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“Ithink I could actually make quite a good spy,” says Ben Whishaw. “I wouldn’t want to be one, but I think I possibly could.” The 35 year old actor is certainly dressed for the part when we meet head to toe in black and has been getting in a lot of practice over the past year, reprising the role of Q in the latest James Bond film, Spectre, and then in the rather more darkly realistic BBC drama, London Spy, which goes out on BBC1 in November. It would be wrong of me to give too much away, suffice to say that the story would seem to be inspired in part by the real life case of Gareth Williams, the M16 agent whose corpse was found locked in a holdall in 2010.

For Whishaw, who has played so many vacillating characters over the years from Shakespeare’s ultimate ditherer, Hamlet, to the bisexual John in Mike Bartlett’s Royal Court play Cock Danny’s unambiguous sexuality makes a welcome change. “That’s one thing he’s very clear about and very strongly embodies and no problem,” says Whishaw, who himself came out as a gay man in 2013, after the Daily Mail started digging around in his private life.

“It was an odd thing because I wasn’t trying to hide anything but I am naturally quite private, I suppose”, says Whishaw, who, it was also revealed at the time, has been in a civil partnership with Australian composer Mark Bradshaw since 2012. “How do you make that statement to the world?” he asks. “It’s hard. Anyway, it all happened as it happened and now everybody knows and it’s not an issue really.”

It may not be an issue, but it has made Whishaw easier to interview. In the past he has seemed reticent to the point of being tongue tied, and while even now he is not the most free flowing interviewee each answer weighed up with almost painful deliberation he seems surer in his own skin. “I feel very comfortable now in myself,” he agrees. “I think people ask questions when they sense something is being concealed from them, and I don’t have anything to hide.”

While Whishaw delved into the history of M16 for his role in Spectre, he says he deliberately avoided research for London Spy. “Because Danny is not from the world that he finds himself thrust into, it was very important to that he doesn’t know he’s in a spy drama,” he says of a character that reminds him of many people he knows. “He has never found a path really, I suppose lots of potential that’s never been realised or properly tapped into. Yeah, he’s lost in a way that’s so easy to happen in London.”

Nothing however could be more remote from Whishaw’s own experience. In 2004, six months out of Rada and a complete unknown, he found himself an acclaimed Hamlet in Trevor Nunn’s modern dress production at the Old Vic, the same theatre where John Gielgud, Laurence Olivier, Richard Burton, Alec Guinness, Michael Redgrave, Peter O’Toole and Derek Jacobi had delivered their princes of Denmark.

“It happened very unexpectedly,” says Whishaw. “I was only 23 and mainly I just needed to survive it. I remember thinking, ‘if I start thinking about the magnitude of this, I’m going to crumble,’ so I just kept my head down.

“I don’t know what I’d think of it if I watched it now. It was interesting for people to see the character played by someone who looked like he was 18 or 19 rather than, you know and I suppose that was effective about it.”

He is being unnecessarily modest about what was an incredibly auspicious beginning to a career that has continued both on stage and in TV and film, with the lead role in the 2006 film Perfume, as Sebastian Flyte in Julian Jarrold’s 2008 movie of Brideshead Revisited, the poet John Keats in Jane Campion’s Bright Star, and, course, stepping into Desmond Llewelyn and John Cleese’s shoes as Q in Skyfall. Did director Sam Mendes discuss why he had cast a much younger actor in the role?

“Weirdly there wasn’t a great deal of discussion,” he says. “Q is there to perform a certain function in the film that has been very well established the in the last 50 years. In a way that was more important, getting that right,
timberland uk discount code avoiding press harassment and Freddie Mercury biopic
understanding what people expect from Q.”

And it’s hardly Hamlet, I suggest. “It’s not, but not everything can be Hamlet and you wouldn’t want everything to be Hamlet,” he replies, adding that the glamour of being associated with the Bond franchise makes up for any artistic limitations of the role. “It’s hard not to enjoy the excitement that it generates in people. Nothing else I’ve done has generated that much anticipation. And it’s really been lovely because it’s unusual to return to work with the same group of people on a different film.”

One group of people that Whishaw expected to be hanging out with more often, but alas did not, were the cast and crew of the Abi Morgan’s BBC2 period drama The Hour, about a fictional 1950s TV current affairs programme. After two series in which Whishaw co starred with Romola Garai, Dominic West, Julian Rhind Tutt, Anton Lesser and Anna Chancellor the sort of cast, in other words, that most TV commissioners would sell their own children for as well as Emmy, Bafta and Golden Globe nominations, the BBC unexpectedly killed off the show after only two series, with the somewhat odd comment that “we loved the show but have to make hard choices”.

“I really loved that show too,” says Whishaw, who played ambitious and hot headed reporter Freddie Lyon. “I loved that group of characters, and in hindsight it was a real shame. “Not boorish,” he chides. “Her slightly frightened husband, maybe, uncomprehending about what she’s doing.”

Suffragette is one of a welter of projects, current and future, on Whishaw’s slate.

“Eddie makes a very striking a very tall woman,” he says, reminding that Redmayne has played Viola in Twelfth Night, which has also been one of Whishaw’s ambitions, ever since seeing Harriett Walter as Julius Caesar at the Donmar Warehouse. “I’m not knocking on people’s doors begging to play her, but I was excited that gender was no longer an obstacle for playing these roles,” he says.

Whishaw is also excited about another of his current releases, The Lobster, the English language debut of Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos a comedy drama set in a dystopian near future and co starring Rachel Weisz and Colin Farrell. “It’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever been in,” says Whishaw, who plays a character called Limping Man. “I think it’s a real work of art.”

I wouldn’t know where to start in summarising the plot of The Lobster, so I’m grateful when Whishaw has a shot at it: “It’s set in a hotel where people are sent if they are partner less, and you must find your partner within a certain amount of time otherwise you’re turned into an animal. Yup, that’s the premise of the film.”

And that is the last that we will see of Whishaw for a while, unless you manage to get tickets for what is likely to be the hottest show on Broadway, a revival of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, directed by Ivo van Hove, the avant garde Belgian dramaturg who won an Olivier Award in 2015 for his barefoot production of A View from the Bridge at the Young Vic. Whishaw will be co starring with Sophie Okonedo.

Does he prefer film or stage acting, I wonder. “I just take what ever’s offered at that moment. I go with whatever I like. I like the variety. After that I’d like to another television series.”

Does he hanker for A list Hollywood stardom? “Not really. I’ve always enjoyed being there [in Hollywood] when I’ve gone, but it’s always been for something specific and I can’t imagine just going there to I don’t know wait for something. I like it here and I like the work that’s happening here.”

And in any case he has a date to keep. Sam Mendes having repeatedly been refused permission to film his Bond movies inside M16’s HQ on the south bank of the Thames in the post modernist building dubbed “Legoland” Whishaw himself has been invited in by the spooks. “I’ve been asked to go and present a screening of Spectre at M16 so that will the first time I have entered the building for real.”

As for the Freddie Mercury biopic, in which Whishaw was supposed to have played the late Queen frontman after the originally mooted Sacha Baron Cohen left the project citing “artistic differences”, that seems to have gone into development hell. “I don’t know. I truly don’t know. I’ve got no news about it,” says Whishaw. “There’s no script as we stand and no director and therefore no film, so we’ll see.”

Whishaw did a screen test for the part two years ago, in which he sang “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I’m impressed, I tell him. “I don’t have a great voice but I do have quite a big range apparently” before adding with what I have come to recognise as characteristic self deprecation, “Or so the singing teacher told me; I don’t know whether he was just trying to make me feel better.”

Spectreopens on 26 October; The Lobsteris on general release,
timberland uk discount code avoiding press harassment and Freddie Mercury biopic
and London Spybegins on BBC1 in November

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This is at the top of my list. I have never seen so many liaisons since that movie with you know who. It seems that almost every person in the world spends a good deal of their time at work liaising. No problem there, but the word covers up a multitude of so many sins. Everyone seems to be involved in things. Again, the problem is that it does not inform the reader about your responsibilities and could lead them to conclude that you played a bit part when you might have been in a leading role. Using this word could suggest to the reader that you could not be bothered to explain your role or that you don understand your role. Neither is a conclusion you want your reader to draw. Explain what your involvement was. Let them know what part you played, how you contributed and what impact your efforts had on the outcome. What was your involvement? What was the level of your involvement? In what way were you involved?Another vague term. What was your contribution? What were you responsible for? What was the level of your contribution. I have read resumes where people contribute to the development of a strategy. Does this mean they copied and collated the document or did they take minutes of meetings or did they develop the ideas behind the strategy or did they do the research or did they present and sell it or what?Same issue as most of the above. What assistance did you provide? What level was this assistance? How did you assist? What were you responsible for?Like assist, contribute, involve and liaise, it does not inform the reader about what you actually did. What was your participation? In what way did you participated? What were you accountable for?Same argument as for What was the nature of your support? What did you do? What were you responsible for ensuring or achieving in supporting.Key RoleWhat was your role? What part did you play? What was your input or contribution. Spell it out. Using a few more words is far better than leaving the reader in the dark. After all, the aim is to enlighten the reader. Some people play an integral role. Again, what were you responsible for ensuring or achieving?Similar to liaise. What were your dealings? How did you deal with them? What did you deal with them about? Why did you deal with them?Far too many people think that what they do is strategic. Everything these days seems to have a strategic impact. Doesn anyone just get on and do the job anymore? is now used as an adjective in front of just about everything. Be careful. Use it sparingly. Don suggest that you had a strategic role, when you didn Even if you did have a strategic role, explain what you did rather than trying to cover everything with strategic. Use the word strategically!
timberland earth boots Avoiding Horror Words and Phrases in your Resume
Like strategic, everyone has issues today and people are always managing issues. The issue is that it hides what you did. What was the issue and what did you do to manage it or resolve it or make it go away or whatever you did? Some people say they manage change issues. Fine, but what specific issues associated with the change? Some people resolve customer issues. OK, but what were the issues the customers had that needed to be resolved and what did you do to resolve them?This literally means make easy While it might be the correct word to use, too much can be hidden behind it. People often facilitate the implementation of things. But, what was your role and what were you responsible for ensuring or achieving?As in, processing orders or requests. What were you responsible for ensuring or achieving in processing whatever you processed? And, what was involved in the act of processing?A lot of people say things like: implemented organised/coordinated etc etc No need to use it. You would not include in your resume something in which you did not succeed. That would be like including a referee who is going to say negative things about you. That the problem with it. It begs the question: you did all these things successfully, then what did you do that failed. Just leave it out. It not necessary. Again, it over used and abused. Some people even effectively liaise. This is nice for them, but adds little value to the reader understanding of your accomplishments and experience.
timberland earth boots Avoiding Horror Words and Phrases in your Resume

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There are many benefits to use avocado butter, not the least of them that it makes your skin look alive, vibrant and full of health. Add to that the fact that it is completely natural, and it becomes a very attractive choice as an addition to your range of preferred skin care products.

There are several synthetic alternatives you could choose, each of which claims the same benefits as avocado butter, but have you really considered their benefits and the truth of what they claim? Do you understand the meaning of that large ingredients list? Let’s digress for just a short while and discuss the vitamin and supplement industry.

Supplements are available in almost any shape and form: vitamins, minerals and even complex mixtures known as athletic supplements are marketed as being effective in improving fitness, stamina and just about any other health benefit you can imagine. Yet the experts are still out on the difference between the actual benefits claimed for these and those realized in practice. They are not necessarily the same, and there are some real biochemical reasons for that.

The reason is synergy. That word relates to different substances working better together than either could apart. Take the example of a secretary and the guy that delivers her letters by courier. To outsiders, the secretary is great at getting these letters and invoices delivered on time. However, that is meaningless if the courier is not on duty it gets delivered a day late.

In the same way, many vitamins and minerals are well known for their beneficial effects, but there is no point in taking a calcium supplement if the couriers magnesium and vitamins C and D are missing! They are the substances that actually take the calcium into your bone structure. That is why natural sources are better: they have the courier and the secretary provided in the one package, just as they should be. That is also why avocado butter is a far superior skin care substance than any synthetic product.

It contains the antioxidant vitamins A, E and D that kill of the free radicals that age your skin. A very scientific and comforting explanation of how it works, unlike that of the synthetic emulsified oils, containing surfactants that can damage your skin, rather than help it, and other even more toxic substances. It contains a natural sunscreen that protects your skin and hair from the damaging effects of the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

Avocado butter also contains lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to your skin, and it melts at only 30C 35C making it very easy to apply tom your skin.

It can be used to moisturize dry skin ad it can also help to reduce the appearance of age spots, sometimes referred to as liver spots, caused by the oxidation of fatty deposits just under your skin.

So, don’t use these potentially toxic artificial labeled products, but try pure avocado oil next time you are looking for a skin care product. You won’t regret it, and will likely be hooked on it for life: your skin certainly will!

For more information on the benefits of avocado butter visit Laura’s website Castle Baths Avocado Butter, and also her site Castle Baths Spa Products if you are interested in other natural skin care products to help you remain looking young and beautiful.
timberland cargo shorts Avocado Butter for Beautiful and Healthy Skin

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In the fall of 1925 my father entered the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA. He was on the baseball team and was required to take a “War Training” class. He was also on the football team for a period of time, but had to stop in order to earn some money by working as a laboratory employee. Football was very time consuming and there was little time for sports in spite of a lot of pressure from his fellow students and the coaches. As a result he received an F in football.

He did stay on the baseball team however and played the Saxophone in the ‘Cal Tech’ Band and marched in the Rose Bowl Parade on January 1, 1926. All in the band were required to wear white shoes. my father couldn’t afford a new pair of shoes so he wore the only white ones he owned, his tennis shoes. By the end of the five mile march they were almost worn out as well as his feet. He graduated in June of 1928 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) and received Registered Professional Engineer License, State of California, No. 3NE5663.

After graduation he went to work at BOYLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY but after six weeks got fed up and quit. He didn’t like the management nor the type of work. His job was to weld barrels and oversee a group of Mexicans and Blacks unloading freight cars.


My father’s next job suited him much better at Burt Kinner’s company being Kinner’s first graduate engineer.

Kinner Aeroplane and Motor Corp

After working at KINNER one year, my father married Norma Lucile Forman in Santa Ana, CA. June 25, 1929. He took his bride to live in a rented two bedroom house at 2048 Watson Street, Glendale, CA. After a couple years renting the little house he bought it. 12, 1934.

In 1947 Walt had bought the house next door ( a matching twin to ours) and converted the two into one lovely four bedroom home where the family “stayed put” for the next thirteen years.

In 1960, after a total of forty one years living on Watson St. my father and mother moved to the Righter Ranch at 12751 South Tustin Ave. Orange, CA. (Tel: KEllog 8 1711) In September 1966 my father sold the ranch and moved a few blocks away to 12912 Malena Drive, Santa Ana, CA where he and Norma lived out their lives.

In May 1933 my father was laid off due to the Great Depression but never one to let his family down took on a number of ‘odd’ jobs ‘to keep bread on the table’.

The Helms Bakery had trucks (more like vans) filled with breads and pastries. They drove through neighborhoods street by street. Once a week they would be on Watson St. The driver tooted a little whistle all day long everyday gripped between his lips as he drove along in hopes the ladies of the house would hear him and come out with their pocketbooks in hand. My father invented a gadget using a tube connected to the motor’s manifold. He set it up so a hand valve could be opened and the vacuum would make sounds like the drivers made using their hand whistles. McNEIL Company Contractors, Inc. Established in 1886 were located at 5860 Avalon Blvd. Los angles, CA (Tel: AXridge 9035) My father worked on an engine design. When the project was finished they wrote a job recommendation for him.

“We take pleasure in recommending Mr. Walter H. Righter as a very competent and skillful engine designer. Mr. Righter has been employed by the undersigned for the past year, and during that time has turned out work that has been highly satisfactory. In addition to being trustworthy and honest, he is also very diligent and very much on the job, and I cannot recommend him too highly.”


My father designed a new under chord on a plane for American Airways. The company, located in Glendale CA. later became VULTEE AIRCRAFT COMPANY


My father returned to KINNER in 1934 and was responsible for the design of valve gear, cams, supercharger mechanisms and related components. The plant once again shut down in Sept. 1939


Short term, contract engineering jobs


While working for Jerry Vultee, my father was the chief engineer on the V1 A “VULTEE “.

The V1 A Vultee


President and Chief Engineer, my father went into business for himself in 1936. First in his own back yard ‘shop’ which was attached to the garage at 2048 Watson St. Glendale, CA. (Tel: 1113 W). Here he produced the first “Dennymites” with me his daughter Frances as his first and most enthusiastic ‘assemblyman’ and at age 4, his youngest.
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They cautioned that the decisions were not yet final, and an announcement could still be postponed if the decision making process hits a snag. Saturday, a professional lighting kit, five stands for lights and a Pelican case designed to hold a video camera were dropped off in front of Weiner TMs home on Park Ave. South by an unmarked car. They had all been taught how to use handcuffs and force. His response echoed some of the arguments used by opponents of force in the Commons yesterday, arguing that there wasn a clear mission for UK troops. Compare that to China, where a 7.2 percent wage riseover the same period was accompanied by a robust 10.1 percentgain in productivity. Hopefully we get that moment in time before the year is out. But for now, Johnson is imperious, scoring with takedowns at will. Creating and maintaining a talented workforce is the key to that end. Even allies of the Obama administration have been highly critical, with former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs calling it “excruciatingly embarrassing” and calling for “some people” to be fired. customer ordered chili for home delivery. But he thought she said Philly, like in Philly cheese steak. So that was what was sent to her. Well, she started screaming on the phone and yelling at me. She said, going to go on Yelp and tear you apart. Now people have this tool that they can threaten businesses with. The print is always a favourite with us, as well as designers like Dolce and Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli, but this year leopard stalked the catwalks of Burberry Prorsum, Moschino Cheap Chic and Tom Ford too. In September 2012, the Frenchwatchdog sided with Orange, saying the operator could legallyask Cogent for more money to compensate for the high level oftraffic it was delivering. According to Goldblatt, it turns out that once sufficient water vapor exists, there is a determinate amount of radiation that can be emitted to space. When the amount of incoming sunlight exceeds this fixed limit, you get a runaway greenhouse effect. This move bringsthat total amount to $4.4 billion. The industrials are now up 18 percent this year. All 30 stocks in the Dow finished the session higher. The biggest winners were Intel Corp., The Walt Disney Co. and Microsoft. He hasn TMt forgotten about the last time he faced Bill Belichick TMs team on a national stage in prime time. ESPN didn TMt let him forget about it, either, by replaying the Butt Fumble on an endless loop for nearly a year.
timberland front country Available Treatments and More

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Mrs. McKenzie and husband Richard were in Buffalo recently to see Jeffrey Denman’s tribute to her legendary father, “Dancing in the Dark” at the Studio Arena Theatre. While in town they signed copies of their new books: His, “Turn Left at the Black Cow” (Roberts Rinehart), is a memoir of the family’s move from Hollywood to a 200 year old farmhouse on the Irish coast. Hers is “At Home in Ireland” (Rinehart), a cookbook.

When I think of Ireland, a lot of things jump to mind but not cuisine.

We have fabulous restaurants in Ireland. Friends who have just come in from Paris to Ireland say, “We didn’t have anything this good in Paris.” Lamb doesn’t taste like lamb anywhere else but Ireland. Things grow wonderfully there. And it helps having an estuary with a mussel bed in our backyard.

What did you think of “Dancing in the Dark”?

I was really delighted with the concept. Jeffrey (Denman) is just marvelous. At some moments he really got my father’s mannerisms down. It could have been very difficult for me to watch, and I’m not sure why it wasn’t.

Because of the memories it would evoke?

Yes. It’s emotionally difficult to watch my father in old films. Liza Minnelli says the same thing. And it isn’t only children of performers. It’s difficult for anybody to see moving images of people they love who have died. It’s just that, for us, it’s out there all the time.

Which of your dad’s movies is your favorite?

Do you go back to Hollywood often?

We spend very little time out there except to visit friends. It’s really madness. The life out there is ridiculous. There’s always so much distasteful stuff in the movies, so much bad language. That’s what bothers me. I’m not opposed to a few rough bits, but you don’t need it all the time.

A friend once tried teaching me how to do a time step, and I could not grasp it.

What’s your opinion of the Dirt Devil commercial?

It should have never happened. My father would have never approved of having the work he worked so hard to perfect interferred with in that fashion. Hopefully it won’t be seen much more.
timberland gloves AVA ASTAIRE MCKENZIE

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Developed in close collaboration an industry advisory board, consisting of Toyota, Ford General Motors, the The 4th Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing Summit 2017 will feature a brand new agenda which will examine the latest joining, forming surface treatment technologies and their applications for mixed material structures.

It features an expert speaker panel including Honda, Volvo, FCA, GM, Ford, Deer Company and more, who will discuss the latest innovations in adhesives, additive manufacturing, machine learning, multi material joining methods, corrosion mitigation techniques and more.

As recall volumes continue at over 50 million affected vehicles per year and news of global recalls dominate the headlines, the industry continues to wonder what the future will hold. In an environment of change and upheaval, how do we know what the right path is?

Topics include: overall trends, analysis of international recall data, industry analysis of completion rates, insights on defects risks associated with the latest safety technologies, how software is changing the way we think about recall risk, finacial impact of recalls, how defect data can help us shape the future and more.
baby timberland boots Automotive News

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timberland childrens boots Automotive News Europe

This month’s speaker series features a panel presentation by Jim Shaw of Bentley, Jason C. Hill of the eco friendly Eleven LLC., Troy Sumitomo of Five Axis and Frank Stephenson of McLaren Automotive. Together, these industry veterans are responsible for many of the exciting developments in today’s automotive world.

Event attendance includes admission to the renowned Petersen Automotive Museum, a viewing of the all new Supercars: When Too Much is Almost Enough exhibit, a rooftop networking cocktail hour and the rare chance to hear the speakers give personal insight to the vehicles on display and work they’ve done.

Held at the newly renovated AIAG headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, this half day forum provides attendees an opportunity to discover new products and meet with automatic identification technology experts and service providers. For purchase order registrations, call (248) 358 3003, or if you need help registering please visit our help area.
timberland shoes boots Automotive News Europe

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timberland glasses Automatic For The People

In “Dear Life”, Andrea Corr sings of wanting to “live life like I’m losing, and holding on for dear life” a neatlyturned expression of constant striving, though not one reflected much in Jupiter Calling, which still relies too heavily on routine romantic fluff like “Hit My Ground Running” and the glutinous “Butter Flutter”. T Bone Burnett has been drafted in as producer, and brings his usual taste and expertise to songs such as “Son Of Solomon”, which opens with delicate guitar picking reminiscent of Simon Garfunkel’s “Scarborough Fair/Canticle” before expanding through touches of flugelhorn, fiddle, etc.

Just as important is Caroline Corr’s slap beat command of rockier tracks like “Chasing Shadows” and “Bulletproof Love”, a mandolin led folk rocker in REMvein. It’s not all romantic, though: the undulating roll, combined with fiddle and whistles, of “SOS” disguises the underlying theme of what is apparently a refugee plaint, while the song to an unborn child “No Go Baby” raises thorny but timely issues of termination.

As usual, all the Dap Kings contribute songs to Sharon Jones’ final album, but none come closer to pin pointing her position than guitarist Joe Crispiano and drummer Homer Steinweiss on “Searching For A New Day”, where she sings proudly of being “a brand new superstar, once an ordinary girl”. It’s this modest, late blooming charm that illuminates Soul Of A Woman, as Jones rides the slinky guitar motifs and horn riffs of smart, funky struts like the suspicious “Rumors” and optimistic “Sail On!”, or quietly negotiates the dramatic soft/loud dynamic of the brooding deep soul piece “Just Give Me Your Time”.

Throughout, Jones’s characteristic optimism holds true, in songs such as Binky Griptite’s latter day civil rights anthem “Matter Of Time” (“It’s a matter of time before justice will come”) and especially Crispiano’s “Come And Be A Winner”, whose light country soul stylings and rhythm guitar seem to channel Curtis Mayfield: “Sometime people treat you like worn out shoes, but they don’t know you can’t lose”.

REM’s brooding masterwork ultimately notched up some 18 million sales remarkable for an album that tackles mortality and mercy with due mystery and compassion. And not a little playfulness too, the sombre mood tempered by references to childhood games, rhymes and singalong melodies, such as the succession of tunes nimbly negotiated by John Paul Jones’s simpatico strings in “The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight”. It’s an album of shadows and contrasts: “Drive”, for instance, opens proceedings on the cusp of adulthood, imparting youthful rebel spirit with a warning sense of duty for the future, before “Try Not To Breathe” offers an extraordinary image of an old person eager to leave the world to the young.

Elsewhere, “Everybody Hurts” offers anthemic uplift with a power undreamt of by Coldplay, while the Andy Kaufman tribute “Man On The Moon” provides a brilliant climax, celebrating the mystery surrounding the comedian’s death as the ultimate confirmation of his trickster spirit. This 25th anniversary release comes in the usual range of editions featuring bonus demos, out takes and live tracks.

Jim White,
timberland shoes sale uk Automatic For The People
Waffles, Triangles Jesus

Former catwalk model, pro surfer and cab driver Jim White brings a diverse wealth of worldliness to his arcane observations, which on Waffles, Triangles Jesus finds familiar Americana tropes and sounds given his distinctive twist. The traditional country/folk forms are subtly shaded in songs like “Silver Threads” (“they say silver threads can mend a broken heart”) and the troubling “Reason To Cry”, in which melancholy is characterised almost as some contagion of the soul.

In lighter spirit, “Playing Guitars” blends exuberant layers of country guitar lines to offer a jaunty reflection on the ubiquity of musicians which concludes with White himself startled by yet another one staring back from his mirror. But he’s more successful when augmenting those country modes with different musical colours most notably in “Prisoner’s Dilemma”, where blaxploitation flutes and brass underscore the titular jailbird’s blaming of the “rotten tooth of my wasted youth” and, ultimately, God for making him the way he is.

Blitzen Trapper, Wild And Reckless

Wild And Reckless was born out of a musical of the same name that Blitzen Trapper staged in their hometown Portland, a sci fi rock opera apparently dealing with such weighty themes as heroin, love and western power structures Oklahoma with trackmarks, possibly. The opening “Rebel” sets the tone with a country style tale of how a good hearted man’s attempt to live up to his father’s ideals backfires to leave him a criminal, losing his beloved’s respect and affection in the process. “Joanna”, for instance, is a rape revenge ballad told without judgement, in spartan Nebraska style, while the title track tale of youthful love is a crisp, punchy heartland rocker with kids staving off the future on their own Oregonian Thunder Road: “If I ever get old, and I’m looking back on these wild and reckless times, well, they’re the best days of our lives.”

I don’t know much about Peter Oren, and I get the impression, listening to Anthropocene, that he likes it that way. These 10 songs are like soundings from between the cracks, faint echoes from an inveterate wanderer whose revulsion at our anthropocentric ruination of the world leads him to ever darker places. “How will we escape this hell?” he wonders in the titletrack, before conceding defeat in the closing “Welcome/Goodbye”, “Welcome to this record, and goodbye to this world/May a new one soon unfurl”.

In between, he’s more content dealing in animist and elemental imagery: in “Falling Water” he imagines himself as rain, heading for the ocean; while in the sly, barbed metaphor of “Chain Of Command”, a dog reminds sheep that it’s his master’s word that will protect them from the wolf but for what? Ornamented by subtle drumming and spare shards of brilliant guitars, Oren’s simple guitar stylings make a solid setting for a haunting baritone that recalls the comparable dark musings of Bill Callahan.

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timberland atrus boot auto sales forecast to slip in April as retail demand slumps

kids timberland boots uk auto sales forecast to slip in April as retail demand slumps

new vehicle sales have passed their peak, with April expected to mark the industry fourth consecutive monthly decline.

Edmunds, which projects sales will fall 4 percent from April 2016, said retail demand is Kelley Blue Book estimates April sales will fall 3.1 percent, even as automakers continue ramping up incentives to counter rising inventories.

LMC Automotive, which is calling for a 2 percent decline in April, has backed away from its previous forecast that 2017 sales would break last year record. It now estimates full year sales will come in at 17.5 million, a 0.1 percent decline.

starting to see the slowdown in 2017 we been anticipating, Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds executive director of industry analysis, said in a statement Wednesday. year over year declines may become more typical as the year progresses, but there no reason to be in panic mode. Historically, car sales are still strong. sales decline in 2017, it would be the industry’s first down year since 2009, ending a streak of seven consecutive gains. First quarter sales were down 1.6 percent from the same period in 2016.

However, most of the indicators that analysts watch to assess the market have become more concerning in recent months. Power and Associates, the data provider for LMC forecast. Power says. The average new vehicle now takes 70 days to sell, which is the most for any month since July 2009. Power senior vice president of automotive data and analytics.

There is some good news for automakers. Power said the industry average transaction price in the first 13 selling days of April was a record $31,380, $152 more than a year ago. It also said April was the 10th consecutive month in which highly profitable light trucks were at least 60 percent of the market.

The April forecasts call for a seasonally adjusted, annualized selling rate of 17 million to 17.5 million, compared with 17.4 million a year ago. results on Tuesday, May 2. Nearly all are expected to post declines. One exception is Subaru, which KBB said could set another monthly record.

April is expected to be another poor month for sedans, even as incentives on them continue to climb. KBB estimates that sales of midsize SUVs and crossovers will rise 8.2 percent while midsize car deliveries will fall 18 percent.

ATTENTION COMMENTERS: Over the last few months, Automotive News has monitored a significant increase in the number of personal attacks and abusive comments on our site. We encourage our readers to voice their opinions and argue their points. We expect disagreement. We do not expect our readers to turn on each other. If we see repeated behavior, we will ban the commenter. Please help us maintain a civil level of discourse.
timberland atrus boot auto sales forecast to slip in April as retail demand slumps

timberland calderbrook boots AUTISM OTHERS

mens timberland boots on sale AUTISM OTHERS

Childrens Plaza, Chicago, IL (773) 880 4000 The Rehabilitative Services team at Children’s Memorial provides comprehensive care for children ranging in age from birth through adolescence. Our services include consultation, assessment, direct treatment, fabrication and fit of therapeutic devices, and education for patients and their families. Our skilled professionals work to help a child return to their previous functional status or gain the ability to do things the child was not able to learn on their own. We interact closely with other departments and specialty physicians in multidisciplinary clinics. We provide services for inpatients and outpatients. Our rehabilitation division is comprised of the following departments: Audiology, Aural Habilitation, Motion Analysis Center (MAC), Occupational Therapy, Orthotics, Physical Therapy and Speech, Language and Swallowing. Our valuesIn order to achieve our mission of providing the highest standard of rehabilitative care, we hold the following values: Exemplary patient care and service High quality clinical outcomes Commitment to instructing and empowering parents to assume the central responsibility for helping their children realize their optimal functional capabilities Excellence in professional education through student and community programs Research excellence Patient, parent and customer satisfaction Supporting our patients through involvement in advocacy issues Serial casting The serial casting program was started in 1992 by Mary Weck, PT, Moira Tobin Wickes, orthotist , and Issac Tolliver, orthotic technician. The program has helped more than 400 children gain independence with standing and walking over the past 14 years. The program is run jointly by the physical therapy and orthotic departments. Serial casting is a process in which a joint or joints that are limited in range of motion are immobilized with a well padded plaster and fiberglass cast. The casts are applied and removed on a weekly basis. During the process, the affected joint or joints are gradually set in a more correct alignment until the desired joint range of motion is achieved. During the casting process the child and family are treated by the physical therapist for alignment, gait and correction of center of mass. At the completion of serial casting orthotic intervention is initiated with solid ankle AFOs for daytime use and solid night AFOs in dorsiflexion. (AFOs are ankle foot orthoses that brace the lower limb the lower leg, ankle, and foot and maintain the alignment that was gained during the serial casting process.) The serial casting program continues after the actual casting process with physical therapy and orthotic intervention until the child is done growing. Involvement in the serial casting program is initiated with a referral from a physician. Each child is evaluated by a physical therapist and orthotist to discuss the program and determine the child’s plan of care. The actual casting process can take anywhere from 6 to 16 weeks. The child is seen weekly for a 2 to 3 hour appointment to have new casts applied and receive their home exercise program. Orthotics Welcome to the orthotics part of our department. If you are visiting for the first time it is likely that your child needs a brace. A brace is an externally applied device used to modify the structural or functional characteristics of the neuro, muscular or skeletal system. Most braces are made of plastic and are designed to meet the needs of your child. Our licensed orthotic practitioners are here to provide you and your child with the best service possible. To make your visit as productive and enjoyable as possible we have provided you and your child with a list of things to consider bringing to the appointment. Some things may or may not apply to child so if you have questions please call our department. Orthotics Prosthetics department The Orthotics Prosthetics department and Moira Tobin Wickes Orthotics Program offers unique and comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic care that is innovative and personalized for both family and child. Care is specialized to meet the needs of your child. The best concept to describe the department at Children’s Memorial Hospital is a team approach. We work closely with multiple departments (such as orthopaedics, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, rheumatology, anesthesia, physical/occupational therapy and other rehabilitation services). Additionally, our department cooperates with community physicians for care of their patients. We are ideally located and share the same floor as orthopaedics, neurology, and neurosurgery. In addition to working with the programs above, we also cooperate closely physical therapy, occupational therapy and the motion analysis center. Our convenient location allows us to better coordinate care for families and serve your child better. laws and regulations, which may be different from the laws and regulations of your home country. By registering for this service, you are consenting to this collection, storage, and use.
timberland calderbrook boots AUTISM OTHERS

timberland kids boots sale Authorities say Vegas gunman shot guard before firing on crowd

timberland bromilly Authorities say Vegas gunman shot guard before firing on crowd

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo had previously said the guard was shot after gunman Stephen Paddock fired at the country music festival and that the guard arrival in the hallway of the Mandalay Bay hotel may have caused Paddock to stop firing.On Monday, Lombardo said security guard Jesus Campos was in a hallway of the Mandalay Bay hotel responding to a report of an open door when he heard drilling from Stephen Craig Paddock room.Paddock, who had installed three cameras to monitor the approach to his suite, opened fire through the door, spraying 200 shots down the hall and wounding the guard, who alerted other security officials, Lombardo said. history, Lombardo said.Paddock had power tools and was attempting to drill a hole in an adjacent wall, perhaps to mount another camera or to point a rifle through, but he never completed the work, Lombardo said. He also drilled holes and bolted a metal bar to try to prevent the opening of an emergency exit stairwell door near the door of his room.Lombardo again expressed frustration with the pace of the investigation, but not with the investigators who have yet to pinpoint the motive behind the shooter decision to fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel casino on a Las Vegas Strip concert crowd of 22,000 on Oct. 1.”It because this individual purposely hid his actions leading up to this event, and it is difficult for us to find the answers to those actions,” Lombardo said. “We believe he decided to take the lives he did and he had a very purposeful plan that he carried out.”There is still no evidence Paddock was motivated by ideology, or that there was another shooter, he said. Investigators have found 200 incidents of Paddock moving through the city, and at no time was he with anyone else, Lombardo said.Lombardo said police and FBI agents, including behavioural profilers,
timberland kids boots sale Authorities say Vegas gunman shot guard before firing on crowd
still haven found a particular event in Paddock life that might have triggered the shooting. The sheriff added that a complete evaluation of Paddock mental condition was not yet done.The sheriff also confirmed investigators are talking with Paddock brother Eric Paddock, who travelled to Las Vegas, and continue to speak with the shooter girlfriend, Marilou Danley, to get insight.Lombardo declined to reveal what they said, but he stated, “Every piece of information we get is one more piece of the puzzle.”Eric Paddock said he came to Las Vegas to retrieve his brother body in hopes of sending the cremated ashes to their 89 year old mother in Orlando.Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said Monday he could not discuss the results of an autopsy done on Stephen Paddock, who police said shot himself dead before officers arrived at the Las Vegas Strip hotel suite from which he rained gunfire on a concert crowd below.Eric Paddock told the Las Vegas Review Journal that he plans to put his brother assets in a trust that would benefit the shooting victims.Law enforcement interviews with Paddock brother Saturday and Sunday were part of an exhaustive search through the 64 year old life.Meanwhile, friends and relatives of the victims and other concert goers who survived returned Monday to reclaim baby strollers, shoes, phones, backpacks and purses left behind in the panic as they fled.The personal effects being recovered were strewn across the massive grassy concert venue where 22,000 country music fans attended the Route 91 Harvest festival have become sentimental memories of loved ones for some and haunting reminders of the night of terror for others.People left behind thousands of items, Clark County Emergency Manager John Steinbeck said.At the assistance centre set up at a convention centre in Las Vegas, a steady stream of individuals walked in on Monday looking for purses, wallets, cellphones and even a wedding bracelet. Volunteers filled out intake forms with detailed descriptions of their lost items, and later, FBI victims assistance agents asked for additional questions.People received their belongings in re sealable plastic bags and were asked to check them. After identifying their items, some smiled and others hugged the FBI agents or Red Cross volunteers who had helped them.
timberland kids boots sale Authorities say Vegas gunman shot guard before firing on crowd

timberland chocorua trail Author Colin MacFarlane recalls his childhood in notorious Glasgow slum

timberland front country Author Colin MacFarlane recalls his childhood in notorious Glasgow slum

He and his friends roamed Glasgow’s Gorbals getting into scrapes, enjoying “garden parties” with drunks and upsetting cops . but all with a sense of humour.Colin and his pals formed a gang, the Incredible Gorbals Diehards.In the third volume of his memoirs, he reveals how the name came about, introduces us to the local undesirables and lifts the lid on the humour and sadness of the Gorbals”Get oot ma lobby, ya dosser. Get oot or ah’ll hit ye over the heid wi this. Ah’ll beat ye tae a pulp if ah see ye here again.”I had walked down the tenement stairs to find Mrs McDougall, a large, stout woman, waving a frying pan at our favourite lobby dosser. She was shouting at Jimmy and he looked hungover and frightened.”Awright, missus,” Jimmy shouted back. “I wisnae daein’ any harm. Ah wis jist havin’ a kip, that’s aw.”The scene struck me as more comical than sad. I met Jimmy at the close mouth, and the sun was still shining. “Lovely day,” Jimmy said.”Aye,” I replied, “but no a good day tae have yir heid bashed in wi a fryin’ pan.”He made off around the corner into Rutherglen Road. He looked like a man on a mission. Mind you, all alcoholics look like that when they’re on the hunt for a drink.I met up with the boys. Alex, Chris, Albert, Rab and we walked along Gorbals Street towards the Cross. Standing outside the bookie’s was a man we called Peter the Punt.Unlike most racehorse fanatics, he made half decent amounts of money through betting, and sometimes gave us a bung from his winnings. Peter, an ex con, loved the horses and hated the police in equal measure.”How’s it goin’, Peter?” we called out. His eyes lit up when he saw us, but he just shrugged his shoulders and said: “Ye know how it is. Ah’m still waitin’ fur the big win that’ll change ma life. But ah cannae seem tae pick a good horse fur love or money jist noo. Ma luck will turn wan o’ these days.”He looked us up and down and laughed. “You guys are no the size o’ tuppence and a wee bird tells me ye had somethin’ tae do wi the big copper gettin’ a pellet through the mooth.”I wasn’t surprised he knew. The Gorbals had a grapevine the police would never tap into, and Peter always knew what was going on.Alex laughed. “Peter, ah’m sayin’ nothin’ until ah see ma lawyer.”There was more laughter and banter, and then Peter declared: “Ah’ve got a new name fur you young scallywags. The Gorbals Diehards.”After shootin’ that polis it wis a phenomenal thing tae do yir name should be the Incredible Gorbals Diehards.”Me and the boys liked our new nickname. In fact, we were elated.We were now fated to be known locally as the Incredible Gorbals Diehards. We felt like comic book superheroes. There was Superman, Spider Man, the Hulk, and now the Incredible Gorbals Diehards.No doubt about it, our new moniker sounded great. But what the hell did diehard mean? “There’s only wan thing fur it,” I told the boys. “We’ll have tae go tae the library and find oot.”
timberland chocorua trail Author Colin MacFarlane recalls his childhood in notorious Glasgow slum

timberland mens bromilly boots brown smooth Austria’s Sebastian Kurz set to become Europe’s youngest leader in elections overshadowed by march of the far right

timberlands cheap Austria’s Sebastian Kurz set to become Europe’s youngest leader in elections overshadowed by march of the far right

No use without permission.)

Austria’s 31 year old Sebastian Kurz was on course to becoming Europe’s youngest elected leader last night in elections over shadowed by a strong showing for the far right.

Exit poll s put Mr Kurz’s right wing People’s Party (OVP) on course for victory, with the anti immigration Freedom Party tying with the socialists for second place.

One survey had the People’s Party projected to win 30.2% of the vote, with the Freedom Party (FP on 26.8% and the Social Democrats 26.3%.

Another placed the the OVP on 31.5%, with the Social Democrats in second place on 27.1% and (FP on 25.9%.

With no party gaining an overall majority, Mr Kurz is expected to turn to the Freedom Party as a coalition partner.

The former Foreign Minister will be the youngest elected leader in the world, followed by Ireland’s Leo Varadkar, 38, Frances Emmanuel Macron, 39.

The Freedom Party has accused him of stealing its policies by adopting a hard line on refugees in the face of Europe’s migrant crisis.

Mr Kurz has pledged to shut the main migrant routes into Europe, cap benefits for refugees and bar foreigners from receiving benefits until they have lived in the country for five years.

In an echo of Donald Trump, he campaigned on an “Austria First” policy and rebranded the People’s Party as his personal “movement.”

Britain will be watching the result closely as Austria takes over the EU presidency in the second half of 2018 when the Brexit talks will be at a crunch stage.

(Image: AFP)

The snap elections were called after Mr Kurz collapsed his party’s coalition with the ruling social democrats led by Chancellor Christian Christian Kern.

The bad blood between the two leaders points to Mr Kurz joining forces with the Freedom Party.

This would see its leader Heinz Christian Strache become the first European politician with a neo Nazi background to sit in government since the Second World War.
timberland mens bromilly boots brown smooth Austria's Sebastian Kurz set to become Europe's youngest leader in elections overshadowed by march of the far right

brown leather timberland boots Australian retailers are losing the online race

timberland brown leather boots Australian retailers are losing the online race

While overseas retailers like Macy’s and John Lewis are embracing the rise of online shopping, Australian companies Myer and David Jones have shown reluctance. ABC’s Emma Alberici pens an open letter to the company CEOs with a few thoughts.

Dear Bernie Brookes (Myer CEO) and Paul Zahra (David Jones CEO),

According to Roy Morgan Research’s State of the Nation report, after a decade of consistent year on year growth, internet shopping finally reached mainstream status in the first quarter of 2013. According to the report:

For the first time, Australians who don’t buy something online in an average three month period are in the minority.

If you continue with your false assumptions about what consumers want, shareholders might begin asking difficult questions: Are you luddites or do you honestly believe that e commerce is a fad?

Mr Brookes, why did you say online shopping would only account for 10 per cent of retail sales at department stores in the UK and the US over the next five years when John Lewis is already selling 25 per cent of its goods through the internet and is actively pursuing a strategy that will push that figure to 40 per cent by 2020?

Of Mr Zahra, one might query what on earth he was thinking when he recently trumpeted the introduction of free wi fi in his stores. Do you really want people visiting DJs online right now when the children’s section is promoting Christmas themed clothing in June? And Mr Zahra, there is no point encouraging people online only to disappoint them when they arrive. While the world’s biggest department stores are luring people with web exclusives, their Australian counterparts are turning customers away when they venture into cyberspace with alerts warning that certain stock is only available at the shop. Remarkably, DJs advises people to pick up the telephone and inquire about that product’s availability, fit and style instead. Mr Zahra, do you not recognise the fury such a message is likely to illicit from someone who has presumably logged on to your site to speed up the whole shopping experience?

Unlike their international counterparts, Myer and David Jones have never taken online shopping seriously. In Australia, where we have enjoyed the highest economic growth in the developed world, low unemployment and record low interest rates, the major department stores have been blaming the “worst trading environment in 30 years” for their poor sales.

In the US and the UK where recession has brought double digit unemployment, the big department stores that have embraced the virtual world are going gangbusters. Macy’s (which counts the upmarket department store Bloomingdale’s in its stable) recently reported a 20 per cent surge in profits. The company revealed that 89 per cent of its growth came from online sales. Their website is tipped to become such a big component of the business that Macy’s has been investing heavily in its technology and other strategies that make them able to respond to customer needs fast.

Management is aiming to have the highest possible number of suburban stores capable of fulfilling online orders. In 2011, it trialled 23 “online fulfilment centres”. By the end of 2013, Macy’s will have 500 such outlets well equipped to process and dispatch orders.

Celebrated John Lewis CEO Andy Street understands that getting products to people and returned as promptly as possible will make them more loyal to the brand. Click and collect is a vital part of his business too. John Lewis online purchases can now be picked up at any John Lewis site plus any of the UK’s Waitrose stores (the supermarket chain sits under the same corporate umbrella).

At Myer in Australia, you can have your purchases delivered within four to seven working days unless you live in Western Australia in which case you will wait 10 days (never mind this is the state where people have the highest disposable income in the country). Click and collect is only available at four specific Myer stores in the entire country (sorry Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin and Canberra). Did I mention that John Lewis will soon offer a freight service that delivers straight to the customer’s closest petrol station?

Mr Bookes, Mr Zahra, I’m surprised that you continue to blame the “trading environment”, “consumer sentiment”, and the fact that Australians are saving more and spending less. Perhaps a little more introspection is required.

Pardon my impertinence Bernie Brookes but how did you manage to negotiate a 4.4 per cent pay rise last year after your sales fell 1.3 per cent? Do you, Mr Zahra, honestly expect the public to believe that much of your companies’ woes can be attributed to your predecessor, Mark McInnes? You have been in charge for three years now and before that you were group general manager of stores and operations at DJs. Didn’t you notice what was happening in international retailing in your 12 years at DJs before you became CEO? When you were at Myer and Officeworks before that, weren’t you trained to keep an eye on trends overseas?

Mr Brookes, Mr Zahra, I find your claim about the impact of the high Australian dollar the most outrageous of all. It presupposes that shoppers are motivated almost entirely by price and it exposes just how out of touch you are.

When I logged in just now I found the DJs front page emblazoned with a 50 per cent off banner. Myer is currently advertising its “biggest” stocktake sale. It seems like the country’s two biggest department stores are engaged in a cycle of continuous heavy discounting.

But there is no point chasing the volume game when what you really want is value. Price is important but it’s not the reason shoppers are drawn to the internet for the latest fashions.

Mr Brookes, Mr Zahra, I want to let you in on an open secret; the women whose wallets you covet no longer have the luxury of time to spend aimlessly walking around your multi level department stores. In the time it takes to reach level two, they can click a mouse or touch a screen and buy something from every one of your departments.

Your traditional customers (mostly women) now have jobs and if they don’t also have families then they certainly have a lot more other demands on their time than they once did. Technology also means they are much more aware of their entertainment options and shopping is falling further down the list.

Shopping has become the thing women do at night, with a glass of wine, after the kids are in bed or at work during a meal break. Couples have less time to spend with each other than they ever have and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that men aren’t enamoured with the department store “experience”.

John Lewis CEO Andy Street last month told The Times in London that the John Lewis champagne bar at Bluewater is now the busiest part of the foodhall. “People want a day out and they want to be sociable. And that’s part of what we’re providing: a meeting place.”

Far from putting up the white flag, Australia’s biggest retailers are getting together to fight back . not with a clever strategy to win back customers that are shopping with their international rivals, rather, they want politicians on both sides to intervene. Frustrated by their own lack of ideas and innovation, they want Canberra to tax imported goods under $1,000. Remember, Australians are currently paying up to $50 for the luxury of having things shipped to them from overseas. That cost is often not too far off what they might have paid if the GST applied. If Australia’s shopkeepers took a global approach, they too could benefit by selling their wares to the world GST free. People want something new, something other people don’t have. Couldn’t an Australian retailer offer shoppers in the US, the UK something different?

Both the online and the in store experience have to change for our big department stores to stay competitive. If foreign retailers like Macy’s and John Lewis (not to mention the hundreds of smaller department stores and stand alone outlets) can manage to distribute to Australia and express prices in Australian dollars online, why can’t DJs and Myer send Australian brands overseas?

Surely they could be effective aggregators and yet their websites don’t even countenance the possibility that someone sitting in a living room in London or New York might want to purchase Sass Bide jeans or Bonds underwear? Neither store’s site contains any information whatsoever about international delivery. John Lewis boasts international shipping to 30 countries. The first time I logged in to Macy’s they let me know I could have any of their products shipped to Australia. Mr Brookes, Mr Zahra, please explain why you can’t imagine doing what your competitors have been doing for years.

When “pure play” e tailers entered the market, John Lewis recognised that it had the advantage of retail incumbency. Shoppers recognised and respected the brand. All John Lewis had to do was freshen it up and convince people it was nimble enough to respond to its customers’ needs and desires.

Clever marketing went a long way to inspiring loyalty. In 2010, the “She’s Always a Woman” advertising campaign went viral on YouTube with more than 850,000 hits. The clip traversed the various stages of a woman’s life from birth to pension age and prompted the Daily Mail to claim the department store had touched the nation’s hearts and reduced even the most hardened television viewers to tears. The Fyfe Dangerfield cover of the Billy Joel song commissioned especially for the ad became a hit, rocketing up the British charts. As it continued to “keep pushing at the boundaries” John Lewis this year introduced Johnny Harrington a former kitchen fitter with a ginger beard and unkempt mane who became the unlikely new “hobo chic” face of John Lewis menswear. Sales jumped. The John Lewis YouTube channel boasts dozens of videos, featuring everything from fashion bloggers talking about designer headphones to a guide to troubleshooting your washing machine.

While Myer has now exited the business of selling whitegoods, John Lewis has made a name for itself by introducing retro fridges. David Jones is struggling to make money out of its technology division; meanwhile, sales of technology, iPads in particular, have been a huge driver of growth at JL.

DJs and Myer need to innovate and reinvent themselves but their CEOs appear reluctant to change. They moved online only grudgingly and are now promising shareholders cost cutting as a solution to its problems. There has been a lot of talk of improving the online offering but it’s yet to materialise in any meaningful way. Macy’s and John Lewis online flash up their feedback form on a regular basis. Both stores are desperate to know why people visit their site and what they could do better (Macy’s formally asks “what can we do better”). Bernie Brookes and Paul Zahra, prominently ask your customers what they want. It might surprise you.
brown leather timberland boots Australian retailers are losing the online race

cheap timberland boot Australian Pioneer Aviatrix

timberland boots for women Australian Pioneer Aviatrix

With a future as a world champion cross country skier and the holder of numerous national titles in athletics, Janine was destined for sporting greatness. Janine was told she could not hope to ski again, may not walk again and would not be able to bear children. Her dreams seemed shattered. Despite seemingly impossible odds, Janine fought back. Janine’s remarkable story is told in her widely acclaimed book Never Tell Me Never. She was featured on 60 minutes and her tale has been told in various publications. The hit movie Never Tell Me Never starring Claudia Karvan as Janine was widely acclaimed and shown on National Television. A true inspiration, Janine is a motivating and moving speaker. She has spoken to a wide variety of audiences including addressing the Queen’s Trust Future Prospectives Forum as the inspirational speaker. Her presentations focus on her new life philosophy drawing on her journey from tragedy to triumph. : The Next Challenge : The 2004 Olympics

NSW Team member with Sharni

(Jacananda Tisharna), June 2000

Janine Sheperd is new to riding. She has partial paraplegia after an accident well documented in her book “Never Tell Me Never”. Well here she is with Jacananda Tisharna who is having her first aromatherapy treatment in preparation for the State Disabled Dressage Championships in July. Janine had just been assessed as a Grade 4 competitor after riding for only 6 months.

So how did Tara measure up at the FDE? Courage? Check Tara was definitely more excited than daunted around the cross country course. One forgivable refusal as she followed a horse who did it first. Clearance? Check a clear round of the show jumps with again only one refusal.
cheap timberland boot Australian Pioneer Aviatrix

kids timberland sandals Australian connection on display in upcoming NGV exhibition

timberland jobs Australian connection on display in upcoming NGV exhibition

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) will next year stage an ambitious exhibition celebrating the House of Dior’s 70th anniversary, which promises to give local audiences an appreciation of the label’s Australian connection and influence.

Key points:Exhibition in Melbourne to celebrate Dior’s 70th birthdayDior first toured Australia in 1948, just one year after its first collectionShow will include one of few surviving examples of New Look collection

More than 140 couture garments will go on display from the gallery’s own collection, the designer’s archives in Paris and international galleries including New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The NGV approached the House of Dior three years ago about staging the exhibition to feature outfits from Christian Dior’s first 1947 Spring collection through to pieces by its latest top designer Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Katie Somerville, the gallery’s senior curator of fashion and textiles, said the first complete Dior collection to be shown outside of Paris toured Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in 1948.

She said Dior’s early role in the evolution of Australian fashion may come as a surprise to some.

“The house [was] established in 1947, with those first collections showing. And the following year, an entire collection is transported here to Australia,” she said

“That kind of lineage, I think, will be really wonderful for people to have a sense of and own and feel proud about.”

Some Dior designs inspired by AustraliaChristian Dior named some of his designs Melbourne and Sydney and a number of looks were called “Australie”.

Ms Somerville said Dior’s revolutionary designs helped shape the local fashion scene, and high fashion remains relevant today.

“Its been around for a very long time and it has had periods where people have questioned its relevance and capacity to keep being relevant,” she said.

“What a show like this will demonstrate is there is so much we owe to couture in terms of transforming our understanding of silhouettes in fashion.”

Ms Somerville said everybody could relate to fashion, no matter how much effort they put into selecting their own outfits. (Supplied: National Gallery of Victoria/Trunk Archive/Clifford Coffin)

Melbourne one of three cities to celebrate anniversaryNGV director Tony Ellwood said Melbourne was one of only three world cities chosen to help celebrate Dior’s 70th anniversary.

“The other exhibitions are being staged alongside commemorative events in Paris and New York,” he said.

“Highlights from NGV’s House of Dior exhibition will include one of the few surviving examples of Christian Dior’s New Look collection which revitalised women’s fashion in the post war era.

“And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Dior exhibition without the sculptural tailoring, the signature ball gowns and their glamourous evening dresses which have become synonymous with the fashion house.”
kids timberland sandals Australian connection on display in upcoming NGV exhibition

timberland teddy fleece Australian Broadcasting Corporation

childrens timberland boots Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Moulds are a type of fungi, like mushrooms and athlete’s foot.

Moulds like warm, moist environments with organic matter to feed on, which is why after rain we can find little patches of mould growing on ceilings, books, belts, shoes and clothes.

“The only thing you can really control is humidity.

Dr Winsor recommends eight parts vinegar to two parts water and a microfibre cloth.

“So you’d have three buckets: you’ll have your 80 per cent vinegar solution [for killing the mould] and you’ll have one that’s half that concentration [for rinsing your cloth] and then you’ll have one that is just water [for the second rinse],” he explained.

Do not forget to patch test on surfaces before cleaning them.

Dr Winsor does not recommend bleach for mould removal as it does not kill the mould, it just bleaches the colour out.

He also cautions against the use of essential oils like clove oil,
timberland teddy fleece Australian Broadcasting Corporation
as they can leave brown streaks on fabrics and furniture, and may cause allergic reactions in some people.

Dr Windsor suggested using anti bacterial sprays that contain 60 per cent alcohol, or anti bacterial wipes that are treated with a disinfectant to fight mould.

“I would use those small wipes. Very, very convenient, and the advantage is that you can use a fresh surface by folding it . you are not re contaminating what you have just cleaned.”

Shannon Lush’s tips

ABC Local Radio’s cleaning expert Shannon Lush recommends 1/4 teaspoon of oil of cloves per litre of water in a spray bottle for cleaning mould from hard surfaces. Lightly mist on, leave overnight and wipe off.

For soft items mix one kilogram of uniodised salt in a nine litre bucket of water. Paint over the item, leave until a salt crust forms then wipe off with a soft brush.

For cleaning mould from carpet, Shannon recommends two tablespoons each of bi carb soda, white vinegar and methylated spirits,
timberland teddy fleece Australian Broadcasting Corporation
and two teaspoons each of eucalyptus and glycerine.

timberland workwear uk Australian Aviation Pioneer

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November 21 Francois Laurent the Marquis d’ Arlandes and de Rozier make the first manned flight (5 miles) in a Montgolfier brothers hot air balloon. [Copley p.1]

June 5 Joseph Michel (1740 1810) and Jacques Etienne (1745 1799) Montgolfier wealthy papermakers of Annonay, France, fly their first unmanned hot air balloon to 6000 feet. Neither showed any great enthusiasm for the family paper manufacturing trade, with their father, Pierre, still firmly holding the reins of the factory at Viladon les Annonay, south of Lyon. The ageing paterfamilias was probably wondering if his two boys had their heads in the clouds.

Joseph certainly didn’t lack imagination. Observing the sky, he concluded that after all he could very easily make a cloud himself: so he got some paper from the factory, made an envelope, filled it with steam and saw his idea collapse in a mass of sodden paper. Etienne wasn’t about to be left out: it was probably his scientific reading that gave him the idea of making a bag float in the air with gas obtained from sulphuric acid and iron filings. Another failure. But then in November 1782, working indoors, Joseph managed to get a taffeta envelope filled with hot air to rise to the ceiling. He summoned his brother: “Get in a stock of taffeta and rope and you’ll see one of the most astonishing sights in the whole world!” It was time for serious scientific experiments to begin.

To the amazement of a group of spectators, the Montgolfier brothers soon managed to send a sort of giant paper bag some thirty metres (100 ft) up in the air, using gas obtained by burning a mixture of wet straw and chopped wool. Joseph and Etienne decided to push things further, via a “machine” for taking people into the air an “aerostat” they called it. “Seraphina”, to use their private name for this strange contrivance, was to be a 12 metre (40 ft) envelope made of wrapping fabric lined with paper, with its multiple sections held together by some 2000 buttons. A totally hare brained idea, according to their critics. After the preliminary tryouts, the first public experiment was scheduled for Annonay on 4 June 1783, just happening to coincide with a meeting of the area’s most influential people.

The town square in Annonay was packed, with people struggling to get a look at the balloon spread out on the ground and tied to wooden posts. The fire was lit and the envelope began to fill; some of the spectators became uneasy, not least because of the horrible smell given off by the burning mixture of straw and wool. Under a menacing sky and with the wind beginning to rise, it took several men to hold the enormous balloon down until the order was given to let go. Seraphina took off and a few minutes later was no more than a dot in the sky,
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some 2000 metres (6500 ft) up. The “aerostat” began to drift and gradually descend, since the hot air was escaping little by little. Rushing after it the local people found it in the middle of a vineyard two kilometres (a mile and a quarter) from where it had taken off.

News of the experiment travelled fast. Soon all Paris was talking balloons and the Montgolfiers even had a competitor in the capital. On August 26 the physicist Jacques Charles sent up a hydrogen balloon from the Champ de Mars: it came to earth in a village 16 kilometres (10 miles) away, where terrified locals attacked this monster from the skies. However the first “accompanied” flight with a sheep, a rooster and a duck on board was organised by the Montgolfiers on September 19, from the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. And finally, on November 21, Pil de Rozier and the Marquis d’Arlandes climbed into a Montgolfier balloon for the first manned flight. Even Benjamin Franklin was lost for words. The hot air balloon had been born and on January 19, 1784 the people of Lyon had their chance to admire the invention that began the conquest of space.

G ChauvyAugust 27 Professor Jacques Alexandre C Charles (1746 1823) releases the 13 foot diameter balloon, the Globe from ‘Champ de Mars’ in Paris. Built by A. J. and M. Noel Robert it is the first hydrogen gas balloon and in two hours it drifts some 15 miles to GonesseCharles born in Beaugency Loiret, was a French chemist, physicist, and aeronaut. In 1783 he made the first balloon using hydrogen gas and ascended to a height of nearly 2 miles. In 1787 he discovered the relationship between the volume of gas and temperature. This discovery is known variously as Gay Lussac’s law or Charles’s law. For launching, it seemed they wished to use dense choking smoke, produced from damp straw and chopped wool. For a royal demonstration at Versailles in September 1783, Joseph supplemented this with old shoes and rotting meat:

“The King and Queen came up to examine the machine, but the noxious smell thus produced obliged them to retire at once”

There are three possible reasons for their fuel choice. They may have believed that dense smoke had more of the ‘virtue of lightness’ a late medieval concept, or that dense smoke would be retained better inside the balloon. Or perhaps they wished to conceal the technique (or, perhaps they were just thick)

Whatever, the smell was of no concern to the brothers, as the pilots for that demonstration flight were a sheep, a cockerel and a duck. Tethered, it rises 250 feet, stays aloft for 15 minutes and then lands safely

November 21 Francois Laurent, Marquis d’ Arlandes and Jean Francois Pil de Rozier make the first manned flight (5 miles) in a Montgolfier brothers hot air balloon. [Copley p.1]

The first manned flight took place on 21st November 1783. The envelope of the Montgolfier balloon was made of cotton and paper coated with alum as a form of fire proofing. Cords sewn into the fabric carried a wicker gallery at the base. The pilots were the Marquis D’Arlandes and Pilatre de Rozier, who stood at opposite sides to balance the balloon and pitchforked straw through two openings into a large brazier mounted in the neck of the balloon (for some reason, the Montgolfier brothers must have been reluctant to fly in a paper balloon with a huge straw fire at the bottom)

Each had a sponge and a bucket of water to put out fires in the envelope. The Marquis had been admiring the view of the Sienne,
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when Pilatre de Rozier urged him to stoke faster with the words:

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Lawrence Hargrave (1850 1915)Australian aviation pioneer, inventor, explorer, mason and astronomer.”If there be one man, more than another, who deserves to succeed in flying through the air, that man is Mr. Laurence Hargrave, of Sydney, New South Wales. In 1872 he came to Australia in search of gold, but the ship chartered by the group of adventurers was wrecked off the Queensland coast.

Hargrave with his Engine No.35, single cylinder two stroke petrol engine driving twin ‘flappers’, 1908Download a 500pixel image [300dpi] Philippe Gervais

Hargrave compressed air powered ‘quadraplane'(details to follow Ed.)Download a 500pixel image [300dpi] Philippe Gervais

In 1892 Hargrave discovered that a curved wing surface appeared to give a greater lift than a flat supporting surface. Then he turned his attention to research into the behavior of various types of kites. During the course of his experiments he found out that a curved surface had twice the lift as a flat one, and next he discovered that a kite with two separated “cells” or double planes, had the greatest stability and oaring power.

Man carrying glider, 1893 Shaw, W. Hudson and Ruhen, Olaf, 1977, p.72

While the Wright brothers denied that they owed anything to Hargrave, his discovery of the cellular kite and his investigations into the superiority of curved wing surfaces played an important part in European experimental work which culminated in the first public flight by Santos Dumont in France in 1906. By demonstrating to a sceptical public that it was possible to build a safe and stable flying machine, Hargrave opened the door to other inventors and pioneers. Leading the race was Hargrave, a quintessential nineteenth century gentleman scientist of independent means. A gifted explorer, astronomer, amateur historian, and practical inventor, Hargrave devoted most of his life to constructing a machine that would fly. He believed passionately in open communication within the scientific community and would not patent his inventions. The Wright brothers had access to Hargrave’s work through the aviation annuals published by James Means, and Octave Chanute’s Progress in Flying Machines. Chanute, who corresponded with the Wright brothers, devoted a section of his book to Hargrave’s experiments. The French (who thought that France was the cradle of aviation) freely acknowledged Hargrave’s influence: Alberto Santos Dumont was the first European to fly a heavier than air machine constructed of Hargrave box kites in 1906. When Gabriel Voisin built the first commercially available aircraft, based on the stable lifting surfaces of Hargrave’s box kites, he called them “Hargraves.”In 1889 Hargrave revolutionised engine technology by inventing the radial rotary engine, which reappeared (unacknowledged) in modified form in 1908 as the French Gnome engine. The only museum that would meet his terms was the Deutsches Technological Museum in Munich. It is ironic that most of Hargrave’s 176 working models were destroyed in the Allied aerial bombardment of Germany during World War II. His 1902 design was put to the test in 1992 when students at the University of Sydney rebuilt his aircraft from the original blueprint, replacing Hargrave’s power plant with a modern one.

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1995 Omni Publications International Ltd. Hargrave takes out no patents for any of his aerial inventions, and he publishes from time to time full accounts of them, in order that a mutual interchange of ideas may take place with other inventors working in the same field, so as to expedite joint progress. He says:”Workers must root out the idea that by keeping the results of their labors to themselves a fortune will be assured to them. Patent fees are so much wasted money. The flying machine of the future will not be born fully fledged and capable of a flight for 1000 miles or so. Like everything else it must be evolved gradually. The first difficulty is to get a thing that will fly at all. When this is made, a full description should be published as an aid to others. Excellence of design and workmanship will always defy competition.”M. Hargrave is probably correct in his reasoning; for the history of all new methods of transportation teaches that the original inventor seldom receives pecuniary reward for the contrivance which is the first to succeed, but nevertheless he is certainly broadly liberal in giving to the world gratuitously the results of his constant studies and labors. He uses exceeding care in determining the different elements which compose the flight of his models. He has carefully registered the sizes of all the parts, the power consumed in each performance, and the length of the flight, together with its trajectory. Hargrave reports regularly the progress of his work to the Royal Society of New South Wales, of which he is a member. The first paper, therefore, presented in August, 1884, was on the Trochoided plane which M. Hargrave next experimented with nearly 50 models intended to reproduce horizontal flight, and in exhibiting some of these and reading his second paper, June, 1885, he said:” If the notion is not that used by birds, it is at all events very like it, and its acceptance or rejection as a scientific truth is of no further interest, as it only remains for practical mechanics to step in and adjust the details to suit the material and the motive power which they may think best for the purpose they have in view; or, in other words, that the solution of the problem of just how a bird flies is of very trifling importance from a practical standpoint, as compared with the judicious variations of the parts of the machine that will have to be made before any return can he expected for money invested in such undertakings.”Some of these models seem to have been driven by clock work, and the motions were those of the “trochoided planes,” as applied to flapping wings; then selecting the best of these models, and making their mean dimensions a standard from which to take a fresh departure, M. M. Hargrave concluded that the screw and the flapping wings are about equally effective as instruments of propulsion, although he rather prefers the latter, as the wings possess several marked advantages. Any currents, he says, initiated during the upstroke are utilized in giving increased efficiency to the down stroke, if the machine has not progressed far enough to be acting upon entirely undisturbed air. Moreover, when steam engines come to be used, there will be only one cylinder needed for both wings, there will be no conversion of reciprocating into rotary motion, and no variable listing moment to be counteracted, while, finally there is less liability that wings shall be damaged in alighting than screw bladesFig. 76 shows the last one (1889) of the india rubber driven machines described by M. HargraveHe calls it the “48 band screw.” The screw is at the stern, and the machine weighs exactly 2 lbs. Its sustaining area is 14.51 sq. ft. (7.26 sq. ft. per pound), and it flew 120 lineal feet with the expenditure of 196 foot pounds of energy, while the preceding machine, weighing 2.09 lbs., with flapping wings, had flown 270 ft. The sustaining surfaces were of paper, pasted on, and after the gum was dry rendered as tight as a drum by blowing a light spray of water over the paper and allowing it to dry. Thus with small, light, simple, and inexpensive models many experiments were made. Hargrave next undertook the construction of a flying machine actuated by compressed air, and, in 1890. he produced the machine illustrated by fig. 77, which he calls his “No. 10 40 5 oz. The engine of the model, of course, retains its precedence as the most important part, and by continuous effort the number of pieces and the difficulties of construction have been so reduced that it is possible to make them by the gross at a cost that cannot exceed five shillings each ($1.25). But this arrangement is only a device to enable the wing tips to act on the required quantity of air with less spread; it may possibly be one of those variations which make all the difference between success and failure. These wings are also distinctly double acting, and it is not quite clear that birds’ wings thrust during the up stroke; but, as previously stated, the question as to the exact movement of a bird’s wing is merely straw splitting, when We have a mechanism that actually flies and is manifestly imperfect in its present mechanical details.”This machine flew 368 ft., with the expenditure as corrected by M. Hargrave of 870 foot pounds of energy. It weighed 2.53 lbs., and the sustaining body plane measured14.78 sq. ft., while the two wings measured 1.50 sq. ft. in area, making a total of 16.28 sq. ft., or, say, 6 .43 sq. ft. This tube is 2 in. in diameter, 48 1/4 in. long, and has a capacity of 144.6 cub. in. Its weight is 19.5 OZ., and the working pressure is 230 lbs. per square inch. The engine cylinder has a diameter of I! in. and a stroke of II in., while the total weight of the engine is only 6 1/2 oz. The piston rod is made fast to the end of the backbone, and the cylinder moves up and down over the piston. Two links connect the cylinder to the Canadian red pine rods which carry the wings. The air is admitted to the cylinder and exhausted by means of a valve worked by tappets. The period of admission continues through the entire stroke. The weight of the wings is 3 oz. To find how much the wings deflected, one was held by the butt and a weight of 71 oz. was put on the membrane 24 in. from the fixed point, and I! in. abaft the wing arm. The deflection produced due to torsional stress, was 3 1/2 By moving the weight half way across the wing it was twisted 8 1/4 The area of the body is 2.128 sq in.; the area of the wings 216 Sq. in., and the total area 2.344 sq. of the whole area, but continued disaster caused its reduction to 23.3 per cent. In a dead calm the machine flew 368 ft. horizontally.”It will be noted that the engine is a marvel of simplicity and lightness. Hargrave consists in the extraordinary length of its supporting body plane, The same surface would carry a far greater load if it were driven broadside instead of lengthwise; but M. Hargrave explains that the plane was purposely so designed in order to insure longitudinal stability. This quality might also be secured by placing a tail far in the rear of a narrow supporting plane, as practiced byP and others. This he did upon the “cut and try” principle a method doubtless the most thorough, the surest,
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and the most convincing, but also the most tedious. He found that the direction up or down of the machines in flight was entirely due to the distance of the center of gravity from the forward edge of the body plane, and therefore to the coincidence or otherwise of the center of gravity with the center of pressure. He measured the percentage of area in advance of the center of gravity in his three most successful machines, and found it respectively 19.3, 20 and 23.3 per cent. of the length of the plane, while subsequently he came to the general conclusion that the true position for the center of gravity for a continuous rectangular surface is situated between 0.25 and 0.2 of the length from the forward end, these positions being arrived at “by experience gained by repeated wrecks when groping in comparative darkness.”This independent working out of a complex question well illustrates the perseverance and ingenuity of this experimenter. Hargrave built another flying machine, actuated by compressed air and propelled by beating wings. This is shown by fig. 78. It was of the increased weight of 4.63 lbs., with sustaining body plane of different shape, measuring 29.63 sq. ft., or in the proportion of 6.40 sq ft. per pound. It flew 343 ft., with an expenditure of 789 foot pounds of energy, and therefore showed better results than the previous machine (No. Hargrave next built his flying machine No. 13, which shown in fig. 79, with a body plane still shorter, and he provided it with a two bladed aerial screw, set in the bow and actuated by a three cylinder compressed air engine of the Brotherhood type. This drove it 128 ft. in eight seconds, with an expenditure of 143 footpounds of energy. The apparatus weighed 46.86 oz. (2. 93 lbs.), and exposed 2952 sq. in. or 20.5 ft. of floating surface, being in the ratio of 7.00 sq. ft. Hargrave gives us the time of flight of his machines, so that we may calculate the number of pounds of weight transported in ratio to the horse power. He says:”The time of flight is taken with a sandglass which has a ]orp of string at each end of it. The loop at the sand end is put round the right wrist, and the other loop is held between the right thumb and the receiver, so that the glass is turned the moment that the machine is let go. On the machine taking the ground the glass is put horizontal, and the sand which has fallen is timed at leisure. This seems an obvious enough method of finding the speed, but a practical way to do it was not devised previously.”This showed for No. 13 machine a speed of 10.34 miles per hour which is about what we should have expected from the large proportional surface, it being about in the ratio of the slowest flying birds. This low speed M. Hargrave adopts on purpose, the better to observe the motions of the machines and to save breakage, and he adds quaintly that he sees no objection to this course, so long as the atmosphere is not crowded with flying machines. As No. 13 machine (fig. 79) is reported as having expended 143 foot pounds in eight seconds, we have:Power = 143 8 = 18 foot pounds per second,nearly, and, as it weighed (as reported) 2.93 lbs., we have for the weight sustained per horse power:2.93 X 550 18 = 89.53 lbs. per horse power We will see by the analysis of subsequent performances that M. 14 flying machine, with much the same shape of body surface, but propelled by beating wings instead of a screw. It weighed 3.69 lbs. and exposed 22.84 sq. ft. of surface, being in the proportion of 6.19 sq. ft, per pound. It flew 312 ft. in 19 seconds, with an expenditure of 509 foot pounds, and thus we have:Power = 509 19 = 26.79 foot pounds per secondand for the weight floated per horse power:3.69 X 550 26.79 = 75.75 lbs. 14) M. Hargrave has generously offered to present to some American institution which will take proper care of it, believing it to be one in which “the increased skill in construction acquired by practice is thought to have resulted in an apparatus that, for its weight, it will be hard to excel.” He says in his paper to the Royal Society:”It may be said that it is a waste of time to make machines of such small capabilities, and that no practical good can come of them. But we must not try too much at first; we must remember that all our inventions are but developments of crude ideas; that a commercially successful result in a, practically unexplored field cannot possibly be got without an enormous amount of unremunerative work. It is the piled up and recorded experience of many busy brains that has produced the luxurious travelling conveniences of to day, which in no way astonish us, and there is no good reason for supposing that we shall always be content to keep on the agitated surface of the sea and air, when it is possible to travel in a superior plane, unimpeded by frictional disturbances.”No 16 was another compressed air flying machine with beating wings and somewhat differently shaped body plane. It weighed 4.66 lbs., spread 26.06 sq. ft. of surface, and flew 343 ft. in 23 seconds, with an expenditure of 742 foot pounds. The power was therefore:Power = 742 23 = 32.26 foot pounds per second,and the weight floated per horse power:4.66 X 550 32.26 = 79.45 lbs. His engine No. 17 flying machine of M. Hargrave described in his twelfth communication to the Royal Society of New South Wales, read August 3, 1892. The total weight of the apparatus is 64.5 oz, or 4.03 lbs., including 12 3/4 oz. for the strut and body plane, so that the engine and boiler, including 5 oz. copper tubing (steel pipe could not be got in Sydney), in the form of a double stranded coil, encased in asbestos, and placed just over the backbone of the apparatus. The fuel is methylated spirits of wine, drawn from a tank placed above the boiler, vaporized, mixed with air and spurted into the furnace. As much as 6 .9 cub. in. of water have been evaporated by 1.7 cub. in. more of spirit and water, and thus made to weigh the same as the compressed air machine No. 12, which flew 343 ft., then the steam apparatus No. Hargrave has done still better, for in March 1893, he prepared a paper, which was presented to the Conference on Aerial Navigation at Chicago, August 2 1893 in which he gave data concerning his No. 18 flying machine. This apparatus is also driven by a steam engine which weighs, with 21 oz. of fuel and water, an aggregate of 7 lbs, and indicates 0.653 horse power, or at the rate of 10.7 lbs. The final one was made of 21 lineal feet of 1/4 in. copper pipe, with an internal diameter of 0.18 in., and arranged in three concentric vertical coils whose diameters were 1.6 in., 2.6 in., and 3.6 in. respectively. It weighed 37 oz., but it is now known “that a coil of equal capacity can be made weighing only 8 oz, and still excessively strong.” The cylinder is 2 in. diameter with a stroke of 2.52 in. The feed pump ram is 0.266 in. diameter, and the piston valves 0.3 in. diameter. On one occasion this motor evaporated 147 cub. in. of water with 4.13 cub. in. of spirit in 40 seconds. Hargrave gives no data concerning the flight of his last two (steam) machines. He states that 11 different burners have been tried, and that the flame striking the water boiler first has a tendency to vary the supply of heat to the spirit holder. Hargrave recently turned his attention to experiments upon curved surfaces, and to the seeking for a better disposition of the sustaining surfaces or body planes. He had described the eccentricities of a curved strip in the form of a segment of a hollow cylinder, when exposed to the wind, in his paper No. B, in fig. 80, shows the simplest form. This consisted of two hollow cylinders of aluminum, each 13 in. diameter by 4 1/2 in. deep, mounted 30 in. apart upon a connecting stick, and weighing 14 3/4 lbs. The kite string was attached 11 in. back from the forward section, and as a consequence of the angle of incidence thus produced, the apparatus mounted upon the wind. Its particular behavior is not described in the paper. C, in fig. 80, shows a kite with 16 cells, the length of each being 3 in., by a height of 3 in., and a breadth of 3 in. It was made of cardboard, and the two sections were 22 in. apart, the point of attachment of the kite string being 6 1/2 in. distant from the forward section, while the weight was 10.5 lbs. This seems to indicate that this kite flew at a steeper angle than the preceding, although we should expect the reverse, in consequence of the greater proportion of sustaining surface. M. Hargrave says,”These kites have a fine angle of incidence, so that they correspond with the flying machines they are meant to represent, and differ from the kites of our youth, which we recollect floating at an angle of about 45 , in which position the lift and the drift are about equal. The fine angle makes the lift largely exceed the drift, and brings the kite so that the upper part of the string is nearly vertical.”Kites E and F, fig. 81, are of exactly the same size and weight, consisting of one cell, 4 in. long, 10.7 in. broad by 6.25 in. high, constructed of wood and paper, and weighing 3.25 lbs.; the two sections are 21.25 in. apart, and the string is fastened 7.25 in. back of the forward section. The only difference is that kite E has its horizontal (top and bottom) surfaces curved to a radius of 4.5 in. while all the surfaces of kite F are true planes,
timberland eurosprint tree Australian aviation pioneer 1850
The result is tha