timberland online uk Hail ravages Nebraska’s ‘Truck Mountain’ store

timberland shoe laces Hail ravages Nebraska’s ‘Truck Mountain’ store

Woodhouse Auto Family, which owns the famed “Truck Mountain” store that is the nation’s top seller of F series pickups, sustained damage to nearly 4,400 vehicles last week as storms pelted eastern Nebraska and western Iowa with baseball sized hail.

The inventory at the Woodhouse Ford dealership consists of hundreds of vehicles parked on terraces carved into what it calls Truck Mountain and Ford Hill. All of the 2,500 vehicles on Truck Mountain were damaged by hail, said Lisa Cole, marketing director of Woodhouse Auto Family.

The storms hit Woodhouse stores and other dealerships in the region, leading to slashed prices and immediate damage assessments by insurance adjusters.

Jason Pittack, co owner of Woodhouse Auto Family, said vehicles at Woodhouse’s Ford and Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram stores in Blair and its Chevrolet Buick store in Missouri Valley, Iowa, were damaged. The affected vehicles make up more than half of the group’s inventory.

“We seem to go through a version of this every few years,
timberland online uk Hail ravages Nebraska's 'Truck Mountain' store
” he said.

During the storm Tuesday, June 3, Pittack said, the Woodhouse stores’ first priority was sheltering vehicles that had been bought and were waiting for delivery. Pittack said the few that sustained damage will be replaced. The group is holding a “hail sale” to move affected vehicles off the lots. He said the storm could be a benefit in the long run, speeding up sales.

“Adjusters were here this morning getting everything ready to roll,” he said the day after the storm. “The information broke on local news last night. . People have been crawling all over the lots.”

Woodhouse has been communicating with customers about the storm damage and sale via Twitter since it assessed the damage.

Pittack said it will be a greater challenge to deal with the influx of demand than the hail itself, calling the next few days a “track meet.” He added that the other major concern was the safety of Woodhouse employees, many of whom had their personal vehicles and homes damaged by the storm.

Sid Dillon Chevrolet in Blair had damage on almost all 800 of its vehicles. Jim Nelson, the dealership’s general manager, said the hail blew out the windows and sunroofs of most of the cars.

He said: “It looks like bowling balls fell out of the sky when you see some of the cars.”

Nora Naughton contributed to this report.

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timberland online uk Hail ravages Nebraska's 'Truck Mountain' store

timberland jobs Haglund’s Heel

cheap timberland boot Haglund’s Heel

Well, gall dang, a ballet company finally stood up to a disgruntled former dancer claim of “abuse”. Yeah, it happened on the other side of the world, but hey, that a start.

To a dancer claim of constant belittlement, being silenced, shunning, physical and verbal abuse, and, get this, “the list goes on” the RNZB said:

“The allegations made in this interview by a former employee, regarding the company internal culture and working practices, and the actions allegedly taken or not taken by our Board to address concerns raised, are malicious, false and completely rejected by the Board,” the RNZB said in a written statement.

It said the allegations have damaged the company and everyone who works with and for the RNZB.

“As a responsible employer, the Board of the RNZB takes, and has always taken, employees concerns, particularly those alleging any kind of bullying, intimidation or abuse, extremely seriously. We have zero tolerance for behaviour of this kind. It said at that time, the board had initiated a formal process of fact finding and facilitation, with the help of independent external advisors, and a number of recommendations had been made.”

Since when is an employer who tells an employee to shut up considered abusive? Dancers need to join the real world. The idea that they are entitled to express their own opinions whenever and to whomever they want and that they must be listened to is inconsistent with what is permitted in corporate America.

None of us has yet to hear Martins side of the story on any of this. Apparently it doesn matter. Apparently, each such case is immediately black white to the NYT and will remain so unless and until Martins agrees to be examined by the Times in it media court. Ain gonna happen.

The NYT has found yet another angry dancer who was let go by Martins last year to claim abuse. She claimed that he treated all the dancers the same way when he kicked them out of his office. That hundreds of dancers. What do the non fired dancers say about this?

And then there is Jeff Edwards who told Dance Magazine years ago that he left NYCB for Zurich and Lyon to “expand both his choreographic and geographic frame of reference.” There wasn even a hint that he wasn getting along with Martins. (Nor was there disclosure about the injury and surgery that kept him off the NYCB stage for a year and half and how he never got back all his juice.) Now he has told the New York Times or the Times has chosen to interpret his current comments as saying he left NYCB because Martins was abusive. He didn stay long in Zurich or Lyon. He didn stay long in Washington. He was even teaching some classes at ABT, but that didn last long.

Now a kid who was misbehaving during a dress rehearsal and was disciplined by Martins “in front of the whole cast” is now claiming he was abused. Undoubtedly humiliated. Maybe even some of the other kids were laughing at him as Martins pulled him around. Was he invited to leave SAB or did he quit? We haven heard yet. “Dropped out” is a pretty ambiguous term often interchangeable with flunked out or suggested out.

And John Clifford saw stuff.

What an age we live in when people who claim they are crime victims opt to go to the media for a trial by press rather than to the police.

So the wife of the man who has been making frequent trips to Manhattan from Seattle to make hokey presentations in order to position himself as a contender to replace Peter Martins when he retires has now tossed out some media candy about how in 1989 Martins tried to physically harm her. Now Martins wants to take a leave. How low can this go, and who would be surprised if Heather was helping to instigate some of the current controversies? And why are the Boals running to the media instead of seriously approaching the Board of Directors with their info?

We hope that NYCB Board refuses Martins request for a leave and throws its support behind him until something that warrants the Board not supporting him turns up. If they grant his request, the only person who could get the company through the Nutcracker season while preparing for the winter season with the least amount of disruption would be Jon Stafford. But we hope that the Board will have the balls to support its AD.

NYCB in 1989 was filled with unhappy dancers, some mediocre, who publicly expressed their disrespect for Martins and blamed him for not being Balanchine. Telstra, which has partnered with The Australian Ballet to make the award annually since 2003, does so to support the aspirations and development of the elite dancers at the company. The winner gets $20,000 (AUD). This is the first time in more than two decades that a NZ School of Dance graduate hasn joined the company. To add insult to injury, reportedly more than half the dancers have left the company either by their choice or hers. Well folks, the Prime Minister is investigating. That how seriously they take their national pride. Even the nation rugby experts are weighing in on the ballet situation (click red link for story) and pointing out how the depth and breadth of rugby talent and leadership being developed in New Zealand by New Zealanders is an immense source of pride.

The good news is that RNZB Tonia Rose Looker, who Ethan Stiefel recognized as a bright talent when he was the Artistic Director at RNZB, has hopped the Tasman Sea to accept a position in the Queensland Ballet corps. One of Haglund all time favorite ABT Tharp Bombers, Laura Hildago, is a longtime principal there, and former RNZB er Lucy Green who joined last year was just promoted to principal by Artistic Director Li Cunxin.

Hopefully, Ms. Barker will not try to Americanize the RNZB either with dancers or in management style. Cultural sensitivity and respect might help here. His computer was confiscated. The police in London were contacted and his home was searched. Can the The New York Times investigate one of its own and report on it?

Alastair Macaulay wrote an article about his nightmare of being arrested for such innocent activity and published it in the UK Telegraph complete with a smiling picture of himself. This was in 2005, fewer than two years before The New York Times hired him as its chief dance critic. Did they investigate that incident as thoroughly then as they are investigating all of the claims they have been publishing over the past month?

“At 6.15pm, I was detained by two policemen. It seems that, among all the people on the beach, one father and his brother had decided that there must be something wrong about the photographs I had been taking.

They had gone to the lifeguard. The lifeguard had rung the police. The police had activated a close circuit television on the beach, recording my actions, and then they came to the beach to take action.”
timberland jobs Haglund's Heel

timberland boots for babies Haggerty Explains Decision Not To Run

timberland roll top boots Haggerty Explains Decision Not To Run

DUNMORE Saying he’s done with public service, State Representative Kevin Haggerty tells Newswatch 16 he will finish out his term and then look for another career.

Political opponents and allies criticized Representative Haggerty for missing 300 votes, staying away from Harrisburg to be close to his children during his divorce.

“When I would wake up every morning, I didn’t have that real passion that I had to get here, and so it weighs on you,” said Rep.

A protection from abuse order sought by his wife in June and his absence from 300 state house votes this fall took a toll on his reputation.

His wife quickly withdrew the PFA, but the state representative from Lackawanna County worried criticism of that and of the missed votes in a re election campaign would be tough on his children.

“It wasn’t about winning anymore. It was just about my kids and making sure they feel safe and secure,” he said. “I don’t think it would be fair to continue going through these elections that are very acidic. They’re nasty.”Rep. Haggerty Returns to State Capitol

Haggerty hopes the nastiness of politics is behind him. He plans to serve as state representative until his term ends in December, and plans to be active fighting to eliminate property taxes for schools and to sponsor bills to help with the drug crisis.

When asked if he’ll do a better job of showing up to Harrisburg to vote, the Dunmore Democrat vows his attendance will be close to perfect, the way it was for the first half of his term.

“I was there all the time. I didn’t miss anything. I was back in the groove, and then we had a family matter,” said Haggerty. “I will be in Harrisburg because there’s not that election coming up. That was always the contentious things. And things always get ugly during those months and we’ve been beat up pretty good.”

Despite personal and professional turmoil, Haggerty says he has no regrets.

When asked if he would ever consider running for office again, Haggerty said, “I don’t think so.”

Haggerty says he’d like to make a career of working with at risk kids. He says he has nothing lined up now.

The article starts with, he done with public service Um. Not to put too fine a point on it, but wasn he pretty much done with public service at the gate? To miss 300 votes regardless of personal issues is inexcusable. And, to attempt to use his children AS that excuse is even more deplorable.

Hey, Haggerty, why not refund your atrocious salary back to your constituents that trusted your word to be your bond and cast their votes for YOU to speak on their behalf? How about you do that, why not? Kevin? Are you reading any of these posts? Shame on you.

WNEP failed to provide the guaranteed salary to a member of the PA State Assembly: $86,478, regardless of whether one shows up or not.

Only California pays state legislator more. In fact in 40 other states state representative is considered a part time job, and in many of those states representatives are only paid per diem they show up. I don care if you are a republican or a democratic, or whatever Haggerty is a complete disgrace to himself and a total embarrassment and disappointment to the people he is supposed to represent.
timberland boots for babies Haggerty Explains Decision Not To Run

timberland pro workwear Haflinger Slippers

timberland boots discount Haflinger Slippers

Haflinger slippers are a stylish, hip way to keep your feet comfortable. They are unique to the shoe world in that they are produced from boiled wool or wool felt, allowing for a high level of comfort and breathability. The wool is very soft, and is designed to feel like a second skin. It is flexible, and also very breathable. The company claims that you will never experience hot foot while wearing their slippers,
timberland pro workwear Haflinger Slippers
and your foot will always remain at a comfortable temperature.

Another great thing about Haflinger slippers is they are machine washable! The company states that the wool has very little stretch, and will retain its shape. And when you place it in the wash, you don’t have to worry about deforming or shrinking your shoes! In fact,
timberland pro workwear Haflinger Slippers
when you pull them out of the wash they will look like they’re brand new.

timberland boots store Hadrian the gay emperor

timberland chocorua Hadrian the gay emperor

The bust is classically Roman, the face imperious. But this is no ordinary emperor. As a major new exhibition at the British Museum makes clear, Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus was not only a peacemaker who pulled his soldiers out of modern day Iraq. He was also the first leader of Rome to make it clear that he was gay.

Hadrian: Empire and Conflict will see the bust make pilgrimages to both ends of Hadrian’s Wall, the first time it has left the British Museum since being found in the Thames 200 years ago. But it is the singular life story of the gay emperor that is likely to capture the interest of most visitors.

His first move, within hours of coronation, was to withdraw his troops from Mesopotamia, now Iraq, and fortify the empire’s boundaries by building his eponymous wall in northern England and others in the Danube and the Rhine valleys, ushering in a new era of peace. The reign that followed can be traced through 200 ancient treasures, many of which have never been display in Britain.

Several of the artefacts relate to his male consort, Antinous, who accompanied him on his travels around the empire. These items include a poem written on papyrus, featuring the two men hunting together, and new finds that include memorials to the dead lover at Hadrian’s villa in Tivoli.

Although it was not uncommon for his predecessors to have taken gay lovers alongside a female spouse, Hadrian was unique in making his love “official” in a way that no other emperor had before him.

When Antinous drowned in mysterious circumstances, Hadrian was so distraught that he chose to commemorate the young Greek by naming an Egyptian city in his honour. Thorsten Opper, curator of the exhibition, said what was unusual in Hadrian’s attitude towards Antinous was the way in which he publicly deified him.

“He had to marry, and he had a politically arranged marriage to Sabina, who was the great niece of the former emperor Trajan, which in effect, set up his succession. But clearly, it was a loveless marriage with no children. What was unusual is that he had a lot of flings, and then after his lover drowned in the Nile AD130 he made him a god.

“Hadrian was clearly bereaved and he had lots of images put up. When a city was founded close to the spot where Antinous drowned,
timberland boots store Hadrian the gay emperor
he named it Antinopolis. It was a sort of hero cult worship of Antinous,” he said.

The emperor’s sexuality was by no means the only unusual aspect of his reign. The decision to pull his troops out of Mesopotamia might have been frowned upon in an empire that had built its might on a bellicose foreign policy, but Hadrian’s charisma won over the masses.

Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, said: “The exhibition will provide an opportunity to assess the important legacy of the emperor Hadrian, a classical figure whose reign has telling relevance to our lives today.”

Mr Opper said there were similarities between second century Mesopotamia and present day Iraq, with the Roman occupiers finding themselves in a hotbed of violence and resistance.

“We must not mistake [Hadrian’s] motives for pulling his troops out of Mesopotamia,” Mr Opper said. “He didn’t really have a choice. It had just been conquered by his predecessor and there was a lot of guerrilla warfare, which is eerily just like modern times. What he did was give the empire breathing space and while he was a very experienced military leader, we also get the impression he was very cultured and he fostered Greek identity and made them partners in leadership.”

As the “people’s king” he travelled with his troops and ate the same rations he laid the foundations of the Byzantine Empire and changed the name of Judea to create Palestine, among other legacies.

At times, however, even Hadrian’s Rome played the role of violent occupier. During a suppression of a Jewish rebellion in Judea, Roman warriors were dispatched to take control ofthe region, leading to the death of 580,000 Jews. “It was probably as a punishment that he changed the name of Judea to Palestine,” said Mr Opper.

The exhibition, which brings together loans from 31 countries, will display sculpture, bronzes and architectural fragments. Highlights include the Vindoanda tablets from Hadrian’s Wall and a bronze head of the emperor discovered in the Thames in 1834, which will travel to both ends of Hadrian’s Wall. The head comes from a statue that may have been erected in a public space in London AD122 to commemorate Hadrian’s visit to Britain.

Other highlights are a bronze bust from Israel found in 1975, a papyrus fragment of Hadrian’s autobiography from the Bodleian Library that has never before been on public display, fragments from Hadrian’s tomb and gilded bronze peacocks measuring two metres lent by the Vatican’s Museum for the first time.

The show runs from 24 July until 26 October

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timberland boots store Hadrian the gay emperor
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timberland boots uk had historically few turnovers in victory at Duke

timberland boot company sale had historically few turnovers in victory at Duke

Virginia needs no reminder how difficult it is to win at Duke. The Cavaliers had lost 17 consecutive games at Cameron Indoor Stadium prior to Saturday’s 65 63 victory, futility that dated to dollar a gallon gas in 1995. has beaucoup company.

Wake Forest has dropped 19 straight at Duke since Tim Duncan’s 1997 graduation. Clemson has prevailed at Cameron once in the last 30 years, Georgia Tech and North Carolina State twice, Florida State twice since joining the ACC in 1991.

The league’s newest members Louisville, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Boston College, Virginia Tech and Miami are a combined 5 29 at Duke since their respective ACC arrivals.

Naturally, the exception is North Carolina. The Tar Heels are 36 44 at Cameron.

But as rare as a road victory at Duke is Mike Krzyzewski’s home winning percentage is .889 over 38 seasons Virginia’s was rarer still.

First, the Cavaliers shot 39.4 percent overall and 27.3 percent from beyond the 3 point arc. Since the advent of the 3 point shot in 1985 86, only one other opponent, North Carolina in 2016, has survived Cameron while shooting less than 40 percent overall and less than 30 percent from beyond the arc. defeat the nation’s No. 4 team on the road while shooting so poorly?

Ball security, as embodied by sophomore point guard Ty Jerome. Playing at Duke for the first time, Jerome had seven assists and only one turnover, not to mention 13 points and three steals.

Now the Blue Devils are far from elite defensively, and Krzyzewski’s concession to such straying from man to man to lengthy periods of zone is not conducive to takeaways. Regardless, the Cavaliers’ five turnovers no player had more than one at Cameron were historically low.

“I thought we got worn out playing defense in the first half,” Krzyzewski said, “and it affected us offensively. Going to the zone and the three quarter court press was one, we can play it well, obviously we did play it well, but it also doesn’t wear you out. Part of them being good is they wear you out when you’re on defense in man to man because you have to keep running after them. Their offense beat our defense.”

During the Krzyzewski Era he was hired in 1980 only four of 578 visiting teams have committed as few turnovers as Virginia did. North Carolina last season and Ohio State in November 2011 had five. Wake Forest last year and Alabama in March 1981 committed four.

And here’s the crazy part: Each of those four teams lost.

So none of the 63 other guests to win at Cameron in the last 38 seasons committed as few turnovers as the Cavaliers on Saturday.

That’s pretty darn remarkable.

But ball security is nearly as embedded as defense in Tony Bennett’s Virginia program.

“We do work at it,” he said Monday on the weekly ACC media call. “We talk about valuing the possession. To get a chance to get a clean look is so important, and you can’t do that if you’re loose with the ball. It’s individuals’ sure handedness, being mindful of it and working on it. But (having) everybody on the same page of how important the possession is. That’s always the battle that it comes down to.”

Bennett and his staff are winning the battle.

The Cavaliers’ turnover rate, 14.9 percent of their possessions, ranks seventh nationally, and they were among the top 25 in each of the previous three seasons. Their lowest finish in Bennett’s eight previous years was 85th in 2012, still among the top quarter of Division I.

The assist/turnover ratios for Jerome, guard Devon Hall and backup point guard Nigel Johnson are equally impressive. Hall’s is 3.14/1, Johnson’s 2.21/1, Jerome’s 2.09/1.

Virginia outscored Duke 14 4 in points off turnovers, and similar advantages fueled home victories over Boston College, North Carolina, and Clemson, and road conquests of Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. In those five games combined, Virginia outscored its opponents 103 24 in points off turnovers.

So count ball security among the reasons defensive commitment, free throw and 3 point accuracy, balance and chemistry are others the Cavaliers (20 1, 9 0 ACC) are poised for a memorable season.
timberland boots uk had historically few turnovers in victory at Duke

timberland bromilly boots black Hackers turn ATMs into jackpot machines

girls timberland boots Hackers turn ATMs into jackpot machines

(CNN Money) The Secret Service is warning banks about a hacking scheme called “jackpotting” that lets someone steal money from ATMs. It’s the first time this type of scheme has made its way to the United States.To execute the cyberattack, a thief needs physical access to an ATM and will use malware, physical hacking tools, or both, to take control of the machine and force it to dispense cash quickly. If it works, cash pours out of the ATM like the hacker won a jackpot.”Criminals have been able to find vulnerabilities in financial institutions that operate ATMs, primarily ATMs that are stand alone,” the Secret Service said in a release shared with CNN Tech. “The targeted stand alone ATMs are routinely located in pharmacies, big box retailers, and drive thru ATMs.”At least six attacks have taken place within the last week. They ranged in location from the Pacific Northwest to the Gulf region to New England. Thieves have stolen over $1 million in attacks so far.The Secret Service said criminals associated with jackpotting can be individuals or organized crime groups.ATM makers Diebold Nixdorf and NCR Corporation confirmed they have alerted clients to the potential jackpotting attacks. A spokesperson for Diebold Nixdorf said older Diebold units are being targeted.Similar jackpotting attacks spread through Latin America last year.Jackpotting has also been reported in Europe and Asia. jackpotting threats.In recent months, activity around ATM hacking and jackpotting has spiked on the dark web, according to Paulo Shakarian, CEO at threat intelligence firm CYR3CON. The dark web refers to networks of websites that require specific software to access. Some dark web sites are known for criminal activity.Shakarian said his firm tracked an uptick in conversations around malware used for jackpotting and also noticed people talking on these forums about new ATM hacking hardware targeting specific machines. Shakarian also spotted a jackpotting guide available for sale on one dark web forum. jackpotting is imminent,” he said. “But now you’re seeing multiple indicators that could be pointing to it.”The Secret Service did not say how many jackpotting cases the agency has seen.The CNN Wire 2018 Cable News Network, Inc.,
timberland bromilly boots black Hackers turn ATMs into jackpot machines
a Time Warner Company.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>11 year old girl dies suddenly in her sleep11 year old girl dies suddenly in her sleepUpdated: Thursday, March 8 2018 6:12 AM EST2018 03 08 11:12:56 GMTA local family is mourning the loss of an 11 year old girl who died unexpectedly just a few days ago. Janiyah Taylor passed away Monday morning in her sleep.A local family is mourning the loss of an 11 year old girl who died unexpectedly just a few days ago. Janiyah Taylor passed away Monday morning in her sleep.Attackers used blunt saw to cut into South African triathlete’s legsAttackers used blunt saw to cut into South African triathlete’s legsUpdated: Thursday, March 8 2018 12:02 AM EST2018 03 08 05:02:17 GMTIn this photo taken June 21, 2015 and supplied by B Active Sports, Mhlengi Gwala competes in an event in Durban, South Africa. (B Active Sports/Jethro Snyders via AP)Several attackers pulled Gwala off his bicycle as he cycled up a steep hill and sawed into his right calf, damaging muscle, nerves, and bone.Several attackers pulled Gwala off his bicycle as he cycled up a steep hill and sawed into his right calf, damaging muscle, nerves, and bone.Clinton police officer killed, 2 hurt when sent to wrong houseClinton police officer killed, 2 hurt when sent to wrong houseUpdated: Thursday, March 8 2018 10:29 AM EST2018 03 08 15:29:42 GMT
timberland bromilly boots black Hackers turn ATMs into jackpot machines

timberland 3 eye Hacker indicted for breaking into computers at CWRU and other institutions

timberland earthkeepers chukka boots Hacker indicted for breaking into computers at CWRU and other institutions

A North Royalton man was charged in federal district court in Cleveland on Wednesday, Jan. 10, in a 16 count indictment for hacking into thousands of computers.

Among the computers hacked by Phillip R. Durachinsky were 100 at Case Western Reserve University, according to an affidavit filed in conjunction with the case by FBI Special Agent Michael Brian.

Durachinsky was charged with Computer Fraud and Abuse Act violations, Wiretap Act violations, production of child pornography and aggravated identity theft. The indictment alleged that Durachinsky created and installed malware over a 13 year period to watch, listen to, and obtain personal data from unknowing victims, as well as to produce child pornography.

“For more than 13 years, Phillip Durachinsky allegedly infected with malware the computers of thousands of Americans and stole their most personal data and communications,” Cronan said in a statement. “This case is an example of the Justice Department’s continued efforts to hold accountable cybercriminals who invade the privacy of others and exploit technology for their own ends.”

On Jan. 4, 2017, according to the affidavit, CWRU was contacted by a third party regarding an infected system on the third party’s network. The third party believed that because of communication between the third party’s computer and the CWRU computer system, the CWRU system also was likely compromised.

The FBI was called in to investigate and found that the hacker had accessed the alumni account of Durachinsky. A probe of Durachinsky’s computer found software for the malware. The investigation determined that Durachinsky had infected computers at other universities and institutions from 2003 to 2017.
timberland 3 eye Hacker indicted for breaking into computers at CWRU and other institutions

toddler timberlands Habitat grants mean millions for north valley projects

timberland uk store Habitat grants mean millions for north valley projects

A new round of state and federal environmental grants have been released recently, and a number of area projects have been among those funded to the tune of millions of dollars.

Several of the state grants are aimed at assisting rare fish species in local streams, but a mix of state and federal funds are also going to upgrade bird habitat on a ranch in Honcut.

It is one of three projects underway to improve the chances for threatened wild spring run chinook salmon to reach the deep pools farther up Deer Creek Canyon. That stream has the second largest population of the spring run after Butte Creek, where millions have already been spent to aid the fish in reaching the cool water where they spend the summer before spawning in fall.

The grant to Trout Unlimited comes from Proposition 1, and will pay for 190 foot long rock ramp at the dam diverting water for the Deer Creek Irrigation District.

Trout Unlimited attorney Matt Clifford described the ramp as a modern version of a fish ladder. He said there a ladder at the dam now, but this would provide a more permanent solution to help fish over the barrier.

The project is part of a broader project to help the spring run chinook in Deer Creek. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Trisha Parker.

The $2 million project, reported in this newspaper in August 2017, required a redesign after excavations at the location showed the foundation rock wouldn support the initial plan.

The new ladder replaced an old structure that rose more than 15 feet in seven steps over the course of about 15 yards, which was too steep for many of the fish.

The new ladder has 15 steps and is about three times as long.

The cost was being split between the federal Bureau of Reclamation Central Valley Project Improvement Act funds and drought aid money from the governor office, according to Parker.

There is a third major diversion on Deer Creek by the Stanford Vina Ranch Irrigation Co. and Clifford said Trout Unlimited has a grant and is working with the dam owners to plan passage around that dam.

Other grants

Other north valley projects were also part of the $39.7 million in Proposition 1 grants awarded Dec. 6 by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. There were 39 grants awarded statewide all told.

Two construction grants went to the Family Water Alliance to build a fish screens on water diversion.

One, for $210,000, will build a new screen on a diversion in Butte Creek Canyon. The site is located along the stretch of creek where the Butte Creek Canyon Ecological Reserve is located.

The second,
toddler timberlands Habitat grants mean millions for north valley projects
for $1.16 million, will improve the screens of the Garden Highway Mutual Water Co. intakes on the Feather River downstream from Yuba City.

Trout Unlimited also received a planning grant of $346,000 to figure out a solution for the Bend Water Users Association diversion on Paynes Creek. Clifford said the current screens are a way down a ditch from the creek, which can confuse fish.

Most of the 507 acre Pintail Ranch in Honcut is already under a conservation easement held by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, although about 60 acres is still used to grow organic rice.

It is described as being part of a wildlife corridor encompassing 3,400 acres across nine different properties.

The Pintail Ranch includes two seasonal wetlands, 128 acres in the northern part of the property and 23 acres in the south. There are about 300 acres of uplands, which provide nesting habitat for waterfowl.

The northern part of the property was restored by a grant in 2001. The new grants focus on the southern part, and improving the efficiency of the water delivery system.

A $310,000 grant was awarded Nov. 30 by the state Wildlife Conservation Board, which is coupled with $74,300 of a $1 million grant awarded Sept. 6 by the federal Migratory Bird Conservation Commission. The landowners have also put $61,000 toward the project.

The 23 acres of wetlands in the southern part will increase to 88 acres,
toddler timberlands Habitat grants mean millions for north valley projects
and 160 acres of the upland property will be planted with perennial grasses favored by ground nesting birds.

timberland shops uk H5 buys massive downtown Cleveland data center

timberland atrus boot H5 buys massive downtown Cleveland data center

H5 acquired the 333,000 square foot Cleveland Technology Center on Rockwell Avenue for an undisclosed price. The deal gives the data center company its first location in Ohio as well as an established customer base, according to an H5 news release announcing the deal.

ByteGrid’s Cleveland employees are joining H5, which will own and operate the data center, said Jenna Baker, H5’s director of marketing.

ByteGrid acquired the complex for $16.9 million in 2013 through a company called Cleveland Technology Holdings LLC. In May 2015 the data center became operational. At that time, the data center took up 26,000 square feet of space within the facility, most of which was being leased by customers. The company also used another 19,000 square feet for offices and equipment needed to run the data center. ByteGrid had been planning to expand throughout the building.

Baker said the data center hasn’t grown significantly since then. However, she noted that 175,000 square feet of space is being used by government and telecommunications tenants, Baker said.

The nearly windowless complex consists of three connected buildings at the corner of Rockwell and East 17th St. They span multiple addresses, but H5 is using the 1625 Rockwell address.

In 2014, the state of Ohio gave ByteGrid a sales tax credit with an estimated value of $5.6 million. In return, the company was asked to invest $100 million into the complex by the end of 2018 and create 20 jobs.

The tax credit is still in effect,
timberland shops uk H5 buys massive downtown Cleveland data center
and Baker said that H5 is required to meet similar targets.

H5 now owns nearly 1.5 million square feet of data center space in nine cities: Ashburn, Va.; Atlanta; Charlotte; Cleveland; Denver; Phoenix; San Jose, Calif.; San Luis Obispo, Calif.; and Seattle.

The news release lists a few of the building’s advantages: It describes the Tier III data center as “one of the top points of interconnection in Cleveland and the greater Midwest.” The release also noted the sales and use tax exemption, which applies to data center equipment, and it mentioned that the complex is in a geographic area that isn’t prone to natural disasters.

“The acquisition represents the type of high quality carrier infrastructure and enterprise data centers we endeavor to own, operate and grow,” H5 founder and CEO Josh Simms stated in the release.
timberland shops uk H5 buys massive downtown Cleveland data center

timberland workwear H1N1 Vaccine

timberland sweatshirts H1N1 Vaccine

Who is getting the shot and who isn’t? What is your opinion on the matter?

I’m currently 60/40 on the subject myself. That is, 60% for not getting the shot, and 40% for getting it.

I’ve read too many disturbing things about its side effects and harmful acts to the immune system and the body. The vaccine contains high levels of Mercury and Thimerosal(known to increase chances of Autism and erect other under lying conditions). Of course on the other hand, H1N1 is most likely to threaten people between 18 35 with healthy immune systems which would be my age group. This strain of H1N1 will not doubt cause several deaths during the next few years and I would prefer not to be one of them. I agree that the media has perhaps blown this out of proportion,
timberland workwear H1N1 Vaccine
but nonetheless, we must be aware of what the effects of H1N1 actually are and what we can do against it. It is saddening to me that the government would rather produce and provide mediocre vaccines when they could be shipping vaccines free of harmful agents. Granted, it’s more costly but isn’t it worth it in the end?

I work at a health clinic so since it put me into a high risk group and the vaccine was available I got it.

It was a nasal mist rather than a shot, all I had to do was inhale while they sprayed a little stuff in my nose and that was it.
timberland workwear H1N1 Vaccine

timberland bag H’ actor David Ogden Stiers dies at 75

shops that sell timberland boots H’ actor David Ogden Stiers dies at 75

David Ogden Stiers, known for his role as Major Charles Emerson Winchester III in the TV comedy series “MASH,” died Saturday, the agency representing him said.

By Nicole Chavez and Mayra Cuevas CNN (CNN) David Ogden Stiers, known for his role as Major Charles Emerson Winchester III in the TV comedy series “MASH,” died Saturday, the agency representing him said.

The actor was 75.

He died “peacefully at his home in Newport, Oregon after a courageous battle with bladder cancer,” the MKS Talent Agency tweeted.

“His talent was only surpassed by his heart,” the agency added.

Stiers was born in Peoria, Illinois, in 1942. He was nominated for two Emmy awards for his performance as Winchester in “MASH,” the popular series that ran for 11 seasons from 1972 until its high rated finale in February 1983.

The show, based on a 1970 movie, centered on Army surgeons and staffers during the Korean War. Characters such as chief surgeon Benjamin “Hawkeye” Pierce (Alan Alda) dished out wry humor as they dealt with the stress of wartime, battlefield injuries physical and psychological, and death.

He joined the cast in 1977, filling the void left after the departure of actor Larry Linville Frank Burns from the show but by the series end he was as much a part of the team as the original cast.

Ogden Major Winchester was portrayed as a Boston born blueblood, often snobbish but a talented doctor. Hunnicutt.

Stiers had a busy post “MASH” career with TV shows including the “North South” miniseries and “Perry Mason” TV movies.

Younger generations would recognize his voice work in several Disney movies, including the classic “Beauty and the Beast,” “Pocahontas” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Stiers was an avid fan of classical music and a gifted musician. He was a resident conductor for the Newport Symphony in Oregon and guest conducted dozens of orchestras around the country, the Newport Symphony said in a statement.

“All of us at the NSO are heartbroken. David Ogden Stiers was a generous, loving, and inspirational friend and pillar to our orchestra, and, indeed, to all of us individually. Our orchestra would not be here if it weren for his great support and inspiration over three decades,” said Adam Flatt, the symphony music director.

“His depth of musical feeling, love for our musicians, and charisma made his performances soar when he was on our podium. We will all work to keep David spirit alive in all of our performances,” he added.
timberland bag H' actor David Ogden Stiers dies at 75

womens timberland boots uk H Wellington store opens next month

timberland shoes for kids H Wellington store opens next month

Your news how you want it.

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Wellington shoppers will get their first taste of H when the international retailer opens a store in the capital next month.

The store, located in Queensgate Shopping Centre, will open on October 26, H said in a statement today.

The Wellington store will stock apparel, underwear, accessories and homewares.

“We are excited to be making further progress on our expansion in New Zealand with the launch of H at Queensgate in October,” said H Australian and New Zealand country manager Hans Andersson.”We look forward to meeting our H customers in the country’s capital and engaging them with our wide range of offerings”.

The brand, which is known for its fashion at affordable pricing, opened its first store at Auckland’s Sylvia Park last October to a crowd of eager shoppers.

The Wellington store will be the third for the company, after a Christchurch store opened last month.
womens timberland boots uk H Wellington store opens next month

timberland splitrock boot H Street Streetcar project in trouble with doubts of transportation director Leif Dormsjo

euro sprint timberland boots H Street Streetcar project in trouble with doubts of transportation director Leif Dormsjo

Dow: / NASDAQ: / S 500:Quiz: How well do you know your guns?How To: Fix Your Fatigue And Get More EnergyNo, Anwar Saleem isn reeling over a breakup. But it how the H Street Main Street executive director feels about the possibility that the District Department of Transportation might pull the plug on the long stymied streetcar project.Mr. Saleem and business owners from the H Street corridor were left questioning whether the streetcar system would ever carry fare paying passengers after the city new transportation chief raised doubts about the project Friday. Council oversight hearing that he couldn rule out scrapping the entire streetcar project, even after the city spent $160 million on it.Years of construction for the streetcar track ripped holes in H Street and Benning Road in Northeast, diverting traffic as well as customers and creating consternation for the businesses there.But many endured, believing the trouble would be worth it once the 2.4 mile stretch of streetcar materialized.are lot of businesses on H Street who really believe in the promise of the streetcar, Mr. Saleem said. was too much sacrifice that took place for us to abandon it altogether. counts about 20 businesses on Benning Road that shuttered during the years when track construction created a traffic nightmare. Mr. Saleem estimates that over the past several years another 25 businesses have opened each year, many lured by the promise of the streetcar.The plan for a streetcar was a key factor in Scott Magnuson decision to open the Argonaut on H Street in 2005, when the neighborhood renaissance was just beginning to gain traction. His restaurant endured two years of construction on adjacent H Street and Maryland Avenue, and the business lost valuable nearby street parking as a result.were very excited for the streetcar, as were a lot of businesses on H Street, said Mr. Magnuson, who also serves as president of the board of directors of the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce. think the city should finish what it started. H Street line, which runs from Union Station to the Anacostia River,
timberland splitrock boot H Street Streetcar project in trouble with doubts of transportation director Leif Dormsjo
has blown through a series of opening dates so many that when Mr. Mayor Muriel Bowser appointed members of her new administration, he declared there would be no more arbitrary deadlines for the project.All the while, streetcar testing, parking enforcement and ticketing have continued along the corridor.Mr. Dormsjo, a former Maryland transportation official, has ordered the project to undergo a top to bottom peer review by the American Public Transportation Association, which began Monday.project over 10 years was developed in an unprofessional and haphazard, contradictory and inconsistent manner, Mr. Dormsjo said during Friday hearing.The outside analysis should help determine whether and how the project can move forward and whether the system has flaws that could hinder its rollout altogether, Mr. Dormsjo said, noting that it is not his goal to kill the project.is my intent to responsibly advance the segment that we have, he said. wasn brought in to kill a transit project. I was brought in to fix a transit project. the notion that axing the project remains on the table is troublesome to business owners.would be like quitting a marathon in the last half mile to the finish line, said Blair Zervos,
timberland splitrock boot H Street Streetcar project in trouble with doubts of transportation director Leif Dormsjo
owner of Vendetta Bocce Bar and Tavern.

womens timberland boots on sale H stores trashed in protest over ‘racist hoodie’

womens pink timberland boots H stores trashed in protest over ‘racist hoodie’

SOUTH AFRICA (Seipati Marishane/CNN) Several H stores were vandalized during protests across the nation Saturday.Video footage showed activists marching through a mall raising anti H signs and chanting. The footage ends with a shot of an H store ransacked, clothes racks toppled and displays destroyed.The company removed the offensive ad from its website after hundreds of social media users accused it of being racist. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders listens to a reporter’s question during the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, March 7, 2018.Business leaders continue to sound the alarm about the potential economic fallout from tariffs, with some raising the specter of a global trade war.Business leaders continue to sound the alarm about the potential economic fallout from tariffs, with some raising the specter of a global trade war.President Trump plans to meet Kim Jong Un for nuke talksPresident Trump plans to meet Kim Jong Un for nuke talksPosted: Friday, March 9 2018 12:25 AM EST2018 03 09 05:25:58 GMTUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 2:54 AM EST2018 03 09 07:54:30 GMT(AP Photo/Ahn Young joon). President Donald Trump, left, at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea,
womens timberland boots on sale H stores trashed in protest over 'racist hoodie'
Friday, March 9, 2018. Trump has accepted an offer of a summit from t. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be a “historical milestone”. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be a “historical milestone”.Northeast tries to dig out, power up after latest stormNortheast tries to dig out, power up after latest stormPosted: Thursday, March 8 2018 12:32 AM EST2018 03 08 05:32:56 GMTUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 2:50 AM EST2018 03 09 07:50:23 GMT(Bob Karp/The Record via AP). The storm carrying wind, rain and heavy snow was expected to continue i.The second major storm in less than a week is moving up the East Coast, dumping heavy snow and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses from Pennsylvania to New England.The second major storm in less than a week is moving up the East Coast, dumping heavy snow and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses from Pennsylvania to New England.The day in Trump: What you might have missed ThursdayThe day in Trump: What you might have missed ThursdayPosted: Friday, March 9 2018 1:01 AM EST2018 03 09 06:01:49 GMTUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 1:18 AM EST2018 03 09 06:18:48 GMTPresident Trump met South Korean delegates inside the Oval Office Thursday to discuss the topic of North Korea. (Source: CNN/Andrea Hanks)
womens timberland boots on sale H stores trashed in protest over 'racist hoodie'

timberland boots outlet H store closures to surge as fashion giant shifts strategy

mens timberland euro sprint boots H store closures to surge as fashion giant shifts strategy

The Swedish company plans to shut 170 stores this year, even as its adds a format called Afound, which joins the main H chain and other recent additions like Arket. The retailer said it would invest more in online sales and digital inventory tracking technology, while adding shops in markets that are still growing.

As online shopping has soared, fewer people are visiting H vast network of physical stores. The company has struggled to cut inventory, which ended the year higher than planned, and H said it will increase markdowns by as much as 2 percent in the first quarter to clear that out.

The sales woes have forced Persson to retract a target of 10 percent to 15 percent annual sales growth for this year after setting that long term target 12 months ago. The goal still stands for the future, but could take several years to reach, he said in an interview.

working toward it, we believe in what we doing, but since we haven reached the goal we set this year I don want to say we reach them for 2019, 2020, Persson said.

Some investors have sold shares amid fears the company is being too slow in responding to the industry digital shift. Didner Gerge Fonder AB, one of H top shareholders, has called for a management shake up. At a news conference Wednesday, Persson said he believes he has the board confidence as CEO and declined to comment further on calls for new management.

The company plans 390 new stores. About a quarter of the new shops will be formats other than the flagship H such as COS,
timberland boots outlet H store closures to surge as fashion giant shifts strategy
Monki, and Afound. The latter, the company ninth format overall, will consist of stores and websites that offer deals on the company own goods as well as merchandise from third parties.

The first Afound store will be in Stockholm, and the site will go online in Sweden this year. H is building a format where it can funnel off excess inventory and is entering part of the market that discount retailers such as Primark and supermarkets have proven can be successful. Afound is a shift in strategy following the last new format, Arket, which sells higher priced general merchandise, including houseware, purses, and coffee.

There a risk the new chain may cannibalize H existing business, according to Michelle Wilson, an analyst at Berenberg. But Afound may not be the end of the new formats from H

looking at two new business models that really aren like anything else we have, Persson said in the interview.

The Stockholm based company image was also tarnished by accusations of racism after an advertisement featuring a black child wearing a hoodie with the text monkey in the jungle sparked a social media storm and protests in South Africa earlier this month. H has apologized for the ad.

Despite speculation among some analysts that H would be forced to cut its dividend for the first time since it was listed in 1974, the company kept its payout for 2017 unchanged at 9.75 kronor ($1.24) a share. The company plans to offer shareholders the option to reinvest in new H shares instead of receiving the dividend in cash, which analysts said would dilute the stock. Members of the Persson family, collectively H biggest shareholders,
timberland boots outlet H store closures to surge as fashion giant shifts strategy
plan to follow that option.

timberland company H programs shines in environmental education role

timberland for babies H programs shines in environmental education role

MARQUETTE Marquette County has a notable 4 H teen environmental and outdoor education science leader in Hannah Peterson. As a younger 4 H member, Peterson had amazing experiences at the Upper Peninsula 4 H Camp. Ever since, Peterson and her family have been big supporters of the program, working to promote the program and recruit new campers every year.

She believes in it so much that she not only wanted to be a junior counselor, she got certified as a 4 H archery instructor to strengthen the program this past summer.

Peterson generally has a quiet demeanor and notices the younger members who tend to be on the shy side and works to make them feel at ease. This characteristic and her passion for the outdoors made Peterson a valuable asset to the Upper Peninsula 4 H Camp program this past summer.

Peterson has been a member of the Upper Peninsula Riders 4 H Club for five years, Upper Peninsula Challenge Seekers 4 H Club for eight years and Lake Superior 4 H Club for one year, with a total membership of 12 years.

has such a positive attitude and is always willing to step in and lend a hand, club leader Kim Frost said of Peterson. is so comfortable in the outdoors and is always looking for a new challenge. We are so fortunate to have Hannah in our program. is being nominated for the 4 H Shooting Sports and Outdoor Recreation Awards at the county level for the 2016 17 4 H year. She has been nominated for a Rotary Youth Leadership Award and has also participated in a trip to Isle Royale to learn about invasive species.

Peterson spends a lot of time serving her community. 200 Sled Dog Race, and is a horseback rider and has spent many years mentoring younger riders. She volunteered at the 2016 Kraft Hockeyville USA event in Marquette,
timberland company H programs shines in environmental education role
the ForCory Rail Jam at Marquette Mountain and the Relay for Life.

Peterson also volunteers with the Superior Alliance for Independent Living on a gardening project with physically challenged clients.

Peterson has also found the time to help plan and implement challenge trips for the Upper Peninsula Challenge Seekers 4 H Club. She was a 4 H camper for three years, a junior counselor for three years and a 4 H Exploration Days delegate for five years, and became a 4 H certified archery instructor in April 2017.

Peterson is planning to attend Northern Michigan University in the fall of 2018 to major in wildlife biology.

Marquette County 4 H program coordinator Liana Graves believes Peterson is a true environmental and outdoor science teen leader.

has been excited about the 4 H program since she joined, Graves said. loves the outdoors and 4 H has allowed her opportunities to explore new avenues. Hannah especially enjoys learning about the environment and the importance of being a good steward through her Outdoor Adventure Challenge 4 H Club.

uses her knowledge and passion to help the environment and currently has an internship with the (Michigan Department of Natural Resources) in Marquette. Hannah is job shadowing multiple staff and participating in biology projects like duck banding, the moose survey, bear den checks for the predator prey project and planting wild rice. She is also an avid fisherwoman and a successful hunter. also offered advice for other youth interested in becoming a 4 H teen leader.

are so many ways to lead and everyone has the capacity to be a leader, Graves said. if you don feel comfortable up in front, speaking to crowds or leading a club meeting, you are still an important part of your club. Your skills are needed,
timberland company H programs shines in environmental education role
no matter what they may be. Talk to your club leader or your 4 H program coordinator to find out needs within your program and think of how your strengths can help fill those gaps. That is what Hannah did when she became a certified 4 H archery instructor. also suggested service as a form of leadership.

timberland girls sandals H opens at Towne East Square

brown leather timberland boots H opens at Towne East Square

According to Susie Santo, the community has great local offerings but a national chain can help her travel group market Wichita more attracting more visitors.

She added that a variety of retailers appeals to the diversity of visitors the city welcomes.

“There’s so much great momentum happening in Wichita right now,” Santo said. “This is another great win for our community to have a national chain choose Wichita, and just complement all of the other wonderful shopping offerings that we already have.”

Towne East Square management also believes the new store could open the door to more shopping options.

According to Mis Gaston, the Wichita community expressed their interest in bringing H to the shopping scene. Once the mall learned about the interest, they immediately started working with H corporate to determine if it was a possibility. For the past year, the city and the retailer have worked together on preparing for the opening.

Gaston explained that Wichita has a diverse community, which means there should be diverse shopping. She added that Wichita has the demographic and population to attract chains similar to H is just the beginning. This is going to open up doors, not only for Towne East Square, but for the city as a whole, said Gaston. “This just shows that we have the community that’s ready to spend money and that’s ready to shop.”

In true H fashion, the store will celebrate its grand opening with a party.

The first 200 shoppers in line will receive a scratcher, and they can win giveaways up to $300.

The store is also asking people to bring in old clothing, which don’t need to be from H management said the company tries to keep old clothes out of landfills by giving the clothes a second life.
timberland girls sandals H opens at Towne East Square

timberland boots sale uk H new ad campaign features ‘hijab fashion’

mens timberland boat shoes H new ad campaign features ‘hijab fashion’

Mariah Idrissi in the H ad. That and a lot more is being driven home with fashion brand H new ad campaign, Close The Loop. Besides trying to get people to recycle their clothes claiming that recycling each t shirt saves up to 2,100 li

Step out of defined lines; take a stand; be boring; be interesting; be liberated. That and a lot more is being driven home with fashion brand H new ad campaign, Close The Loop. Besides trying to get people to recycle their clothes claiming that recycling each t shirt saves up to 2,100 liters of water this new ad campaign has also caught the public’s eye for the hijab wearing model, who so effortlessly struts her fashion.

H is scheduled to open its first ever outlet in India in New Delhi’s Select Citywalk on October 2, Gandhi Jayanti.

Also Read:OMG: H has grand opening plans to woo Indian customers

The Muslim model in this campaign under the spotlight here is 23 year old Mariah Idrissi, who stars alongside a curvy model, an amputee model, a transgender model, and a group of Sikh men in the advertisement. Of all, however, Idrissi is the one garnering the most attention for her role in the ad.

A still from the new H advertisement. “It might be because hijab fashion has boomed in the last few years and to finally see a hijabi [a woman who wears a hijab] in mainstream fashion is a big achievement.”

Idrissi praised H for the respect and understanding they paid her during the shoot. Speaking to Fusion, Idrissi said: “[H asked how much in terms of neck I could show, but to be honest they were very respectful.”

A close up of Idrissi. Picture courtesy: YouTube/H to reports, Idrissi has been wearing a hijab since 17 years of age, and had her parents’ consent to be featured in the ad.

Also Read: Hip Hijab: This girl slayed her high school with her awesome style

“If the cameramen noticed something not quite right, they would call a woman over to fix me, it was sweet. One of the watches was dangling in the wrong way, and rather than just twisting it on my wrist, the cameraman asked a woman to come over. It just showed that little bit of respect.”

Idrissi was pleased to be able to take part in the campaign which promotes recycling clothing and also features Iggy Pop and model Tess Holliday. Watch the full advertisement here:
timberland boots sale uk H new ad campaign features 'hijab fashion'

black timberland boots H Mart Asian mega supermarket opening store

timberland earthkeeper city H Mart Asian mega supermarket opening store

Chris Walker / Chicago Tribune

H Mart will open a new outlet in Chicago’s West Loop in 2017. The Korean focused supermarket chain with its flagship in Niles, pictured here, aims to grab the attention of Asian students attending the University of Illinois at Chicago campus.

H Mart will open a new outlet in Chicago’s West Loop in 2017. The Korean focused supermarket chain with its flagship in Niles, pictured here, aims to grab the attention of Asian students attending the University of Illinois at Chicago campus.

(Chris Walker / Chicago Tribune)

H Mart, the Korean focused supermarket chain, will open a location in the West Loop, its first within Chicago, in July or August 2017.

“It might be earlier,
black timberland boots H Mart Asian mega supermarket opening store
” said Niles store manager Kyu Son by phone, with customer service representative Sang Lee translating. “We wanted to open near UIC to serve a lot of Asian students.”

The store will be 23,000 square feet with a food court inside and “definitely live seafood,” Son said.

H Mart, a national chain based in New York, has four locations in the Chicago area. The first, and the local flagship, opened in 2006 in Niles, followed in 2007 by a second large store in Naperville. Two smaller satellite shops can also be found in Schaumburg (2013) and Glenview (2015),
black timberland boots H Mart Asian mega supermarket opening store
which was the 52nd store nationwide.