schuh timberland boots Emma Stone honed dance skills to play tennis great Billie

timberland trousers Emma Stone honed dance skills to play tennis great Billie

By Jill Serjeant

LOS ANGELES, Sept 20 (Reuters) Emma Stone admits she’s never been a sports player, so when she was asked to play former world tennis No. 1 Billie Jean King in the movie “Battle of the Sexes,” the Oscar winning actress approached it from a different direction dancing.

King, by contrast, who pioneered the fight for equal pay in tennis more than 40 years ago, pictured herself in Stone’s position as she worked with the actress to portray her character.

“I tried to put myself in Emma’s shoes. That’s really taking a risk portraying someone who is still alive. I’m like, ‘God, that’s a little pressure,” King said.

Stone, 28, and the 73 year old tennis legend became good friends while making the movie that tells the story behind King’s 1973 exhibition match against former men’s champion Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) to fight sexism in the sport and society at large. movie theaters on Friday.

schuh timberland boots Emma Stone honed dance skills to play tennis great Billie
who won an Oscar in February for song and dance musical “La La Land,” had never played tennis so her early sessions with King focused on footwork and choreography.

“I danced, so footwork was good. (And) I had been on stage before and when Billie Jean went out onto the tennis court it felt like her stage, so she really keyed in on that,” Stone said.

Later came weeks of practice on serves and cross court backhands, but for Stone, even the simplest things were tough. Open . and I was sitting next to Billie Jean, and Sloane Stephens was catching balls and tucking them in her skirt and bouncing them with the racquet.

“It’s just little in between stuff but that took me months to learn!” Stone said.

Professional players were hired to reproduce the shots in the match against Riggs, which was watched by more than 50 million on television. She came out as gay in 1981.

More than 40 years after beating Riggs, women are still fighting for equal pay and rights on and off the tennis court, not that it comes as any surprise to King.
schuh timberland boots Emma Stone honed dance skills to play tennis great Billie

cheapest timberland boots for men Emma Rice

timberland boots size 9 Emma Rice

Emma Rice is the joint artistic director and one of the guiding lights of Kneehigh Theatre. The innovative Cornwall theatre group organises itself as a close knit, almost familial unit and has won acclaim for its productions of A Matter Of Life And Death and Brief Encounter (for which Rice, as director, was nominated for an Olivier award).

She is director of The Red Shoes, a new take on the story made famous by the Powell and Pressburger movie, which will be at Chichester Minerva Theatre from November 2 to November 6. Call 01243 781312 for tickets.

Imelda Staunton did a lot of work at Nottingham Playhouse when I was growing up. She was young, funny, smart, natural and incredibly brilliant. I was, and still am, in awe of her. She refuses to be put in a box or defined by anything except the diverse work she chooses to do.

Do you remember the first record you bought what was it, and where did you buy it?

Ian Dury, Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick.

I bought it from a little shop called Select a Disc in Hockley, Nottingham. Dury was irreverent and exotic and it had the words “two fat ladies” in it.

I don’t think I really understood it, but was trying to look cooler and older than I really was.

Tell us about any guilty pleasures lurking in your CD or film collections something you know is a bit naff but you can’t help yourself.

The Bee Gees and The Muppets’ Christmas Carol.

Do you have a favourite film? And why?

A little known film called Baghdad Caf it’s about a friendship between a black American woman and a Bavarian woman. It’s magical,
cheapest timberland boots for men Emma Rice
curious and tender and explores how we can gently change and find magic in our lives.

A timeless, witty and sexy feminist fairytale.

Is there a TV programme you couldn’t live without?

Sense And Sensibility. It’s got brilliant female characters and Jane Austen is a top bird herself. She observes humanity with such wit and wisdom and explores female repression, hysteria and hope brilliantly. My hero!

Is there a live music or theatre experience that stays in your memory?

As a young woman I went to Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday party at Wembley. Mandela was still imprisoned at the time and the energy, passion and anger of this event was incredible and stays with me to this day. I also got to see some brilliant bands including Stevie Wonder, George Michael, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela and a previously unseen Tracy Chapman. Truly the stuff of history.

Tell us how you went about adapting Anna Maria Murphy’s poetry for the stage.

We started the process together working on the themes and structure of the story. Anna then went away to write a collection of poetry, which was then fed into the process. It’s hard to describe process in a paragraph, but simply, we created the world of The Red Shoes together.

Yes. I was asked what I wanted to direct, opened my mouth and out came the words “The Red Shoes”. It was only after that moment of sheer instinct that I went to find the film and the fairy story. The film was alarming because it was operatic and epic, but the fairy story was so resonant and deeply familiar that it was like finding myself.

And have you modified the ending?

Yes. In every version of the story I found, the girl is either killed or at best put into servitude. I always knew my girl wouldn’t be punished for her obsessions and desires she would find a future on her own terms. And that, reader,
cheapest timberland boots for men Emma Rice
is what I did.

timberland boots men Emissions from trains are a major health concern for people living near rail operations

timberland europe Emissions from trains are a major health concern for people living near rail operations

By the year 2020, freight trains up to 1 1/2 miles long will roll through the area every nine minutes as often as they do now.

Ever get stuck for 10 minutes waiting for a train as long as 26 football fields to pass?

I hate waiting for the train, said Clarissa Hernandez, an insurance broker at Delgado Insurance Services at Sunset Avenue and Valley Boulevard in La Puente. from a business standpoint, I love it. People get stuck on the street waiting for trains, and they turn into the parking lot to cut over to Valley. And they drive right by the office. I got a lot of customers that way. If the economy in Asia keeps booming, Hernandez customer base might keep expanding.

The amount of product much of it Chinese made goods through the Southland from ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach is expected to increase from $230 billion in 2000 to $661 billion in 2020, according to Keith Higginbotham, multimedia manager for the Port of Long Beach.

Although that means cheap DVD players, shoes and clothes for Americans, it also means that, if no major improvements are made, those in the area are going to have to suffer through maddening traffic as trains and trucks carry cargo to the rest of the country.

Gridlock in the area is expected to be so bad, the federal government has made improving traffic flow a spending priority, according to Rep. Gary Miller, R Brea.

That comes to about $3.25 for every person in the United States.

When the project is completed, Valley residents will spend less time waiting for trains, and more cargo will travel by rail, instead of trucks, which should ease gridlock and reduce smog, according to ACE.

are trying to customize the railroads and the streets to make them easier to drive through and essentially to keep people safe when the trains are going by, said Rick Richmond, ACE chief executive officer. The project began in 1998 and ACE officials estimate they are coming close to halfway done.

The initial phases have proceeded smoothly, according to ACE officials.

ACE has completed $32 million worth of safety improvements at 39 intersections where tracks and streets cross.

The money paid for better signals, clearer signs and more traffic arms to keep people from driving cars on railroad tracks, among other improvements.

The changes seem to be working.

Even though the number of freight trains daily chugging through the Valley has increased from about 55 in 2003 to about 75, the number of train related accidents and deaths has remained steady or declined, according to the Federal Railroad Administration.

For Union Pacific Railroad, the owner of both sets of tracks that go through the Valley, that is good news.

The railroad has been party to several high profile train accidents the past three years, including derailments in Whittier, Commerce and Industry.

you seeing is the efforts by groups are already reducing accidents, even though more trains are riding on those lines, said Mark Davis, a Union Pacific spokesman. rail traffic is increasing, you would expect accidents to increase proportionately, but that hasn been the case. The Union Pacific lines start at the ports and head north through Los Angeles in a 20 mile long expressway. In East Los Angeles, the lines split, with one line heading through Montebello, Pico Rivera and Whittier and the other line heading up through San Gabriel and El Monte. The tracks almost converge in Industry and Pomona before they head out to the rest of the country.

Despite the program early success on improving safety measures on the two lines, the hard part is yet to come.

Routing traffic over or under train tracks which is typically called a grade separation a monumental task.

An average grade separation costs $40 million to $60 million and takes two years to complete. ACE so far is wrapping up work at one of the 20 separations and has started work on four others.

But funding is not coming as quickly as officials had hoped.

ACE leadership had asked politicians for about $225 million to be included in a six year federal funding bill passed in July.

But ACE was guaranteed only $42 million from the federal government. It will have to split another $125 million in federal funds with Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, according to Sharon Neely, who handles the finances for ACE.

Neely is still unsure how much of the $125 million will be allocated to ACE.

However, ACE on Sept. 29 received $68.7 million in state transportation money, officials said.

And additional cash could come from a $30 per container port tax proposed by Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal, D Long Beach. About $10 of each $30 of the tax would go toward projects like ACE, while the other two thirds would be allocated for environmental projects and port security.

Although ACE officials believe they will end up with enough money to keep busy for the next few years, the sluggish pace of funding will slow the project.

ACE board members had originally planned to complete the first half of the project by 2008 but that date likely will be pushed to 2010 or beyond.
timberland boots men Emissions from trains are a major health concern for people living near rail operations

timberland shoe laces Emeritus Professor Phillip Nagley AM

timberland mens boots uk Emeritus Professor Phillip Nagley AM

Having retired at the end of 2012, I am Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry, with an abiding and continuing enthusiasm for all aspects of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and a special interest in the wonderful and intriguing world of neuroscience.

My particular research interests encompass mitochondria, oxidative stress and the variety of cell death patterns, particularly in neuronal cells.

I was editor (1998 2003) of the Australian Biochemist, the national scientific and news magazine of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

I was President elect of ASBMB (2004), President of ASBMB (2005 2006), Past president (2007).

I was awarded the Lemberg Medal of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2001.

I was awarded the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences in 2003.

I was co chair of the OzBio2010 Conference (12th IUBMB 21st FAOBMB ComBio2010 combined Conference) held in Melbourne, September 2010.

I was Convenor of the Young Scientist Forum (YSF), held in association with OzBio2010, in which early career researchers from all over the world and Australia participated.

I was chair of the AussieMit2012 Conference, the national Australian conference on mitochondria, held in Melbourne, December 2012.

I edited the Showcase on Research on “Mitochondria: The Mighty Organelles” featured in the April 2013 issue of the Australian Biochemist.

I wrote the history of the Department of Biochemistry (and Molecular Biology) at Monash, to be found at:

I was appointed Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list, June 2014, for significant service to education in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology.

I was awarded the David de Kretser Medal in December 2014,
timberland shoe laces Emeritus Professor Phillip Nagley AM
for sustained contribution to undergraduate and post graduate education and biomedical research in the Department Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Monash University for four decades.

Career Synopsis and Research Profile

Professor Phillip Nagley graduated from the University of Sydney in 1967, where he was awarded the University Medal in Biochemistry. He completed his MSc at the same University before moving to Melbourne to undertake his PhD in the Department of Biochemistry at Monash University. His research work at Sydney encompassed studies of mammalian ribosomes and endoplasmic reticulum, then work on bacterial DNA replication. He integrated these two different experiences to embark on his PhD studies on the formation of mitochondria in yeast cells.

Phillip Nagley’s PhD studies, completed in 1972, focussed on a molecular genetic and biochemical study of mitochondrial biogenesis. One highlight of this early work was the discovery he made of yeast cells that lack mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) completely. These cells were termed rho0 by Nagley and Linnane (1972), a term which is current use today for similar cells that can be isolated from mammalian sources and which are extremely useful in many aspects of research on the role of mitochondria in cellular life and death.

Phillip Nagley continued his research in the Department of Biochemistry (now Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) at Monash University since 1972, with two periods of sabbatical leave at the University of Paris, France, and Stanford University, California, USA. He has also held Exchange Fellowships for collaboration with scientists in Japan (University of Nagoya, University of Tokushima) and Taiwan (National Yang Ming University).

He has researched extensively into the formation of mitochondria in yeast, covering many aspects of cell and molecular biology. He was awarded his DSc degree in 1986 for his collected publications to that time, in a thesis entitled The Molecular Biology of Mitochondria. He was awarded a Personal Chair in Biochemistry in 1990. He has published more than 210 publications in international journals and books.

Most of Professor Nagley’s research up to 1990 was on the yeast system. A seminal innovation made in the 1980s was the development of “allotopic expression” (Nagley and Devenish, 1989). This procedure involves restoration of function in mitochondria damaged by mitochondrial genetic defects. The process of allotopic expression occurs through expression of relevant genes in the nucleus and targeting the restorative molecules back to mitochondria. It is pursued by many laboratories worldwide in the context of mitochondrial disease and ageing.

His work since then has moved to mammalian systems, including ageing, cell death pathways and cellular response to oxidative stress. Most recently his work includes detailed studies on the role of mitochondria in cell death, particularly in neuronal systems where the diversity of cell death responses is being clarified.

Following his retirement at the end of 2012, Professor Nagley is continuing his collaborative research with colleagues at Monash University, University of Melbourne (Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health) and La Trobe University. He continues to be active in science leadership in his current role as Secretary General of FAOBMB and his involvement in various activities of IUBMB.
timberland shoe laces Emeritus Professor Phillip Nagley AM

timberland safety boots emergency requests to be prosecuted as emerges ambulance called for broken finger nail

timberland bethel boot emergency requests to be prosecuted as emerges ambulance called for broken finger nail

That is the view of Siptu health organiser, Paul Bell, after paramedics revealed some of the non emergency calls to which they have responded.

One woman reported that she could not stop bleeding. When the ambulance crew arrived, they discovered was scratched, after her cat and dog were fighting and she broke it up ambulance was dispatched after a caller said there was a 14 year old in labour. On arrival, the crew found the family dog was in labour.

have had crews in peak time responding to what turns out to be a cut from shaving, Mr Bell said. believe people who make such calls should be prosecuted.

people think they will be treated first if they go to hospital in an ambulance. That is not true, because the triage system works [in emergency departments] whatever way you arrive at them.

importantly, non life threatening calls can be time consuming and may delay a genuine caller receiving timely medical assistance. believes that, just as in the UK, paramedics should be able to make a judgement call and not have to bring the patient to hospital by ambulance.

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timberland safety boots emergency requests to be prosecuted as emerges ambulance called for broken finger nail

timberlands boots sale Emerald Centre a beacon to homeless

timberland boots sizing Emerald Centre a beacon to homeless

A cesspool, a place of exploitation, a craphole. Politicians and other officials did not mince words Friday in their descriptions of the Rendezvous strip club that used to stand at 271 Victoria Street West. The stage, the dance pole and the shower are long gone, cleared away with dumpsters of detritus from a place steeped in negativity. From that rubble has risen Emerald Centre, coloured green like the gem to signify hope and home. As shelter manager Charlene Eden explained, in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy arrives at the Emerald City and all she wants to do is go home. “We don’t want our clients back. It’s not that we don’t love them. It’s because we love them. We want them to achieve a home,” she said. Kamloops North Thompson MLA Terry Lake recalled being on a ride along with the RCMP and ending up at the ‘Vous, watching officers take down a significant gang leader. Housing gave the Kamloops branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association a $2.7 million mortgage to buy the building and do the renovations. The province is also contributing $1.5 million a year for it to operate. The centre provides 35 beds of 24 hour emergency shelter and 11 transitional housing apartments for men and women who are on the cusp of homelessness or fleeing violence. It combines the former Emerald House women’s shelter and the Kamloops Men’s Christian Hostel. The latter building, half a block away from Emerald Centre, was taken over by CMHA for offices and other services. CMHA executive director Doug Sage hinted that the hostel building will provide services never done in Kamloops before. But he couldn’t announce anything yet. He did, however, rename the building. It is now the Gordon Bregoliss Centre, in honour of a man who was on the hostel society’s board for 45 of its 50 years. Bregoliss, 90, was in the audience, which gave a standing ovation as Sage paid tribute to him. Sage went on to credit designers, workers, volunteers, non profit agencies, politicians almost everyone who had a hand in making Emerald Centre a reality. A safe and secure reality for people who need a sanctuary from life on the street. It’s outfitted to accommodate people with disabilities, with lifts and ramps and even alarms for the deaf. Deputy Mayor Tina Lange, who described the ‘Vous as “a craphole,” was thrilled with the transformation. “I was on council when this place was shut down and I cheered. I always saw it as a building that destroyed people.” ASK Wellness executive director Bob Hughes, who was project manager on Emerald Centre, said the miracle is in the numbers. Despite being a year overdue, the project came in under budget. “I see something that will transform the city’s homelessness services,” he said. There’s one tradition that is being carried over from Emerald House to the new Emerald Centre. Sage said there’s a woman who donated quilts for every bed at the old shelter. She’s now making them for every bed at the new one. And when clients leave, they take those quilts with them. “It’s the one thing we give them that makes them cry.”
timberlands boots sale Emerald Centre a beacon to homeless

timberland website Emeli Sande sends Twitter into meltdown after posting picture of a pair of wedding shoes

womens timberland boots uk Emeli Sande sends Twitter into meltdown after posting picture of a pair of wedding shoes

Emeli Sande sends Twitter into meltdown after posting picture of a pair of wedding shoesEMELI divorced her first husband and childhood sweetheart Adam Gouraguine after just one year of marriage at the end of last year.16:46, 1 MAY 2015Emeli Sande (Image: PA Wire)

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FANS of Emeli Sande thought she was getting married again after she told them she had a new pair of wedding shoes. thought she was married already.”

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GradoScot Squad star Grado takes break from Pavilion Theatre panto stint after mum diesThe popular performer and wrestling hero shared the heartbreaking news on social media.

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Craig WhyteRangers’ liquidators locked in 2.8m legal battle with firm once linked to Craig WhyteLawyers for Wavetower want a chunk of the 30m that liquidators BDO are believed to have recovered after the Ibrox club’s financial collapse.

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GreenockCops seek witnesses as man fights for life after being hit by a car in GreenockThe 54 year old is in a critical condition after being struck by a Renault Clio near the entrance to the Tesco car park at around 4pm on Friday.

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Bad WeatherNew weather warnings issued for ice with big freeze creating dangerous driving conditionsThe bad weather has led to a number of road collisions and a spike in the amount of injuries caused by people slipping.

Fatal FiresMum whose four kids died in fire ‘begged’ to be moved to safe house just days before fatal blazeMichelle Pearson’s family claim the 35 year old was let down by social services with tragic consequences.

Bonfire NightSeven arrested over Bonfire Night disorder in Edinburgh which left one police officer injuredPolice said that several cars were set alight in the city on November 5.

Organised crimeCrime gang sadist Fitzy exposed as Army bully who terrorised new recruits

The brutal past of “evil” former lance corporal Martyn Fitzsimmons has been revealed in wake of his conviction as part of drugs, guns and torture gang.
timberland website Emeli Sande sends Twitter into meltdown after posting picture of a pair of wedding shoes

infant timberland Embrace the changes

timberland slippers Embrace the changes

Turn the page and you can buy assisted breathing (CPAP) masks and pillows that prevent hip and knee pain. Then: incontinence briefs and boxers. Subsequent pages offer products for all manner of aches, pains and unsightliness. The catalog ends on a positive note with exercise shoes and some ion bracelets that supposedly help you feel energized.

[Join the Inquirer for the inaugural 55+Thrive Lifestyle Conference. Get tickets here.]

People are interested in sex long after many parts of their bodies need an assist, but we had questions.

So, we turned to Robin Goldberg Glen and Melanie Davis, co presidents of Widener University Sexuality and Aging Consortium, for information about what older people really want. There were a few points they agreed about. First, while some people eventually reach an age when they are ready to give up on intimacy, many do not. Also know that communication is essential for satisfying sex during later life. Remember to keep an open mind about new toys, props, positions, medications and routines plus a sense of humor about CPAPs, dentures, stiff hips, not so stiff manly parts, and extra pounds. Lastly, lube is your friend.

Goldberg Glen, who teaches social work, is the big picture thinker who puts sex in social context. Scholars have been paying a lot more attention to sex among older people in the last decade, she said, but doctors typically still don ask older patients about it. They should. Older adults need more education about how their bodies are changing, so they can reframe their expectations. Orgasms will likely take longer. Sex doesn have to mean intercourse. All of us need to know that the exercising and healthy eating we should be doing to protect our hearts also leads to better blood flow during sex, she said. Those at the oldest ages may need to ask about sex policies when they move into senior housing or nursing facilities.

The most important thing, though, is that relationships are paramount. is the number one complaint for older adults, she said. not sex.

Courtesy of Robin Goldberg Glen

Robin Goldberg Glen teaches social work at Widener University and is co president of the Sexuality and Aging Consortium.

Good relationships rest on good communication, which is more necessary than ever when partners need to compensate for aging changes. If older people are looking for new partners, they also need to address the uncomfortable topic of sexually transmitted diseases. But even that can be extra complicated. In her classes, Goldberg Glen does an exercise meant to show her students what it like for an older man with arthritis to put on a condom. Students wear latex gloves so their sense of touch is diminished. Their knuckles are wrapped with tape so their fingers don work well. Their glasses are clouded with Vaseline. Then they have to open a condom package and put the condom on a banana. have this epiphany, Goldberg Glen said.

To date, there is no condom aimed at older men. Goldberg Glen wishes she knew how to design one. I knew how to do that, I would not be teaching anymore, she said.

Davis, a sex educator who recently created a curriculum for older adults for the Unitarian Universalist Association, focuses on practical aspects of sexuality.

She said it important for people to have realistic expectations. It normal for men to start having slower erections as early as their mid 40s. Vaginas become drier, making sex less comfortable. Hormonal creams, vaginal moisturizers and lubricants can help. If they go long periods without intercourse, women vaginas can become smaller. They may need stretching before sex with a new partner. Men penises don get smaller with time, but it can look as if they have if the men have gained a lot of weight.

Courtesy of Melanie Davis

Melanie Davis is a sex educator and co president of the Sexuality and Aging Consortium at Widener University.

we age, David said, have to rethink the sexual scripts that have worked for us all of our lives. What if orgasm or penetration is no longer essential? Maybe the mechanics are better if a different partner is on top. Maybe someone who has always liked morning sex might have to wait now until after the arthritis medicine has kicked in. Some folks may be too tired in the evening. What works for them now might be choosing to have sex between afternoon naps and evening cocktails. to five is their playtime, she said.

Older people often develop an appreciation for the joys of sexuality, Davis said.

As for one of the mood killers that many aging baby boomers are dealing with adult children who moved back home Davis said both generations need to talk about how they handle privacy in the house. it the worst thing in the world if your adult children hear you having an orgasm? she asked. would hope they would cheer you on.
infant timberland Embrace the changes

timberland boot cleaner EMBASSY OF UKRAINE to the UNITED STATES

timberland splitrock boots EMBASSY OF UKRAINE to the UNITED STATES

I have a pleasure of meeting you again at this distinguished gathering.

This traditional form of our contacts enables us to look back to the last year, to share our views on its outcome and discuss what is awaiting for us, to extend friendly human contacts we have established, which is equally important for me, and to feel better the attitude of those who represent other nations in Ukraine.

I dare say all of us proceeding from the second conclusion: the world of today becomes more interconnected still remaining rather unstable. We witness the globalisation of processes all over the world.

I emphasized that idea at the Economic Forum in Davos, and I believe it has been necessary to repeat it for the following reasons.

Requirements, which have always been urgent and elevated now to the level of strict imperatives, are outlined by the realities of the present day world in a more definite way.

State figures and politicians become more responsible not only for the domestic situation in their countries, but for the whole world order.

Thus, the situation in a certain country, ways and means of its improvement should be considered in the global context, with the account of developments all over the world.

In my view, this preamble is needed to understand better everything underway now in Ukraine, and first and foremost in its economy.

I am a realist, and I am going to be frank: 1998 did not become as we hoped the year of the beginning of our economic growth. Unfortunately, this is true. Though it is also true that we acquired positive tendencies due to enormous efforts and intensive work.

We would have increased the GDP at least by 3.5% in 1998, provided we could retain the rate of its first half of the year. It is easy to imagine, what it could mean after our profound and long decline.

The situation in Ukraine, with its transitional period difficulties, typical for the former USSR countries, was aggravated by a number of specific factors besides the financial crisis. I am not speaking about such factors as the liquidation of Chernobyl disaster aftereffects, or catastrophic flood in Transcarpathia.

I mean our economy is more open, more integrated into the world economy, and all that is linked with the lack of immunity of our fiscal and economic system against the influence of the global crisis. Besides, our economic ties are Russia oriented to a great extent. This orientation has been historically formed according to old Soviet traditions, due to common frontiers and many other reasons.

Ukraine managed to withstand and to avoid economic collapse thanks to some active and timely measures, but it was just impossible to avoid losses at all.

The GDP reduced by 1.7% in 1998, while inflation made up 20%.

I cannot disregard also drawbacks and faults in determining and pursuing the economic policy.

I do not believe the reform model implemented in Ukraine to be optimum. Its contents and aims are mostly brought about by the confrontation, certain compromise between political forces and branches of power.

The point is, what conclusions should be drawn.

I would like to emphasize: we are not going to divert from the chosen road, and we are not going to give it up, for only this track can guarantee profound and irreversible free market transformations of the economy, its qualitative renovation, and, that is the most important, real practical results which should have an effect upon the welfare, living conditions of every person and every family.

It may sound as a paradox, but my belief in the success of this course has been strengthened also by collisions linked with the international financial crisis.

We are able to do much more, if we could have withstood the fury of these elements.

The presidential election to be held this year will make the domestic situation much more complicated; but we have considerable experience in maintaining stability and concord in the society. And it shall be used again.
timberland boot cleaner EMBASSY OF UKRAINE to the UNITED STATES

womens timberland boots uk Embarrassment on Bride

timberland boot sizes Embarrassment on Bride

A pair of high heels often becomes the enemy of brides when the costumes are impeccable, especially for the sport brides, though the 7 8cm of high heeled shoes could make people more elegant, it is not easy to wear comfortable for everyone. Therefore, knowing some skills on wearing high heeled shoes is to save your feet.

If you have sufficient time to prepare for marriage, so you could choose your favorite shoes and dress in these few months time to practice it consciously. You would solve the problem before wedding.

For the women who always wear flat shoes on usual time, the first principle to choose high heeled shoes is fit for feet, and could not neglect any discomfort feeling, or you would not only waste your money but hurt your body. Material should be chose cowhide, sheepskin which will be change more soft in the process of wearing gradually or others soft, especial on the mouth of shoes. If you encounter harder material, you can choose a slightly larger size. Don judge it just from its appearance.

After the purchase, the bride could practice at home with wearing stockings every day, the length of time is decided by the tolerance of feet. At first, they could practice with thick socks which could not only protect the foot skin, but create more space for foot and shoes; later, they can dress silk stockings to enhance adaptation. Of course, no matter what kind of shoes to buy, spending more time with shoes is the key.

Maybe lots of women have met this situation that the shoes become more and more uncomfortable after wore for some days while perfect when buying it. Different seasons, or days, the size of feet are different. Though there is only a bit of bias, the result is totally different which could make you bad mood, in particular on the day of wedding, what could do for the brides.

First, wear few pairs of silk socks. Increased the thickness of silk stockings could naturally increase the protection of the skin, relieve foot pressure, while the exquisite texture of silk stockings also play a very good lubrication effect which can reduce the friction between foot and shoes. The next is to use paper towel as insole. If you really feel your shoes uncomfortable when that wedding special time happened, you should buy a thick insole as quickly as possible or put some paper towel into your shoes to release the pressure of your feet.
womens timberland boots uk Embarrassment on Bride

timberland leather jackets Elvis Presley’s insane diet on the anniversary of his death

timberlands sale Elvis Presley’s insane diet on the anniversary of his death

Longtime Graceland cook Mary Jenkins Langston, who once reportedly snuck in bags of hot dogs and sauerkraut to her beloved employer when he was hospitalized and placed on a diet. (BBC/Youtube)With Tuesday marking the 39th anniversary of his incredibly untimely demise at the age of 42, here’s a look at a few of those notorious courses that took his life off track.Lisa Marie called Linda Thompson to say Elvis Presley was deadHis life starting in poverty, Presley’s childhood involved occasionally having to subsist on squirrel meat. As such, food became the Tupelo, Miss. born musician’s sole pleasure after he found fame and fortune, according to the BBC documentary “The Burger and the King.””He said that the only thing in life he got any enjoyment out of was eating,” Mary Jenkins Langston, Presley’s chef for 14 years, told the BBC. “And he liked his food real rich.”Prepared in a skillet full of butter, the sandwich bearing the rotund ruler of Graceland’s name consists of toasted bread, peanut butter and slices of banana with bacon occasionally tossed into the mix. Langston would recall that he’d request the dish for breakfast, at 2 in the morning and any time in between.Jerry Schilling reveals why Elvis Presley diedDeluxe peanut butter and jelly subAnother hit single from his food discography was the Fool’s Gold Loaf.More or less what the devil would make you if you asked for a sub but you weren’t specific enough about what kind you wanted, the Fool’s Gold Loaf is a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with an entire jar of peanut butter, an entire jar of grape jelly and a full pound of bacon.Presley and friends reportedly took a private jet to the home of this hellmouth hoagie, the Denver based restaurant the Colorado Mine Company, to buy 30 FGLs and down each and every one with champagne before heading home.If the description alone doesn’t have you “All Shook Up,” keep in mind that a single sandwich contains about 8,000 calories.Known in some circles as “Elvis’ Party Meatballs,” these chunks of chow answer the question commoners were once too afraid to ask: “What if we wrapped meat with more meat?”Encircled by bacon and held together by a sadly inedible toothpick, the tiny bomb of ground beef was reportedly among Presley’s favorite snacks. According to the New York Times, his tastes remained rooted in his rural upbringing, as he would forego dishes like caviar for childhood fair such as other pork centered pleasures like collard greens and chitlins.The recipe calls for punching holes in a half stick of bologna, grilling it or putting in the oven on a low heat for about an hour, covering it in barbecue sauce then cooking it for about 30 minutes more while constantly basting the seasoned roll of finely ground sausage.As NPR noted for its episode of “All Things Considered” that highlighted this particularly Presley preference, the meat is a fitting meal for the massive monarch as bologna traces its lineage to mortadella, a sausage esteemed enough to be served at weddings.
timberland leather jackets Elvis Presley's insane diet on the anniversary of his death

where can i buy timberland boots Elvis Presley nous quittait

timberland laptop bag Elvis Presley nous quittait

Le 16 aot 1977, Memphis, Elvis Presley mourait d’une crise cardiaque l’ge de 42 ans, laissant derrire lui des millions d’admirateurs de partout dans le monde.

Elvis Presley Photo : La Presse canadienne

Il avait enregistr au Sun Studio de Memphis la chanson My Happiness (qui date de 1940) et That’s When Your Heartaches Begin sur un 78 tours en actate. Quelques jours plus tard, la pice jouait sur les ondes de la radio WHBQ.

Elvis Presley et Joan O’Brien dans le film Blondes, brunes et rousses Photo : Getty Images

L’aube des annes 1960 voit merger un nouveau courant rock, dploy par les Beatles, les Rolling Stones et les Doors. Photo : Getty Images/MANDEL NGAN

Elvis est mort dans son domaine de Graceland, Memphis.

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Vous avez une coquille signaler? Cliquez ici

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Premire National Socit Livres, Criminalit, Fminisme”> L’crivaine Catherine Millet juge que certains types d’attouchements ne devraient pas tre dnoncs
where can i buy timberland boots Elvis Presley nous quittait

cleaning timberland boots Elvis is in the building

timberland earthkeeper chelsea Elvis is in the building

Thank you, thank you very much.

Blue Suede Shoes: The King, The Colonel, The Memories, the jukebox musical opening the Grand Theatre mainstage 2014 season, has all the right Elvis moves the sexy mumbles, dozens of hits and London born Roy LeBlanc, who loves and lives the Presley songbook. Tom Parker, Blue Suede Shoes has a balance of tributes and insights.

McHarge even looks like the real life Parker as he tells a behind the scenes version of the Presley story. His monologues frame the music and action while LeBlanc, with his terrific touring band, a horn section and backup singers celebrates Elvis Presley all the way from the 1954 rockabilly classic That All Right to his final triumphs as the white jumpsuited King at Las Vegas in the 1970s.

Blue Suede Shoes could be recommended solely on the basis of LeBlanc and the band command of The King of Rock and Roll hits from the superb (Jailhouse Rock) to the silly (Clambake).

It is also difficult to resist such moments as Michelle Truman channelling Ann Margret in motion during Viva Las Vegas, which is the best song from Presley later dismal movies.

Eileen Earnshaw Borghesan many costumes give LeBlanc a Kingly look, even as the garb gets satirical when it time for Vegas. The backup singers costumes are sweetly cheesy during Elvis unhappy descent into bad movies.

The one song that eluded LeBlanc on Thursday was the title hit from Elvis first movie Love Me Tender.

But there is also effective drama and narrative to go with more than 90 minutes of excellent Elvis tribute artist (ETA) performance on a fine multi media set (Douglas Paraschuk) which plays off the music with classic footage of The King himself.

be looking for a job, LeBlanc (Presley) tells The Colonel in a rare confrontation. At Thursday final preview, that scene had the Parker character going off stage in a huff.

you see him? He was wearing a blue tie with a beige jacket, Elvis tells his band, once Parker is safely off stage. That scene should be pitched even more precisely as the tipping point when The King defies The Colonel. The talent is talking back. Elvis lives. There is good rockin to come.

Soon after, Elvis turns Parker plans for a return to TV after years in movie making hell into the famous 1968 comeback special, which is celebrated extensively in the second act.

The band members get a chance to banter and they as skilled at self parody as Elvis.

In one revelation, The Colonel says Elvis was serious about acting and dreamed of winning an Oscar. That a wink at Blue Suede Shoes itself, which has ETA champ LeBlanc acting as Presley, delivering McHarge lines in addition to vintage Presley stage talk.

LeBlanc acting chops are up to the words. His grief when learning that his mother was dying is powerful. So is the multi media setting for that scene as TV crews tipped off by The Colonel, who saw a chance for true life drama pursue Presley to the hospital room.

Like other moments in Blue Suede Shoes, it an eerie anticipation of today celeb culture.

LeBlanc also reveres Presley on stage spontaneity. There might have been a moment like that when a woman in the front rows came up to present the star with a paper flower lei late in Thursday preview.

It was graciously accepted, but then LeBlanc (or Elvis?) could be heard saying he needed a moment to adjust his eyes after the lei had blipped the mic.

Such true to Elvis moments give Blue Suede Shoes its Memphis to Vegas form.

You get plenty of Presley in Blue Suede Shoes. But in this story of The King, told by his lonely and scheming manager, much is left out. There is no Priscilla, no pills, no peanut butter, no Ed Sullivan.

There is the 1977 death of The King, as related by The Colonel. The Parker character insists he Presley but his eulogy is marked by listing the number of movies made and a tally of the hits on the charts.

Love or money? McHarge script and acting let us wonder about the truthiness of his tale.

Blue Suede Shoes is about the songs and their place in our memories.

Just before closing with a Vegasized version of the title song, LeBlanc steps out of character to thank Elvis Presley for all the great music he left us.


What: Blue Suede Shoes: The King, The Colonel, The Memories, musical journey through Elvis (Presley career, with his manager Col. Tom Parker as your tour guide. Starring Roy LeBlanc as Presley and Chris McHarge as Parker. Written and directed by McHarge, co created by McHarge and music director Colin Stewart and a C2 Entertainment Production.
cleaning timberland boots Elvis is in the building

timberlands for kids Elvis helps Norwich store celebrate its expansion

timberland waterproof jacket Elvis helps Norwich store celebrate its expansion

Elvis impersonator Steve Fever swapped his blue suede shoes for army boots as he helped the Beckett family celebrate the expansion of their military adventure store Becketts, on Dereham Road.

Return to Sender and GI Blues were among the hits shoppers and people driving by were treated to during the Elvis inspired performance which took place against a backdrop of a British Army Scorpion Tank and a Second World War American Willys jeep.

“We wanted a traffic stopper, something a bit crazy and unusual. I originally wanted a Harrier jet, but we couldn’t get the permission for it to land!” he joked.

Becketts is celebrating its 36th year. The shop has just expanded into a neighbouring store resulting in a 50pc increase in floor space, and it is believed to be Britain’s largest online military adventure store. It is a great family business success story, having been started in 1976 by David’s father, military enthusiast Cliff Beckett.

David said: “In those days we sold everything from tools to electrical items to furniture, all issued to the military, everything from a teaspoon to a computer.

“These days our range has narrowed more, but we are selling more products.

“We have about 4,
timberlands for kids Elvis helps Norwich store celebrate its expansion
000 products online and we ship all over the world to every continent except Antarctica.”

He said nowadays he thought it was important for businesses to have both an online and high street presence.

“We started on the internet in 2000. We were pioneers in internet selling. We were one of the first military specialists on the internet,” he said.

“The internet is the key for us these days and the great thing about the internet is that people find us online and travel across the country to come and see us. They want to see the real thing, so the shop is just as important as the website.”

As well as the Dereham Road store, over the years Becketts has also had a shop in Norwich’s White Lion Street, which was run by David’s mum Juliette, and one in the High Street, in Great Yarmouth, which was run by David’s brother Michael.

Cliff and Juliette, who were at Saturday’s celebrations, said they were very proud to see David taking the family business further forward.

Juliette said Becketts originally started because Cliff, now 80,
timberlands for kids Elvis helps Norwich store celebrate its expansion
collected military memorabilia as a hobby.

She added: “I am very proud of what David has done with the business now and to see it expanding. It is fantastic.”

The Evening News Love Local campaign celebrates the people behind Norwich’s independent shops and businesses that help to keep our fine city unique.

timberland boots navy Elvis Costello at O’Shaughnessy Auditorium

timberland shoes uk Elvis Costello at O’Shaughnessy Auditorium

One power of Elvis Costello is knowing the everyman better than the everyman knows himself. His words have always held that deep, dark, truthful mirror in front of the rest of us, and a solo performance put those erudite, humorous, and illuminating words to the test. Without any Attractions, Imposters, or special guests, this was the first performance on a new solo tour for the 59 year old dabbler in nearly everything considered rock ‘n’ roll since the expression was invented.

In mostly black attire coat, tie, shirt, and jeans, with accents via his fedora and green socks Costello had an enduring cool about him. Between songs, he also wore a twinkling gap toothed grin at select moments. Within stories of his early days was an oft present humility bringing him closer to the audience. Then he’d throw something in like, “I wrote this song in 10 minutes,” when referring to “Everyday I Write the Book” to remind us why the tickets were $70. “It was a hit, so I felt guilty,” he added. “But not that big of a hit, so I didn’t feel that guilty.”

For well traveled songs like “Watching the Detectives,” which he’s played nightly for most of his career, Costello sent visible shivers up and down our spines by deconstructing the melody a bit and letting experimental guitar work tell the story. The looping dissonant soloing between verses heightened the foreboding aspects of his composition. This wasn’t any Bob Dylan style guessing game. Even if he changed his tune, the lyrical components were still front and center to fawn over.

Costello shifted seamlessly save a few breaks to walk offstage and possibly decide which songs would appear next in his music stand monitors between different styles of material. He unfurled rancor for the jealous anthem “Come the Meantimes” off last year’s Wise Up Ghost with the Roots, and added echo to his mic for a call and response with himself. He recomposed his demeanor for the giddy old standard “Walkin’ My Baby Back Home” complete with one of the night’s three whistling solos without any hesitation.

“Radio Soul,” which dates back to Costello’s teen days in Flip City prior to his breakout, was mostly “Radio, Radio” but with less bitterness and more Who style guitar breaks. He then played a straight version of “Alison,” one of the most tender songs of a career half filled with trying more than a little tenderness. The audience sang with him for the final chorus. Had he closed the night right then and there, it would’ve been a satisfactory show. But the consummate showman was only a little over half finished with the night.

[page]”When they think Lana Del Rey, they think me,” he said while recalling the singer’s cancellation last week that put him on as a last minute add on Late Show With David Letterman. For that appearance, Costello debuted a new song, “The Last Year of My Youth,” which he said he had written just the night before. When he played the Cheever meets Springsteen tale of attempts to reclaim the golden years again on Monday night, it was a vital moment. You could almost see sparks coming out of his inlaid fingerboard.

A blacker segment followed with “I Want You,” another chance to sing one thing and let the electric guitar say another. Costello walked the fine line between stalker and lover, and his right hand kept compulsively attacking the whammy bar to mark the narrator’s raising despondency until the whole thing got lost in distortion. For all of the folks who have picked up and loved his jazzier work, his Burt Bacharach phase, and his ballads, it’s important not to forget that there’s always a still a punk inside him waiting to box your ears.

To close down the night, Costello went back to charming the absolutely insatiable audience, who seemed ready to lie down and let him walk all over them. “Shipbuilding,” “In the Mood Again,” and “For the Stars” put him behind the keyboard, and provided tons of space for a still strong throat to unleash some dramatic blue notes and emotive wizardry. He has yet to let me down.

The Crowd: You would not believe the amount of standing ovations delivered by this audience. Pretty much every song prompted one, and then everyone would promptly sit down again.
timberland boots navy Elvis Costello at O'Shaughnessy Auditorium

euro sprint timberland Elvenwork Forum

mens 6 inch timberland boots Elvenwork Forum

This forum has been a way to provide a public exchange of questions and answers for polymer clay sculptors. But, as I said in my final post, there comes a time when all things must end. That doesn’t mean the forum used as an archive has nothing to offer. Indeed it is still loaded with questions and answers that remain relevant and which are searchable! For that reason, I’m keeping it available, though no new posts can be added. As always, you’ll find me there as Dewey. Hope to see you there. 1. First, ya need a shoe. If the leather is very flexible and you intend to bake the shoe more than once, cover it with a skin of epoxy and then coat the epoxy with a good PVA glue so the clay will adhere. An epoxy skin assure a rigid substrate that will prevent clay from cracking.Apply the polymer clay (colors range from a greens through browns and near blacks) and model a gator head. Now, I know it lacks many of warts and bubicles of a gator, but it’s a just a shoe, ya know?2. The materials and tools for the next series of steps. First, make some eyes, lots of eyes (or buy them) and teeth, lots of teeth. The reason for extra eyes will become apparent when you set them in place you’ll know, at that moment, which pair suits the shoe. Then, get ready to add texture. I like to do it with a texture sheet. This sheet of clay was made from a Solar Plate. The original design was drawn in PaintShop Pro and is tilable. Frankly, creating that pattern probably took longer to make than modeling the texture by hand. Still, it’s nice to have a pattern when symetry is important, or if you want a pair of matching shoes, and not just the one. Initially faster, using such a sheet has its own quirks. Centering the sheet requires a steady pair of hands. Some scales will require remodeling, and all of it will require refinement reducing and softening scales in some areas and enhancing scales in other areas. All techniques that are a bit more difficult with a “stamped” texture. Incidentally, experience has taught me it will take one full sheet and two to three partial sheets to do the job.4. The shoe with its first sheet of skin (yup, it’s pre painted)pressed in place, flanked by a sheet of pre painted skin on the left and the Solar Plate on the right. This first sheet has been trimmed and modeled, though there is still work to be done. The eyes, too, are in place and one lid has been modeled.5. A side view offers a better view of the effect of a pre painted texture, the right choice for this project. The paint helps the texture maintain its integrity. Note the large eye with its narrowed pupil. It’s indicative of a young gator out of his element, and the eye that best suited this shoe. Had this shoe been made of the real deal,
euro sprint timberland Elvenwork Forum
the eye would be roughly this size, but the scales wouldn’t be so readily apparent. Rendering what are essentially “belly scales” is a design decision, a way of maintaining what I call “shoeness” of the piece.If you want to explore Solar Plates, there’s a workbook on the Guides page at Elvenwork. Yes, that’s a shameless plug.More to come later,6. From this point onward, I lay the textured sheets on in segments, beginning with a 1/2 section. Because this is the left side of the shoe (with the right edge unfinished), I’m using the left side of textured sheet. Ah, the joy of tilable images. The tools I use to marry the seams are a Woodson 3 dental instrument for blending and trimming, a ball stylus for defining the grooves between the scales and a brush dipped in diluent to smooth out those grooves.7. At this point, matching and marrying the seams is best done with smaller segments, easier to apply. A small segment has just been laid in place near the heel, chosen from a scrap that is close, but not an exact match. What matters most is the grain. Note the small scales in the foreground? They come in handy when marrying and concealing the seams; that process sometimes destroys a scale or two. Goudge out a scale sized area and press a new scale in place.8. I call these two steps “Teeth an Tedium”. The first of the two, inserting the teeth, takes no time at all and is done after the main body is covered in scales. I used a 2 Knitting needle to create sockets at the line of the mouth, dipped the teeth in liquid clay and then inserted them in the sockets. The next step, refining the scales takes patience and time. First, use a large tapered clay shaper as a roller to remove any flaws (fingerprints and tool marks) from the painted surface of the scales. Use gentle pressure taking care to maintain the surface relief. With the scales smooth, pay attention to the grooves between the scales. Use the tip of the tapered tool to outline every scale and remove the minute fissures within the grooves. Again, work with the lightest of all pressures. Follow up with a partial bake before the next two steps: replacing the insole and covering the heel.I LOVe your GaTOR shoes, my favorite is the mules. thank you so much for posting this, now i know what i will attempt to make for my daughter on her birthday, she LOVes shoes and the UFS (University of Florida State), GaTORs, which my father was a alumni of both the school and the team.No, you are not making a shameless plug, i have all and treasure each of your workbooks as well as your published books, they are worth their weight in gold.Hopefully one day i will be able to attend a workshop by you and meet you face to face, your are a wonderful encyclopedia of information,
euro sprint timberland Elvenwork Forum
technique as well as a talented artist and teacher.

old style timberland boots Elton John’s Airdrie concert hailed as the

timberlands Elton John’s Airdrie concert hailed as the

Elton John’s Airdrie concert hailed as the “best ever” by star’s crew membersAtmosphere created by the Excelsior audience made show extra special and increased likelihood of more big names performing at stadium.16:11, 28 JUN 2017Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email

Elton John’s triumphant Airdrie show on Saturday had “the best atmosphere” of any of the superstar’s 100 dates of his world tour.

Post show praise for the 14,000 fans who filled the Excelsior was delivered to stadium boss Paul Hetherington by highly impressed members of the pop icon’s road crew.

Paul told the Advertiser: “They said they’d never experienced such a great atmosphere at one of his concerts.

“To be told that by guys who have been with him for years was something special.

“I knew the Airdrie audience would play a crucial role and they were phenomenal. From the first song everyone was on their feet dancing and singing along.

Elton provides Airdrie with a Wonderful Crazy Night

“You could see Elton and the band were loving it too.

“It was the biggest house party ever held in Airdrie.

“Elton’s tour is well named because it was definitely a wonderful crazy night.”

Pop icon signs up for Airdrie

Paul was also pleased by the economic benefits that the Rocket Man’s flying visit brought to Airdrie.

He said: “I don’t think it can be overstated. Pubs, restaurants, takeaways, taxis, all did a roaring trade. Hotels and B got a turn from it too. It’s all great for the town.”

Looking ahead, the stadium boss says the success of Saturday’s show means other big names will be desperate to strut their stuff on the Excelsior stage.

More from Monklands

He insisted: “There’s no doubt that more top acts will be coming to Airdrie. We’re already in talks with some world famous stars who will undoubtedly be even more determined to perform here after the welcome that was extended to Elton.

“I can’t name names just yet but I’m confident that Saturday won’t be a one off.”CourtsBritain First chief Jayda Fransen shouts ‘No Surrender’ after leaving dock in BelfastFransen made global headlines last month after US President Donald Trump retweeted some of her videos and she is back in the limelight again for allegedly using anti Islamic hate speech.

Craig WhyteRangers’ liquidators locked in 2.8m legal battle with firm once linked to Craig WhyteLawyers for Wavetower want a chunk of the 30m that liquidators BDO are believed to have recovered after the Ibrox club’s financial collapse.

Knife crimeKnife murderer who killed young dad is left fighting for his own life after prison stabbingViolent thug John Blake, who stabbed young dad of two Sean Stark to death, was attacked in Glenochil prison last weekend.

Glasgow’This guy has nothing’ Thousands raised for Glasgow homeless hero who guarded car with 450 insideJohn McMonagle wants to give James John McGeown 5000 to say thanks after he went out of his way to stop the cash being taken.
old style timberland boots Elton John's Airdrie concert hailed as the

babies timberland boots Elphinstone Road railway station crush

timberland snow boots Elphinstone Road railway station crush

At least 22 people were killed in a stampede on Friday as commuters pushed and jostled on a Mumbai railway bridge during the morning rush hour.

The cause of the stampede was not immediately known.

Deadly stampedes are common at the country pilgrimages and religious festivals. In 2008, 224 people died in a stampede at Chamunda Devi temple in Rajasthan Jodhpur. In 2013 a crowd rush at a railway station killed at least 36 Kumbh pilgrims.

Read The stampede at Mumbai Elphinstone Road railway station was waiting to happen HT View

Experts say a high tolerance for crowds and crowded spaces in the country has resulted in several similar accidents.

Here is a look at the major stampedes in the country in the past decade:

October 15, 2016: At least 24 people were killed in a stampede in Varanasi. Panic spread as thousands of pilgrims tried to cross a bridge to a sacred site. Rumours about a bridge collapse led to chaos after a man fell down in a crowd.

July 14, 2015: At least 29 people were killed and over 60 injured in a stampede during the mahapushkaram, a Hindu religious bathing festival on the Godavari river bank, in Andhra Pradesh.

Some pilgrims trying to retrieve their shoes that had fallen off in the rush triggered the stampede as tens of thousands of people pushed forward to bathe in the Godavari on the first day of the festival.

October 13, 2013: At least 113 people, including children, were killed and more than 100 injured in a stampede on a crowded bridge leading to a temple in northern Madhya Pradesh, with many of the devotees leaping to their death in the water below.

The incident at the Ratangarh temple in Datia district, 350 km north of Bhopal, brought back memories of a similar stampede at the same place in 2006, when at least 20 devotees had died.

February 11, 2013: 37 pilgrims killed and scores injured in a stampede at a railway station in Uttar Pradesh Allahabad. The devotees were headed home from the Kumbh Mela.

November 19, 2012: 18 killed and several injured in a stampede on a bridge over the Ganga river during Chhath Puja in Patna, Bihar.

January 14, 2011: 104 pilgrims died on Makara Jyothi Day at Sabarimala in Kerala.

May 16, 2010: Two persons were killed in March 2010 in a stampede triggered by a last minute change in platforms for two trains at the New Delhi railway station.

Passengers pushed around to move to platform No. 12 with their baggage, which resulted in the stampede. A woman and a child were killed in the incident. Around 15 people were injured.

March 4, 2010: 63 people, mostly women and children, killed in a stampede at a temple in Uttar Pradesh Pratapgarh.

September 30, 2008: 224 pilgrims died in a stampede at Chamunda Devi temple in Rajasthan Jodhpur.

August 3, 2008: 150 worshippers killed in a stampede at Naina Devi temple sparked by rumours of a landslide in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh.

January 25, 2005: 340 people were killed in a stampede at Mandhar Devi temple Maharashtra Satara district. The accident happened when some people fell down on the steps made slippery by devotees breaking coconuts.
babies timberland boots Elphinstone Road railway station crush

timberland boots for men cheap Elmwood Park News

timberland earthkeeper 6 inch boots Elmwood Park News

15, 2017″ > > rather you be prepared In wake of shootings, Elmwood Park police urge religious groups to be awareAfter last month shooting at a Baptist church in Texas, and several other high profile recent shooting incidents, Elmwood Park police officials invited representatives from local religious organizations to a presentation aimed at preventing such an incident from taking place closer to home. The. 15, 2017″ > >The best meal of 2017 Chicago area chefs describe their favorite bitesWhat was the best thing you ate in a Chicago area restaurant this year? We asked 60 chefs, restaurant owners and other food professionals that same question, and here is what they told us. Every year, several restaurants receive multiple nods, and this year, Smyth restaurant in Chicago is one of. As a result of renting out his car through the peer to peer service, Thomas vehicle was damaged by an unapproved, under aged driver, who, according to Turo, committed fraud in order to reserve. 14, 2017″ > >Police: Baby Jesus figure stolen from a yard in Elmwood ParkThe following items were taken from the Elmwood Park and River Grove police department reports and press releases. An arrest does not constitute a finding of guilt. Elmwood Park Theft A baby Jesus figure was stolen Dec. 11 from a nativity scene located in a yard in the 2300 block of 77th Avenue. 14, 2017″ > >Column: Three gift giving ideas short on cash, long on loveDeciding what to buy friends and family for the holidays isn easy. If you like me, what usually ends up happening is, the week before Christmas or Hanukkah, you find yourself walking aimlessly around the mall, looking for last minute gifts and hoping a great idea will hit you when you walk. 13, 2017″ > >Column: At Christmas time, remember both light and dark, quiet and revelryHere we are at Christmastime and, after 20 centuries, it seems everything has come full circle. It is said that the early Christians, in their attempt to convert more pagans to the new religion, took the superstitions, rites and rituals of the pagans and adapted them to Christianity. So we have. 13, 2017″ > >Shout Out: Brianna Salata, headed to the National GuardBrianna Salata is a senior at Guerin College Prep. She recently was sworn in as a member of the National Guard. Q: Where did you grow up and go to school? A: I was born in Tampa. I moved to Pax Christi, New Mexico, and I lived there for six years. I lived in Chicago for the past four years,. 12, 2017″ > >Column: What rules when it comes to Christmas moviesPerhaps it because I was raised Catholic. Or maybe it because I studied philosophy in college. Whatever the reason, I always have been someone who likes order, system, rules. I always trying with varying degrees of success to find, or impose, order and method onto the world around me. 11, 2017″ > >River Grove officials lay out their case for a tax increaseTo a packed community room, River Grove officials made their case Thursday night for a hefty raise in the village tax levy, citing equipment breakdowns and deferred capital improvements and the need for a cash infusion to allow the village to get on firmer financial footing. Officials presented. 11, 2017″ > > the season of giving Santa Stop Food Drive helps stock River Grove pantryLora Lantgen of River Grove said she and her husband want to help others who are struggling during the holiday season. “We blessed, and I want to be able to bless somebody else,” she said. Lantgen, along with other River Grove residents, participated in the Santa Stop Food Drive on Dec. 9. The. 11, 2017″ > >Elmwood Park District 401 laying groundwork for big tech pushElmwood Park High School isn scheduled to move to one to one computing with each student supplied a Chromebook until the next school year, but School District 401 staff has been busy laying the groundwork for the big moment. In a presentation at the school board committee of the whole meeting. 11, 2017″ > >Scout school: More than 100 head to Triton Merit Badge CollegeAdam Bischoff said he earned two merit badges in two years of scouting. In one day on Dec. 9, Bischoff earned two more. Bischoff, 13, of Elmwood Park, was one of more than 100 Scouts who came to the first Triton Merit Badge College. Antigone Sharris, the coordinator for Triton College Engineering. 11, 2017″ > >Armed man stole cash from Elmwood Park gas station, locked employee in storage closet: policeElmwood Park police detectives are searching for a man who early Monday morning took an undetermined amount of cash and showed a gun at a Harlem Avenue gas station, locked an employee in a storage room and fled. 11, 2017″ > >Festive plays at suburban theaters look to brighten your holidaysIf you looking to take a break from all the gift buying, decorating and party planning and sit back and enjoy the holiday season, an afternoon or night at the theater can provide the perfect time away. These local companies are bringing a mix of classic productions and new festive works to their. 7, 2017″ > >Police: Thieves steal cash register from Elmwood Park eateryThe following items were taken from the Elmwood Park Police Department reports and press releases. An arrest does not constitute a finding of guilt. Elmwood Park Burglary A cash register was reported stolen Nov. 28 from Declan Bar and Grill, 7841 W. Grand Ave. Entry was gained by forcing open. 7, 2017″ > >Column: Time catches up with us all especially during ChristmasOne of the advantages of living near where you grew up is that at those times when nostalgia grips your heart, you can go home again. For years now, when Christmas rolls around, I take a drive through my old neighborhood. It a sentimental journey. Is there anything left of the time all those. 7, 2017″ > >Pension costs contribute to Elmwood Park tax levy 8.53 percent increaseWith increased pension contributions a big factor, the Elmwood Park Village Board approved a 2017 tax levy Dec. 4, calling for an 8.53 percent increase over the 2016 extension. The board was acting on the levy and assessment of taxes for the fiscal year beginning May 1, 2017, and ending April 30,. 7, 2017″ > >Column: What can we learn from the fallen men like Al Franken?At this point, I not sure what is more surprising the fact that so many men in power have used that power to harass and abuse women or the fact that there are so many of the kind of men who want to. Are there really that many creepy men in the world? Or is it just that a certain kind of man. 7, 2017″ > >Column: Easy to find the anti Matt Lauer men in the workplaceWhere in the world is Matt Lauer? A better question is, What in the world was Matt Lauer thinking? When I heard about the “Today” show veteran being fired for sexual harassment, not only was I angry, but I felt depressed that one of America most seemingly trustworthy TV personalities was added. 6, 2017″ > >Frosty visits Early Childhood Center in Elmwood ParkIn what has become a holiday tradition, Frosty the Snowman visited the Elmwood Park School District 401 Early Childhood Center on Dec. 4. Principal Joanne Rice said it was the 10th year that Frosty has paid a visit. Rice said that all 230 students had the opportunity to greet Frosty and have a. I recently rented out my 2013 Ford Fusion. I confirmed the renter reservation and followed all Turo protocols prior to the trip. The renter returned the car late, went. 6, 2017″ > >Shout Out: Harry Schneider of Quasthoff FlowersHarry Schneider is the owner of Quasthoff Flowers in River Grove. He said what makes Quasthoff great is that it handles all of its own deliveries. Q: Where did you grow up and go to school? A: I grew up in River Grove. I went to East Leyden High School and Triton College. Q: What do you know. 4, 2017″ > >From property transfers to tree removals, River Grove board OKs fee changesRiver Grove trustees last month put a new fee schedule in place, changing costs for services ranging from property transfers to tree removals. At the Nov. 16 River Grove Village Board meeting, Trustee Lynn Bjorvik said the changes are a result of a review of some existing fees. Bjorvik said village. 4, 2017″ > >Husband of slain River Grove woman charged with harassing detective: crossed the line >The husband of a woman stabbed to death inside her River Grove home nearly 10 months ago has been charged with telephone harassment after Police Chief Rodger Loni said that during “an alcohol fueled tirade,” the widower left several harassing messages for a detective investigating the case. Jason. 4, 2017″ > > the season Deck the Mounds Festival of Trees returns at Triton CollegeOak Park resident Heather Ethier and her children, Eloise, 2, and Benjamin, 4, said Triton College gets them into the holiday spirit. “Both of my kids attend the child development center,” she said. 1, 2017″ > >Elmwood Park police reportsThe following items were taken from the Elmwood Park police department reports and press releases. An arrest does not constitute a finding of guilt. Elmwood Park Aggravated battery Michael Cozzi, 66, of the 6600 block of Belden Avenue, Chicago, was charged with aggravated battery and retail theft. 30, 2017″ > >Column: What price are we paying for our kids academic >What is the purpose of high school, or a public education,
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for that matter? Is it to prepare students to be successful in life or to achieve at a certain level? What is the measure of success in life, and how does that translate into success in high school? Those are big questions. 29, 2017″ > > makes someone happy Elmwood Park police officers go toy shopping to benefit youngstersThere was a jam at register 9 at the Toys R Us in Melrose Park on Tuesday morning, with store employees Mariah Reese and Alexis Grisaffi working fast, scanning in toys and keeping an eye on their register screen as the total approached $1,500. “They elves,” said Elmwood Park Deputy Police Chief. 29, 2017″ > >Shout Out: Khushbu Patel, manager at Divine Beauty SalonKhushbu Patel is a manager at Divine Beauty Salon in Franklin Park. Q: Where did you grow up and go to school? A: I grew up in India. I came to America 15 years ago. I went to Rosel School of Cosmetology. Q: Why did you want to come to America? A: I didn know I was coming to America because I. 29, 2017″ > >Column: Where have all the Christmas cards gone?You know how seemingly every TV show offers holiday episodes? Well, I have an idea for a Christmas episode of “The Twilight Zone. I title it, “No Season Greetings.” And, as you may expect from the title, Christmas cards feature prominently. Christmas cards aren just a tradition. Christmas. 29, 2017″ > >Help Squad: Rebooking fees charged after hurricane canceled tripDear Help Squad, My boss and I booked a flight to Key West for the end of September. As you know, Hurricane Irma had different plans and completely wiped out the Florida Keys and our trip. I booked on Orbitz and they had us flying out of O on American, connecting through Orlando on a regional. 29, 2017″ > >Column: Men ask their questions about women, get some answersLast week, I called my friend to tell him I was going to be a few minutes late for our meeting because I wanted to squeeze in a manicure since it was the day before Thanksgiving. “Why do women get their nails done?” he asked. “I never understood that.” That when it hit me. Sometimes, men just. 28, 2017″ > >Elmwood Park, River Forest eye grant for North Avenue enhancementElmwood Park is moving ahead on pursuing a grant, teaming up with River Forest for enhancement funds to go toward a North Avenue streetscape project. At the Nov. 27, 2017″ > >Holiday cheer grows in River GroveMarianne Sammauro of the River Grove Seniors Club brought her grandchildren to the River Grove tree lighting event on Nov. 26. The trees and atmosphere brought holiday cheer to her young grandson, John Romanelli. “I think the trees look pretty,” he said. The River Grove Tree Lighting brought organizations. 29, 2017″ > >Holiday kickoff events set in Franklin Park, Elmwood ParkEvents to help kick off the holiday season are planned this week in Franklin Park and Elmwood Park. Thursday at Hammill Square., 9501 Belmont Ave. In Elmwood Park, the annual Holiday Stroll in the Circle event takes place at. 22, 2017″ > >Police: Driver accused of punching another motorist over slow driving in River GroveThe following items were taken from the Elmwood Park and River Grove police department reports and press releases. An arrest does not constitute a finding of guilt. River Grove Battery Charles Malnik, 53, of the 4600 block of Ozanam Avenue, Norridge, was charged with battery Nov. 19 after police. 27, 2017″ > >Youth in Government: River Grove students enjoy an up close look at the villageSt. Cyprian School eighth grader Sebastiane San Jose campaigned and won the right to serve as mayor in the Youth in Government program. I went to Holy Cross High School, and I went to University of Notre Dame. Q:. 21, 2017″ > >Column: Among Baby Boomer presidents, Trump offers nostalgiaOne of the most overbearing generations in American History the Baby Boomers are entering the twilight of their time here. And it only now that we can see what has shaped them and why they are the way they are today, with an aging Boomer at the helm harkening back to an America of the past,. 20, 2017″ > >Help Squad: How and when can someone apply for a diminished value claim?Dear Help Squad, I would like to file a diminished value claim in Illinois. My wife was involved in a car accident and it was not her fault. Could you tell me what I should do if I want to file it myself without hiring a lawyer? Thank you, Vladica, Niles Since writing a column on the topic in early. 20, 2017″ > >Column: When Post it notes help girls see the beauty in themselvesI a huge fan of Post it notes, especially when it comes to love. Finding a little message adhered to the fridge, to your desk, to your pillow or in your lunch box that reads, for example, “I adore you,” “Hope you having a great day,” “I miss you” or “Welcome home” is a great way to make. 20, 2017″ > >Column: Trump petty feuds no match for past battles against tyrannyIn the final analysis I suppose it doesn make much of a difference, but, if I am going to be blown up, I just as soon it were for something noble and worthwhile rather than something petty and childish. Time was we had moral, philosophical and political reasons to declare someone an enemy. . 18, 2017″ > >River Grove exploring tax increase to meet critical spending needsFacing stagnant revenues and increased pension and operational costs, River Grove officials have called for a public hearing that eventually could lead to a property tax hike to address fund balances dropping to critical levels. At their Nov. 16 meeting, River Grove trustees approved a plan to. 18, 2017″ > >Talk of shifting from block schedule in Elmwood Park District 401 has some parents concernedDiscussion about whether to shift from the current block scheduling at Elmwood Park School District 401 to a more traditional schedule sparked concern among some parents who spoke at the Nov. 15 school board meeting. The Elmwood Park School District 401 School Board has not made a decision on whether. 18, 2017″ > >Four year old Elmwood Park princess party helps raise money for Rizzo foundationDresses, makeup, nail polish, glitter and hairspray filled CoCo Beauty Lounge in Elmwood Park at an event held earlier this fall. The beauty salon hosted a princess party for little girls to raise money in honor of Stella Marzillo, a 4 year old who is in remission from cancer. The event raised. 17, 2017″ > >Superintendents pleased state now using SAT to measure student skillsLocal superintendents called the results of the first administered SAT achievement test a good place to start on how to best improve students performance and get them ready for college or careers. During the 2016 2017 school year, juniors in the state took the revamped SAT college readiness test. 17, 2017″ > >Get down to the root of things with these fall recipesDig in. With fall comes root vegetables, and we uncovered some of the best recipes that feature them. From shimmering, glazed Hakurei turnips so delicate they look like pearl onions and earthy purees made from fresh parsnips and malted milk (yes, malted milk) to cheerfully bright carrots preserved. 16, 2017″ > >Kiwanis Club new president known for community involvementDebbie Paliferro was the president of the Montclare Elmwood Park Kiwanis Club for 2016, and she said she can imagine a better person to fill her shoes than Gabe Caporale. Caporale, who is also involved in a slew of other community organizations, earlier this year was inducted as the new president. 16, 2017″ > >Elmwood Park and River Grove police reportsThe following items were taken from the Elmwood Park and River Grove police department reports and press releases. An arrest does not constitute a finding of guilt. Elmwood Park Burglary Construction items were reported stolen Nov. 6 from the back seat of a 1997 Ford pickup truck parked in a lot. 16, 2017″ > >Column: Let take Lincoln wise advice this Thanksgiving DayIn a year when it seems like we been re fighting the Civil War over what statues should stay and which ones should be taken down, it might be well to remember that the first national Thanksgiving was celebrated during the tumult of that war. Following the Union victory at Gettysburg, President. 16, 2017″ > >Column: funny, if dark, tale of single parentingMaybe it because I a divorced mom, but there something really lovable to me about TV single moms. Not only are they are strong and courageous, but their tough skin is intermingled with vulnerability and cute charm that makes you want to give them a big hug. It for those reasons that I have. I am presently an individual health insurance holder with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. 15, 2017″ > >Column: Who thankful for you on Thanksgiving?Before Thanksgiving and the day after turned into Shopapalooza, the holiday was a celebration of family. More than that, Thanksgiving was a cause for introspection, a time for each of us to look at our lives and tally what made us thankful. And everyone has something to be thankful for, from the. 14, 2017″ > >Looking for a stress free Thanksgiving meal? Ditch the cookingThanksgiving can be stressful enough without also worrying about how long to cook the turkey. Whether you enjoy hosting at home but don want to spend all day in the kitchen or would like to leave all the work including the cleanup to someone else, these area restaurants can be your holiday. 13, 2017″ > >Elmwood Park police, schools reach reporting agreementElmwood Park School District 401 and the village police department will share information regarding potential or actual criminal offenses involving district students under a reciprocal agreement reached at the Nov. 6 village board meeting. The reciprocal agreement formalizes a working arrangement. 15, 2017″ > >The case for shop class: How vocational schools and gap years can help ease academic anxietyWhen New Trier High School student Ben Matejka got his results from the ACT, he was pleased with his score of 27, comfortably above the national average of about 21. But when Ben told his friends, some of their responses took him aback. He got condolences. “My score was much higher than the national. 13, 2017″ > >Police: Armed robber stole more than $12,000 from Elmwood Park storePolice in Elmwood Park said they are continuing to investigate after a man stole more than $12,000 in an armed robbery this month at the Walgreens store on North Avenue. According to police, the robbery took place on Nov. 2. Police said a man brandishing a small silver handgun held up the Walgreens. 14, 2017” > >Later start times,
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less homework: Here’s what elite schools are doing to help students cope with stressClaire Buckley day started before dawn. bus to her destination not to a job in dow

timberland 27094 Elk City Crashes Out on Day One

timberland mens boot Elk City Crashes Out on Day One

Elk City’s Cade Davis might not have been the only Division I talent on the Moore High School floor. Victory Christian’s Robert Crawford has “Division I status” written on his shoes. In overtime, Crawford’s one handed dunk put the Conquerors in front, and may have put the 6 5 junior on the map at the same time.

Despite 37 points and 11 rebounds from the Oklahoma bound Davis, Crawford and Victory Christian stole the show in one of the biggest upsets of the day with a 67 65 overtime victory in the first round of the Class 4A state tournament.

Crawford scored 13 of his 19 points in the first half, and also grabbed 13 rebounds in the victory. The high flying junior is one of the reasons why Elk City’s stay at the state tournament is a short one, despite a fantastic season.

“The sky is the limit for Robert,” said Victory Christian coach Ryan Wakley. “He turned 16 last August. Although he is still young, he is getting better as a player and as a person. I think he’s best years of basketball might be after his high school career is over.”

The combination of Davis and senior guard Matt Jones nearly did enough to pull out an improbable victory. Trailing 33 27 at halftime, Davis and Jones spearheaded the comeback with a little help of their teammates.

Trailing by six heading into the fourth quarter, Davis scored the first deuce of the quarter with a finger roll after going behind his back. Senior Kolby Kilhoffer canned a three point basket from the left corner to continue the spurt.

Davis followed with four straight points in quick fashion, capped off by a two handed dunk to give the Elks a 44 41 lead. Elk City scored seven points in 35 seconds to deliver a potential haymaker to Victory Christian as part of a 9 0 run.

With the momentum shifting in the favor of the unbeaten Elks, the Conquerers turned to a player off the bench to ignite the comeback. Petit scored nine points over the next three minutes, while Jones responded with six of his own. Petit’s three with 1:07 remaining tied the score at 56.

Victory Christian had a chance to win it in regulation, but Julian Peters missed a runner at the buzzer to provide the raukus crowd of 3,500 an extra four minutes of basketball.

After Crawford’s rim rattler, Jones responded with the final two of his 14 points. Kilhoffer hit another clutch trifecta to give Elk City a 62 60 lead before Petit continued his hot shooting by answering with a three of his own to put Victory Christian back in front.

After Davis pinned a Petit shot attempt against the backboard, the ball kindly dropped to Petit, who converted an uncontested lay up to give Victory Christian a three point lead. Davis responded with a 24 foot three to tie the score once again at 65 with 26.8 second remaining.

With the game in the balance and potentially the season, Victory Christian turned to senior Corey Stewart. Stewart drove the lane and launched a floater high off the backboard over the outstretched arms of Davis. Stewart’s attempt fell through the net, giving Victory Christian a 67 65 lead with 2.1 seconds remaining.

Elk City’s attempt at even more dramatics failed as Davis was unable to get off a 60 foot desperation attempt, and the epic encounter went in favor of Victory Christian.

Petit scored 14 of his 19 points after halftime. According to Wakley, Petit’s contributions were huge.

“Petit is a young man who is growing all the time, and he had a whale of a game. This is what it’s all about. Players performing at that level in such a huge occasion,” said Wakley.

Elk City finishes the season with a 24 1 record, while Victory Christian moves on to the semifinals where they will face defending Class 4A champion Bishop McGuinness.

Victory Christian 67, Elk City 65

Victory Christian (21 6): Crawford 19, Stewart 13, White 6, Houston 10, Petit 19.

Elk City (24 1): Jones 14, Kilhoffer 9, Davis 37, Perkins 2, Ezell 3.

McGuinness Stings Hornets to Advance

Junior guard Jeff Merritt hit four straight three pointers and scored 12 of Bishop McGuinness’ first 15 points as the Fighting Irish successfully embarked on their defense of the Class 4A title with a 58 41 victory over Vinita.

With Merritt’s torrid start, the Fighting Irish raced out to a 15 8 lead after the first quarter. Vinita used hot shooting of their own to keep pace with McGuinness.

The Hornets hit 5 of 8 from three point range in the first half. Rashard Phillips scored eight of his game high 15 points in the first half including six from behind the three point arc, while Adam Ramsey hit two three’s of his own.

The first points of the second half came from a Michael Sosanya dunk, which started a 10 2 run that Bishop McGuiness would not relinquish. Merritt scored 20 points to lead McGuinness, while Sosanya added 12. 6 9 sophomore Daniel Orton had seven rebounds and six blocked shots in the victory. at State Fair Arena.

Bishop McGuiness 58, Vinita 41

Bishop McGuinness (22 5): Merritt 20, Orton 4, Sosanya 12, Fuller 5, Randolph 2, Ikard 2, Williamson 7, Holmboe 1, Trosper 4, Cranmer 1.

Vinita (13 13): L. Williams 2, Willis 6, Phillips 15, Lippe 7, Ramsey 6, Grimm 2, Smiley 3.

For the second consecutive year, Crescent’s stay in the state tournament was a short one thanks to Oklahoma Christian after the Tigers fell, 67 37, at the Sawyer Center at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany.
timberland 27094 Elk City Crashes Out on Day One