be leaders because they:

pink timberland Boxer ready to take his shot

timberland mens boot Boxer ready to take his shot

Coast Guard, “Irish” Tommy O’Connell will take theexperience of24 amateur fights into the ringin his first bout as a professional boxer.

Boston Boxing Promotions has announced O’Connell will make his pro boxing debut on Jan. 27 at the Castleton Banquet Conference Center in Windham, New Hampshire. In a planned four round welterweight bout, O’Connell will face Schenectady, New York’s Bryan “The Brick” Abraham, who has racked up 35 professional fights.

“The promoter said it will be a good match up for me,” said O’Connell, who lives in North Andover but trains at the nonprofit Haverhill Downtown Boxing Club owned and run by Ray Hebert.

“I decided to turn pro as I want to take this to the next level and make a name for myself,” said O’Connell, 25. “And I want to show inner city kids they can do anything they want in life, if they set their mind to it.”

Hebert said O’Connellhas been with his gym ever since it opened in2013.

“He’s a good boxer, and he has a great personality,” Hebert said about O’Connell. “Younger kids really look up to him and all want to work with him. He’s a good role modelandhe has a big influence on their education.”

According to Boston Boxing Promotions, O’Connell is a former standout on the basketball court at North Andover High School and Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, where he graduated in 2014 with a degree in marketing and a minor in psychology.

While in college, he took up boxing as a hobby and for the past six years has been active on the New Englandamateur scene, compiling 24 bouts.

In 2013, he was a Police Athletic League finalist and 2014 a Golden Gloves finalist.

“I’ve always loved to compete in sports,” said O’Connell. “After two dozen amateur fights I feel that now’s the time to take it to the next level, and I can’t wait for my first professional fight on January 27.”

Fighting is in O’Connell’s blood as his grandfather, Homer Rogers, was oncea New England Golden Gloves Champion.

“Both of my parents grew up in Haverhill and graduated from Haverhill High, but they moved to North Andover when I was a child,” he said. “But I still have a lot of family in Haverhill.”

Haverhill has seen its share of accomplished professional fighters including the late Jeff Fraza, who was featured on the first two seasons of NBC’s “The Contender” series hosted by Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Abraham, a far more seasoned pro boxer than O’Connell, is a heavy handed welterweight who has six knockouts in all six of his professional boxing wins.

According to Boston Boxing Promotions, three of those big knockouts came against previously undefeated opponents including Connecticut’s Dominic Desanto and New Bedford’s Johnathan Vazquez, who had a combined record of 9 0 before suffering devastating knockouts by Abraham in the first and third rounds of their respective fights.

“I can’t wait to welcome Tommy O’Connell to the professional ranks,” said Bryan Abraham. “He’s about to learn the difference between amateur and professional boxing smaller gloves, no headgear and my hands that I call my ‘bricks’ knocking him upside his head and making him reconsider why he’s doing this.'”

O’Connell told The Eagle Tribune that he’ll be ready to face Abraham and is looking forward to the bout.

“I’m going into the ring thinking I’m fighting the best in the world,” O’Connell said.

In advance of the fight, O’Connell is stepping up his conditioning.

“I’m basically doubling what I did in preparing for my amateur fightsand I’m doing more strength and condition work so I have more power behind my punches,” he said.

O’Connell said heenlisted in the Coast Guard after college and served two years on the USCGC Forward, which he said was involved in drug and migrant interdiction in the Caribbean.

“Sometimes when I wasn’t on watch, I’d be hitting a heavy bag in the engine room while the ship ran through 10 foot swells,” he said. “I’d be slamming into bulkheads and tryingto stay on my feet.”

O’Connellserved his final two years in the Coast Guard at Station Boston, working on small boats involved in search and rescue as well as safety and security.

He finished his four years of service a few weeks ago.

“Right now I’m focused on the fight as I’m really looking forward to it, then I’ll be looking for work, possibly in law enforcement,” O’Connell said.

Boston Boxing Promotions was founded in 2013 and is dedicated to the resurgence of professional boxing at the regional level, particularly in the New England area.

ArticlesUsed Apple Store owner evicted from Derry shopUPDATE: Many in Merrimack Valley to remain without power until late Friday night, National Grid saysResidents struggle with deplorable conditions in Lawrence buildingPolice: $70,000 worth of cocaine seized from man who took package from porch of Lawrence homeSave by Coach ParkerMan arrested in Lawrence drug investigationDerry mourns passing ofDon BallPolice: Man shot in neck in Lawrence during robberyPolice: Loaded gun found in bed where 3 year old child sleeps in Lawrence homeUnstoppable Force: Reynoso the man as Lawrence gets revenge on St. John’s Prep
pink timberland Boxer ready to take his shot

timberland roll top Bowie exhibit breaks records

timberland reading Bowie exhibit breaks records

Ziggy played guitar. But as a new exhibition devoted to singer David Bowie long and innovative career makes clear, he also wrote lyrics, checked every detail of his outlandish costumes, appeared in movies and helped design his own stage sets.

Bowie is which runs from March 23 to Aug. 11, has broken box office records at London Victoria Albert Museum, with 50,000 advance tickets sold.

Organizers at a press preview on Wednesday were at pains to point out that more tickets were available and the demand underlines 66 year old Bowie lasting impact on music, fashion, video and beyond.

It also coincides with the release just over a week ago of Bowie new album Next Day his first new material for a decade. The record hit number one in the British album charts at the weekend, marking his return to the top after 20 years.

radical innovations across music, theatre, fashion and style still resound today in design and visual culture and he continues to inspire artists and designers throughout the world, said Martin Roth, director of the V heavily on the David Bowie Archive, the show features more than 300 objects, with pride of place going to Bowie stage costumes which allowed him to adopt alternative personas and create an aura of mystery and invention.

Among the recognisable outfits are a striped bodysuit by Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto for the Aladdin Sane tour in 1973 and the Pierrot costume by Natasha Korniloff which featured in the groundbreaking music video for to Ashes SHIFT the costumes on display from Bowie Stardust phase is the blue, gold and red padded jumpsuit by Freddie Burretti that marked a turning point in Bowie career.

He wore the suit for a performance of on Britain TV chart show of the Pops on July 6, 1972 complete with flame orange hair, make up and red patent boots, representing what organisers called a shift in pop culture.

People were intrigued and appalled in equal measure at the sight of the otherwordly androgynous being, a bold new creation which has inspired performers ever since.

True to Bowie multi media experimentation, the show includes footage from famous concerts shown on giant screens as well as a mime show enacted by Bowie in 1969 which anticipates the downside of becoming famous.

His attention to detail can be seen throughout. Night Live show Bowie wrote: be I wrong about color? What do you think. also appeared not to take himself too seriously, describing a short bodysuit, designed by Yamamoto, as his silly costume soaked up culture and history wherever he went, including his stay in Berlin in the late 1970s where he absorbed Brecht, cabaret and Expressionist art and produced three acclaimed albums and recorded a Mandarin version of his 1997 song Years in Tibet reflecting his interest in the region and its Buddhist religion.

The track prompted one Chinese fan to write, in a note on display at the exhibition: think I am flying in the sky when I listen to your mandarin song, you know! displays are accompanied by an impressive soundtrack that includes hits like Oddity and Pressure which he released with Queen in 1981.

In fact, all that is missing from Bowie is is the man himself. If he were to visit, it would most likely be incognito, as Bowie has shunned the limelight altogether for much of the last decade.
timberland roll top Bowie exhibit breaks records

timberland classic boat Bow hunting small game is far from easy

buy timberland Bow hunting small game is far from easy

Zac grew up in North Pole and got his first bow as a teenager. He’s been talking about letting me come along on a bird hunt for a few years. We both had some time last Friday morning and decided to go up to Murphy Dome. Learning to hunt and cook grouse or ptarmigan is on my winter to do list this year, so I really wanted to be successful.

I can’t yet check it off yet, despite my best efforts and Zac’s patient coaching, but the trip did hook me on the idea of bow hunting. I hope to get my own equipment and spend some time at the range to succeed next time.

Zac had a new bow to try out this year. He recently upgraded to a compound bow a powerful modern bow with pulleys on the top and bottom.

He used it last month to pass the shooting test for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game certification, a certification needed for restricted archery only hunts and (starting in 2016) for all big game archery hunts.

For small game like bird and rabbits, hunters don’t need a special certification, just a normal hunting license. But I needed an archery refresher to have any chance of hitting a bird. On our way to Murphy Dome, we stopped by the new public archery range at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Zac loaned me a nice recurve bow, a simple but aesthetically pleasing bow that requires about 40 pounds of force to pull back. With some practice, I was able to inconsistently hit a postage stamp sized target at 10 yards.

In the field, Zac carried arrows with spring loaded claws called judo tips. He loaned me arrows with wire hoops on the tips, big wide hoops, so I was basically hurling a projectile as wide as a softball.

On top of Murphy Dome, it was about zero degrees and windy. We spent about two hours walking on snowmachine trails and sometimes post holing through snow that’s considerably deeper than the snow in Fairbanks.

We saw ptarmigan, but only from a distance. We watched a flock of more than a dozen snow white birds flush from a hidden clearing behind some alders and fly away to a distant hillside.

We were just resigning ourselves to an unsuccessful hunt on the way back to town when the grouse crossed the road ahead of us.

I got out of the car and walked along the shoulder towards the speckled brown and gray bird. I notched an arrow but felt clumsier with the bow than I had at the range.

As Zac had suggested, I walked purposefully past the bird, not looking at it to avoid arousing its suspicion. Perhaps too purposefully. When I turned to make my shot, the speckled bird wasn’t where I thought it would be. It blended perfectly into the birch forest beyond the edge of the road.

I stopped and stared at the area for a long time until Zac got out of the car to see what was taking me so long. His experienced eyes quickly spotted the bird, a ways from where I’d last seen it.

The bird was already headed into the cover of the tree line. Zac got a shot off, but it missed and the grouse kept walking into the woods.

I never had a good enough shot to release an arrow, so I walked directly into the woods after the bird, which spooked the it enough for it to take flight.

I spotted it one more time deeper in the woods, but this time it flew away for good when it saw me. I went home without a grouse dinner.

A popular pursuit

Before I go out again, I need to get my own equipment and practice. But to really hedge my bets, I’ve also been hassling other bow hunters for tips this week.

Bob Hunter, a hunter information training coordinator for fish and game wasn’t surprised to hear I’d struck out on Murphy Dome.

The grouse and ptarmigan in the Murphy Dome area are used to being shot at with firearms, so they have a reputation for being jumpy, he said. That can make it harder to get within archery range.

Hunter said small game bow hunters with a bit more time like to look for birds off the Dalton Highway, where bow hunting is allowed, but firearm hunting is prohibited within five miles of the highway.

Hunters pursue ptarmigan through the winter, but after snowfall, most try to avoid one particular grouse species, the spruce grouse, which eat spruce tips and take on an unappetizing “turpentine like” flavor, he said.

The grouse we pursued could have been a spruce, sharp tailed or ruffed grouse, he said. Zac suspects it was probably a spruce grouse.

Hunter recommends ptarmigan hunters in alpine terrain carry binoculars so they can spot the prey at a distance. He said newer bow hunters also often carry more of a bow than they need; a 20 pound draw weight bow is plenty to kill a ptarmigan.
timberland classic boat Bow hunting small game is far from easy

timberland 6 boots bound New Jersey family after brouhaha over birthday cake

timberland female boots bound New Jersey family after brouhaha over birthday cake

airplane horror stories?

In yet another viral video of apparent airline awfulness, a New York area family was booted from a JetBlue flight to Las Vegas following a dispute about a birthday confection they had brought on board.

According to local media, Jersey City Cameron Burke, his wife and their two kids were thrown off a jet due to leave New York City John F. Kennedy airport after they got into a dispute with flight attendants over where a birthday cake they had bought for Burke wife 40th birthday should be stored.

The cake, specially ordered from the famed Tonnie Minis bakery in Harlem as a center of a family celebration in Sin City, was included as part of their carry on luggage, the New York Daily News reported, and placed in an overhead bin.

Jersey City family kicked off flight over a cake. Video appears to tell different story.

then asked me to move it to underneath the seat in front of me, I did. that, said Cameron, was when a second attendant approached, berated the first and the cake confrontation began.

“You know, you could see the gestures, Cameron told local TV station WABC of the May 3 incident. she was pointing to her, [saying], you tell him he couldn’t put anything in the overhead compartment? said he then approached them, and said everything was fine and that the cake was under the seat, as instructed. she said, ‘Sir, this does not involve you, and claimed he was not following crew member instructions.

said I was being non compliant, Burke told the News. said, have you been drinking? because her behavior was irrational, and she stormed off.

Then according to the paper, another airline employee approached Burke and asked him and his family to leave the flight. Instead, he refused, pulled out his cell phone and started recording.

At that point, airport police were called, whose interaction with the family was posted on social media.

In the video,
timberland 6 boots bound New Jersey family after brouhaha over birthday cake
Cameron calmly explains the situation to an officer while his family looks on, his 7 year old son, Cameron Jr., weeping and his 9 year old daughter, Camille, looking anxious. Meanwhile, his wife, Minta, sits between the children wearing a flashing birthday tiara and tries to calm her son.

The police then left the plane, but said that the airline was ordering everyone to leave and be reboarded.

That did not include the Burkes, who were told they could not fly. According to the Daily News, the family tickets and reward points were refunded, and Burke said his family was ordered out of the JetBlue space. They flew to Nevada the next day on United.

Unlike other recent incidents where airlines have apologized profusely, JetBlue pushed back hard.

boarding, the customers stowed their cake and other items in an overhead bin reserved for safety and emergency equipment, and refused multiple requests from the crew to remove the items, a statement from the airline began.

regulations require that the emergency equipment remain unobstructed during the flight. The customers became agitated, cursed and yelled at the crew, and made false accusations about a crew member fitness to fly, the statement continued. The Captain determined the customers behavior demonstrated a risk for additional escalation in air and would not be allowed to fly. A full refund was given. The remaining customers re boarded and the flight departed without further interruption. the statement, the airline pointed out that the video not depict the entire incident and only starts after the objectionable behavior occurred and law enforcement was called.

Burke, however, said he was calm throughout the whole episode, telling WABC that he never cursed or raised his voice. “The passengers were very understanding, he told the station. knew that this was a strange situation.”

Minta Cameron said the event was crazy. I’m surprised. I’m surprised. I thought highly of JetBlue before.”

Cameron, who is African American, told the Daily News that he had reached out to the National Action Network, the civil right organization headed by the Rev. Al Sharpton, and intends to file a lawsuit against JetBlue.
timberland 6 boots bound New Jersey family after brouhaha over birthday cake

timberland shop london Bouncer caught on camera punching man in head outside Carlisle nightclub

mens white timberland boots Bouncer caught on camera punching man in head outside Carlisle nightclub

A bouncer caught on camera repeatedly punching a young man in the head has been convicted of causing him grievous bodily harm.

Thomas Hill, 26, told a court that he had been trying to protect both himself and another man who was involved in a tussle with his victim Phil Gibson outside the Concrete night club in Carlisle city centre on New Year’s Eve.

But after a three hour trial, magistrates sitting at the city’s Rickergate court found him guilty of a wounding offence, which left Mr Gibson with a permanent facial scar.

Giving evidence, Mr Gibson told how he was slapped while he was in the nightclub by another man but both he and his attacker were ejected despite him telling the door supervisors it would be better if he stayed in the club until the other man had gone.

I didn’t hit him any more than I needed to . . . I felt that what I did was reasonable

Mr Gibson said he was not aware that it was the defendant who had ejected him from the club that night. Outside the club, he and the other man became involved in a tussle, and eventually went down to the ground together.

He was not throwing punches, he said.

“There’s no way that the bruising and swelling to my head could have been caused by an open palm especially the massive cut on my eye. I couldn’t open my eye for well over a week. It’s ridiculous to say it was an open palm.”

He said the punches were definitely delivered by somebody who had punched people before.

Lauren Walker was on the street with friends when the altercation happened, and saw what happened from a few metres away. Having previously worked with the defendant in Concrete, she recognised him,
timberland shop london Bouncer caught on camera punching man in head outside Carlisle nightclub
she said.

“There was a scuffle going on nothing major,” she said.

“The next minute, this male was on the floor and Tom had him in a mild headlock and he repeatedly punched him in the face three times.” She said the other man initially involved in the scuffle was at this stage nowhere near.

She confirmed seeing Hill deliver at least three punches.

“It was definitely Tom,” she said. “I physically saw him hit him. I hadn’t seen anything like that before.”

In his evidence, Hill, whose responsibility at the club included health and safety and removing trouble makers, claimed Mr Gibson was aggressive.

He said when he saw the scuffle outside the club he had been fearful for the other man’s safety and intervened to protect him. He said: “I’ve seen many things on the doors including people put into comas.”

Referring to what he did with Mr Gibson, he said: “I didn’t hit him any more than I needed to. I’d seen this lad’s head clattering off the floor. I thought the lad was getting hurt, and I felt that what I did was reasonable.”

He also acted in self defence, he said. Hill’s boss Shaun Smith said he too thought Mr Gibson was aggressive and Hill handled the situation well.

After delivering their guilty verdict, magistrates ruled that their sentencing powers were not sufficient and committed the case to Carlisle Crown Court for a sentencing hearing on October 27.
timberland shop london Bouncer caught on camera punching man in head outside Carlisle nightclub

timberland euro dub Boulder police see spike in fake IDs

grey timberland boots Boulder police see spike in fake IDs

The most common form of a fake ID is actually a real identification card that’s being used by a different person. This kind of use is called an “in possession” ID and makes up about 75 percent of all fake ID cases in Boulder.

The second most common type of fake IDs are manufactured identification cards. These cards are printed at home using photo printers, or purchased online, and often include special holographic paper to simulate official seals.

Use of a fake ID card in Boulder is a municipal offense that carries fines of up to $500 and/or 90 days in jail. State law allows for fines of up to $1,000 and a maximum of one year in jail. Use of a fake government issued ID can also be charged as a felony. Beginning this week, Boulder County courts lowered the bond for people jailed on suspicion of the felony fake ID charge, from $1,500 to $200.

1,461 Number of fake IDs turned in to Boulder police in 2009

1,598 Number of fake IDs turned in to Boulder police in 2010

7 Number of tickets issued for using or possessing a fake ID in 2009

150 Number of tickets issued for using or possessing a fake ID in 2010

75 Number of businesses checked in Boulder police sting operations in 2009

83 percent Compliance rate among checked businesses in 2009

397 Number of businesses checked in Boulder police sting operations in 2010

87 percent Compliance rate among checked businesses in 2010

Boulder police ticketed a lot more people for trying to use fake IDs in 2010, and there was a spike in the number of ID cards confiscated by bars, restaurants and liquor stores.

A total of 1,598 fake IDs were turned in to Boulder police last year, representing a 9 percent increase over 2009.

And while more people got caught trying to pass a fake ID, police also held many more users responsible than in previous years by issuing 150 tickets. That’s up from just seven tickets issued in 2009, and it’s the most tickets issued in at least the last five years.

Carlene Hofmann, the alcohol enforcement officer for Boulder police, said the uptick in enforcement is due largely to a federal grant the department received last year.

Boulder police received about $45,000 from the Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws grant, which pays for enforcement and education campaigns. Hofmann said she’s using the money to spend more time going after users of fake IDs.

“A lot of times, they think they’re just doing this to get into a bar or to buy a sixpack . not realizing what that means,” she said. “Having possession of a forged government document is a felony.”

But Hofmann isn’t taking a heavy handed approach.

Instead, she’s giving college students the chance to learn from their mistake rather than face a potential felony conviction.

After police identify a person suspected of using a fake ID at a bar or liquor store, first time offenders are given the chance to contact Hofmann within a week of being caught. If they do, they’re eligible to participate in a restorative justice program offered by the City Attorney’s Office. They’re also charged under the least severe charge a municipal offense that carries fines of up to $500 and/or 90 days in jail.

But if first time offenders don’t own up to their mistake, Hofmann said, they’re either issued a misdemeanor state ticket or a felony summons.

Students who choose the restorative program and almost all of them do must go through alcohol classes, discuss their actions with a group of stakeholders and work to educate others about the harm of using fake IDs. In return, the city attorney drops the charges.

“In the beginning, students were very hesitant to contact me,” Hofmann said.

But now that word has gotten out about potentially serious charges going away through successful completion of the restorative justice program, Hofmann said students are starting to call her even before she begins her investigation.

Boulder code allows all establishments with a liquor license to confiscate suspected fake IDs, although it doesn’t require them to do so. Hofmann said most bars and liquor stores in Boulder do a good job of recognizing and reporting fake IDs.

The art of spotting fake IDs

Perhaps no one in Boulder has a nose for spotting a fake ID like Russ Wright.

The Liquor Mart doorman has collected more than 700 fake IDs in his seven years with the company. He’s become so adept at the subtle art that he’s even developed a course about detecting fraudulent driver’s licenses, passports and other forms of identification.

“There’s a lot of little nuances,” Wright said Friday as he checked an ID from a man who said he was visiting from Iowa.
timberland euro dub Boulder police see spike in fake IDs

timberland earthkeeper boots sale Boulder man buys thousands of Girl Scout cookies to sell at his Denver eatery

ladies black timberland boots Boulder man buys thousands of Girl Scout cookies to sell at his Denver eatery

This year, he bought 5,000 boxes from Denver and Boulder troops. The 37 year old bar and restaurant is located at 15th and Platte streets.”Everyone buys Girl Scout cookies, ” says Karagas. “We get the pretty little secretaries, the truck drivers come in, and they all walk out with arms full of cookies.”Even though My Brother’s Bar gets cookie requests as early as Thanksgiving, Karagas says that the season begins in mid January, when young girls in sashes enter the bar, equipped with booklets and sweet sales pitches. While most of the cookies leave the bar in the hands of happy customers, Karagas admits that they’re just too good to pass up, especially Tagalongs.”I eat my share, but I’ve got to be careful,” he says.

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timberland earthkeeper boots sale Boulder man buys thousands of Girl Scout cookies to sell at his Denver eatery