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During the early 1800’s, many Indian families from the Carolinas moved to the Florida panhandle. They established two main communities, one at Scotts Ferry on the Chipola River (Scotts Ferry), and another on Scotts Church Road in Jackson County (Scott Town), with smaller settlements in Calhoun, Liberty, and Holmes counties as well. These 2 core communities were the only documentable Indian COMMUNITIES in the panhandle, as established by hundreds of records from the federal and state census, military records from all the wars, local tax, court, and voter records, and special Indian School records from the Cherokee Indian Normal School in Robeson County, North Carolina, where many of the families came from. Under “Jim Crow” segregation these communities were treated as “colored” and waged a constant battle against being pushed socially into the Black community. In the second half of the twentieth century, after the end of segregation, the core communities went into decline and the population predominately shifted to other areas including Lakeland in the east, Blountstown and Marianna, in the central panhandle area, and Escambia counties Florida and Alabama in the west. This is a small part of their story.

Note to the Reader concerning the term “Cheraw”:

In this text the term “Cheraw” is used to describe the remnants of large eastern Siouan tribes who did and still do live in the Carolinas and Virginia. The terms “Cheraw Indians of north Florida, Florida Catawba, Florida Cheraw, Cheraw Catawba” etc are used to describe the families of these Indians who had moved to the Florida Panhandle from the Carolinas and settled there in the early 1800’s. It should be noted that in the same time period as such families as Scott, Oxendine, Jacobs, Hill, Conyers, Copeland, Bullard, Bass, Johnson, Blanchard, Brown, Moses, Long, Hicks, Barnwell, Stephens, Chavis, Bunch and many other Indian families from the Carolinas were settling the areas that would become Scott Town, Scotts Ferry, and Blountstown, the historic “Apalachicola Creek Indians” were being removed to Texas and Indian Territory by the federal government as part of the larger forced removal of the Five Civilized Tribes that occurred during the 1830’s.

Various bands of Muskogee speaking Indians under Chiefs John Blount, Ecconchatamicco, Neamathla, and Yellow Hair were removed or harassed into other areas during this period. As for the Indians living in Blountstown on the reservation, (Tvlwv Rakko) Apalachicola was their tribal town name, and they were one of many within the larger Creek Nation’s confederacy of tribal towns, (half of which spoke tribal languages other than Muskogee). The Apalachicola Creek Indian Reservation at Blountstown, headed by Chief John Blount, an Alabamu Indian, as well as 4 other Muskogee speaking reservations in the panhandle was abolished in the 1830’s and the people told to prepare for immediate removal to the west. The Apalachicola Indians from the John Blount Reservation on the Apalachicola River (today’s Blountstown) were removed to the Alabamu Tribal Reservation in eastern Texas, where John Blount’s uncle, Red Shoes was Head Chief.

According to all available documentary evidence the social relationship between the in migrating “Carolina Cheraw” Indians and the departing Apalachicola Creeks is unknown. Oral histories with particular Blountstown Indian families speak of intermarriage with individual Apalachicola Creeks who did not go on the removal, but no documentary evidence has yet come to light to substantiate the large amounts of oral histories within particular families claiming these events. The degree of social interaction during the late 1830’s and 40’s between departing Apalachicola Creeks and recently arriving Cheraw Lumbee, Catawba and other Carolina Siouan stock Indians is as yet unknown, but to date there is no documentary archival evidence of a remnant Apalachicola Creek Indian population remaining in the Jackson, Calhoun, or Liberty Counties area, though there are many descendants of other Creek tribes in the area.

Some Creek families, like the Hill, Holly, and other families, did migrate to Florida from areas of the southeast that had formerly been in or near the Old Creek Nation, mostly South Carolina from the documentary records indications. Some of these families were of mixed Creek and Cheraw origins before coming to Florida. But upon coming to Florida, and some of these incoming Creeks did marry into the Cheraw’s settlements already established there. These families and there settlements were the roots of the established “Indian” settlements like Scott Town and others. This is different from the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of descendants of removal era Creek Indians who remained and whose descendants are everywhere in the southOver the past twenty years, my cousin, Steven Pony Hill and I have compiled records, interviewed elders, and spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in the Florida State Archives and in a dozen or so courthouse records rooms across the panhandle. This has been a search to find out the documentary history of our people. This search was encouraged and supported by our elders and community members, elders who told us the rich oral history of our people. It’s a story that we found to be very different when viewed from the outside, viewed from the perspective of non Indians who wrote about us, knew our ancestors, and who controlled the institutions of the society that surrounded us. We found it a dark time, when we stayed as insulated within our own community as possible. Ancestors who we knew to be Indians from our grandparent’s stories and personal recollections, to our surprise the historic records called other names like Mulatto, Negros, Dominickers, and White.

What continues to emerge as the endless work of documenting our history through the records of the dominant mainstream society is a steady confrontation with challenges to our survival as a group of people, a community, legally, socially, and spiritually. This is a struggle that from the very beginnings of our identity as a unique people on the American scene many centuries ago to our contemporary fight for a place in the America of the twenty first century, we have won, if only by our continued survival.

The story of the Cheraw Indians of north Florida, a tribal people who have lived in the Apalachicola and Chipola River valleys of Florida for nearly two hundred years, is a long and circuitous one. Though far from having the large populations of the past two centuries, today there are still many individuals and families living in several historic rural hamlets. Since the 1950’s, the heart of this tribal community is Blountstown, in Calhoun County, the center of Indian political life for the past 60 years. The 3 historic settlements addressed in this narrative were once population strongholds during the segregation era (1860 1960). The settlements of ‘Scott Town’, in Jackson County, ‘Woods” in Liberty County, and ‘Scott’s Ferry’, in Calhoun County,
timberland london All about genealogy and family history
despite being located in separate counties, all are fairly near to each other geographically, with Scott Ferry and Woods separated by the Apalachicola River.

As with all communities, times changed and by the end of the 1950’s, many families were already relocating to Blountstown, Marianna, and other areas, near and far. The history of The Cheraw Indians of North Florida can be divided into three distinct time periods;

1800 1860, the time of migration to Florida by Cheraw and Creek families through to the Civil War

1860 1960, the Civil War to the end of segregation (the Civil Rights era)

1960 present, the post segregation era and struggles for tribal government, infrastructure, and State and Federal acknowledgement.

Each time period in the story of The Cheraw Indians of North Florida has its own unique challenges and adaptations by the people to the pressures of the day. In the beginning the colonial frontier was a wild and rough place, and the situations in the Carolinas of the times led the first few families to migrate to Spanish Florida. Many were successful and the establishment of Indian hamlets at Scotts Town and Scotts Ferry led to a thriving and unique way of life for the people. This can be clearly seen in the census and tax records of the times that show that the pre conflict Scotts Ferry was one of the most thriving communities in the county. The documentary evidence for Scott Town shows a similar situation there, with the people of the Indian settlements listed as “Free Persons of Color” (as distinct from Free Negro) on the census and doing well. With the coming of the conflict between the north and south the situation would change, and a new social reality would unfold. In the years before the Civil war, ones status as a slave or descendent of a slave, or as a free person would be the main mechanism defining social status.

In the dark days after the War Between the States, skin color came to be a determining factor of one’s social standing, and a new era of unrestricted racism began. In this text I hope to shine a small amount of light on what has been the journey of a unique people so far, and a story of survival. There is still much research to be done. It is hopeful that the younger generations of The Cheraw Indians of North Florida will support the ongoing struggle to strengthen the community by participating in the life of the tribal community.

CHAPTER 1 “A Very Large Nation” The Colonial Period

Little is known about the Catawba Tribe prior to their first encounters with Europeans. They were known to the Cherokee as “Ani Suwa’li”, or “the Suwali people.” The Catawba Tribe was actually a loose confederation of tribes who all spoke a version of the Siouan language. Known by such general names as the Cheroenhaka, Esaw, Isaw, Sara, and Saraw, this confederacy of eastern Siouan peoples included the Kadapau, Sugaree, Coree, Coharie, Manahoac, Hassinunga, Shakori, Eno, Occaneechi, Saponi, and Tutelo. Encountering them in 1701, explorer John Lawson described them as

“the Esaw Indians, a very large Nation, containing many thousands of people.”

In the early 1600’s many important historic incidents occurred which would affect the Catawba descendents for generations. Already suffering from constant raids from the Iroquois and Tuscarora on their northern border, and the Cherokee to the west, the Catawba now faced a new threat, European colonists pushing inland from the east. Catawba Indians being taken captive by raiding parties of Iroquois and Cherokee were being sold as slaves to the colonists and this did nothing to better the situation. From 1616 to 1630, Opechancanough, successor of Powhatan, and chief over all the Algonquin speaking tidewater tribes, expressed his displeasure with the encroaching white men by waging a bloody war. Indian captives were taken in increasing numbers from the tidewater tribes during this time and forced into slavery. Those Indians not taken as slaves were forced to wander the Maryland, Virginia, and Carolina area. In 1657 the English forced most of the Powhatan remnants onto reservations in Virginia and the Siouan tribes were gathered in four main concentrations:

“The Monacan, along the James; the Saponi along the Rivana and James Rivers and Otter Creek; the Tutelo in the Roanoke Valley; and the Occaneechi on islands at the confluence of the Roanoke and Dan Rivers.”

Arguably the most influential event to occur in the 1600’s happened in 1660 when Virginia determined that “an Indian sold by another Indian or an Indian who speaks English and who desires baptism will now receive his or her freedom.” This allowed many Algonquin and Siouan war captives held in slavery in the colonies to regain their freedom, but it also provided incentive for their masters to downplay the Indian ancestry of those in servitude in order to retain them. These former slaves quickly rejoined their tribesmen bringing with them their acquired skills as carpenters, wheelwrights, and ferry operators. Most importantly, these newly freed Indians brought with them their new English names and Christian religion. Unfortunately they also retained the stigma of being former slaves, a condition which would cause their white neighbors to eye them with suspicion for generations.

In 1713, the confederated eastern Siouan Nations signed a Treaty of Peace with the Virginia Colonial government at Williamsburg. Among the different Nations represented were the Occaneechi, the Stuckanok, the Tottero, and the Saponi. At the invitation of Governor Spottswood of Virginia, these Indians settled a four square mile reservation encompassing the north and south side of the Meherrin River. On the north banks were the Nansemond and related Algonquin speaking bands, on the south were the Siouan speaking Tutelo, Saponi, Cheroenhaka, Eno, a small band of Catawba, and also an Iroquoian speaking band of Tuscarora who had avoided the war with the Carolina settlers just 2 years earlier. Spottswood endorsed the construction of Fort Christanna where the Indian children had mandatory training in academics and Christianity. After the closing of the Fort Christanna School a few of the students followed headmaster Charles Griffin and enrolled at the Brafferton Indian School at William and Mary.

Because of the continued hostilities between these Nations and the Iroquois to the north, the governors of New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia held a conference at Albany in September of 1722 to hammer out a peaceable agreement between the Tribes on their borders. Governor Spottswood undertook negotiations for the “Christanna Indians” whom were composed of “the Saponies, Ochineeches, Stenkenoaks, Meipontskys, and Toteroes.”

In addition to their traditional native enemies, it is obvious that the remnant tribes considered the encroaching white settlements as an almost equal threat. It also appears that, on the subject of trespassing whites, even the Algonquin and Siouan peoples could agree and cooperate. On October 24, 1723 the Virginia Government spoke out on behalf of the Meherrin and Nansemond Nations and warned the North Carolinians:

“Whereas, the Maherin and Nansemond Indians have this day complained that notwithstanding the repeated orders of this government for security to them the possession of their lands, whereon they have many years past been seated, between the Nottoway and Maherine Rivers, divers persons under pretense of grants from the Government of North Carolina surveyed the lands of the said Indians and begun to make settlements within their cleared grounds.”

This report is especially interesting as it implies that portions of the Nansemond had obviously moved west of their ancestral homes around Norfolk, Virginia, and were living with the Meherrin between the Nottoway and Meherrin Rivers. Peace with the tribes to the north allowed the remnant Eastern Sioux to live in peace and relative obscurity for several years. All was not completely serene, however, as a letter to the governor from one R. Everand, a settler living near the Meherrin Indians, refers to disturbances involving the Meherrins and Nottoways in 1727. Everand says that the Meherrins denied any attacks on the Nottoways, stating

It is evident that Virginia continued to trade with these Nations and found the trade relations lucrative enough to employ an interpreter to “the Saponi and Occaneechi Indians” as late as 1730. After 1730, a group of Saponi undertook one of many trips south to take up residence among the Catawba. Conditions must not have been to their liking, as they soon returned to the Virginia North Carolina border accompanied by “some Cheraws.” Upon arriving at their old lands between the Roanoke and Meherrin, they petitioned Lt. Governor Gooch for permission to resettle in Virginia, which was granted in 1733.
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When alimony reform comes to Florida, it may be too late for Tarie MacMillan, a 65 year old who runs a jewelry business near Tampa.

MacMillan was ordered to pay her ex husband $7,000 a month 15 years ago. Even so, she has joined the crusade to lobby state legislators to change the legal obligation to provide financial support to a spouse before or after marital separation or divorce.

Some states have already put curbs on judgments, particularly for marriages of less than 20 years, but most, like Florida, are still in progress or are constantly evolving.

thought I was my own island of misery that I had to go through this, but once I got involved I was very impressed. There a light at the end of the tunnel, she said.

Alimony, otherwise known as spousal support or maintenance, is an ongoing payment by the higher earning spouse to the lower earning one. It has changed and shifted over the 40 years since the Supreme Court ruled that it had to be applied equally to both genders.

Yet it is still heavily weighted toward men paying women. Only 3% of around 400,000 alimony recipients are male, according to the 2010 census, up 0.5% since 2000. Recipients claimed $9.2 million in payments in 2013 on their tax returns.

Unlike child support, which is common when divorcing couple has kids, alimony awards have always been very rare, going from about 25% of cases in the 1960s to about 10% today, said Judith McMullen, a professor of law at Marquette University. In one study of Wisconsin cases, she found it was only 8.6%.

Now that women are paying alimony more often, they are getting involved in advocating for change.

unfair for men to pay it, and unfair for women to pay it. But women are much more outraged by it, said Ken Neumann, a founder of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators.

Tanya Williams, who has been sending a check to her ex husband for 13 years, is among those who do not understand the concept of alimony when one spouse pays the other indefinitely and has joined the cause against it.

no other contract where the liability continues after the contract ends, said the 52 year old dentist who got divorced in Florida but now lives in North Carolina. can leave your job and say, still have a need so you have to continue to pay me.

To address this, states like Massachusetts, Texas and Kansas restrict most cases to helping lower earning spouses get back on their feet or get further education. The general consensus is that everyone should work, and the only individuals likely to get a longer term award are those who are disabled or are in retirement.

not a post gender society, said Mary Kay Kisthardt, a professor of law at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law. But she said the usual argument against alimony is that everyone could be earning, so there is not a need for it.

In New York, for instance, new rules go into effect in January 2016 which further limit alimony based on the duration of the marriage. The rules also restrict the way you can project the future earnings of professionals like doctors, said Caroline Knauss Brown, a partner at Blank, Rome in New York.

Alimony often gets negotiated out before it gets to the courts, as 90 to 95% of cases settle.

is less legal support for it, less social support for it and it not a big bargaining chip, said McMullen, who envisions alimony getting more and more rare and awarded only in cases of a true disability.

For the 400,000 already in the system, there are always opportunities to petition for modification or try to renegotiate, but the chances are slim. have to wait for them to die, essentially, said Neumann.

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timberland splitrock boots black Alimony Reform Is Being Driven

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Announcing the award in Stockholm, the Swedish Academy said that Ms. Munro, 82, who has written 14 story collections, was a “master of the contemporary short story.” She is the 13th woman to win the prize.The selection of Ms. Munro was greeted with an outpouring of enthusiasm in the English speaking world, a temporary relief from recent years when the Swedish Academy chose winners who were obscure, difficult to comprehend or overtly political.Ms. Munro, widely beloved for her spare and psychologically astute fiction that is deeply revealing of human nature, appeared to be more of a purely literary choice. She revolutionized the architecture of short stories, often beginning a story in an unexpected place then moving backward or forward in time, and brought a modesty and subtle wit to her work that admirers often traced to her background growing up in rural Canada.She also seemed to have finished paying attention to major literary awards, if she ever did in the first place. On Thursday morning, the Swedish Academy was unable to locate Ms. Munro before it made the announcement public, according to the Twitter account for the Nobel Prize. A phone message was left instead.Ms. with the news. Sounding a bit groggy, and at times emotional, she spoke with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation just a few minutes later by telephone.”It just seems impossible,” she said. “It seems just so splendid a thing to happen, I can’t describe it. It’s more than I can say.”She later added, “I would really hope this would make people see the short story as an important art, not just something you played around with until you got a novel.”Waking up to the news that Ms. Munro was the winner, her admirers were jubilant, especially in Canada.Stephen Harper, the prime minister, issued a statement praising Ms. Munro as the first Canadian woman to win the Nobel in literature. “Canadians are enormously proud of this remarkable accomplishment, which is the culmination of a lifetime of brilliant writing,” he said.”A true master of the form,” Salman Rushdie wrote.Readers used Twitter to send messages with Munro quotations. (“The constant happiness is curiosity” was one favorite.) Some people wondered if Ms. Munro’s honor was an indication that the short story was entering a golden age; most Nobel winners tend to focus on novels or poems.Ms.She said she fell into writing short stories, the form that would make her famous, somewhat by accident.”For years and years, I thought that stories were just practice, till I got time to write a novel,” she told The New Yorker in 2012. “Then I found that they were all I could do, and so I faced that. I suppose that my trying to get so much into stories has been a compensation.”Newsletter Sign UpContinue reading the main storyHer first collection, “Dance of the Happy Shades,” was published when she was 37.Throughout her career, she has drawn from the setting of her home of rural Ontario and frequently expanded on themes of sex, desire, work, discontent and aging. One of her collections, “The Love of a Good Woman,” won a National Book Critics Circle Award in 1998. The winner receives eight million Swedish kronor, or about $1.2 million. Mr. Roth and Ms. Munro were the subject of even more intense speculation than usual this year because they had made similar recent pronouncements that they were finished with writing. The last American to win the prize was Toni Morrison, in 1993.While both are celebrities in Canada, Ms. Munro’s public profile stands in contrast to that of Ms. Ms. Munro rarely speaks out on public issues, while Ms. Atwood uses her fame, and Twitter, to comment on causes like the environmental impact of Canada’s oil sands.In a statement released by her American publisher, Knopf, she paid tribute to the Canadian literary circle.
timberland chelsea boots sale Alice Munro Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

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We Have No Art John 13587 yawned and rolled out of his bunk. The alarm clock droned the morning news from the cubby hole by his bed. Apparently the skyways were clear and the president was on vacation for the day. John stood for a moment and stared at his quarters, his eyes glazed over. Everything was various shades of grey or black. When he squinted his eyes the room blurred together in a grand gray blob. Everything was all there to function, his coffee maker, the simple plank of black wood he used for a desk, even his clothes were simple white button down shirts and black slacks all neatly stacked on the black metal built in shelves opposite his bed with a row of black shoes on the shelf underneath. His whole quarters were filled with functional items, each placed to serve their designated purposes, each easy to clean, each designed to last. John 13587’s, or 87 as he was known to his friends, lived in the Thirty second District. In 2153 humanity had done away with the old forms of dividing property such as countries, states and provinces. Now the world was simply divided into districts, each one perfectly square (except on coastlines) and each one numbered in order from north to south along longitude lines around the globe. Every male in 87’s district was named John with a number assigned to him. Every female was named Jane. One could therefore easily identify visitors from another district by their name. This rarely happened. Each district was designed for a purpose that helped the human race survive; there was rarely a need to venture outside of one’s designated district. 87 was in one of the ten districts that processed and shipped the world’s food supply. It was for this purpose that John showered, shaved, and dressed this morning, as he did every morning. The door to his quarters slid open and he made his way down the corridor to the train station, his work bag over his shoulder. The building seemed quiet, but John knew there were others like him making their way to the trains this early morning. The work shifts were staggered by one hour throughout the day as to not clog the mass transportation routes. At the end of his corridor was a door with the words “Please Wait” stenciled on them in big faded yellow letters. It looked like all the other doors in the hallway except for the wording. If he didn’t know any better he would think he could walk right through it. But in fact he was on the 71st floor of one of the housing buildings, and if the train was not there to step on to it would be a significant drop. Two other Johns and a Jane joined him in waiting for the train. “You hear the President is on vacation?”

“Humph,” scoffed another, “Vacation from what? This place runs itself.”

John had not had a vacation for over four years. What was there to do anyway? He worked ten hour shifts seven days a week, as most people did. The door finally slid open to reveal a crowded train. John stood near the door and leaned his forehead on the cool metal pole. The door slid shut and the train sped away. Building after building sped by the window, each one more or less the same as the last. They were the same color, made of the same materials, most with no windows. The only thing that varied was the height. Even though they were going along at 71 stories above the ground there were still buildings towering twenty stories over the train. there were still buildings towering twenty stories over the train The train jerked to a halt at the Food Plant building, and half of the train’s occupants exited. John stopped two steps outside the train. Something was different. There was a breeze flowing inside of the building, the halls were strongly illuminated. John knew at once what had happened. After all it happened at least once a week. He turned his head in the direction of the wind. A window was shattered. A priest in black kneeled by the open window on a small grey pillow. Maintenance workers were quickly cleaning up the glass and boarding up the window. This window would probably be bricked up like the others, as if the next desperate person would not follow through on this horrendous act just because the window he originally planned on using was no there. John stared at the scene in front of him, the workers in grey jumpsuits cleaning up the mess like a well organized hive, the old priest easing himself up off the well used grey pillow now permanently marked with his knee imprints, and the broken window mirroring the bleak worlds inside and out. He wondered vaguely if the John or Jane that had made the leap was now in a bloody puddle at the bottom of the world, or if maybe somehow he had grown wings and was now flying around and about the tall grey buildings. He shook his head out of his musings and looked around quickly, heart racing. John 13468 stood next to him staring into his eyes. workers in grey jumpsuits cleaning up the mess like a well organized hive, the old priest easing himself up off the well used grey pillow now permanently marked with his knee imprints, and the broken window mirroring the bleak worlds inside and out. He wondered vaguely if the John or Jane that had made the leap was now in a bloody puddle at the bottom of the world, or if maybe somehow he had grown wings and was now flying around and about the tall grey buildings. He shook his head out of his musings and looked around quickly, heart racing. John 13468 stood next to him staring into his eyes. well organized hive, the old priest easing himself up off the well used grey pillow now permanently marked with his knee imprints, and the broken window mirroring the bleak worlds inside and out. He wondered vaguely if the John or Jane that had made the leap was now in a bloody puddle at the bottom of the world, or if maybe somehow he had grown wings and was now flying around and about the tall grey buildings. He shook his head out of his musings and looked around quickly, heart racing. John 13468 stood next to him staring into his eyes. the well used grey pillow now permanently marked with his knee imprints, and the broken window mirroring the bleak worlds inside and out. He wondered vaguely if the John or Jane that had made the leap was now in a bloody puddle at the bottom of the world, or if maybe somehow he had grown wings and was now flying around and about the tall grey buildings. He shook his head out of his musings and looked around quickly, heart racing. John 13468 stood next to him staring into his eyes.”Hey! You alright there, 87?” John nodded. “Won’t be the last broken window. Don’t know what’s wrong with some folks. You in Room 70 21 today?” John nodded again and smiled slightly. “Let’s walk together then.” And 68 droned on about the production levels so far that day and the President being on vacation. With each step John’s muscles relaxed. He didn’t know what I was thinking. The more he thought about it the more ridiculous it seemed. He laughed out loud now thinking how silly his fear from only a few moments ago seemed now. 68 must have just said something meant to be funny, and nodded in agreement with John. “I know!” he said enthusiastically. John knew he didn’t know, and continued to smile at his secret.

With a little time, and a little more insight, we begin to see both ourselves and our enemies in humbler profiles. We are not really as innocent as we felt when we were first hurt. And we do not usually have a gigantic monster to forgive; we have a weak, needy, and somewhat stupid human being. When you see your enemy and yourself in the weakness and silliness of the humanity you share, you will make the miracle of forgiving a little easier. Lewis B. Smedes. I’ve recently had the opportunity to practice seeking forgiveness for myself and forgiving others. I’ve learned that it sucks no matter which side of the forgiving you’re on. I don’t like asking for forgiveness. I don’t like the feeling of being humbled and for the person I’ve wronged to have so much power over me. I don’t like forgiving. I don’t like letting go of the wrong and the hurt and basically declaring a truce and promising no retaliation. I’ve learned also that sometimes it is hardest to forgive myself. I forget sometimes that I’m human and flawed. I think I shouldn’t mess up as bad as I do. I forget to laugh at my humanness. I think that is the real key to forgiving others. If you can forgive yourself, and not take yourself too seriously, you can see that we are all the same in our humanness and all equally needing forgiveness. I’ve had unrealistic expectations of myself at times, and therefore unrealistic expectations of others. God forgive me. Help me to forgive others. Help me to forgive myself.

So, is it ok to say that my kids are driving me crazy? I have a four day weekend that started off nice enough, but now I’m just bored and lonely, and going a little stir crazy. Tonight is Christmas Eve for us, because I have to work on CHRISTMAS! DeAngelo’s gift from Santa hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. I stepped on my straighener and broke it. My Christmas cards haven’t come in the mail either. My house is a mess. ::: sigh ::: Sorry just needed to vent. Christmas can be a lot of pressure can’t it? Every year I tell myself “Let’s keep it simple this year.” And every year it seems to snowball out of control. So here I am on the internet, one of the loneliest places on earth. There are so many people out there, and very few connections. But that’s our society isn’t it? What ever happened to “Silent night. Holy night.”?

It gets repetative don’t it? Seems like we just did this last year!

Well I last updated this thing was around my birthday. I’ve been in the mood to write lately so maybe I’ll be putting up updates more than every three months for a while. Thank you to Kevan for pointing out I’ve been slacking on my writing and encouraging me to post again.

So, I had to actually take a look at my blog to see what you’ve missed. And you really haven’t missed too much. Mom left but she’s coming back on Saturday. I hope she updates her blog when she gets here. Its hard for me to get an idea of what’s going on with her over there through short email and shorter phone conversations.

DeAngelo is still going to school. (He doesn’t really have a choice, and trust me sometimes I have to drag him kicking and screaming.) He’s doing a lot better with his reading and math, but I think his teachers are idiots.

Braden is talking more but still refuses to go potty. He turned THREE in October. We went to Chuck e Cheese. He had a blast.

Alice is working a DAYSHIFT and is no longer a vampire!!! And I stopped taking my anti depressant although I probably shouldn’t have. But my idiot doctor thought it may have been because of my shift. So we will see now that I’m a daywalker.

I promise to write more later!

I had a really great birthday today. I am excited to turn 26. Josh took me out to sushi, my first time ever. I was getting pretty good at using chopsticks toward the end if I do say so myself. Other than that I really didn’t do much of anything. But I think the reason it was such a good day was because for the first time in a while I did not expect anything. Like my mom keeps trying to tell me, if you lower your expectations you won’t be disappointed. I was able to just go with the flow for once and enjoy whatever came instead of expecting things to come that didn’t and being disappointed. That makes sense don’t it?

Today was DeAngelo’s first day of school, like ALL day school, not half day kindergarten. That means I can get something like 7 hours of sleep while he’s in school. The first day was hard for him. He woke up early this morning, obviously excited about starting school. I packed his first ever lunch for school. After school he disappeared into his room and was too quiet when I went to go check on him. He was passed out. A full day of school is going to take a little getting used to. Here’s a picture of DeAngelo and his new teacher Mr. White.

I’m depressed. I’ve only just now realized it. I can be dense sometimes.

I was diagnosed with depression for the first time in high school although it had probably been there all my life. I remember how it slowly built until it was a force greater than I could control.

My mom had suffered from depression and was a great help and resource. Since then it has resurfaced several times. You’d think I’d recognize the warning signs by now. But with everything going on in my life right now no one could blame me for not noticing. Except me. I blame me. I know better.

Anyway, Mom gave me a booklet this guy wrote about his experiences with depression. It inspired me to write my own. What its like for me. Maybe you’ve been through depression and can relate. Maybe you live with someone suffering from depression and it will help you understand. I don’t know.

You know those commercials “Depression hurts”? I say “Depression Sucks!”

It’s like its dark and it will never be light again.

It’s like a migraine and I want to be left alone in the dark, in the quiet.

But why won’t the phone ring?

Something is terribly wrong and it’s gotten so bad I know I can’t hide it. Then why has no one noticed and come to my rescue?

It’s like sleep. It’s like a dream. None of the monsters are as real or as scary as they seem.

And I do sleep,
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to get away. But sleep doesn’t come easily. Thoughts chase me. Voices mock me. Imaginary conversations with real people carve into me and now I know what they really feel about me.

The longer it lasts the more real it becomes. This is me. The old me? The happy one? She was the illusion.

I don’t want to get on pills again. Why is there no cure? Maybe it will go away on its own. I know it won’t. It never did before. Before. There was never a time before the darkness. The dark cloud before my eyes obscures all things past and future and all I can see is this present darkness. This is what I am. I’ve never been anything better. This is what I am. I’ll never be anything more.

No one understands. “It’s not that bad.” “It will get better.” “When it rains it pours.” They don’t see things as I do. And I know they are trying to help, to comfort. But making me feel like I’m overreacting and my problems are surmountable doesn’t help and only makes me feel more helpless against the darkness.

timberland store Alexander Martin Lippisch 1894

timberland boat shoes Alexander Martin Lippisch 1894

Alexander Martin Lippisch was born on 2 November 1894 in Munich, Germany, the son of Franz and Clara (Commichau) Lippisch. His father was an artist. Alexander was educated at schools in Berlin and Jena, Germany, and was planning to enter art school when the First World War began.

He enlisted in Germany’s armed forces in 1915, and served until 1918 as an aerial photographer and mapper. In 1943 he was awarded a doctoral degree at the University of Heidelberg. Lippisch worked for the Dornier Aircraft Company in Friedrichshafen, Germany, as an aerodynamicist from 1918 22.

He was employed as a glider designer for Weltensegler, Inc. in Baden Baden (1922 23); as a designer for A. G. Steinmann, Hagen, Westphalia (1923 25); and in 1925 he joined the staff of the aerodynamics and design department of the Rhon Rossittengesellschaft, north of Frankfurt.

The Z was a simple lightweight glider for basic flight instruction. It was designed to start with rubber ropes, a common way to start a glider in the years short after WWI. It was designed by Alexander Lippisch who became famous by his design Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet, a rocket drive flying wing.

Stamer Lippisch Z Schulsegelflugzeug, 1926From 1933 39 he was in Darmstadt as chief of the technical department of the Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fur Segelflug (DFS). DFS sent him to the Messerschmitt Company in 1939, to head a department to develop a rocket fighter for the Air Ministry.

From 1943 45 he served as director of research for the Aeronautical Research Institute in Vienna, Austria. He came to the United States in January 1946 as a part of the Operation Paper Clip program administered by the United States Department of Defense. He was stationed at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio, where he stayed until December 1946 when his family joined him.

He worked for the Naval Air Materiel Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from 1946 50. Lippisch and his family received United States citizenship in 1956. In 1950 Lippisch accepted employment at Collins Radio Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he was director of the aeronautical division until 1964.

One of his first projects at Collins was the design of a high speed smoke tunnel. Lippisch’s work on smoke tunnel flow visualization led to a thirteen part television series in 1955, entitled “The Secret of Flight”. The series addressed the amateur viewer, demonstrating the principle of flight through the use of simple models and a smoke wind tunnel.

A believer in the importance of a broad education, Lippisch gave many lectures on the significance and the history of flight. He also worked on remote powered vehicles which led to his concept of the Aerodyne. This wingless aircraft was suspended solely by the thrust of its engines and was capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

The Aerodyne project was discontinued in 1960, at which time Lippisch became the director of the hydrodynamic laboratory at Collins. He designed a high speed boat which performed very well up to a certain speed, but beyond that point the aerodynamic forces lifted the bow too much. This triggered his interest, and he proposed a boat whose hull would lift out of the water by means of short airplane type wings.

This idea was utilized in the aerofoil boat, which was a seaplane that flew efficiently near the ground or water surface. The first full scale aerofoil boat was the Collin X 112. It was first flown in 1965.

Lippisch retired from Collins Radio Company in 1964. He underwent lung surgery and upon recovery found himself desiring to continue his work in aircraft design. He consulted for several United States and German companies on the designs of Aerodynes, Aeroskimmers, and Aerofoil boats.

In the mid 1920’s a friend sent Lippisch a flying seed of a tropical plant . This seed was essentially an arrow shaped wing, and as others had done before him, Lippisch based his tailless arrow shaped aircraft on this example from nature.

A private sponsor saw one of these designs and thought it would be possible to build a large version of this type for use as a trans oceanic transport. However, Lippisch felt that the wing near the body should be thicker so that it could be utilized for additional storage. Received his Engineering Doctorate degree from Heidelberg University in Physical Sciences. His aviation career plans interrupted by service in the German Army in World War I, he was finally assigned to work with the Zeppelin Company in 1918.

The early post war years, devoted to theoretical studies and experiments with advanced and unique approaches to high speed aircraft performance, produced his first successful tailless design, a glider, in 1921. Because the designs he proposed were considered radical departures from the norms of aero design of that period, financial support for his work was difficult to acquire, but his great faith and determination finally won out. He followed the accounts of Dunne’s and Etrich’s experiments with inherent stability, and after military service during World War I, applied his interest to glider design. His first tailless glider was built in 1921, by Gottlob Espenlaub, the German glider enthusiast who would later collaborate with the Swiss designer Alexander Soldenhoff on his designs

The Lippisch Espenlaub E2 was the first of over 50 swept wing, tailless designs produced by Lippisch over the next three decades. Though this first effort was less than impressive, it at least was a starting point from which Lippisch began serious, systematic development of tailless designs. In 1924, he was designated Director of the Aeronautical Department of the RhonRossitten Gesellschaft (RRG, which later became the German Research Institute for Soaring Flight). Its 16 rockets, each producing 50 pounds of thrust, were build by Friedrich Sander a pyrotechnics specialist. The propulsion system combining high thrust, fast burning powder rockets for initial acceleration with lower thrust, slower burning rockets to sustain velocity.

Opel approached Alexander M. Lippisch, a young designer working at the Rhon Rossitten Gesellschaft, who had already displayed a penchant for the unorthodox in airplane configuration, with the proposal that he, too, design a glider for rocket power.

Max Valier and Alexander Sander also succeeded in arousing enthusiasm for rocket propulsion in a twenty seven year old aircraft designer, Gottlop Espenlaub. His E 15 tail less design was of interest as a rocketplane.

On 11 June, Fritz Stamer effected the first rocket propelled flight in Lippish’s glider. The glider had been dubbed Ente, or Duck. That lead later to the Lippish’s Komet the Messerschmitt Me 163, liquid rocket manned interceptor.
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timberland lansley boots Alex Ramsey wins Northern Ohio Marathon

timberland factory outlet Alex Ramsey wins Northern Ohio Marathon

Come first light on Oct. 12, the morning of the second annual Northern Ohio Marathon and Half Marathon, pretty much everyone in sight looked as if they were bundled up for winter.

Many runners layered on more clothing than they had at any other time this summer and fall, while a number of them held their hands close to the lamps at the park in Fairport Harbor in an attempt to gain any sort of heat from the source as temperatures struggled to hit the 40 degree mark.

A 29 year old from North Canton, Ramsey took first place in the full marathon portion of the race, finishing with a time of 2 hours, 56 minutes, 47 seconds. He, second place finisher Jay Wittmann (2:57.22) and third place Shannon Lehman (2:58.25) all qualified for next spring s Boston Marathon by finishing in less than three hours.

I was there in 2013 when the explosions went off, Ramsey said, going back to the Boston Marathon where there were bombings near the finish line. It was a very surreal experience. I run with that in my heart. There was a lot of emotion that day.

Ramsey came around the final turn and sprinted down the final stretch as supporters cheered him. He slapped hands with race watchers the final 25 yards or so, many of whom marveled at his bare foot running method and smiled at his long locks of hair blowing in the breeze as he ran.

Many thought he was just a fast finishing half marathoner, because he wore a green race tag and full marathon runners were wearing blue. But after the race, Ramsey said he signed up and paid for the full marathon, race officials confirmed it, and even third place finisher Lehman said the right thing was done.

(Ramsey) was with us the whole marathon, Lehman said. He ran a great race.

All while barefoot which wasn t easy, considering much of the race was run on pavement and some of it was run on the rocky terrain of the marshlands along Lake Erie.

Ramsey said he tried to run on the yellow lines of the road as much as he could they re softer, he explained but that he s used to running barefoot. This is his seventh marathon run as a bare footer, including the 2013 Boston Marathon.

All my life I was a heel striker, he said. I was spending roughly $350 for shoes. I just started to feel a need to switch things up,
timberland lansley boots Alex Ramsey wins Northern Ohio Marathon
and my body responds to the natural running barefoot.

There were a few times through the marsh I stepped on some really fat stone. I hugged the shoulder of the trail where it was more grassy and cushiony without getting those stubborn little (rock) nuisances in my paws.

Wittmann used a comeback method to place second. He admitted he was a few hundred yards off the pace with a handful of miles to go before he started to catch runners one by one. He finished less than a minute behind Ramsey, getting past Lehman in the last leg of the race.

I just went out to run an even pace and pretty much stuck to the plan, said Wittman, a 2000 graduate of Madison.

Wittman ran the Cleveland Marathon in the spring, finishing with a 2:59. He was already qualified for the Boston Marathon, but was happy to better that time.

Longer races I hang back and kick at the end, he said.

While Ramsey and Wittman will be making return trips to Boston, this will be Lehman s first run there in the spring. The 33 year old didn t run in college, and for most of his running days was a non clocked recreational runner.

He beamed a smile and dove into the arms of his wife and children at the finish line, celebrating his best ever time.

I knew I had to hold about a seven (minute) pace through the half marathon, then pick it up and just finish strong, he said. My goal was under 3:05, so I m thrilled.

In other race results, all of which were part of the LakeHealth Series of running:

The winner of the half marathon was 21 year old Matt Borcas of Mentor.

A 2011 graduate of Lake Catholic, Borcas doesn t run at college. He is a journalism major at Ohio State. He was more than pleased with his time of 1:15:48, which was two minutes faster than he envisioned running.

I feel very good, he said. I did a little better than I was expecting to do. I surprised myself.

Justin Thomas was second with a 1:16.30, while Jerry Fresenko (1:17.45) was third.

The winner of the 5K race was Tyler Lowe, a 2010 graduate of Mentor. He ran a time of 18:50, a safe distance ahead of second place Andrew Beardon (20:18).

I took about sixth months off after an injury, Lowe said of a stress fracture in his leg. This is my first race in about a year . I m just training for track at Mount Union,
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where I run.

timberland boots men Alex Lloyd at the TT and Veyron vs

kids timberland boots uk Alex Lloyd at the TT and Veyron vs

We’ve got Datsun! We’ve got an unmolested Datsun here! And as opposed to Cameron Thor’s character in “Jurassic Park,” people do care. This one has only 42,000 miles or maybe 46K, which is what the odometer says. It’s for sale in Imperial, Miss., and the bidding currently sits at $14,
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600. Reserve not met. Check it out at Bring a Trailer.

The Isle of Man race, set every year at the beginning of summer, is one of the most dangerous races on the planet. Thankfully, last year only four people died. Hot shoe Alex Lloyd has been there on Mad Sunday, when amateurs get to race on the course, competing with those crazy bikers. He breaks down the whole experience here.

This video is really more of a tease, but it shows the first few seconds of a street race between a McLaren P1 and a Bugatti Veyron. The two guys in the camera car act exactly how we would act in that situation.

ATTENTION COMMENTERS: Over the last few months, Automotive News has monitored a significant increase in the number of personal attacks and abusive comments on our site. We encourage our readers to voice their opinions and argue their points. We expect disagreement. We do not expect our readers to turn on each other. If we see repeated behavior,
timberland boots men Alex Lloyd at the TT and Veyron vs
we will ban the commenter. Please help us maintain a civil level of discourse.

newborn timberland boots Alex Bowman to replace Earnhardt Jr

timberland snow boots for women Alex Bowman to replace Earnhardt Jr

FILE In this July 5, 2014, file photo, Alex Bowman, right, watches as Dale Earnhardt Jr. sends out a tweet while waiting under a tunnel for driver introductions to begin before a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series auto race at the Daytona International Speedway, in Daytona Beach, Fla. Dale Earnhardt Jr. got the replacement he wanted. Alex Bowman got his dream job. Hendrick Motorsports announced Thursday, July 20, 2017, that the 24 year old Bowman will replace one of the series’ biggest stars in the No. 88 car next season after Earnhardt retires.(AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack, File)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. got the replacement he wanted. Alex Bowman got his dream job.

Hendrick Motorsports announced Thursday that the 24 year old Bowman will replace one of the series’ biggest stars in the No. 88 car next season after Earnhardt retires.

Bowman has big shoes to fill. Earnhardt was named NASCAR’s most popular driver each of the last 14 seasons and fans of his late father often tracked Junior’s results following Dale Earnhardt’s fatal crash in the 2001 season opener at Daytona.

“Ever since I was a kid, racing is all I’ve wanted to do,” Bowman said. “I’ve had so many people believe in me along the way. My family has sacrificed a lot and always been behind me. I would never have this chance without the support of Dale and everyone involved with the No. 88 team. To be part of Hendrick Motorsports and for Mr. Hendrick to have this confidence in me, it’s just amazing.”

Bowman already has some experience in this job. When the 42 year old Earnhardt missed 18 races because of a concussion last season, Bowman started 10 of them in the No. 88, winning the first Cup pole of his career and finishing in the top 10 three times.

That was enough to get Earnhardt’s attention and eventually an endorsement in May.

“Alex Bowman to the 88 next year is that what you guys want?” Junior asked during a livestream on Periscope following the series’ All Star race. “That would be pretty awesome to see Alex in that car. That’s the plan, I hope. . Yeah, Alex in the 88. That sounds good to me. That kid earned it last year. He ran good.”

The 24 year old Bowman performed well enough to get several full time offers to drive in the Cup series this year.

Instead, he stayed patient. Bowman said he turned down each offer as he continued searching for the right situation. The Tucson, Arizona, native wound up with no full time ride in 2017.

But with Earnhardt’s concussion history, Bowman likely knew it wouldn’t be long until he stepped away. Rick Hendrick’s team contemplated its options for months before finally deciding bring back Bowman, who also got a 19 race majority sponsorship from the Nationwide insurance giant. Axalta Coating Systems will sponsor the No. 88 for 15 races.

In 81 career Cup starts and 50 career starts in the Xfinity Series, Bowman has never won a race. But he had 13 top finishes and won three poles on the Xfinity circuit before blossoming in Earnhardt’s car last season.

“Alex impressed the heck out of us last year with his talent, poise and professionalism,” Hendrick said. “He stepped up in a very demanding situation and showed that he can run with the best and compete for wins. His ability to stay focused through it all, and the way he’s handled himself since then, has shown a lot of character.”

Bowman joins a series that is clearly in transition.

With television ratings and attendance sagging and three major stars Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Earnhardt retiring since 2015, Bowman will become yet another prominent fresh face in a series that currently has five drivers who are in their 20s in the top 15.
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Enjoy Buying Alegria Shoes Online

Time is precious. Going to the high street takes time. Online shoe shopping saves time. Currently it comes with an endless choice of shoes for a lady to choose from, some at hugely reasonable prices. There really can not be any reason why a lady can’t make herself feel fabulous by treating her feet using the newest!

Shoes is often purchased at cheaper prices by browsing the web and buying shoes online. All of the shoe colors, designers, styles and kinds are lright at your fingertips. The knowledge is far more pleasureable and simpler than fighting at theparking lot and trawling round the shops often simply to see that you aren’t capable of finding precisely what you are looking for. Alegria Shoes online shopping offers so much choice, fast access to online shoe stores and designers that do not often feature in shops on your doorstep as well as in a town close by, a leisurely shopping experience as well as lets you to check prices in greater detail. Never underestimate the strength of womens shoe shopping on the web.

Here is a basic guide plus some points to think about if you want to buy womens shoes online:

Be sure you Know Your Shoe Size.

It’s definitely better to have an idea of how big your feet are before you begin browsing in order to accelerate the process. Know your size for both UK,
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US and also the European sizes.

Plan ahead if you are purchasing shoes on the web as delivery times might be different from shop to look. Lack of forward planning will in the end result in extra costs for any speedy delivery . When the shoe is for a special event it is even more essential that you think ahead when purchasing off the internet.

Come with an Idea What You Want to buy

It is useful to have an concept of what type of shoe you are searching for will help speed up your purchasing experience on the web. Be precise concerning the type of colour, designer, shoe type and also the country you are searching in. Adding these criteria for your search will aid the various search engines to better match your choice. If you’re just browsing you’ll be able to make the search more general. After you have made your search next have a list of retailers by which to start browsing to create your choice. Most of the shoe retailers will offer you new shoes.

Since you can’t try these shoes on at the point of sale, if you have browsed the retailers of your liking and chosen make sure you are aware of their returns and delivery policy, this is applicable to auctioned items also. Many online shoe shops offer FOC delivery, or otherwise then foc over a certain purchase amount. Many retailers offer free returns if the shoes not fit properly. When they don’t offer free returns it might be worthwhile considering acquiring the shoes because of the need for not having to tramp high street shops.

Make Sure That Payment is created Over a Secure Connection.

Looking at online has never so much easier these days. You can open a PayPal account and that means you don’t have to input charge card details over the net. PayPal is recognized as one of the most secure ways of payment online. Check additionally that the page that opens for that transaction starts with ‘[https://.].’ because this indicates that you are utilizing a secure connection. Bear in mind also that many online stores don’t often ship to an address other than that shown about the billing details of the charge card.

Testing these shoes Out When They Arrive

Whenever your shoes have been delivered make sure you try them on later within the day as feet often swell a bit right at the end of the day. Wear them around the house. Avoid going outside before you are confident that these shoes are fit you correctly. If you’re unsure about them then send it well as this will prevent you feet, as well as your wallet many pains and aches!
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Do make sure that you return these shoes within the specified time period after delivery.

timberland school shoes Aldo Puts A Spotlight On Love Individuality At 29Rooms During New York Fashion Week

timberland boots ladies Aldo Puts A Spotlight On Love Individuality At 29Rooms During New York Fashion Week

Joining Refinery29 for the third edition of 29Rooms, Aldo reveals an immersive room that celebrates the love of style and individuality, inviting the AldoCrew to take a bold LOVE WALK down its glowing, re imagined runway

NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 2017 /CNW/ Aldo, a global leader in fashion footwear and accessories, taps into the “I .” concept of its Fall 2017 campaign in an artful and imaginative partnership with 29Rooms, Refinery29’s acclaimed funhouse of style, culture and technology. Taking place during NYFW, the four day event boasts a roster of visionary creatives and partners that converge to support artistic content that stirs conversation, inspiration and positive change. Aldo worked alongside Refinery29 to create LOVE WALK a room that invites guests to step up to boldly to pursue their passions and lives, celebrate their individuality and personal style.

The 2017 edition of 29Rooms theme, “Turn It Into Art”, celebrates the transformative power of creativity in its ability to shift perception and drive social change. Each room was designed with the ambition to connect visitors to new ideas and means of self expression. Gathering nearly 20,000 visitors over the past two years, this year’s sold out event transformed a Williamsburg warehouse into a public festival and social media spectacle from September 8th to September 11th, 2017.

“At 29Rooms we have been able to bring our brand to life in a digital, experiential and artful way,” says Daianara Grullon Amalfitano, Senior Vice President at Aldo. “Now more than ever people want to have experiences that excite and inspire them but also that they can share with their digital community of friends. When Refinery29 approached us, we saw the opportunity to do just that in an authentic and unique way. Our hope is that we give guests of 29Rooms a stimulating, playful and empowering experience and something more organic than traditional advertising. This reflects a fresh direction for our brand and culminates a full 360 of our Fall 2017 “I .” campaign where we put our consumer’s desires at the heart of what we do.”

Aldo’s curated room artfully and deliberately brings the shoes to life within an interactive, social driven installation. Inside, guests will take their very own love walk on a glowing, re imagined runway surrounded by a coiled structure covered in nearly 250 shoes. Each wall features inspirational “I .” claims a wink to the brand’s Fall 2017 campaign. A programmed lighting treatment, both on the coils and embedded in the floor, provides the runway with a captivating pulsing light to give sense of forward movement leading to a giant heart and at the far end.

“As people enter Aldo’s magnetic,
timberland school shoes Aldo Puts A Spotlight On Love Individuality At 29Rooms During New York Fashion Week
pulsating, shoe lined room we want them to come alive as they embark on their LOVE WALK,” said Katie Green, Senior Director of Global Communications for the Aldo Group. “It is a reimagined runway that evokes confidence and passion, inspiring everyone to live their boldest, fiercest life. We want each guest to have a unique experience within our room. It is emotionally evocative and visually stunning (and ohhh so instagrammable!). 29Rooms is truly a selfie paradise, this is an event and space that lends itself to innate social sharing and amplification.”

29Rooms is one of the most successful ‘social’ phenomenons of NYFW. Highly engaging and connected, it reaches out to the public beyond the physical event, engaging with millions of people globally reaching one in two Instagram users in 2016. “29Rooms has set the bar for a new era of live social storytelling, and this is our most ambitious event to date. In our increasingly plugged in world, people crave unique experiences that engage them IRL while simultaneously fueling content creation for their digital lives,” mentions Refinery29 co founder and Executive Creative Director Piera Gelardi.

In keeping with Aldo’s strong consumer centric approach, the brand continues to find ways to tap into its global digital community and provoke brand engagement and amplification. 29Rooms provides Aldo with a platform to connect to its audience through fresh, exciting content. With social media being a top priority for the brand, Aldo partnered with six influencers for the occasion to create curated social content. Sharing their experience at the 29Rooms VIP Opening Party and sneak peeks of the brand’s room on September 7th, they will help take the experience out of Brooklyn and to the global AldoCrew.

Founded in 1972, the Aldo Group is a leading international retailer for fashion footwear and accessories with over 2,200 stores in 100 countries. Aldo, the group’s flagship brand, delivers fashion to a diverse customer base at prices that make keeping up with seasonal styles a luxury within reach. Through a variety of lifestyle stories, original video programming, social, shareable content, and live experiences, Refinery29 provides its audience with the inspiration and tools to discover and pursue a more independent, stylish, and informed life.
timberland school shoes Aldo Puts A Spotlight On Love Individuality At 29Rooms During New York Fashion Week

timberland rime ridge Aldo Launches New Website and Responsive E

timberland boots ladies Aldo Launches New Website and Responsive E

MONTREAL, April 26, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ The ALDO Group has announced the latest phase of its digital transformation with the release of a new responsive website and e commerce platform that raises the bar for retail online, in store and mobile channels.

“We are committed to designing a universal digital experience: accessible, responsive, social, human centered, and most of all, easy to evolve and scale,” said Grgoire Baret, GM of Experience Design. “We involved our consumers at each step of the creative process, focusing on flows and details to go beyond convenience and build meaningful services for style seekers.” Mr. Baret also led the foray of ALDO’s new connected test stores.

The new website will drive the Montreal based company’s ecommerce goals, pushing strong momentum in mobile transactions, and boosting cross category sales to grow ALDO’s popularity in footwear and accessories.

The revamped global storefront goes live in several global markets including the US, Canada and Europe. Visitors to the site get an experience that is:

Lightning fast, giving shoppers the speed they expect today in e commerce experiences.

More premium, with a new visual design language and stunning fashion photography.

Functional across devices, and meets digital accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0, Level AA).

Connected to the “new and now”, with styling tips from social media influencers.

The move comes as ALDO transitions leadership, with company founder Aldo Bensadoun naming son David Bensadoun the new CEO earlier this month. It’s also part of ALDO’s laser focus on showing shoppers that it’s a digitally centric brand.

Said Jennifer Maks, VP Omnichannel: “Our new digital experiences are aimed at inspiring people to explore more from ALDO and make it a primary destination for shoes, bags and accessories. Our new ecommerce website acts as the core engine for our omnichannel strategy, as a natural complement to our stores.”

“In creating ALDO’s new site, we focused on elevating the brand to ensure shoppers get a rich, premium experience, said Rachel Bogan, a partner at digital product agency Work Co. At the same time, the new digital presence is simple and fast letting them find and purchase exactly what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds. We’re proud to be part of ALDO’s evolution to a seamless experience across stores, its website, mobile, customer service and the employee experience.”

The ALDO Group is a world leading creator and operator of desirable footwear and accessory brands. WIth 2,300 points of sale stores in 100 countries around the world, the company operates under two signature brands, ALDO and Call It Spring, and has a multi brand retail concept, Globo. Founded in 1972 by Aldo Bensadoun, The ALDO Group leads operations from its head office in Montreal, and continues to act with its founder’s values of love, respect and integrity. More 20,000 work for The Aldo Group.
timberland rime ridge Aldo Launches New Website and Responsive E

cleaning timberland boots ALDO gets personal with

original timberland boots ALDO gets personal with

10, 2015 /CNW Telbec/ ALDO, an international leader in fashion footwear and accessories, celebrates individual inspiration with its new Fall/Winter 2015 global campaign, “Inspiration Is Everywhere”. Featuring a diverse cast of authentic personalities, ALDO showcases what it is that inspires their personal style.

“‘Inspiration Is Everywhere’ is an evolution of the work we’ve been doing over the past few seasons. ALDO is a facilitator, a co conspirator, empowering our customers to express themselves and to wear their inspiration proudly. To reflect this collaboration, the campaign is presented as a diptych: two side by side images that play off each other visually and conceptually,” explains Douglas Bensadoun, Chief Creative Officer for ALDO. “On one side, there’s an introspective and impassioned portrait by Matteo Montanari, showcasing the individual and their personal style. On the other, a still life photographed by Bela Borsodi, playfully irreverent and abstract, bringing their inspirations to life. Together they work in harmony, giving the full story of the individual and what it is that inspires them.”

The cast of the campaign was chosen for their unique personal style and creative expressions representing a range of tastes, experiences and lifestyles. TV personality and model Irene Kim, artist Phoebe Collings James, director Sandra Winther, model/musician Staz Lindes and actress Fabianne Therese are all present, styled in their own aesthetics. DJ Will Power, ballet dancer Joshua Thew, community creative Olu Alege, and radiologist/home improvement blogger Chris Nicholas present a masculine take on the theme. Each portrait and accompanying still life is as distinct as the person they represent; their inspirations on full display both literally and figuratively.

“Social media has transformed fashion shifting the conversation from the latest trends to how those trends inform personal style. At ALDO we’re incredibly fortunate to have an internationally diverse and style inspiring clientele. Part of our process is to actively engage with them, to capture their insights and aspirations to inform and further enrich our relationship with them,” shares Erwin Hinteregger, Chief Marketing Officer for ALDO. “Through our extensive consumer insights initiatives, we’ve learned that our customer finds style inspiration from ever changing sources and is not beholden to the ‘fashion establishment’. It was refreshing to uncover how fluid and organic inspiration can be whether it’s from friends, blogs, observations on the street, an art show, or their own style intuition said simply, inspiration truly is everywhere. Our campaign this season aims to reflect their savvy process of how they link ALDO to their style spiration.”

The launch is supported by an integrated and tactical worldwide marketing campaign across a variety of channels including print, digital, out of home and social media extensions.


Founded in 1972, ALDO Group is a leading international retailer for fashion footwear and accessories with over 1,900 stores in 94 countries. ALDO, the group’s flagship brand, delivers fashion to a diverse customer base at prices that make keeping up with seasonal styles a luxury within reach.
cleaning timberland boots ALDO gets personal with

timberland 27094 Aldo Connected Store Set To Unveil At Westfield World Trade Center

timberland shoe laces Aldo Connected Store Set To Unveil At Westfield World Trade Center

NEW YORK, NY, Aug.16, 2016 /CNW Telbec/ In today’s evolving retail landscape, creating an exceptional and digitally connected journey for consumers is integral. As a leader in footwear and accessories, Aldo is thrilled to announce the opening of its digitally savvy Connected Store at Westfield World Trade Center on August 16th. Marking not only a landmark location but a new age of doing business across channels, the provides the consumer with fluid and exciting experience. The store environment will leverage Aldo’s innovative mobile app to unlock the overall shopping experience and allow customers to connect easily with the brand either in the physical location or online.

Planting roots in lower Manhattan’s most innovative new shopping destination, Aldo carefully observed its customers’ shopping patterns to deliver a fully reimagined in store experience to best serve their needs. The store’s 1,211 sq. ft. layout is artfully merchandised to tell a story, with the integration of digital technology that invites the customer to explore and engage with the brand and the collection.

As Aldo’s most advanced retail location to date, the store offers a seamless path to purchase with the fusion of brick and mortar retail and e commerce, as well as mobile capabilities through the brand’s mobile app. Customers are afforded the benefit of seeing and feeling the product, with self serve tablets and a virtual “Endless Shelf” on hand to complement the relationship between the customer and the Aldo associate.

The Connected Store further realizes Aldo’s mission to offer their customer a complete omnichannel experience. Erwin Hinteregger, Chief Marketing Officer for Aldo Group, shares “Our aim is to speak to the Aldo customer in a way that is personal and relevant to them. This starts by being able to connect wherever they are, on whichever device they may be using. Being truly omnichannel opens new avenues of growth for the brand and it has proven to drive higher customer engagement and conversion. This is the beginning of a new personalized experience, one where we continually delight, inspire and even surprise our customer on their shopping journey.”

About the Digital ExperienceWhen entering Westfield World Trade Center, shoppers will be met with a push notification to enable the Aldo app, which can be accessed on customers’ iPhones or via iPads stationed throughout the store. The mobile app instantly links customers to the Connected Store and grants access to high resolution product imagery, descriptions, and social media sharing features. The app also allows customers to check Connected Store inventory, utilize a try on request feature, and scan product for information. A “wish list” feature enables customers to easily locate their selected styles and be directed to similar options available in the store.

The Aldo app provides the customer with unparalleled autonomy within the retail space and ultimately leads to a more meaningful interaction between the customer and sales associate. Gr Baret, Senior Director of Omnichannel Experience states, “Driving customers from clicks to bricks and vice versa has become the new normal for us. The in store digital experience has been conceived as a complementary tool to facilitate product discovery and contextualize full fashion looks,
timberland 27094 Aldo Connected Store Set To Unveil At Westfield World Trade Center
ultimately offering a more meaningful service. Technology should never compete or replace the human aspect, we in turn let it empower our sales associates and help them strengthen their relationships with the customer it has to become part of their sales ritual to be successful.” In tandem with the Aldo app, the Connected Store features an “Endless Shelf” beautifully curated digital portal where customers can browse and access the entire collection by size, color, or key silhouettes, along with user friendly self service tools which allow for try on requests. The virtual shelf also features lifestyle content with fully styled imagery to inspire the customer and help them visualize ways to style the collection into their own wardrobe.

With the implementation of this innovative in store technology, Aldo is poised to be a leader in the modern retail landscape, offering customers a level of connectivity to store inventory that is unsurpassed in the market.

The new port of entry to Lower Manhattan, Westfield World Trade Center is located at the site where 60,000 neighborhood residents, 300,000 daily commuters, 13 subway / PATH trains, multiple ferry lines, and an additional 15 million annual global travelers converge within one landmark setting. This new New York City experience brings together commerce, community and culture in a destination integrating the Santiago Calatrava designed Oculus, street level space in WTC Towers 3 and 4, and throughout the galleries running underground across the entire World Trade Center campus all the way to 1 WTC, now the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Encompassing more than 100 fashion, lifestyle and technology brands across 365,000 square feet of space, Westfield World Trade Center is home to the most diverse retail collection in New York City, alongside world class restaurants and the unique Eataly marketplace plus art, culture, events and entertainment, as well as showrooms and media activations for premier global brands like Ford,
timberland 27094 Aldo Connected Store Set To Unveil At Westfield World Trade Center
Pepsi and Chase.

timberland safety boots sale Aldo and Vince Camuto do the merger thing

timberland boots sales Aldo and Vince Camuto do the merger thing

Then, on July 25, Michael Kors, famous for handbags and watches, among other items, sealed the deal with Jimmy Choo, famous for luxury shoes and accessories.

On Aug. 2, it was the Canadian shoe maven Aldo turn to unveil its partnership with Vince Camuto and its line of designer shoes, handbags, and clothing.

Retail analysts say the pairings make a lot of sense and are strategic. Michael Kors and Coach, for instance, have closed hundreds of stores and are working to pull their merchandise from failing department stores.

Others say the recent deals are part of the wave of consolidations as the retail industry itself with the closings of brick and mortar stores and the rise of e commerce.

the Amazon world, the big grow bigger, Siegel said. is understandable that companies are fighting to become big.

While there are risks, like higher debt for the buyers, is also a benefit of having a diversified portfolio of brands [just as in stocks], and a period of weakness for one can be potentially subsidized by strength at the other, Siegel said. At the same time, many retail consolidations failed under the burden of the heavy debt load needed to fund the deals.

Still, Ken Perkins of Retail Metrics said that given the pressures of changing consumer spending habits and the general lack of discretionary income from health care, housing,
timberland safety boots sale Aldo and Vince Camuto do the merger thing
and student loan costs, retail managements have no choice but to look for solutions to stem the tide of sluggish growth.

Mergers in some cases create synergies and lower costs due to increased scale, Perkins said. ideas are often peddled by investment banks to company managements as a means to grow and boost share prices.

Kate Spade, for example, put itself up for sale by most reports in late 2016 even though it had posted double digit comparable sales growth in 2015, and a 9.3 percent growth in 2016. An activist investor reportedly urged the company to sell itself as handbag and accessories sales were slipping in 2016 and looked to have continued that trend in 2017.

Retail mergers drive down sourcing costs, Perkins said. the number of bankruptcies and store closures wreaking havoc on the retail landscape this year, size and scale have become an even bigger consideration.

SUZETTE PARMLEY / Inquirer Staff

Michael Kors next door to Aldo on the 1700 block of Walnut Street in Center City.

Consumers could see lower prices on some products, say analysts, but they will also have fewer channels and designs to choose from in the short run.

Howard Davidowitz, chairman of Davidowitz Associates Inc. in New York, who counsels national retailers, said the three recent deals may have gotten their cue from Coach buying the women super luxury shoe company Stuart Weitzman two years ago.

was the beginning because [Weitzman shoes are as expensive as Jimmy Choo he said. was in markets different from Coach Businesses with a lot of money such as Michael Kors, which generates over $1 billion in annual cash want to move their businesses in a positive direction. Shoes go with accessories. These acquisitions make sense because the merchandise goes together.

Another case in point: Aldo, which serves a more middle of the road shopper, can now piggyback off Vince Camuto luxury clients.

Industry observers say Jimmy Choo and Kate Spade are solidly profitable and each now has a new partner. So a win win, Davidowitz said.

Tamara Solano, 19, of Levittown, a die hard Michael Kors fan who buys only his handbags, said she all for partnering with Jimmy Choo.

Choo is definitely too expensive for me at the moment,
timberland safety boots sale Aldo and Vince Camuto do the merger thing
she said while walking through Oxford Valley Mall last weekend. I would look if they are in Michael Kors stores.

timberland womens boots Aldo and Global Citizen team up using fashion as a platform for change

timberland kids clothes Aldo and Global Citizen team up using fashion as a platform for change

MONTREAL, Nov. 28, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ Heading into the holidays, Aldo, a global leader in fashion footwear and accessories, joins forces with Global Citizen, a game changing international advocacy organisation, to support “Education for All”. Launching on GivingTuesday, “Give Back, Move Forward” is geared towards supporting the movement to help 264 million children gain access to education worldwide. Aldo Mx. will be released in three exclusive colors deep red, black on black and grey mix and will be available in stores and online. 100% of the net proceeds will help children in the world’s poorest countries get the education they deserve.

Aldo’s ‘genderless’ sneaker Mx. first launched in August 2017 with a message of equality and unity. In this special collaboration with Global Citizen, Aldo aims to grow the impact of Mx. with a more tangible contribution to society. “It was crucial for us to find an organisation that would not only reflect our founder’s vision and philosophy in the most genuine way, but also inspire and mobilize our customer,” asserts Daianara Grullon Amalfitano, Senior Vice President at Aldo. “After successfully launching our genderless sneaker last summer, we sought to further celebrate the intention and values behind its creation. By extending the purpose of Mx. towards this new campaign, our goal is to elevate what the sneaker stands for and raise awareness for a project that will resonate with our global community, the AldoCrew.”

The “Give Back, Move Forward” campaign represents tangible action towards concrete change with equal access to education. Falling under the umbrella of Global Citizen’s “Education For All” campaign, it aims to fill critical funding gaps in global education, including supporting the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to achieve its 2018 replenishment goal of $3,
timberland womens boots Aldo and Global Citizen team up using fashion as a platform for change
1 billion. Helping to fill their funding gap will positively impact hundreds of million children and youth across 89 countries. Through its partnership with Aldo, Global Citizen will also continue to call on world leaders, businesses and multilateral institutions to support the GPE “Education Cannot Wait” fund. This will ensure that 75 million children and youth in danger of, or already missing out on their education, can have the resources they need to access this basic human right.

Aldo is a company that was founded on a strong set of values Love, Respect and Integrity. At the core of the brand there is a premium placed on being a good corporate citizen, striving to enrich global communities, and empowering associates and partners around the world to join its efforts. Having been involved in the fight against AIDS since the mid 80’s, Aldo remains committed to growing and sharing its philanthropic culture through this new project. The principles of social engagement, shared by Global Citizen, further solidify the partnership and give grounding to a common goal on education.

To garner as much awareness and excitement for this initiative, Aldo partnered with several influencers for the occasion to create curated social content and unite its community. Through the “Give Back, Move Forward” campaign, the brand hopes to enable the AldoCrew to use their voice to join the conversation and take action.

About The Aldo Group Inc.

Founded in 1972, the Aldo Group is a leading international retailer for fashion footwear and accessories with over 3,000 points of sale in over 100 countries around the world. Aldo, the group’s flagship brand, delivers fashion to a diverse customer base at prices that make keeping up with seasonal styles a luxury within reach.

About Global Citizen

Global Citizen is a social action platform for the global generation who are passionate about learning and taking action on the world’s biggest issues. In six years, Global Citizen has grown into one of the largest, most visible movements of engaged activists in the world. The organisation drives over 20 million engaged Global Citizens a month through content, campaigning,
timberland womens boots Aldo and Global Citizen team up using fashion as a platform for change
social media and video. This community works to influence world leaders and decision makers to enact policy changes and commit significant resources to help end extreme poverty by 2030.

timberland uk shoes Aldi’s new bargain shoes against state

timberland for men Aldi’s new bargain shoes against state

Marathon season is in full swing with the London Marathon set to take place a week on Sunday.

The long distance runners will inspire many to take up running and as the evening gets lighter and the weather gets warmer, it’s the perfect time to pull on your trainers and get fit. But what trainers should you go for?

Running is often celebrated as a budget sport because you don’t have to pay expensive gym fees or buy lots of equipment. But trainers can be costly proved by the latest adidas Boost shoes that have gone on sale for 130.


Adidas Ultra Boost, 130:Adidas promise to deliver ‘your greatest run ever’ with their new trainer which features their much hyped ‘Boost’ technology.

This is a type of cushioning that the sports brand have developed that looks like polystyreneand offers support and comfort to the wearer.

Adidas say the Boost cushioning also gives ‘energy return’ so the wearer can run more effortlessly.

It certainly seems to have worked for the numerous elite athletes, including Jessica Ennis, who have worn Boost trainers thanks to sponsorship deals. Wilson Kipsang wore the adidas Adizero Adios version when he ran what was then a World Record time of 2:03:23 in Berlin in 2013.

Speaking of the Ultra Boost version, which have been on sale since February at a RRP of 130, adidas executive Eric Liedtke said: ‘Ultra BOOST represents the culmination of years of work and meticulous research striving to create the greatest running shoe ever.

‘All of the very best in adidas technology has been combined to create a shoe that provides industry leading Energy Return, alongside unprecedented adaptability and comfort.’

Aldi Premium Running Shoes, 19.99:The premium running shoes are part of the Aldi’s latest ‘Specialbuys’ running range under the label ‘Crane’, which will be in stores from 16th April and available while stocks last.

It’s not the first time Aldi have sold running trainers as a non ‘premium’ version went on sale for 14.99 in 2013.

The men’s version is royal blue and will only be available in stores while stocks last

Aldi say their running range is ‘high spec’ despite the low prices, as they keep their costs down by stocking their own products over big brands, having minimalist store interiors to reduce overheads and charging for plastic bags.

Aldi: The supermarket’s trainers look the part and come in a bright turquoise and pink shade for women and royal blue for men. The appearance is reminiscent of Brooks popular Adrenaline running shoes so friends didn’t guess they were made by Aldi until I told them.

The Aldi trainers feature reflective material which is great for being seen when running at night but the rest of the fabric used does look cheap. The outsole looks bulky and plastic so it doesn’t look like it will have much give when running.


Adidas:The shoes have a tongue at the back of the heel so they can be pulled on easily and thePrimeknit fabric makes it feel you’re putting your foot into a comfortable sock.

The laces are sleek and elastic so can be easily tied for a snug fit.

Adidas shoes can often come up small, so it’s advisable to buy a pair half a size larger than your usual shoe size. In doing so, I found my pair to be a perfect fit. My toes had plenty of space at the front so they didn’t pinch when my foot pushed forward when I was running, and they weren’t too lose at the heel so they didn’t rub.
timberland uk shoes Aldi's new bargain shoes against state

timberland shoe sizing Alcoholic Jonathan Rhys Meyers relapsed at airport after wife had devastating miscarriage

timberland boots men Alcoholic Jonathan Rhys Meyers relapsed at airport after wife had devastating miscarriage

Alcoholic Jonathan Rhys Meyers relapsed at airport after wife had devastating miscarriageHis wife Mara took to Instagram to reveal the reason behind the disturbing pictures of the Irishman drunk at Dublin airport08:45, 10 SEP 2017Updated17:39, 15 SEP 2017Taking to Instagram after the Tudors actor was pictured staggering around Dublin airport and being cared for by passing cops, Mara said her 40 year old recovering alcoholic husband had turned back to the booze after she lost their second child.In a heartbreaking Instagram message, the mum of one wrote: “With much sadness, we open our hearts to share that J and I lost our second child, who was baking in the oven. Child was very very much wanted (right now especially by J, so he took the news particularly not so well) and we are still working with coping skills over here. when life throws us curve balls such as these.”Explaining her husband’s condition, she added: “Depression is a real concern from past abuse as well as alcoholism which he was born with. He has been able to turn any ugliness and hurt in his life into art and is the strongest person I know. I do not know anyone who has been through what he has been through and reached his level of successes. It does seem though that every time we seem to be making so much progress. sometimes it’s like two steps forward, one step back.”Thank you family and friends and all of you lovely kind beautiful people who send us good energy and thoughts and support. It is so appreciated. I have so much love for you.”To some others, my husband is an Irishman who battles alcoholism and depression and drank between jobs to try to cope with the sadness of this news. I am trying to and still learning/adjusting to living with the public, like one would as a concerned mother in law.”Jonathan walked away with an Airport officerMara added: “I feel that whomever took photos of my husband was slightly in the wrong and was concerned for the wrong reasons but . it’s ok. It’s ok. Maybe you have/had a family to feed and need/needed money? I don’t know. We forgive you. He is safe and with his sober living companion and bodyguard to get into a detox closer to home since he was denied hospital help twice in Ireland because of an already two month wait period.”Life is life. Life is beautiful. Life is tough sometimes though so let’s try not looking down at someone unless we intend on helping them up.”The couple welcomed their first child Wolf last December, when Mara gave birth at home, assisting with the delivery.Mara has shared pictures of their son to mark events like National Midwife Day and Breastfeeding Week, last month she posted a joyful holiday picture.And she has paid tribute to how her partner has taken to being a dad. She told her followers: “J is thee best Father btw. Ridiculously loving, super protective, patient and attentive. Wolf is basically snuggled, kissed, adored, sang to and entertained any free minute he has by his Papa. LuckyMom BlessedWife”At the airport an onlooker said the star appeared dishevelled and under the influence.An eyewitness said: “He was staggering around for a good while. He wasn’t causing any hassle with anyone, he just seemed to be really intoxicated. It was very sad to see him like this.”He looked like someone who didn’t have a clue where he was. He was completely out of it. Other passengers were concerned to see him in such a way just after 10am.”It really looked like his demons had caught up with him again. He’s such a talented actor, it’s tragic.”Rhys Meyers was pictured wearing a light grey t shirt, dark leather jacket, tight black jeans with white socks and black shoes.
timberland shoe sizing Alcoholic Jonathan Rhys Meyers relapsed at airport after wife had devastating miscarriage

timberland boots for men Alberta United Conservative leadership contenders vow to band together post

timberland shearling Alberta United Conservative leadership contenders vow to band together post

EDMONTON Alberta new United Conservative Party will have its first official leader on Saturday and all three contenders say job one after vote results are announced will be to join forces.

lose, or draw I be happy, candidate Jason Kenney said earlier this week. achieved my primary objective, which was to unite conservatives.

I elected leader I will reach out immediately to Brian Jean and Doug Schweitzer and encourage them to be involved in key roles in our party. three leadership contenders Kenney, Schweitzer and Jean are all hoping that the results of preferential ballots cast online over three days will go in their favour.

About 62,000 people are registered to vote.

Schweitzer, a longtime Conservative organizer, said he in for the long haul.

or lose this is the party of the future, he said in an interview.

is the party Albertans are looking for to be the alternative of the NDP and hopefully form a government in 2019. Progressive Conservatives and Jean Wildrose party voted to merge in July.

Saturday is the culmination of a plan launched well over a year ago by Kenney, a former federal cabinet minister, to unite Alberta two conservative parties and avoid vote splitting he says led to Premier Rachel Notley NDP winning in the 2015 election.

Jean said he embraced the plan to bring conservatives together and won back out now.

really took a risk two years ago coming out and saying, got my dancing shoes on. Let put egos aside and let talk to the PCs he said.

not going to abandon the United Conservative Party for any reason. two parties have already begun merging constituency associations. Next up is a founding convention to establish party principles.

It has been a leadership campaign marked by some friction.

Jean and Schweitzer outlined detailed plans to reduce Alberta debtload while keeping the rebounding economy from stalling. Kenney avoided specifics on economics. He said he supports a free enterprise compass heading but would let rank and file members set policy at the founding convention.

On social issues, Kenney has been criticized for suggesting he would allow parents to be told if their child joined a gay straight alliance at school. Critics said that could out a child before he or she is ready and put them at risk of harm.

Schweitzer has pushed Kenney and the party to embrace a more progressive stance on social issues. He has said it critical to capture younger voters and remove an effective wedge issue for the NDP.

Kenney has said Schweitzer promise to roll back minimum wage, regardless of its policy merits, is a profoundly naive political move guaranteed to cost conservatives dearly at the polling booth.

Kenney has criticized Jean for poor management of caucus funding, which forced staffers to be laid off. Jean dismissed that complaint and said Kenney supporters were spreading misinformation on his policy positions.
timberland boots for men Alberta United Conservative leadership contenders vow to band together post

timberland barentsburg Alberta RCMP lay kidnapping charges against naked suspects

brown timberland boots for men Alberta RCMP lay kidnapping charges against naked suspects

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileDerek Scott was driving to a job site south of Edmonton when he got a call about an accident involving one of his work trucks, a stolen baby and some naked people.It was something he had to see to believe.The managing partner at LPH Industrial arrived minutes later in Nisku, Alta., to find his company truck had been rammed by what looked like a brand new BMW.’It was a pretty wild fight’Inside the truck, Scott said, was a man, his daughter and her six week old baby who had been allegedly kidnapped.And from the car he saw police and firefighters pull out five people in the buff.”The guy had to do the walk of shame in front of everybody, then two more women did the walk of shame in front of everybody . then the one lady was the last to be removed she put up the biggest fight,” Scott said.”It was a pretty wild fight. It took five people to get her out.”He said the suspects all had their hands cuffed behind their backs.A naked mysteryMounties have charged three people in the bizarre case but have not released many details,
timberland barentsburg Alberta RCMP lay kidnapping charges against naked suspects
including why the people in the car were not wearing any clothes.A 27 year old man and two women, 35 and 30, are to appear Thursday in Leduc court on charges of kidnapping and resisting arrest.Two teenage girls were released without charges. RCMP say they are not naming the accused because doing so may identify the youths.Kidnapping charges pending against nude suspects after two vehicle crash in NiskuFour of the five were taken to hospital for “various reasons,” said police, adding drugs and/or alcohol are considered factors in the case and that the suspects and victims all know each other.They said the man, woman and baby were forced against their will from a home in Leduc County into the BMW. While the car was being driven, the man, who was in the trunk, managed to escape. The woman and her baby then got away.The three were then picked up by the LPH worker,
timberland barentsburg Alberta RCMP lay kidnapping charges against naked suspects
but then his work truck was rammed from behind by the car.

timberland pro safety boots Alarm Fire In The Bronx CBS New York

white timberland boots for men Alarm Fire In The Bronx CBS New York

Residents said they felt the heat, smelled the smoke and some were woken up by knocks on their doors as neighbors urged them to get out, CBS2 Janelle Burrell reported.

was in like a deep sleep. I just jumped up, my heart was pounding, I didn understand what was going on. I just jumped up in fear, said resident Raquel Ruiz, who grabbed her dog and ran outside where she joined hundreds of her neighbors.

saw the fire coming out the sixth floor. I was panic, resident Mamady Traore said.

Video of the scene showed a plume of thick smoke billowing from the top floor.

The intensity of the smoke and heat sent firefighters to the hospital and emergency responders tended to residents on the scene.

Neighboring buildings were evacuated as a precaution.

The fire marshal is still working to determine what ignited the flames, but investigators say the fire began in the space between the building roof and the sixth floor.

an area in this type of building where fire spreads rather quickly, it did in this case. Multiple hand lines were used firefighters did a very aggressive interior attack to save this building, Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said.
timberland pro safety boots Alarm Fire In The Bronx CBS New York